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					ePASSport to Productivity
Use Encompass Online Services to
Transform Your Business Process

      Cathy Grossi
     Senior Product Manager
         Ellie Mae, Inc.
» Challenges with Service Ordering and
» Benefits of Encompass Online Services
» How and why
  »   Credit
  »   Product and Pricing
  »   Register Loans with Lenders
  »   Request Underwriting with Fannie Mae
  »   Send Appraisal Orders to ANY appraiser
  »   Order Title with Your Title Agent
» Questions
Challenges with Service Order and Fulfillment

» Complex coordination among multiple
» Highly manual process
» Time consuming
» Extremely sensitive data
» Stiff regulations
» Orders are outside the loan file
 “If you get too wrapped up in all of
  the stuff coming at you, you lose
your ability to respond appropriately
and effectively.” - David Allen (Author of
          “Getting Things Done”)
Problems caused by these challenges

» Higher risk of
    » Missing locks
    » Delayed closing
    » Not closing
»   Increased costs of processing
»   Repetitive data entry
»   Data errors
»   Increased exposure to regulatory fines
»   Unhappy borrowers
Benefits of ordering services from Encompass

 »   Inside loan file
 »   Electronic
 »   Quick
 »   Secure
 »   Compliant
 »   Visible
Encompass Online Services

               Encompass user
Ordering Credit in Encompass
Ordering Credit through Encompass
» Part of your workflow
» Secure data transfer
» Compliance Enforcement
» Reports returned instantly and stored
  with the loan file
» Liabilities imported into the loan file
» 190+ credit companies available
» No cost to you
Electronic Credit Ordering is Standard

» Ellie Mae processes over 500,000 credit
  transactions per month
» 80% of Encompass users order credit
  through Encompass
» Secure, fast and efficient
Pre-qualifying and pricing loans
Pre-qualification and Pricing Challenges

» Paper rate sheets
» Complicated lender websites
» Existing Product and Pricing Services are
  inaccurate and/or provide limited information
 Other search providers                               Paper rate sheets

                          Wholesale lender websites
Encompass Product and Pricing Service

» Automated pre-qualification and pricing service
» Latest underwriting guidelines
» Up to date pricing information
» Over 50 prime, Alt-A, and sub-prime lenders
» Accurate information from data driven system
» Accessible from the Encompass Contact center,
  Borrower Summary page, and Services Menu
Encompass Product and Pricing Service
» Helps originators compete more effectively
  » Less time spent on pre-qualifying and pricing loans
  » More time spent on closing deals
» Locates best loans
  » For borrowers and for you
  » Compares programs and pricing from over 50 Prime
    ALT-A and Sub-prime lender programs
» Increases your productivity
  » One search returns multiple results
  » No need to do it by hand
Access from the Borrower Summary form
Select Search Type
Enter product and pricing search parameters
List of eligible programs and prices
Register Loan directly to Lender website
Registering Loan with Lender

» Send loan information to lender Website
  directly from Encompass
» Loan data securely transferred
» Login information saved
» Lender Coverage
  » 8 of top 10
  » 40 top 100
» No cost to you
Request Underwriting with Fannie Mae
Run DO within Encompass

» View and store underwriting findings
  within the loan file
» Import Fannie Mae’s underwriting
  conditions into the loan file
» Receive underwriting findings before
  choosing a lender
» Simultaneous underwriting
  recommendations for up to five mortgage
  products with a single submission
Using Encompass


Sending Orders to Any Appraiser
Appraisal Service in Encompass
»   Send order to ANY appraiser
»   Completely electronic – No faxing
»   Leverages information in the loan file
»   Final report sent to loan file
»   FREE service to you and your appraiser
Ordering Title and Closing
Send Title orders to Your Title Agent
» Send title and closing requests electronically
  without retyping loan data
» Specify your agent
» National title companies are available
  »   Chicago Title
  »   Fidelity
  »   First American
  »   Ticor
» Receive final reports in Encompass file
» Near Future: Send to ANY title agent
» No Cost to you
Wrap Up
Encompass Online Services

               Encompass user
Transform Your Business Processes

Use Encompass to order services
» Inside loan file
» Electronic
» Quick
» Secure
» Compliant
» Visible
“If you are looking for perfect safety, you will do
well to sit on a fence and watch the birds; but if
    you really wish to learn, you must mount a
 machine and become acquainted with its tricks
                  by actual trial.”
—   Wilbur Wright, Chicago, September 1901
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