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									Finding the Funding
JEAN CAMPBELL   Vice President of Development
                National Organization for Rare Disorders
Finding the Funding

Before embarking on this search there are
  a few planning steps to take………..

Fundraising Questions to Ponder
1. Why do we need to raise the money?
2. How do we go about raising the money?
3. Where do we go to raise the money?
Finding the Funding

   Why do we need to raise the money?
• Believe in the mission of the organization
• Connect the donor to the cause
• Provide necessary programs and
• Promote research, treatments, etc
• Keep the electricity and phones running
 Finding the Funding

How do we go about raising the money?
• Map out a plan
• Great minds come up with great ideas
• Be creative, innovative
• Think about your target audience
• In a pinch utilize the ―Andy Hardy‖ principle!
Finding the Funding

Where do we go to raise the money?
• People interested in your cause
• Corporations that might have a
  connection to your cause
• Educated general public
• Anyone who is willing to listen to you!
Finding the Funding

                    Mapping Your Plan
• Give serious thought to what you want to achieve
• Be realistic
• Chose the venues of fundraising that will work best for your group
• Decide who are your potential donors and where you can find
• Think it out thoroughly—approach; staffing; volunteers; materials;
  budget; time; energy; publicity. Plan it from soup to nuts!
• Designate responsibilities…don‘t be a martyr
• Communicate with your donors and sponsors throughout the
• Keep good records and evaluate how the program worked
• Don‘t forget to say “thank you.”
Finding the Funding

        Setting Your Sights on Finding the Donors!
                    Who is going to give to my organization?

   1.   Individuals are the most philanthropically minded sources of
        revenue for charities.
   2.   Corporations have created various giving policies to
        accommodate their mission and commitment to charities.
   3.   Private, Community and Family Foundations are established to
        support a specific area of interest or to extend support to a
        promising charitable program
   4.   Surveys generally indicate that non profits receive funds from the
        following sources:
        •   39% from Individuals (e.g. dues, fees)
        •   31% from government sources
        •   18% from private sources (corporations, foundations)
        •   7% from other sources
        •   5% from endowments or interest earned
Finding the Funding

               One person tells another person
                who tells another person…..

    Everyone has their own reasons for making a charitable donation

•   Makes them feel good---improving the lives of others
•   Its personal…has a connection to the cause
•   Admires the work that the charity provides to the community
•   They are a volunteer or on the board of directors
•   Like to be patted on the back!
•   Looks good on their resume
•   Doing it to please others
•   Needs that tax deduction
•   They have been asked!
Finding the Funding

      Profiling and Prospecting Individual Donors

                    So who are these people and
                  how do we meet and keep them?

• There is no such thing as a ―one size fits all‖ donor
• There is a ‗getting to know you‘ process
• It‘s all about cultivation; making the connection; doing your
• Recognize their interests; keep them in the loop; communication
• Respect their opinions and privacy!
• Do a bit of ‗googling‘. Reading newspapers, magazines…
• Remember Mom‘s Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated
• Always say thank you even if they say no
Finding the Funding

                  How Do Individuals Donate?
General Contributions: direct mail solicitations, memorial/in honor gifts,
end of the year solicitations; just because giving, manna from heaven
Membership Dues: individual, family, professional, corporate
Employer Matching Gift Program:dollar for dollar on your gift
Capital Campaign: building funds; research endowments
Workplace Campaigns: United Way, America’s Charities, ICA; either as a
signed on charity or a donor’s choice write in
Planned Giving: bequests, stocks, advised funds
Special Events: auctions, dinners, dances, walkathons
Social Events: car washes, college activities, bake sales, health fairs, a-thons
On-Line Giving: Auctions; pledges, on line charity malls, shopping sites
Cause Related Activities: jewelry, apparel, accessories, beauty products,
home goods
Finding the Funding

                   Where Are These Donors?
                   They are closer than you think!

•   Board members, staff, volunteers, clients, members (inner circle)
•   Family, friends, former staff etc, neighbors (secondary circle)
•   Former clients, friends of the above (circle widens)
•   Working associates of any the above
•   Supporters of related organizations
•   Residents in your community
•   Healthcare professionals dealing with clients
•   Fraternal organizations, Civic groups, Educational institutions
•   Anyone who will listen to your story
•   And then there‘s you!
 Finding the Funding

        Maintaining an Individual Database
 Keeping up with the Jones, Smiths, Campbells, etc.
1. After identifying donors, keep track of them!
2. Create an uncomplicated database to capture personal and
   giving history of your donor
3. Databases can be created for your group or purchased from
   a software company
4. Keep on the lookout for additional people to add to your list
5. Your donor database can be the financial foundation of your
   organization…respect your clients and their privacy
Finding the Funding

            Corporations: Making the Connection
                     Looking for that win-win scenario

• Many companies have corporate giving programs or divisions with specific
  guidelines. Some even have foundations!
• Visiting a company‘s website is a must do prior to making any type of ‗ask‘
• Find the common thread that will tie your organization‘s work to the company‘s
• Build contacts that will help open the door: board members, clients, family,
• Become visible within your community; offer to be on a community Speakers
  Bureau for civic and business organizations e.g Chamber of Commerce, Rotary
• Connect your organization to a company based on product development, use,
  and research
• Ask individuals on your database to utilize their employer‘s workplace giving and
  matching gift programs. Then thank the company for providing these valuable
    Finding the Funding

               Building a Corporate Relationship

Corporate giving programs and company-sponsored foundations often
are created to improve the lives of their communities where their
employees live and work.

• Do your homework to establish if your group fits a company‘s criteria
• Pick up the phone and speak to a company representative about eligibility
• Introduce your organization to the company by mail, email
• Find the one or two things that you can offer a company that no one else can!
• If you have a current relationship with a company, don‘t take it for granted
• Remember that companies have lean years just like you—be understanding!
• Keep them on your mailing list even if they have turned you down
• Employees come and go, so keep apprised of staff changes within a company
• If a company‘s employees volunteer for you, tell them how much you appreciate their
  staff‘s time and loyalty
• Don‘t compromise your organizations ethics for the sake of a donation
Finding the Funding

                   Searching for Foundations
     Foundations are in the business of giving away money!

 • Once again there is a need to do your homework
 • Find the connection between your group and the giving preferences of
   the foundation
 • Be specific in your request…don‘t ramble
 • Family, public, community, government and corporate foundations look to
   support worthy causes
 • Research is the key-cast your nets then scale the list down to a
   manageable number (remember to be realistic!)
 • Take the challenge to write your own or hire a grant writer
 • Utilize the various grant resources e.g. The Foundation Center to assist
   with the search for suitable foundations
 • Communication is imperative. Always follow up with a letter of thanks!
Finding the Funding

                              Getting the Word Out
          Raising Awareness Goes Hand in Hand with Raising Funds

•   Telling your story educates the public
•   Design PR pieces (brochures, logos) to distribute
•   Publish a newsletter
•   Design a website; keep it updated; make it easy to navigate
•   Cultivate media contacts locally and nationally
•   Seek a board member with PR experience or hire a consultant to help
•   Ask a local University‘s Marketing Department to adopt your cause as a project
•   Write letters to the Editor of newspapers that carry articles related to your cause
•   Put media contacts on your mailing list; keep them apprised of your activities
•   Invite potential contacts to visit your office to see what it is you do
•   Get on Calendar Lists, Month lists
•   Attend Medical Meetings related to your cause
•   Ask your members to spread the word by sharing their stories
•   Create Public Service Announcements (PSAs); print ads
•   Send out Press Releases announcing breaking news or accomplishments
•   Once people know you and what you do, they will be more willing to give.
Finding the Funding

     Summary: 10 Helpful Fundraising Suggestions

1.  Don‘t be afraid to ask
2.  Practice asking on the people that you know
3.  Share your story with whomever will listen, in direct mail letters, with
    the media
4. Brag about your organization and how you do good things!
5. Keep your asking simple and to the point…that old KISS method
6. Do your research
7. Find who will make a good donor
8. Build your donor base. Ask your donors to help you spread the word; if
    they like you they won‘t mind
9. Don‘t get too wordy; Make it easy for a donor to give you a donation
10. Keep your donor database up to date

     …… and never forget to say Thank You!
Finding the Funding

 –   The Foundation Center
 –   AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy
 –   Association of Fundraising Professionals
 –   The Grantsmanship Center
 –   Government Grants
 –   Guidestar
 –   Council on Foundations
 –   GrantSmart
 –   CD Publications
 –   Abe‘s Email Reports
 Finding the Funding

                       RESOURCES (more)
– Philanthropy Journal
– Philanthropy News Digest
– Federal Assistance Monitor
– Federal Research in Progress

– Chronicle of Philanthropy ($72 for 24 issues);
  complimentary issue by calling 800-347-6969
– The Non-Profit Times: free to qualifying organizations
  Finding the Funding

                    RESOURCES (more)
Periodicals (cont‘d)
– Contributions Magazine: 6 issues $40
– Successful Fundraising Newsletter: 12 issues $149

– Pro Bono Partnership

– DonorSpeak
 Finding the Funding

                     RESOURCES (more)
Other (cont‘d)
– BBB Wise Giving Alliance
– Charity Navigator
– Venture Philanthropy Partners
– Designed for donors; gives insight into
  what charities they like and why

– Corporate Giving Directory published by Taft Group; gives a state by state
  listing of corporate givers
– Who‘s Who in America published by Macmillian Directory Division
– The Social Register published by the Social Register Association
 Finding the Funding

                      RESOURCES (more)
Technology For good ideas on internet philanthropy

Workforce        Assistance with staffing

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