SOL International Foundation is an independent_ non-profit 501_c__3_ Public Charity by sammyc2007


									                                                   Hoop Festival
                                Basketball Clinic and Contests
                                      To Benefit SOL International
                                          (for boys and girls grades 1- 8th)

                                          ‘Tis the season of basketball,
  And it’s the perfect time to sharpen your skills, have fun, and help
                         a worthwhile charity!!
   •       Valuable training from skilled coaches
   •       Fun and challenging skills competition with lots of exciting prizes
   •       Support SOL (School of Life) International, a non-profit organization that
           is bringing the benefits of sports to underprivileged kids in Roatan, Honduras
           ( see back page for more information on SOL

             Date:                Saturday, December 22, 2007
             Time:                1:00 to 3:00 pm                   (registration begins at 12:30)

             Where:               Sanford School Gym (Route 48, Hockessin, Delaware)
             Cost:                Tax Deductible $25 per child                          (100% of proceeds will go to
                                  support the purchase of much needed supplies and equipment for SOL International)

             Sponsored by Gallagher Basketball Academy

                             Hoops Festival to support SOL International
                                                         Registration Form

Players Name:_________________________________ Age: _______ Grade: _______

Parent or Guardian Name: _______________________ Phone:______________ Email:______________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

PLEASE READ AND SIGN: I give my child permission to participate in the program indicated on this form. I understand that there may be
inherent risks in any activity, and that the advice of a medical doctor should be obtained prior to my child’s participation in the program. By
enrolling my child, I assume all risks in connection with the clinic and contests. I hereby waive and release Gallagher Basketball Academy, its
director and staff from and against all claims for illness or injury directly resulting from my child’s participation.

Important Medical Information. (Allergic reactions, etc.) ______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________________

Mail Registration Gallagher Basketball Academy                                   Make Checks payable to: SOL International
and payment to: P.O. Box 30367
                                                                                              To reserve a spot, please mail
                  Wilmington, DE 19805                                                   registration or call GBA at 302-777-3675
                                                                                                     by December 16th
(Forms also available online at
                   What is SOL International?

    SOL (School of Life) International, is a non-profit
 foundation that works with children in the Bay Islands of
      Honduras to improve the quality of their lives
      –    SOL International is working to initiate and support community based
           programs designed to promote education and increase the quality of life for
           children in developing areas of the world.

They Accomplish This Mission by:
      –    Establishing community centers that offer extra curricular activities that
           would be otherwise inaccessible
      –    Assisting educational systems with training, materials and resources
      –    Supporting and establishing sports programs
      –    Providing academic scholarships
      –    Building healthy communities by encouraging collaboration among the
           non-profit, business and government sectors

Current Projects:
      SOL International Foundation is currently supporting educational needs on the Bay
      Islands of Honduras (Roatan). They have several projects underway and others
      they are trying to get off the ground. Your support will make a difference:

      –   Establishing a community center in Roatan
      –   Providing scholarships, uniforms, and transportation to local schools
      –   Conducting music and physical education classes at local schools
      –   Conducting free sports clinics to children

            100% of Clinic’s Proceeds Go Directly
                   to SOL International
For question on SOL, contact them directly at
SOL International Foundation is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) Public
Charity. All donations are tax deductible.

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