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									               * * * *      THE NANCE REGISTER STAFF                      * * * *

Part One

        Many thanks to Martin L. “Pete” Nance, author of “Nance Register”,published 1966,
        from which we derived the first part of this Nance Register Book information and

Part Two (Update)

        Many thanks to all the families’ help in getting the information to me so this part could
        be completed.


        Sam Nance               -   Editor
        Judy Nance              -   Pictures and Research
        Anthony Nance           -   Pictures and Research
        Cookie Stanley          -   Copy writer

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                                  EARLY EUROPEAN HISTORY

                                                                                          page      1
   The first American Nance was Richard, who came from England prior to 1639. The writer
has checked all available early passenger lists, but could not find this name listed.

   In “Emigrants to Virginia” we find Alice Nance, emigrant to Virginia in 1639, consigned to
her now husband, Richard Nance, Virginia colony.

   The generally accepted tradition is that we are French Heugenots and fled France to
England during the Heugenot persecutions. The Nance Memorial by George Nance
elaborated on this subject by publishing several letters written by Nances living in England
during the 19th century. If the information is correct, then the Nance family existed in England
some 500 years prior to the Heugenot exodus from France.

   It is possible we could be Normans, and of Scandinavian origin. At this writing, there are
many European, as well as American, mysteries yet unsolved regarding the Nance family. It is
my sincere hope that future Nance generations will continue the search and successfully trace
our lineage to our European ancestors.


Quotations from a letter written by Elijah Nance, Padstow, Cornwall, England, in 1856, to W. E.
Nance, Cardiff, Wales, as presented in NM.

Dear Cousin (I presume) :
    In reply to your inquiry respecting the origin of the Nance family, I doubt that I shall give you
that perfect pedigree that you so anticipate, but brief as it may be it will give you a little
knowledge from whence my family sprung.
    My brief account only includes seven hundred and ninety years.
    In the year 1066, William the Bastard, well known by the name William the Conqueror,
being prompted by the Pope of Rome, William soon collected an army and landed them in
safety at the place called Hastings, in the county of Sussex. King Harold, the then King of
England, managed in haste to give battle, and encamped about seven hundred miles from the
Normans were much worsted, when a Norman archer sent an arrow which went through
Harold”s skull and killed him at once. His army seeing their king and commander dead took to
flight in all directions, and the Normans made great slaughter of the retreating army, so from
this battle the Normans became masters of all England in due time.
    After that battle detachments of the army were sent into all parts of England to take and
confiscate what property they thought fit, and General Prideaux came to Padstow, in Cornwall,
and my forefather established himself of the Barton of Quandradu, so that the name of Nance
and Prideaux have been residents at Padstow for about seven hundred and ninety years past .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Nearly forty years since I was at the stewards house of the Esquire Prideaux, that
gentleman asked me where my family came from, I told him from Nantes, in Normandy, and
that my family were adventurers with the Prideaux family, he said he believed it, for he so
frequently met with the name of Nance in the writings of the Prideaux.
    N. B. - Be it remembered with you that when the Normans came to England they had but
one name (a Christian name), but they took to themselves a surname, and my forefather, as
he came from Nantes, in Normandy, wrote his name Nance, as I suppose, being a milder way
of pronouncing the name correctly. As to all the Nance family they were generally endowed
with a geniousness and ability being brought to learning in arts and sciences that they were
                                                                                           page     2
brought to trades such as tailor, carpenters, boot and show makers, hatters, rope makers, wool
steplers, farmers, etc. . Then there was an Esquire Nance mentioned in the History of
Cornwall that was held in high esteem in the county. Again another Esquire Nance that lived
not far from Bodmin at a seat called Trengoff, in the Parish of Warliggan, about seven miles fro
Bodmin, he sold his estate for nine hundred and ninety-years but retained Trengoff to his
widow as a dower.
    Again, my uncle, Andrew Nance, being a hatter, settled himself down in Portsmouth. He
kept a shop there and another at Portsea. He got wealthy and his off-spring is wealthy. Then
my uncle, George Nance, a tailor, settled at Bath and lived in great opulence there, and having
become a merchant tailor was employed by the nobility that visited that city, but poor Elijah
Nance never met with so good luck as by predecessors, but I think if you look on the other side
and examining my pedigree you will discover that I must be possessed with some of the blood
of some of the high rank of the people of England, and not a family in all Wales can produce
such a pedigree. My grandfather, in his day, became heir at law to the estate of William
Parker, Esquire, i St. Mabyn, Cornwall, and was under the necessity to get it to prove his title
to it and sue for it in chancery, and as he did, he was obliged to produce his pedigree.
    (Being unable to find one who could interpret the court of chancery records, the author has
omitted the pedigree.)
    When in London, six years since, a gentleman being informed that a person called Nance
was in London, came from Gravesend, a distance of thirty miles to see me and enquire to my
pedigree, and the pedigree of the Nance family, he proved to be a son of my cousin, Walter
Nance, your great uncle. He was in business as boot and shoemaker at Gravesend. Such is
all the knowledge of my family, and such is my pedigree I am in possession of to send unto

                                       “Exhibit B”
                                            (Home Address)           East Farndon Rectory
                                                                     Market Harborough
                                                                     December 15, 1899
W. E. Nance, Esquire, Cardiff, Wales

   Dear Sirs: - I remember seeing your son in Oxford, and his asking me about my family. I
fear I can throw but little light on the family history though I am much interested myself in it,
and have paid visits to Warliggon, Illogan, and Creed to inspect registers.
   My name of “Trengove”, is misleading. It is the belief of our family that we do belong to the
Warliggon Nances, but we cannot trace the early connections. My father gave me the name in
that belief, but I am the first one in our branch of the family that has had it. The name is held
also by my nephew now at Balliol College, Oxford.
   Our family lived at Creed, near Granpound, in Cornwall, and there are several generations
there in the registers. My great-grandfather, Rev. William Nance (Exeter College, Oxford), was
curate of Creed. He migrated to Kent, and my father migrated into Staffordshire.
   My grandfather was Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford, and made many attempts to trace
the genealogy. He had the registers at Warliggon copied and sent to him.
   The old county histories of Cornwall say that both the Illogan and Warliggon branches of
the family have become extinct.
   I have visited Illogan also. The farmhouse at Nance in that parish has still some wooden
panels painted with the twelve Apostles. I have searched the registers there and extracted all
that belonged to the family. You will find most of the old records of the family in Vivian &

                                                                                       page    3
Drake”s visitation to the County of Cornwall, which you would probably find in any first-class
                                                Believe me yours truly,
                                                       J. T. Nance

(From NM “The old records spoken of above, being imperfect, are omitted”)

                                       “Exhibit C”
                                            Stanley Lodge, Monmouth, June 12, 1903

Dear Sir: - As I understand you invite communication from every “fellow kinsman” (to use
your graphic phrase), allow me to make myself known as a descendant of your male stock,
viz., the great-great-great-grandson of Richard Eustis, of Saint Ives, Cornwall, by his wife
Margery Nance, of the same town, who were married in 1729 . . . . . . I am the author of the
History of St. Ives to which you make reference. I enclose particulars of my Nance descent.
                                                Yours faithfully,
                                                        John Hobson Matthews
                                                        Solicitor Archivist to the
                                                                Corporation at Cardiff

             George W. Nance, Esquire
                  Margery Nance, 1729 - Richard Eustis
                  Mary Eustis - Jasper Williams
                  Jasper Williams - Mary Stevens
                  Honor Williams - John Matthews
                  John Hobson Matthews, b. 1858 - Alice Mary Gwyn-Hughes
                  John Vivian Gwyn-Hobson Matthews, 1897

   From a document at the London record office I gather that this particular Nance family were
known in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries by the additional surname “Molkin”, meaning
bald according to Borlace, a personal name equivalent to the Welsh “Maelgwn”. They were, I
believe, originally of Nance in Lelant, but acquired some estate in East Cornwall, whether by
marriage or purchase, I do not know. They bore arms: Argent, a crop humettee sable.
                                                  Yours faithfully,
                                                        John Hobson Matthews

                                          “Exhibit D”
                         From History of Saint Ives, etc., by Matthews

   Nance - This is one of the original Saint Ives families. The name, which is a misspelling of
the Cornish word Nans, a valley, indicates that the ancestor who first assumed this cognoman,
was a dweller in some inland dale of the neighborhood.
   In the year 1327, there was a general subsidy levied upon all England, and the lists of the
persons taxed for it are the earliest rolls in existence. “Luca de Nanse” thus appears.
   In 1523, Thomas Nanse had goods, etc., also in 1524.

                                                                                       page      4
     In 1573, John Nanste was a burgess of Saint Ives. In 1578, he contributed to the
equipment of a trained band fitted out against the Spaniards. In 1590 Captain John Nance. In
1595, John Nanse Captaine, etc. 1543, Symon Nanc. 1592, Mr. Trenance.
     John Nance, Jo Nance, William Nance, Rio Nance, Geffrie Nance, William Nance, William
Nance church warden, and others appear all along up to about 1700. Marriages: 1778, John
Nance and Elizabeth Stevens. 1701, Alien Nance and Wilmot Thomas. 1711, Thomas
Kempthorn and Elizabeth Nance. 1729, Richard Eustis and Margery Nance.
     From John Wesley’s diary the following items are taken:
     “Visited Saint Ives a second time April 3, 1744. I was a little surprised at entering John
Nance’s House, being received by many, who were waiting for me with a loud, though not a
bitter cry.”
     Again, “Went with John Nance to Rosemargay, in Zennor, etc.”
     Again, “But between seven and eight the mob came and beset John Nance’s house. John
Nance and John Paynter went out, and stood before the door; though they were quickly
covered with dirt. The cry was, bring out the preacher. Pull down the house.”
     And again, “On Sunday, 30, about six in the evening. I began preaching in the street near
John Nance’s door.”
     Concerning his twenty-fifth visit, on August 26, 1785, Wesley writes: In the evening I
preached in the market place at Saint Ives, to almost the whole town. This was the first place
in Cornwall where we preached and that was Satan fought fiercely for his kingdom; but now all
is at peace. I found that old John Nance had rested from his labors. Some months since,
sitting behind the preacher, in the pulpit, he sunk down and was carried out and fell asleep.”
     Many other quotations might be made from this work, but these are given not because of
any real value, but to give some idea as to the age, number, and prominence of the family.

                                        “Exhibit E”

Belfast Street Tramways Co.                                    Tramways Office, Sandy Row
Andrew Nance, Manager                                          Belfast, August 14, 1897

George W. Nance, Esquire - My dear Sir: - I was away on my vacation when your letter
arrived, and so it has not been answered as soon as I could have wished. Your letter very
much surprised me for two or more reasons. The number of persons of our name who are
known to you in America, is astonishing, and the similarity of traditions with regard to them.
    For my own part I do not take any interest in ancestry, nor should I take any trouble about it.
My uncle, William, however, who was a lawyer, took a world of trouble and spent a good deal
of money in inquiries. I have at some time when a young man, either read or was told what he
discovered, but I don’t know whether it exists now, nor if it ever was written, or where it would
be if it did exist.
    First, he found out the “Coat of Arms” of the family. I send it on the paper enclosed. The
motto is the same as that of Queen Elizabeth, and I’m told that it indicates that the royal blood
of France is in our veins, whether legitimately or not I cannot say. My uncle, William, appears
to have satisfied himself that two Huguenot brothers named Clement and Andrew were
obliged, with their families, to flee from France at the time of the Huguenot persecutions. They
appear to have been an aristocratic and noble family, and the name Nance was a territorial
name, and probably we could call ourselves De Nance, if we so desired. They appear to have
landed in western England about that period, and the elder brother, Andrew, settled there, and
Clement disappeared. You have explained what happened to him in your letter. My uncle,
William, would have been delighted to hear what you have written about him. As I told Mr. J.
                                                                                         page    5
Nance, a friend of mine who spent a summer in the Scilly Islands, found that on one island, all
or nearly all, the people were named Nance. I am too old to go and see into the matter, and in
truth it is not of any interest to me.
    It appears that Andrew Nance lived in or about Cornwall, and there are plenty of Nances
thereabouts descended from him. . . .Every eldest son was named Andrew. I am the tenth
Andrew, the eldest born of each generation. My only child died in infancy and my brother,
Walter, named his eldest boy Andrew. So he will be the eleventh, and will probably have what
few dollars I possess when my wife is done with them. The seventh Andrew crossed to
Normandy from Cornwall and lived there. In Normandy the eighth Andrew was born. The
eighth Andrew went to Kent when he was about twenty-one, and I believe the seventh Andrew
and his wife, Martha, died there. The eighth Andrew soon left Kent when his parents died, and
came to Portsmouth and set up as a hatter. He was a most enterprising man. He bought the
“Fountain” and “Blue Ports” Hotels. He married a lady near Portsmouth; had a large family and
died there. The ninth Andrew (my father), also lived all his life in Portsmouth, and his wife (my
mother), is named Martha, the same as his grandmother. That is wholly all I know and I don’t
think anyone knows any more. No doubt a search in France would reveal the history and
origin of the family from the first.
                                                Andrew Nance


Exhibits A, B, C, D, and E have been copied exactly as they appeared in the Nance Memorial
by George W. Nance. 1904. pp. 333-337.


September 9, 1610 - Richard, son of Mr. John Nance, baptized at Kavarne
                     (Cornwall, England). From Visitation to Cornwall in the Year 1620
                     by Vivian and Drake. London. 1874.

   There is no evidence whatsoever that this is Richard, American emigrant before 1639, other
than the fact that most of the English Nances were found in Cornwall. This Richard and the
emigrant Richard seem to be near the same age and the name John is most common among
American Nances.

                                            BOOK II

                                                                                       page    6

Division I   - Descendants of Daniel and Mary, 2nd wife Sarah (Russell?)
               contains families of:

               Section A - Daniel III
               Section B - Robert
               Section C - Thomas, Sr.

Material submitted by:

              1) Mrs. Vitra Shively Wood, 2303 E. 5th Street, Anderson, Indiana.
              2) Mr. F. K. Biggs Sr. , 1505 No. Elm St., Lumberton, North Carolina.
              3) Mrs. Frances Elkins, 4103 So. Main St., Highpoint, North Carolina.


Gen. D. E. III -     Daniel Nance (b. about 1685) married
                     Elizabeth     (d. about 1750)

                     Parents unknown.

       There was a Captain Thomas Nance on the James River in 1688, and a Thomas
Nance, land owner in Prince George County, 1737, living next to Isham Eppes. There being
no further records in Prince George Co. on a Thomas Nance of this age, it is assumed he died
soon after 1737.

       The given name of Thomas becomes most popular to the Daniel line, as well as the
William-Ann line (see Book IV) from whence the writer is descended. It is my belief that
Daniel, as well as William, has close family connections with this Thomas Nance.

       There is other evidence to help justify this belief. Daniel Sr., Daniel Jr., and William
predominate the Mecklenburg-Brunswick records (1737-1770’s), all owning land on Janento
Creek (Mecklenburg) as well as other lands near the Mecklenburg-Brunswick line. A study of
the Mecklenburg and Brunswick County records contained in this book will reveal just how
close these three families were.

       Children: 1) Phebe (b. October 1712)
                  2) Eliza         (b. July 6, 1719)
                  3) Elinor        (b. Sept. 9, 1722)
                  4) Lucy          (b. Dec. 24, 1729 / 31)
                  5) Daniel Jr.    (b. 1706 / 08) There is no proof this is a son, but
                            supporting records indicate such. He was born before
                            births were recorded in Bristol Parish. There could be
                            others? Geno. Ref. II?
                                             Division I

                                                                                         page     7
Gen. D. M. IV -     Daniel Nance Jr. married
                    Mary (1st)
                    Sarah (2nd) (Russell?)

       Daniel Nance Jr. was living in Prince George County (Bristol Parish Births 1728). He
received a land grant in 1733. He was living in Brunswick and Lunenburg in the 1740’s.
Children all by first wife? In 1771 - Daniel Nance was a widower. See deed to son Thomas
(no wife to relinquish dower). Married in 1780, Mecklenburg, Sarah Russell (see 1784
Randolph, NC will) Prince George, Mecklenburg, Brunswick, and Randolph, NC, records
reveal much information.

      Children: (doubtless several are dead at time of 1784 will?)
                 1) Elizabeth                 (b. June 19, 1728) Bristol Parish Records
                 2) Nancy
                 3) Robert                    (see R.A. V)
                 4) Daniel married Patience (see D.P. V)
                 5) Thomas married 1st - Ann Hudson (see T.A. V)

                                                         Gen. Ref. D.E. III


                                          SECTION A

Gen. D. P. V -      Daniel Nance III      (b. 1745 - d. 1802) married in 1770

      Daniel was a Revolutionary army scout in the North Carolina militia from Bladen, NC.
Records indicate he moved to North Carolina prior to 1770. First Nance of record in the state.

      Children from 1802, Anson, NC will.
                 1) Joseph married Mary ? (see J.M. VI)
                 2) Wynne married Martha
                 3) Elizabeth married Cook
                      Children: a) Daniel
                 4) A daughter married a Mr. Mercer
                      Children: a) Sallie

Gen. J.M. VI -      Joseph Nance          (b. 1772 - d. 1820) married in 1795
                    Mary ?                (b. 1777 - d. 1846)

      Lived in Bladen, NC. See 1820 will, Bladen NC and other records.

      Children : 1) Capt. Daniel married Catherine Munn (see D.C. VII)
                  2) Joshua married Nancy Lewis in 1820
                  3) Joseph married Ms. Garner
                  4) David married Elizabeth
                  5) Anne married Ephram Hester
                  6) Fanny married John Butler (moved to Texas)
                  7) Patience married Moses Jones
                                                                                     page        8
                    8) Dorothy married Stephen Freeman
                    9) Elizabeth married Daniel Munroe
                   10) Mary married Joseph Singletary

                                                       Geno. Ref. D.P. V

Gen. D.C. VII -       Capt. Daniel M. Nance (b. Jan. 1, 1805 - d. Oct. 19, 1870, Bladen, NC)
                                               married Dec. 23, 1827
                      Catherine Munn        (b. Nov. 10, 1810 - d. May 7, 1878, Bladen)

      Children : 1) Sarah
                  2) Captain Daniel Mullington, Jr.
                  3) John married Martha Staurnshad
                  4) Elizabeth married James Britt
                  5) Joseph (d. Civil War)
                  6) Patience married Snowden Singletary
                  7) Martha V. married Sam Britt (see Gen. S.M.B. VIII)
                  8) Francis married Joana Brauch
                  9) Margaret married Frank Lewis
                10) Lucy married Wright Singletary

                                                       Geno. Ref. J.M. VI

Gen. D.E. VII -       David T. Nance            (b. 1820 - d. 1865) married Nov. 30, 1842
                      Eliza Shipman             (b. Sep. 1, 1826 - d. Jan. 5, 1909)

       He served with the C.S.A. Co. F, 24 Reg. N.C. Died of pneumonia contracted from
wounds received “the year of the surrender”, attended and buried by friends, Snowden
Singletary and Tom Bullard, at or near Greensboro, N.C., at Guilford Court House Rev. Buriel
Ground. Lived Western Prong Township, Columbus Co., home standing and occupied in
1966. See Bladen and Columbus N.C. records.

      Children: 1) John R.        (b. 1848 - d. 1864) C.S.A., died of fever during the war in
                                      Wilmington District, buried at Fort Fisher.
                   2) Marshall    (b. 1848 - d. 1866?) single.
                   3) Alexander married Virginia Bridgers (see Gen. VIII)
                   4) Edward Lee married Della Pridgen (see Gen. VIII)

      Families and descendants of David and Eliza Nance submitted by Circuit Judge
      Luther Clayton Nance, 2661 S.W. 23rd St., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Based on
      information found in Bladen and Columbus Counties, N.C., and Alexander Nance and
      Sampson Bridgers Family Bibles, also Shipman-Nance Cemetery, Clarkton, N.C.

                                                              Geno. Ref. J.M. VI

Gen. E.D. VIII -      Edward Lee Nance          (b. Mar. 24, 1855 - d. Sep. 28, 1925)
                                                    married in 1878 (?)
                                                                                        page    9
                    Della Pridgen               (b. June 27 - d. Aug. 23, 1905)

      He was crippled, later paralyzed, but continued to operate his farm even though
handicapped. He was admired by all for his success and courage.

      Children: 1) Edward Strange (b. May 20 1879 - d. Aug. 23, 1934) married
                       Emma Louella Case on June 21, 1904
                       Children: a) Margaret Jeannette (b. Nov. 6, 1908) married
                                       Reece (?).
                                   b) DeWitt     (? - d. Dec. 3, 1907)
                                   c) E.S.       (b. Jan. 5, 1912)
                 2) Archie Washington married Mary Addie Powell (see Gen. IX)
                 3) Flora Lee (b. Jan. 5, 1883 - d. Aug. 14, 1905) married June 1905
                      Charles M. Lytle.
                 4) Jonnie Ethel (b. Aug. 20, 1884 - d. Sep. 23, 1885)
                 5) Mollie Pepper (b. Jan. 10, 1886 - d. Sep. 5, 1961) married on Jul.3, 1905
                      Charles Henry Grand (b. Aug.8, 1881 - d. Feb.13, 1953)
                 6) Allie Bethana married Carl Randall Leavitt Sr. (C.A.L. IX)
                 7) Maggie Dell (b. Jan. 29, 1898) married
                      Daniel Albert Ivey, 1st on Nov. 17, 1917
                         Child: a) Albert (b. Apr. 4, 1919)
                      Frederick Keen, married 2nd

                                                              Geno. Ref. D.E. VII

Gen. A.V. VIII -    Alexander Nance     (b. Sep. 25, 1852 - d. Nov. 16, 1925)
                                            married Feb. 24, 1876
                    Virginia Douglas Bridgers (b. May 15, 1853 - Nov. 9, 1931) daughter of
                           James D. and Harriet Jane “Moore” Bridgers.

      Lived Columbus Co., N.C. (Western Prong Township), Planter, Colonel on Governor
Kitchen’s staff. N.C. delegate (1912) National Farmers Convention. Children all born
Columbus Co.
                   1) Luther Clark married Sarah Etta Chapin (see Gen. IX)
                   2) Sallie Lillian (b. Sep. 20, 1878 - d. Oct. 12, 1898) married
                        Elwood Porter, on Apr. 24, 1898.
                   3) Douglas Alexander (b. Mar. 31, 1880 - d. Feb. 11, 1923)
                        married Jan. 28, 1904, Stella Elizabeth Phelps (b. Aug. 3, 1879 - May 2,
                1960), daughter of Melgron & Nancy Phelps. Attorney, Winston-Salem,
                N.C. Wife Stella was first woman attorney in N.C.
                         Children: a) Douglas Alexander Jr. (b. July 20, 1905) married
                                         Nov. 1, 1930, Elizabeth Malloy (B. Apr. 28, 1912),
                                         daughter of Wm. and Mary Ann (Hayes) Malloy. Living in
                                         Detroit, Mich. N.I.
                                     b) Ruth (b. and d. 1907)
                   4) Claude Hector married Susan Harmon (CS IX)
                   5) Marshall Edward (b. Sep. 11, 1884 - Apr. 5, 1960) married
                        Etta Evelyn Floyd (see M.E. IX)
                   6) Frank Leslie (b. Aug. 28, 1886 - d. Jun. 5, 1888)
                   7) Henry Leslie married Mattie Fries McIver (see H.M. IX)
                                                                                     page     10
                 8) Richard (b. Jun. 8, 1890) married Sep. 2, 1933
                      Sallie Maybelle Sutton (b. Jan. 5, 1906), daughter of John Graham and
               Joanna Hair Sutton. Planter, living Columbus Co., N.C.
                 9) Dr. Alexander Washington (b. Apr. 23, 1892) married Jan. 14, 1937
                      Sarah Lillian Singletary (b. May 2, 1893), daughter of John Daniel &
                      Adele Blanche (Clark) Singletary. Dentist, WW I vet (1st Lt. AEF 114
                      Artillery) served as Town Comm., Bladenboro, N.C. now retired res.
                      Kitty Hawk, N.C.
                10) Laura Belle married Daniel Quinlivan (see D.L.Q. IX)
                11) Mattie Bess married 1st Henry L. Sasser (H.M.S. IX)

                                                             Geno. Ref. D.E. VII

Gen. A.M. IX -      Archie Washington (b. Dec. 26, 1880 - d. May 24, 1940)
                                          married June 1903
                    Mary Addie Powell (b. July 26, 1871 - Jan. 3, 1940)

      Children: 1) Archie Leo (b. Nov. 4, 1906) married Apr. 24, 1931
                   Eunice Wooten (b. Dec. 7, 1912)
                     Children: a) James Michael (b. May 9, 1932) married
                                    Mary Locke Elkins (b. Jan. 15, 1933)
                                      Children: 1) James M. Jr. (b. Jan. 21, 1964)
                                                 2) Cynthia Kay (b. Sep. 17, 1965)
                                b) Sandra June (b. Oct. 30, 1933) married
                                    Weldon Rossie Nobles.
                                      Children: 1) Deborah June (b. Jan. 15, 1952)
                                                2) Sandra Dianne (b. May 26, 1961)
                               c) Leo Locke (b. Aug. 4, 1935)
                               d) Alvin Wayne (b. July 21, 1937)
                               e) Horace Wade (b. Jan. 15, 1942) married Joan Bannon
                                      Children: 1) Heidi Ann (b. July 23, 1965)
                                f) Linda Wooten (b. Feb. 8, 1945)
                               g) Eunice Dianne (b. Aug. 19, 1947)
                               h) Cynthia Gayle (b. July 19, 1949)
                2) Mary Elizabeth (b. Oct. 14, 1907) married Bartholomew Melvin
                3) John Edward (b. Dec. 17, 1911 - d. Nov. 23, 1931) married
                   Thelma Amanda Meadows (b. July 1, 1908)
                     Children: a) John E. Jr. (b. May 9, 1928) married Lois Jean Newsome.
                                 b) Cecil Vernon (b. Apr. 23, 1930) married Frances Smith.
                                 c) Johnny (b. Mar. 4, 1932) married Nelda Smith
                4) Philip Horace (b. Nov. 20, 1914) married Jean Frizzell.
                5) Della (b. Oct. 10, 1911) married Neal Archie Hall.

                                                             Geno. Ref. E.D. VIII

Gen. C.A.L. IX -    Allie Bethana Nance        (b. July 7, 1887 - d. Oct. 25, 1948)
                                                   married on July 14, 1907
                    Carl Randall Leavitt Sr.   (b. Apr. 14, 1884 - Aug. 2, 1946)

      Leavitt Children:
                                                                                      page   11
                1) Lucy Della (b. and d. 1908)
                2) Gladys Victoria (b. Oct. 28, 1909) married June 9, 1943
                    Lyman Wolcott Prior (b. July 25, 1914)
              Prior Children: a) Randall Leavitt (b. Sep. 22, 1945)
                                 b) Roger Wolcott (b. Jan. 28, 1949)
                3) Frank Herbert Amasa (b. Mar. - d. Aug. 1912)
                4) Carl Randall Jr. (b. Sep. 15, 1913) married Apr. 7, 1942 in Pilot,
                    Ellis Aline Dunsford (b. June 19, 1918) .
                5) Helen Elizabeth (b. Sep. 4, 1915) married on Apr. 15, 1939
                    John Steven Tresca.
                       Children: a) Janice Elizabeth (b. Mar. 15, 1941)
                                  b) John S. Jr. (b. Oct. 2, 1944)
                6) Mollie Inez (b. Oct. 2, 1918)
                7) Baby Leavitt (male, b. and d. July 1930)

                                                        Geno. Ref. E.D. VIII

Gen. L.S. IX -        Luther Clark Nance         (b. Jan. 1, 1877 - d. Sep. 1956)
                                                     married Oct. 17, 1904

                      Sarah Etta Chapin          (b. Sep. 7, 1878, Canada) daughter of John
                                                     Oscar & Emily Amelia (Bellamy) Chapin.

      Organized N.C. Lumber Co. and the first Whiteville Power & Ice. Company.

      Children: 1) Majel Amelia (b. De. 1908)
                 2) Etta Virginia (b. Feb. 6, 1910) married Apr. 10, 1948
                    Johnny Franklin Dagenhardt (b. Oct. 24, 1919)
                 3) Mary Madeline (b. Nov. 27, 1917) married John E. McKenna
                      Children: a) Brian Douglas (b. Dec. 6, 1945)
                                  b) Sarah Virginia (Jan. 25, 1949)
                                  c) Elizabeth Ellen (b. Feb. 17, 1953)

                                                        Geno. Ref. A.V. VIII

Gen. C.S. IX -        Claude Hector Nance        (b. Aug. 25, 1882 - d. Mar. 18, 1955)
                                                     married June 22, 1905
                      Susan Bell Harmon          (b. Jan. 25, 1884 - d. June 10, 1962) Lived in
                                                     Sanford, N.C.

      Children: 1)  Corine Harmon (b. 1907) married Claude Jenkins
                 2) Laura Beatrice (b. Sep. 1909 - d. June 28, 1919)
                 3) Claude Alexander S. married Mary E. Forbis (see C.M. X)
                 4) Gattis Virginia (b. Jan. 8, 1913) married James M. Gaddy.
                       Parents of 10 children (no names submitted)
                 5) Flonnie (b. Aug. 1915 - d. June 28, 1917)
                 6) Donnie (b. Aug. 1915 - d. Sep. 7, 1915)
                 7) Lonnie (b. Aug. 1915 - d. Sept. 4. 1915)
                       This is the only set of triplets this writer has knowledge of in the entire
                       Nance family)
                                                                                        page     12
                  8) Frank Lesley (b. July 1917) married
                        Lillian Alice Hair, 1st
                        Cecilia Amaya, 2nd
                  9) Ethel Willie married Paul C. Caviness (see P.E.C. X)
                 10) William David (b. Nov. 19, 1920) married Mar. 3, 1945
                        Ann Jane Downey (b. Dec. 11, 1923, Ireland - d. Jun. 10, 1970),
                             daughter of James & Elizabeth Smiley (Paterson) Downey.
                        Children: a) Samuel David (b. June 9, 1946)
                 11) Clara Douglas married Orville Mitchell (see O.C.M. X)
                 12) Clara Belle (b. May 12, 1924) married Sep. 5, 1942
                         Albert Samuel High (b. July 11, 1923)
                             Children: a) Albert S. Jr. (b. July 15, 1943)
                                        b) Lea Wanda (b. Jan. 10, 1949)
                                        c) Mitchell Evans (b. Nov. 9, 1951)
                                        d) Angela Marie (b. July 30, 1953)

                                                             Geno. Red. A.V. VIII

Gen. M.E. IX -       Marshall Edward Nance      (b. Sep. 11, 1884 - d. Apr. 5, 1960)
                                                    married Aug. 28, 1912
                     Etta Evelyn Floyd          (b. Nov. 18, 1893), daughter of Avander
                                             James & Susan Harris (Darsey) Floyd.

       Planter and Carpenter, lived in Broward County, Florida.

       Children: 1) Juanita Harris married Comer C. Sanders (see C.J.S. X)
                  2) Marshall E. Jr. married Julia Jean Steere (see M.J. X)
                  3) Luther Clayton married Dorothy Aurelia Tinkler (see L.D. x)

                                                             Geno. Ref. A.V. VIII

Gen. H.M. IX -       Henry Leslie Nance (b. Aug. 6, 1888) married Mar. 21, 1913
                     Mattie Fries McIver       (b. Dec. 13, 1892), daughter of John H. and
                                                   Abigail (Chaffin) McIver Sr. (compiled
                                                   portions of this genealogy).

       Operates a Loan Company and practiced law in N.C. and Ga. Living in Winston-Salem,

       Children: 1) Dr. Henry L. Jr. (b. Jul. 27, 1914) married Dec. 25, 1936
                      Dorothy Sherril Clay (b. Dec. 13, 1914), daughter of John Wesley and
                      Myrtle (Hindley) Clay. Optometrist.
                        Children: a) David Clay (b. Aug. 4, 1938) married Feb. 25, 1960
                                        Linda Dillsworth (b. Jun. 10, 1941)
                                  b) Susan Clay (b. Dec. 12, 1946)
                                  c) Leslie Clay (b. Feb. 14, 1953)
                  2) Martha Abigail (b. Sep. 12, 1917) married Mar. 21, 1938
                      Howard Fred Rhoads, Jr. (b. Feb. 27, 1916)
                         Children: a) Martha Kathleen (b. Nov. 24, 1939) married
                                      Bruce Allen Humphries (b. Jul. 12, 1934 -
                                                                                    page     13
                                                              d. Mar. 19, 1966)
                                     Children: 1) Kerry Bruce (b. Sep. 5, 1960)
                                               2) Cynthia Kay (b. Feb. 24, 1963)
                3) Dr. Wilson McIver (b. Jun. 9, 1928) married Sep. 22, 1948
                    Nancy Louise Wilkerson (b. Jan. 15, 1930), daughter of Dewey Guy &
                    Clara Lillian (Jones) Wilkerson. Optometrist.
                       Children: a) Sandra Louise (b. Oct. 23, 1950)
                                 b) Laura Evelyn (b. Jun. 13, 1954)

                                                            Geno. Ref. A.V. VIII

Gen. D.L.Q. IX - Laura Belle Nance      (b. Mar. 22, 1898) married Oct. 15, 1921
                 Daniel Quinlivan             (b. Mar. 24, 1886 - d. Feb. 1, 1960), son of
                                                  Daniel & Maria (Troy) Quinlivan. Register
                                                  nurse, Wilmington, N.C. and Jacksonville,

      Children: 1) Marie Troy (b. Jul. 9, 1924) married Apr. 30, 1951
                     Joseph Francis Aucremanne (b. Mar. 4, 1926)
                       Children: a) Joseph F. Jr. (b. Sep. 3, 1952)
                                  b) Johanna Marie (b. De. 12, 1953)
                                  c) Daniel Quinlivan (b. Apr. 28, 1955)
                                  d) Fernand Francois (b. Nov. 12, 1958)
                                  e) Julia Ann (b. May 4, 1961)
                                   f) Charles Alexander (b. De. 28, 1964)
                2) Virginia Douglas (b. Oct. 20, 1926) married Apr. 24, 1954
                      Philip Cavnar Beverly (b. Sep. 8, 1926). Attorney and son of Grady &
                      Kare Clark (Cavnar) Beverly. Virginia was first woman attorney in New
               Hanover Co., N.C. (Wilmington), now asst. U.S. Dist. Atty. Middle Dist.
               (Jacksonville, Fla.)
                        Children: a) Phillip C. Jr. (b. Oct. 5, 1955)
                                   b) Laura Nance (b. Mar. 15, 1957)
                                   c) Thomas More (b. Aug. 15, 1958)
                                   d) Joseph Frederick III (b. Jul. 19, 1964)

                                                            Geno. Ref. A.V. VIII

Gen. H.M.S. IX -   Mattie Bess Nance       (b. Mar. 1, 1901) married on July 15, 1920
                   Henry Lafayette Sasser  1st / (b. 1899 - d. 1943) son of George
                                           Deveraux and Minnie Estula (Bizzel) Sasser
                   Clarence D. Smith       married 2nd
                   Numa Edison Ridge married 3rd on Jan. 2, 1960 , furniture mfgr.

      Children all by 1st marriage:
                  1) Henry L. Jr. (b. Sept. 9, 1921) married 1st on Jan 21, 1942
                     Ethel Bauma
                            Children: a) Laren (b. May 5, 1946)
                                       b) Craig (b. June 15, 1950)
                     Altea Hook married 2nd on June 1953
                                       c) Gywnn (b. July 15, 1954)
                                                                                   page       14
                    Shirley Sanchez      married 3rd on Dec. 7, 1961
                                       d) Kim (b. Jan. 4, 1963)
                                       e) Kirk (b. Mar. 17, 1965)
                   2) Dorothy Nance (b. Feb. 9, 1923) married Jan. 18, 1942
                      Ralph Willard Smith (b. Nov. 17, 1919) son of Willis Green and Georgia
                                           (Buchan) Smith. Residence: Perry, Florida
                            Children: a) Ralph Sandy (b. Jan. 6, 1943) married
                                          Donna O’Steen (b. Sept. 27, 1944)
                                              Child: 1) Gregory Shawn (b. Oct. 10, 1964)
                                       b) Richard Donald (b. July 18, 1946) married
                                          Delores Padgett (b. Sept. 23, 1946)
                                              Child: 1) Richard Todd (b. Mar. 2, 1964)
                  3) George Alexander (b. May 7, 1925) married on Nov. 15, 1946
                      Barbara Lennon     (b. June 2, 1924), daughter of Chester Lloyd and Iva
                                          Marie (Williamson) Lennon.
                            Children: a) George A. Jr. (b. Dec. 7, 1948)

                                                             Geno. Ref. A.V. VIII

Gen. C.M. X -       Claude Alexander Strickland Nance (b. Apr. 29, 1911) married on
                                                       July 13, 1934
                    Mary Elizabeth Forbis (b. June 4, 1918), daughter of William Vernon
                                               and Clara Gertrude (Weeks) Forbis. Residence:
                                               Raleigh, NC

     Children: 1) Boyce Alexander (b. Nov. 14, 1935) married
                   Shirley Massey (b. Dec. 31, 1935)
                          Children: a) Boyce Anthony (b. June 7, 1960)
                                     b) Gregory Allen (b. Nov. 16, 1962)
                2) William Claude (b. May 8, 1937) married
                   Nadine Lamon (b. Apr. 5, 1942)
                          Children: a) Tammy Lynn (b. Aug. 18, 1961)
                3) Robert Joseph (b. Oct. 5, 1938) married
                   Joyce Williamson (b. June 19, 1943)
                4) Judy Cordelia (b. Sept. 25, 1945)

                                                      Geno. Ref. C.S. IX

Gen. P.M.C. X -     Ethel Willie Nance         (b. Nov. 19, 1920) married Nov. 26, 1938
                    Paul Clarence Caviness     (b. Apr. 7, 1920)

     Children: 1) Patricia Lane (b. Feb. 8, 1940) married Mar. 6, 1959
                  Raymond David Honeycutt Jr. (b. Aug. 11, 1937)
                         Children: a) Kathy Lynn (b. Feb. 5, 1960)
                                    b) Karen Leigh (b. Sept. 9, 1961)
                                    c) Richard David (b. Mar. 27, 1966)

                  2) Paul Lee (b. May 8, 1947)
                  3) Donna Joy (b. Sept. 7, 1950)
                                                                                    page    15
                                                     Geno. Ref. C.S. IX

Gen. O.C.M. X -     Cara Douglas Nance (b. Dec. 22, 1921) married Sept. 10, 1938
                    Orville Ernest Mitchell   (b. May 23, 1918)

      Children: 1) Gloria Jean (b. Aug. 30, 1939) married ? Collins
                          Children: a) Donna Jean
                2) Brenda Sue (b. Apr. 9, 1943) married ? Gray
                          Children: a) Constance Sue (b. June 12, 1964)
                3) Sylvia Ann (b. Nov. 1, 1947) married ? Davis

                                                     Geno. Ref. C.S. IX

Gen. C.J.S. X -     Juanita Harris Nance     (b. June 20, 1913) married 1st
                    Comer Culpepper Sanders (b. June 16, 1910 - d. June 1, 1958), son of
                                        James Matthew and Claudia (Culpepper) Sanders,
                                             Married 2nd on Oct. 9, 1959 -
                    Walter Franklin Morgan

      Child by 1st marriage:
                1) Nancy (b. Sep. 29, 1945) married May 21, 1965
                    Wayne Chester Clement (b. Mar. 13, 1943)

                                                     Geno. Ref. M.E. IX

Gen. M.J. X -       Marshall Edward Nance Jr. (b. Oct. 15, 1915) married on Mar. 17, 1939
                    Julia Jean Steere          (b. Jan. 6, 1920), daughter of Clarence and
                                               Frances Jeanette (Lawrence) Steere, foster
                                               daughter of Francis Miller.

       General Building Contractor.

      Children: 1) Marshall Edward III (b. Mar. 25, 1941) Attorney and Professor at Broward
                                County Jr. College, Fla. - married June 18, 1966
                   Dianne Lazenby       (b. Mar. 2, 1944), art major and presently doing
                                        research on the Nance family arms. Daughter of
                                        Col. James Elmore and Madie Dean (McKenzie)

                                                     Geno. Ref. M.E. IX

Gen. L.D. X -       Judge Luther Clayton Nance (b. Apr. 18, 1924) married May 13, 1950
                    Dorothy Aurelia Tinkler      daughter of Louis and Aurelia (Williams)

      Luther is compiler of Descendants of David T. and Eliza Nance, Attorney, First Public
Defender ( Florida), presently serving as Circuit Judge (17th Circuit Florida).
      Children: 1) Timothy Louis (b. July 18, 1952)
                 2) Margo Beth (b. Feb. 19, 1956)
                                                                                   page       16
                                                     Geno. Ref. M.E. IX

VIRGINIA             (Miscellaneous)

Obituary of Robert Lee Nance, January 8, 1960

       Robert Lee Nance, 75, was a native of Stokes county, N.C. He was born 16 June 1884,
son of Tobe B. and Flora Robertson Nance. His wife, Mrs. Julia Pruitt Nance, died 29 April
1953. He is survived by three daughters and a son: Mrs. Julian S. Elmore, Elkin, N.C.; Mrs.
Ryland H. Keesee, Charlotte, N.C.; Mrs. Beverly Reaves, Danville, Va.; Leslie R. Nance,
Martinsville. Also a brother, Walter G. Nance, Charlottesville.


Alamance County      (formed in 1849 from Orange County)

      Cemetery inscriptions:      Elizabeth J. Nance 1826 - 1902
                                  Thomas W. Nance Jan. 17, 1817 - June 1, 1898
                                  Peter M. Nance      1861 - 1871

Anson County         (formed in 1750 from Bladen County)

      1790   -   Census lists Buckner Nance
      1824   -   Land grant to Wyatt Nance
      1825   -   Land grant to John Nance
      1826   -   Land grant to Wyatt Nance
      1827   -   Land grant to John Nance
      1829   -   Land grant to Harbert Nance
      1835   -   Land grant to John A. and Wyatt Nance
      1800   -   Buckner Nance a witness. Also in 1795, 1787, 1802, 1811
      1812   -   June 8 will of Buckner Nance. Wife Ann.
                      Daughters: Henrietta Murphy
                                    Olive May Nance
                                    Harriet Nance
                                    Patsey Nance
                                    Betsy Ann Nance
                                    Winifred Nance
                      Executors: Charles Hinson
                                    Francis Clarke
                      Witness:      Kiziah Cox
                                    William Jernigan

Bladen County        (formed in 1734 from New Hanover and Bath Counties)

                                                                                 page   17
1790   -   Census lists Daniel Nance
1791   -   Daniel Nance, land grant of 200 acres
1800   -   Wynne Nance, land grant of 100 acres
1801   -   Joseph Nance, land grant
1802   -   May 14 will of Daniel Nance. Wife Patience.       (Book 1, p. 436)
                Sons:         Joseph
                Daughter:     Elizabeth Cook
                Granddaughter: Sallie Mercer
                Executors: Patience, wife
                              Joseph, son
                Witness:      William Hawthorne
                              Joseph Carrol
                              Winnie Powers
1820 -     June 8 will of Joseph Nance. Wife Mary.           (Book 1, p. 24)
                Sons:         Daniel M.
                              Joseph J.
                              David T.
                Daughters: Anny Hester
                              Fanny Butler
                Witness:      Joseph Singleton
                              Jonothan Singleton
                              Daniel M. Nance
1824   -   Mary Nance, land grant
1837   -   Daniel M. Nance, land grant
1846   -   Joshua L. Nance, land grant
1848   -   Joseph J. Nance, land grant

                                   1820 Census

Joseph Nance, 3 males / 10, 1 male / 16, 1 male / 45, 1 male 45 / -, 3 females / 26,
               1 female / 45, 1 female 45 / - .

                                   1850 Census

Daniel M. Nance, 45, born N.C., farmer, 425.00
                          Catharine, 49,       born N.C
                          Sarah J., 19
                          Daniel W., 17
                          John E., 15
                          Elizabeth A., 13
                          Joseph F., 10
                          Patience C., 7
                          Frances L., 4
                          Margaret C., 2
                                                                                page   18
                                 Lucy M. , 1 / 12

      Joseph J. Nance, 34, born N.C. , farmer, 560.00
                                Ganer, 30 female, born N.C.
                                Martha, 3
                                Jonathan, 1
                                Mary, 70,            born N.C.
      David T. Nance, 31, born N.C., farmer, 890.00
                                Eliza, 24
                                John R., 2
                                Elizabeth Shipman, 67,     born N.C.

      Cemetery records: Ganer Nance 1820 - 1896
                        Joseph J. Nance     1816 - 1896
                        Martha Nance         d. 1847
                        Arthur Nance 1886 - 1896

Brunswick County          (formed in 1764 from New Hanover and Bladen Counties)

      Cemetery inscriptions:     Dr. E. Nance        1839 - 1893
                                 Bessie M. Nance     1895 - 1901
                                 Marshall Nance      1886 - 1887

      1850 - Census lists Daniel Nantz, 20, born N.C., laborer; and Martha, 19, in
             home of Arthur Benton.

Burke County              (formed in 1777 from Rowan County)

      Cemetery inscriptions:     C. A. Nantz         1872 - 1905
                                 Elizabeth Nantz     1836 - 1906 wife of John Nantz
                                 Clyde M. Nance      1888 - 1900 son of A. H. and M.S.

Caswell County            (formed in 1777 fro Orange County)

      1784   Thomas Nance buys land from Jeremiah Williamson.
             -                                                          (Book D1 E, p.4)
      1786   Sherwood Nance buys 225 acres from John Harben. (Book E, p.146)
      1786   Deed to Thomas Nance.
             -                                                          (Book B, p. 393)
      1788   Deed by Sherwood Nance and George Fort,
                         both of or from?               (Book F W, p.5)
      1839 - August 1 will of Elisha Berry, father-in-law of Clemmons Nance. *


      1809   Frederick to Polly Berry, January 9.             (John x Paschal).
      1819   Clemmons to Frances Berry, December 8.           (Elisha Berry)
      1844   William M. to Carolina M.T. Pate, January 9. (Richard A. Pate)
      1848   Elizabeth to William Fitzgerald, June 27. (Jared W. Nance, R.Y. Graves)
                                                                                     page   19
      1853 Joseph W. to Emeline D. Butler, June 4.          (John T. Nance)
      1853 Thomas to Elizabeth Clark, December 12.          (E.B. Holden)
      1866 Isabella G. (wid) to Robert J. Bays, June 5.     (Turner Patterson)

      * From DAR records of Caswell County.....A 36.

Cleveland County          (formed in 1841 fro Rutherford and Lincoln Counties)

      Cemetery inscriptions:     George Nance 1891-1910, son of Rev. J.B. and N. Nance
                                 Gladys H. Nance 1909-1910, daughter of G.A. and Georgia

Columbus County           (formed in 1808 from Bladen and Brunswick Counties)

      1819 - Will of Edward W. Nance. Wife Zelpha.
                               (has minor children but no names mentioned)
                   Son:        Daniel F. Nance
                   Executor:   Moore Lennon
                   Witness:    Joshua Williamson
                               John Fakes

                                        1820 Census

      Daniel H. Nance, 2 males / 10, 1 male / 45, 2 females / 10, 1 female / 45.
      Zelpha Nance, 1 male / 10, 3 females / 10, 1 female / 26.

                                        1850 Census

      Daniel Nance, 36, born N.C., farmer, 1,000.00;
                                 Abicilla, 24
                                 Lenora A., 11
                                 Edward, 9
                                 Delight, 8
                                 Lucy, 7
                                 Harlee, 5
                                 Charity, 3
                                 Rachel, 2
                                 Eliza, 6 / 12
      Zilpah Nance, 60, female, born N.C., 1,500.00
                                 Abi, 36
                                 William, 18
                                 Atkinson, 16
                                 Averitt, 15
                                 Marshal, 13
                                 Wynne, 11
                                 Patience A., 9
                                 Prudence, 7
                                                                                   page   20
                                Dorothy, 5
                                Lucy J., 3
                                James S., 2
                                Kinchin, 3 / 12

     Cemetery records:          Mollie G. Nance 1858-1902
                                Murael A. Nance 1907-1914
                                Alva J. Nance Sep. 20, 1883 - Dec. 6, 1901
                                Amanda M. Nance June 4, 1813 - Nov. 17, 1908
                                Archie Nance 1891-1892 son of D.W. and Henrietta Nance
                                Bettie (1861 - 1896) wife of G.H. Nance
                                Mrs. D. B. 1857 - 1905 wife of E.L. Nance
                                D. W. 1856 - 1893
                                Frank 1886 - 1888
                                Heneritta 1860 - 1892 wife of D. W. Nance
                                Annie D. 1888 - 1908 daughter of R. J. and I. R. Nance
                                Johnnie 1844 - 1888 daughter of E. L. and D. B. Nance

Cumberland County        (formed in 1754 from Bladen County)


     1841 Catharine to Norman Johnson, December 3. (Alexander Johnson)
     1853 Jackson to Shaba Ann Fort, August 1. (Charles M. Beebe)
     1866 Mary J. to John T. Moore, May 10. (Warren E. Moore)

                                       1850 Census

     Zachariah H. Nance, 49, born Va., Hatter
                               Eveline, 39, born N.C.
                               Jackson, 20, born S.C.
                               Joseph, 16, born N.C.
                               Virginia, 13, born N.C.
                               James, 11
                               Mary J. , 7
     Jackson Nance, 20, born S.C., 3,113.00, listed as cooper in family of Henrietta
                                               McKellar, 58
     Joseph Nance, 25, born Va. , laborer in family of Angus McGil, 36.
                               (from Census Book 82)


                                                                                  page   21
Virginia Gattis Nance    (b.Jan. 8, 1913 - d. )
Gaddy James Manley, Sr. (b. Oct. 22, 1910 - d. Nov. 4, 1976) married Aug. 12, 1934

Children: 1) Joyce Elaine Gaddy (b. Aug. 30, 1935) married Aug. 16, 1952
             Walter Dean Rainey (b. Apr. 6, 1930)

            Children: 1) Deborah Elaine Rainey (b. Aug. 28, 1953) married
                         Alton Erskine Kyzer (b. Mar. 4, 1950)

                         Children: 1) Crystal Elaine Kyzer (b. Sep. 29, 1973)
                                    2) Joshua David (b. Aug. 29, 1979)
                                    3) Justin Marshal Kyzer (b. May 13, 1981)

                      2) Walter Dean Rainey, Jr. (b. Oct. 23, 1956)

                         Children: 1) Candace Ann (b. Jul. 18, 1976)
                                    2) Walter Dean Rainey, III (b. Aug. 6, 1983)
                                    3) Lyndsay Rhea Rainey (b. Jul. 15, 1988)

          2) Margie Mae Gaddy (b. Jul. 2, 1938) married
             Thane Nataniel Humphries

            Children: 1) Richard Keith Humphries (b. Feb. 6, 1957)
                       2) Gwendolyn Sue Humphries (b. Feb. 3, 1958)
                       3) Sandra Kay Humphries (b. Jan. 24, 1959)
                       4) Darrell Than Humphries (b. Jan. 3, 1961)
                       5) Nancy Louise Humphries (b. Aug. 25, 1962)
                       6) Angela Jean Humphries (b. Oct. 12, 1966)

           3)      Jimmy Sue Gaddy (b. Aug. 16, 1940) married
             Claude Byrd Carmen, Jr.

            Children: 1) Claude Byrd Carmen,, Jr. (b. Jul. 23, 1958)
                       2) James Jeter Carmen (b. Apr. 10, 1960)
                       3) Charles Edward Carmen (b. Apr. 28, 1961)
                       4) Michael Dean Carmen (b. Oct. 1962)
                       5) David Wayne Carmen (b. Oct. 1963)
                       6) Arthur Porter Luff (b. Jul. 22, 1967)

           4)      Virginia Norma Gaddy (b. Aug. 14, 1942) married
             Trenton Lewis Bradwell (b. Mar. 23, 1937)

            Children: 1) Cynthia Dianne Bradwell (b. Dec. 21, 1957)
                         James Earl Walker (b. Feb. 20, 1955)

                          Children: 1)Sabrina Ann (b. Feb. 14, 1977)
                                     2) Mallsi Marie (b. Jun. 12, 1979)
                       2) April Dawn Bradwell (b. Sep. 11, 1967)
                          Gregory Allen Murphy (b. Nov. 25, 1967)
                                                                            page   22
                Children: 1) Ashlie Nicole (b. Oct. 17, 1985)
                           2) Gregory Allen, Jr. (b. Aug. 28, 1988)

             3) Randy Lewis Bradwell (b. Mar. 13, 1961)
                Penny Rena Pubela (b. Nov. 5, 1960)

                Children: 1) Joshua Clabe (b. Aug. 18, 1981)
                           2) Daniel Lewis (b. Feb. 21, 1983)
                           3) Jessica Rebecca (b. Jul.8, 1987)
                           4) Jammie Rena (b. Jul. 8, 1987)

5) David Lee Gaddy (b. Jan. 21, 1944) married
   Merry Alice Christmas (b. Sep. 21, 1946)

  Children: 1) Karen Sue Gaddy (b. Jul. 15, 1962 - d. Nov. 1, 1977)
             2) David Lee Gaddy (b. Sep. 10, 1963)
             3) Joseph Wayne Gaddy (b. Aug. 15, 1964)

6) Charles Ray Gaddy (b. Mar. 17, 1946) married
   Sara Annatte Truesdale (divorced)

  Children: 1) Charles Ray Gaddy, Jr. (b. Jul. 23, 1969)

7) Barbara Ann Gaddy (b. Sep. 9, 1947) married
   William Maxie Johnson, Jr. ( b. Aug. 19, 1945)

  Children: 1) Joyce Denise (b. Jan. 22, 1965) married May 19, 1990
               Tally Julian Branham (b. Nov. 31, 1965)

                Children: 1) Kayla Denise (b. Oct. 23, 1991)

             2) William Maxie Johnson, III (b. May 19, 1969)
                                           married on Aug. 23, 1991
                Lois Rebecca Boyd (b. Sep. 29, 1972)

8) Rickey Joe Gaddy (b. Jun. 26, 1949) married
   Cheryl O. Crouch (b. Oct. 3, 1957)

  Children: 1) Lisa Michelle Gaddy (b. Jul. 8, 1971) married
               Joel Adam Smith (b. Aug., 1968)

                Children: 1) Joel Adam Smith, Jr. (b. May 27, 1993)

             2) Dawn Annette Gaddy (b. Oct. 19, 1977)
             3) Christel Ann Crouch (b. Feb. 8, 1978)

9) Gregory Lynn Gaddy (b. Feb. 26, 1952) married
   Wanda Gail Floyd (b. Nov. 15, 1954)
                                                                  page   23
                     Children: 1) Dana Patricia Gaddy (b. Oct. 22, 1976)
                                2) Gregory Lynn Gaddy (b. Jan. 27, 1979)
                                3) Grady Tayler Gaddy (b. Jan. 4, 1993)

                 10) James Manuel Gaddy (b. Aug. 28, 1953) married
                     Robin Lynn Harsey (b. Jul. 25, 1957)

                     Children: 1) Amanda Lynn Gaddy (b. Apr. 7, 1975)
                                2) James Manley Gaddy (b. Jun. 8, 1981)

        Cara Douglas Nance (b. Dec. 22, 1921) married on Sep. 10, 1938
        Orville Ernest Mitchell (b. May 23, 1918)

        Children: 1) Gloria Jean Mitchell (b. Aug. 30, 1939) married
                     Grady Collins (1st)
                     Herbert Lanning (2nd)

                      (Collins): 1) Donna Jean Collins (b. Mar. 17, 1963) married
                                    Jeffrey Scott Bannister (b. Oct. 13, 1959)

                                  Children: 1) Blakely Renae (b. Jun. 20, 1989)
                                             2) Zachary Shelton (b. Oct. 13, 1990)

                   2) Brenda Sue Mitchell (b. Apr. 9, 1943) married Aug. 20, 1961
                      Billy Ray Gray (b. Oct. 17, 1937)

                     Children: 1) Constance Sue Gray (b. Jun.12, 1963) married Jul.16, 1983
                                  Thomas James Barbour (b. Feb. 22, 1961) (1st husband)
                                  Danny Ray Turner (b. Oct. 31, 1957) (2nd husband)

                                  (Barbour) 1) Derek Ray (b. Oct. 2, 1986)
                                            2) Brittany Sue (b. Oct. 11, 1990)

                                  (Turner) 1) Kristy Blair Turner (b. May 20, 1983)
                                              2)     Danny Ray Turner, Jr. (b. Sep. 13,

                   3) Sylvia Mitchell (b. Nov. 1, 1947) married Dec. 1965
                      Henry Clay Davis, Jr. (b. ? - d. Dec. 26, 1990) (1st husband)
                      William Worth Johnson, Jr. (2nd husband, married Jun. 15, 1973)

                     (Davis)    1) Lori Renee Davis (b. Jul. 9, 1966) married Sep. 16, 1989
                                   Mack James Thomas, II (b. Feb. 13, 1967)
                                   Children: 1) Kaitlyn Nicole Thomas (b. May 29, 1991)
        Ethel Willie Nance (b. Nov. 19, 1920) married Nov. 26, 1938
                                                                                     page     24
Paul Clarence Caviness (b. Apr. 7, 1920) (1st husband) - deceased
Raymond Francis Johnson (b. Jun 2, 1920) (2nd husband)

(Caviness):1)Patricia Lane (b. Feb. 8, 1940) married Mar. 6, 1959
             Raymond David Honeycutt, Jr. (b. Aug. 11, 1937)

             Children: 1) Kathy Lynn (b. Feb. 15, 1960)
                        2) Karen Leigh (b. Sep. 9, 1961) married
                           Mark William Neveils

                           Children: 1) Christopher Mark (b. Apr. 1, 1984)
                                      2) Andrew Paul (b. Nov. 23, 1986)

                        3) Richard David Honeycutt     married
                           Kimberly Bayless

                           Children: 1) Warren Richard (b. Feb. 5, 1993)

                        4) Kelli Lane Honeycutt (b. Jan 18, 1969) married
                           Armando Marrero, Jr.

           2) Paul Lee (b. May 8, 1947) married
              Deborah Ann (divorced)

             Children: 1) Jason
                        2) Jessica

           3) Donna Joy (b. Sep. 6, 1950) married
              Barry Spangla (1st husband)
              Bryan Floyd    (2nd husband)

             (Spangla) 1) Sheri Lynn

             (Floyd):   1) Bryson Dana
                        2) Matthew Paul

Claude Alexander Strickland (b. Apr. 29, 1911- d. Apr. 25. 1991) ,
                                   married Jul. 13, 1934
Mary Elizabeth Forbis (b. Jun. 4, 1918)

Children: 1) Boyce Alexander (b. Nov. 14, 1935) married
             Shirley Massey (b. Dec. 31, 1935)

             Children: 1) Boyce Anthony (b. Jun. 7, 1960) married Nov. 14, 1982
                          Deborah Marie Albright (b. Aug. 26, 1958)
                          Children: 1) Grayson Anthony-Alexander
                                                                             page   25
                                                (b. Nov. 29, 1988)
                                      2) Christian Edward Albright (b. Feb. 15. 1991)

                         2) Gregory Alan (b. Nov. 16, 1962) married Sep. 27, 1986
                            Kimberly Kelly (b. Sep. 18, 1965)

                           Children: 1) Brandon Alan (b. Sep. 6, 1989)

                         3) Karen Jane (b. Oct. 5, 1968) married Oct. 20, 1990
                            Stuart Carlos Powell (b. Oct. 29, 1966)

                           Children: 1) Sarah Elizabeth (b. Apr. 23, 1993)

          2) William Claude (b. May 8, 1937) married
             Nadine Lamon (b. Apr. 5, 1942) 1st wife
             Betty Jenning (b. Jul. 23, 1933 - d. Jun. 5, 1987) 2nd wife -
                               married on Jun. 21. 1969
             Betty McCray (b. Jul. 31, 1935) 3rd wife - married on Dec. 2, 1988

             (Nadine) 1) Tammy Lynn (b. Aug. 18, 1961) married
                         John White

          3) Robert Joseph (b. Oct. 5, 1938) married
             Joyce Williamson (b. Jun. 19, 1943) 1st wife
             Lydia Mae Holmes (b. Sep. 22, 1940) 2nd wife married on Aug. 22, 1976

             (Lydia)     1) Robert Joseph Jr. (b. May 4, 1977)

          4) Judy Cordelia (b. Sep. 25, 1945) married on Mar. 15, 1974
             Philip Landon Corbin (b. Oct. 21, 1942) - divorced

Corine Harmon Nance (b. Feb. 26, 1905- d. March 21st 1994) married
Claude Jenkins (b. Jan. 3, 1905 - d. Sep. 8, 1958)

Children: 1) Thomas Brantley (b. Jul., 18, 1931) married
             Betty Sweatt (b. May 26, 1938)

             Children: 1) Penny Jenkins (b. Nov. 24, 1955) married
                          Michael Hal Currie (b. Aug. 24, 1954)

                           Children: 1) Jason Michael (b. Jan. 13, 1981)

          2) Thomas B. Jenkins, II (b. Jul. 22, 1957)

          3) Catherine Jenkins (b. Aug. 9, 1960) married
             Louis Bethea Hodges (b. Oct. 12, 1957)

             Children: 1) Jillian Lea (b. Sep. 4, 1986)
                                                                             page       26
                         2) Aaron Louis (b. Oct. 18, 1989)

          4) Miriam Jenkins (b. Dec. 12, 1963) married
             Charles Arthur Lee Ainsworth (b. Sep. 4, 1948)

Clara Belle Nance (b. May 12, 1924) married Sep. 5, 1942
Albert Samuel High (b. Jul. 11, 1923 - d. Dec. 12, 1972) 1st husband
Marcus Edward Russell - 2nd husband married Oct. 6, 1978
                                          divorced Jul. 2, 1980

(High) 1) Albert Samuel Jr. (b. Jul. 15, 1943) married Sep. 11, 1967
          Sandra Lee Voller (b. Aug. 30, 1951) 1st wife divorced Oct. 6, 1977
          Angela Gail Odom - 2nd wife married Jan. 28, 1982

             (Sandra) 1) Christopher Brian (b. Oct. 4, 1968) married
                         Michelle Renee West (b. Oct. 7, 1971)

                           Children: 1) Brittany Michelle (b. Feb. 23, 1992)
                                      2) William Seth Thomas (b. Dec. 21, 1993)

             (Angela) 2) Ashley Suzanne (b. Dec. 29, 1983)
                       3) Kevin David Williford (b. Jul. 26, 1977)
                                step-son (father - David E. Williford)

         2) Lea Wanda (b. Jan. 10, 1949) married 1st on Mar 1, 1968 to
            Dashill Gibson Haddock (b. Jan. 18, 1947 -d. June 27,1971)
            Ted Wilson Griffin II (b. May 22, 1949) 2nd husband married
                         Oct. 13, 1973

             (Haddock) 1) Gina Lea Griffin (b. Dec. 8, 1970) married on Jun. 22, 1991
                          Rodney Kyle McGee

                           Children: 1) Kelsey Shannon (b. Mar. 4, 1991)
                                      2) Colin Dashill (b. Feb. 25, 1993)
                                      3) Jacob Kimball (b. Feb. 25, 1993)

             (Griffin)   2) Robert Michael Griffin (b. Apr. 5, 1978)

         3) Mitchele Evans (b. Nov. 9, 1951)

         4) Angula Marie (b. Jul. 30, 1953) married Jul. 28, 1972
            Presley Edward Moore Sr. - 1st husband divorced Jan. 1975
            Gary Earl Renfrow - (b. Sept. 14, 1953- d. Dec. 13, 1981) 2nd husband
                                        married on Jul. 27, 1979
            Charles Gary Humphrey (b. Apr. 20, 1961) 3rd husband
                                        married Jun. 30, 1991
                                                                            page    27
                 (Moore)        1) Presley Edward Moore Jr. (b. Feb. 18, 1973)

  William David Nance (b. Nov. 19, 1920) married Mar. 3, 1945 to
  Ann Jane “June” Downey (b. Dec. 11, 1923 - d. Jun 10, 1970) 1st wife
  Janie Warren (b.April 3rd 1918 ) married June 8th 1971 2nd wife

  (Downey) 1) Samuel David (b. Jun 9, 1946)

  Frank Lesley Nance (b. Jul. 26, 1917 - d. Feb. 14,1992) married 1st on Jun. 6, 1936 to
  Eunice Moore
  Lillian Alice Hair 2nd marriage
  Cecilia Amaya      3rd marriage

  Children: 1) Morris Nance wife Debbie (mother Lillian Alice Hair)

              2) Beverly McCorquodale (mother Cecilia Amaya) married
                   James Sheldon McCorquodale (b. Apr. 14, 1948)

                 Children: 1) Christopher James (b. Sep. 16, 1974)
                            2) Frankie Buzz (b. May 21, 1977)

  Name:                                                     County of residence:

                 Nance, David T.                                   Bladen

  Enlisted:            Age:              Company:           Regiment:            Rank:

Sept. 20, 1863             38                F                   24                       Pvt

  Service Record: Resided in Bladen County where he enlisted at age 38,
  September 20, 1863, for the war. Died in Greensboro, NC Mar. 6, 1865 of
  disease. Claim filed by widow Eliza Nance, age 59, residence Clarkton,
  Columbus County, 1885, and 1887. Claim filed July 7, 1902 by widow,
  Eliza Nance, age 75 years, P.O. Prong, Columbus County. Approved 4th
  Class. No further records.

  Company Muster Rolls: Sep. - Oct., 1863, present. Nov. - Dec., 1863, sick in
  the hospital at Wilson. Jan. - Feb., 1864, absent on detached service at Weldon.
  Feb. 29 - Jun. 30, 1864, present. Jun. 30 - Dec. 31, 1864, absent in the hospital
  at Richmond. Jan. - Feb., 1865, sick in hospital at Richmond.

  Medical Records: Admitted to General Hospital, Camp Winder, Richmond, Va.,
  Dec. 13, 1864, with rubeola and typhoid fever and was furloughed for 60 days
  on Mar. 2, 1865.
                                                                                   page     28
Roll of Honor gives the following data: rank - Pvt; county of residence - Bladen;
enlistment date - Sep. 20, 1863; age - 38; enlistment status - volunteer.


National Archives
War Department Collection of Confederate Records
Record Group 109
Compiled Military Service Records
N.C. State Pension Records (Confederate) - 1885
N.C. State Pension Records (Confederate) - 1901
N.C. Department of Archives & History

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