AVID Tutorial Response Form (TRF) by agu19334


									Name: _______________________________Date:________________                         GRADE:___
AVID Tutorial Request Form (TRF)
*Please attach additional Cornell Notes from this tutorial session.
If you arrive late, you will lose 5 points. If you arrive after everyone has started,
you will work alone and lose an additional 5 points. If you come without questions you lose 15 pts and
you will be assigned notes to take from a textbook.
PREVIOUS NIGHT HOMEWORK: Inquiry (DUE Before tutorial class – NO level one questions)

Question 1: ___________________________________ Subject: ________ (___/ 5 pts) ____
                                                                                        Teacher Initials

Question 2: ___________________________________ Subject: ________ (___/5 pts)

Do you have your AVID binder for tutorial?      Yes          No            (____/10 pts) ____
                                                                                         Teacher Initials
Group Information:
Group Leader:___________________________                         (____/5 pts)
Voice control: ____________________Time manager: ___________________
Collaborator control: _______________

Reflection of group: Using complete sentences, write at least 25 words explaining how your group
collaborated. Who worked? Who didn’t work? Why?                            (____/5 pts)

Learning Summary: Using complete sentences, explain the answer (and how you found it) to the
question(s) you asked during tutorials. Prove that you participated and learned something. You can
only write “I learned…” one time. 40 words= 20 points, 30 words= 15 pts, 20 words= 10 pts, less than
20 words = 0.

TUTORIAL GRADE:      Tutorial Form Points Earned: _____/50
                     Cornell Notes Points Earned: _____/50
                                         TOTAL: ____/100
                                                                                        ____/50 pts

Cornell Notes from Tutorial You must have a source and page number for every question. Skip one line
between every question. Show all steps needed to find the answers. You must complete at least one full page of
notes to earn full credit.
Student (2pts)   Question/ (3 pts)   Notes/Steps to find the answers                          (40 points)
Name             Main Ideas          Source                          Page #

SUMMARY:         Using complete sentences, explain the main ideas that you discussed today.        (___/3 pts)

QUESTION: Create one question about any topic that was discussed today.                          (____/2 pts)

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