How long is my building permit valid for?      •   Floor
                                               •   Water service
Building permits are valid for a period of
                                               •   Lawn Sprinkler
twelve ( 12) months. Construction must
                                               •   Final Inspection
commence within six ( 6 ) months of
issuance of permit.                            *No concrete is to be poured prior to inspections
                                               ( e xcluding driveways & sidewalks )
Phases of work requiring an inspection.
                                                                                                        GUIDE TO OBTAINING
                                               How do I schedule an inspection?
Inspections are performed by the Code
                                                                                                          A BUILDING PERMIT
                                               Inspections may be scheduled by calling
Official at various stages throughout the
                                               ( 8 15 ) 937-2940 ext. #2 and ask for an
construction process to ensure that the work
                                               inspection, you will need to provide the
conforms to the Code, the building permit,
                                               permit number and the type of inspection. It
and the approved plans. The following is a
                                               is the responsibility of the owner to ensure
sample of inspections that need to be
                                               that inspections are requested. It is
completed. Please coordinate with Staff on
                                               requested at least 24 hours advance notice
your particular project.
                                               be given. However, 24 hours notice does
•   Footing forms & Wall forms                 not guarantee that inspections will be done
•   Basement & Garage floor                    the following day, inspections are granted on
•   Garage floor drain                         a first come first serve basis.
•   Plumbing in basement floor
•   Post holes ( d epth )
•   Walls damp proof / Waterproofing walls
                                                                                                   Kankakee County Planning Department
•   Electric Service ( if buried, trench
                                                                                                   Building Division
    depth )                                                                                        189 E. Court St., Room 201
•   Framing                                                                                        Kankakee, IL 60901
•   Rough in electric, plumbing and HVAC                                                           815.937.2940
•   Fireplace                                                                                      Fax: 815.937.2974
•   Detached garages ( setbacks )                                                                  Hours: M-F 8:30-4:30

•   Footing depth & size                                                                 
Why a building permit?                            What information do I need to begin the              Sample Plot Plan.
Permits allow the enforcement of the codes,
which have been adopted as law by the             ⎕   Tax Identification Number
County. No matter what the specific project       ⎕   Property owner ’ s name, address and
may be, the enforcement of codes is carried           phone number
out to protect the public health, safety and      ⎕   Description of work to be done
welfare.                                          ⎕   Plot plan ( see example on right )
                                                  ⎕   Estimate of cost or signed contract
Building permits provide the means for
                                                  ⎕   Contractors list ( must be licensed by
Code Officials to inspect construction to
                                                      the County)
ensure that minimum standards are met and
                                                  ⎕   * Floodplain survey
appropriate materials are used.
                                                  ⎕   * Recorded deed

What projects require a building permit?          ⎕   * Two complete sets of construction
•   New Buildings
•   Temporary Buildings                           *May not be required depending on scope of project

•   Additions
                                                  How long does it take to receive a
•   Demolitions                                                                                        This is an example of the type of information needed on a plot plan.
                                                  building permit?                                                     Your required information may vary.
•   Renovations
•   Prefabricated Structures                      After the building permit application has
•   Electrical & Plumbing Systems                                                                        How much does a building permit cost?
                                                  been submitted with all necessary forms
•   HVAC ( heating, ventilating and air
                                                  and information, a building inspector is               Building permit fees are based on the
                                                  assigned to begin the review of the                    estimated value of the project, which
•   Water & Sewer Hookups
                                                  application. The Building and Zoning                   includes cost of material and labor. For an
•   Misc. Residential uses i.e.: sheds, pools,
    fences, roofs, siding, windows, decks,        Division Staff strive to complete the review           estimate on the cost of your building permit

    fireplaces, etc.                              process within 10 working days. Please                 contact a Code Official.
•   Misc. Commercial uses i.e.: parking, signs,   keep in mind however, the review process
                                                                                                         Make checks payable to the Kankakee County
    elevators, health, food handling, etc.        can vary depending on the scope of the
                                                  project and the number of applications
                                                  waiting to be reviewed.

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