Student Information System (SIS) Project by ngs20854


									                         PeopleSoft/Oracle Student Information System (SIS) Project
                                Progress Report to Faculty Senate: 9/25/08

Project Overview: The Student Information System Project is a UW System Common Systems initiative. The project
encompasses the implementation of a purchased web-based software package for recruiting, admissions, records,
financial aid, student financials, degree audit, and self service for faculty/staff and students (the software is called
Campus Solutions). The new student information system will replace AERIE, TALON, CAS, and ADMISSIONS student
systems. Inherent in the project is also the implementation of campus business processes and policies to ensure the
integrity, security, and privacy of student data while at the same time enhancing the quality of service to the campus

PROGRESS!! PeopleSoft Campus Solutions for Admissions and Recruiting went live successfully on 9/8/08!! New
applications for the fall of 2009 are being loaded into PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, as well as test score files from
ACT/SAT. Over 12,000 prospect records were converted from the legacy system and Admissions staff are up-to-date
on entering and updating new prospect records. This is the beginning of a very busy recruitment cycle and the
counselors on the road are already experiencing the positive impact of the new web-based system! Automated e-
mail communications are being sent to students and decision letters are going out daily. The new Student Center
has been activated so applicants can sign-in and check their admissions status. During the first 18 hours, over 130
applicants logged in! Congratulations to the PeopleSoft Admissions Team of Corey Sjoquist and Marsha Gottovi, the
Admissions staff, and the entire project implementation team for all their hard work and contributions in making
UW-L's first PeopleSoft Student Information System go-live a great success.

October 2008: Conversion of bio/demo data for all students (current and history) and faculty/staff
October/November 2008: Conversion of the Course Catalog and Class Scheduling
November 2008: Training for campus departments on Class Scheduling
January/February 2009: Financial Aid Go-Live
March 2009: Student Records and Student Financials Go-Live
Spring 2009: Academic Advising Go-Live
Fall 2009: All modules up and running, testing completed, assessment and evaluation continues

Implementation team:                                              Executive Sponsors:
Debbie Veglahn, Project Manager,                                  Kathleen Enz Finken, Provost and Vice
Jenna Klinner, Student Communications Assistant                           Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Chris Bakkum, Academic Advising                                   Bob Hetzel, Vice Chancellor for Administration
Cristen Houlihan, Student Financials                                      and Finance
Sue Knudson, Academic Advising
Louise Janke, Financial Aid
Corey Sjoquist, Admissions and Recruiting                         Partners:
Jan Von Ruden, Student Records                                    CIBER Enterprise Solutions
Janice Ward, Information Technology Services                      John Gleason, Project Manager
ITS Staff

                                  Project web site and campus location:
                              Web Site:
           Team Room: 108A Wing; UW-L Project Manager: 110 Wing; CIBER Project Manager: 109 Wing

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