DOJ AWS Business Process

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					                          DOJ AWS Business Process

                                      Carrier            DOJ                      Carrier                   Y
Request              Y    Login                                       DOJ                          Data
           NDA?                         Info         Acknowledge                 Analysis
 Login                   Provided     Request          Request      Response    Submission         OK?

              N                                                                                       N

                                           30 Day Regulatory Timeline
                                                                                                 Fix Data
          Sign NDA

                                                Carrier Can
                                                 Appeal to

                                                to Proceed
                                                Notice Not

              Carrier Kicks                          DOJ
                            Notice to Proceed      Respond                 DOJ                   DOJ
                                                      To                 Performs            Acknowledge
                                                   Analysis              Analysis              Receipt

                             No Response

                                                                   60 Day Regulatory Timeline