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Understanding the event schedule The event schedule shown from by dmpe


Understanding the event schedule

                                                                                                                         Beijing 2008
The event schedule shown from page 8 lists every event throughout the
Games. The schedule shows the timings, event description and ticket
prices for each session. Please note that it is subject to change by BOCOG
- we will always have the most up-to-date version on our website.
                                                     The agent’s handling fee

      The value of the ticket in the yuan                                   Olympic venue, colour
        (RMB) – the Chinese currency             The ticket price             coded according to
                                                  in £ Sterling              its location (see map
                                                                            on inside cover page)
 The ticket code explaining the sport
 (FB = Football), the session number
  and the seating category (A,B or C)

Abbreviations for event schedule session descriptions

W - Women’s event                       QF, or QFs                               Qual, or Quals
M - Men’s event                         Quarter-final, or Quarter-finals         Qualification, Qualifying,
                                        SF, or SFs                               or Qualifier
M & W, or W & M
Men’s & Women’s events for              Semi-final, or Semi-finals               Prelim, or Prelims
the same discipline take place          Class                                    Preliminary, or Preliminaries
in this session                         Classification or Classifications

Key for schedule venues
    OG - Olympic Green                                                 OTB - Others
    WCA - Western Community Area                                       FOOT - Football at assorted venues around China
    UNI - University Area                                              HKG - Hong Kong
    NSC - North Scenic Area                                            QIN - Qingdao

Ticket prices
Within each event session there are up to 3 seating categories: A, B and C. The
official face value price for each ticket session is shown, along with the handling
charge. This is set by BOCOG at 20% on all tickets priced up to £136, and is
capped at £30 for all other tickets. Part of this charge goes directly to the British
Olympic Association to support the development of future of British athletes.
Beijing 2008

               Ticketing arrangements for team sports
               National teams competing in team sports are still subject to qualification for Beijing 2008
               as this guide goes to print. Qualifying rounds and subsequent sports’ draws happen at
               various stages in the run-up to the Games.
               As a result, if you are looking to watch a specific team play, you cannot request event
               tickets for preliminary matches until the draws are made. If you want to watch the
               knockout stages of these tournaments (quarter-finals, semi-finals, final and bronze medal
               matches), we would suggest that you request these tickets as early as possible to have
               the best chance of obtaining them.
               Please check our website for updates once draws are made by BOCOG.

               Making your booking request
               When you have made your selection, simply complete and return the booking
               request form (contained within your Sportsworld brochure pack) or access our
               online booking system.
               At this stage, you will be making a ‘booking request’. We will do our utmost to fulfil
               this; however, due to the high demand for tickets, we may not be able to meet all
               your requests. In this instance we will offer you either tickets in an alternative seating
               category within the same session or the opportunity to make a different request.
               All tickets must be paid for in full at the time of booking. We will of course refund
               money for tickets we have been unable to obtain unless you would prefer to request
               alternative tickets.
               Our online booking system allows you to quickly search through the hundreds of event
               ticket options (with or without accommodation, flights and other services), enter your
               preferences and pay by credit card. This will save you time and means your booking
               request is logged immediately for our team to process.
               N.B. If you have priority registered with Sportsworld, your registration fee will be
               deducted from your first booking deposit. Please complete the relevant section of
               the booking request form on our online booking system.

                                                                          Beijing 2008
Ticket processing and confirmation
• Once we have received your booking request and full ticket payment
  (online or by post), we will send an acknowledgment
• Your ticket requests are processed and allocated against Sportworld’s
  official inventory
• Ticket confirmation is sent to you detailing the status of all your
  requests. One of the following tags will be given to each session for
  which you have requested tickets:

 Status             What this means
 Confirmed          We have been able to fulfil your request exactly
 Application        We do not have the tickets available at Sportsworld
                    but will request them from BOCOG
 Upgrade            We cannot confirm your tickets in the category
                    requested but can offer you an upgrade, subject to
                    payment of the difference
 Downgrade          We cannot confirm your tickets in the category
                    requested so have confirmed tickets in a lower
                    category. We will refund the price difference
 Waitlisted         We do not have the tickets available and are in
                    negotiations to obtain more (usually applies to
                    more popular events)
 Sold out           No more tickets are available for this session

Once we have received your initial request, we will allocate tickets on
25th of each month up until March 2008. Requests received on or
after 25th of the month will form part of the following month’s
allocation. If we are unable to allocate your tickets directly from our
own inventory, we will make a request to BOCOG and advise you of the
status as shown above.

   Date your request received           Date confirmation status
   at Sportsworld                       sent to you
   Before 24 July                       1 - 7 August
   25 July - 24 August                  1 - 7 September
Beijing 2008

               Ticket delivery
               Tickets will not be issued by BOCOG until Games time. If you are travelling with Sportsworld
               on one of our packages, you will receive your tickets on arrival at your hotel.

               If you are buying event tickets only, you will be able to collect them directly from us at
               a designated Sportsworld Ticket Office in Beijing. Subject to demand, we may also have
               further collection points in other key Olympic destinations (e.g. Hong Kong, Qingdao).

               N.B. Tickets must be collected by the person who requested them. Proof of identity will
               be required prior to issuing the tickets.

               Seat assignments
               We are unable to give any indication of seat assignments or other stadium information until
               the tickets are distributed.

               While we will note any preferences you may have, we are unable to guarantee requests
               for specific seating or standing locations within the venues. We cannot guarantee to seat
               groups together, although we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

               At some venues, tickets are issued on a ‘general admission’ basis - i.e. a ticket is required
               for entry but there is no reserved seating.

               Tickets for children
               There are no reductions on ticket prices for children. Everyone, regardless of age,
               must have a valid event ticket for every session they are attending.

               Tickets for spectators with disabilities
               All venues will have designated disabled seating, though the level of this will vary
               from venue to venue. In addition, most official transportation is due to be accessible
               to spectators with different types of special needs.

               If you are a wheelchair user, are limited in your mobility or are visually impaired, please
               ensure that you detail your requirements in a covering letter with your booking form or
               advise us on our online booking system.

               Please note that seating for companions in the designated wheelchair seating area will
               usually be restricted to one person, so larger parties including a wheelchair user may not
               be seated together.

                                                                                Beijing 2008
Friends and families of competitors
If you are travelling to see your partner, close relative or friend compete
in the Games, please ensure you advise us of this on the booking form
on our online booking system. Where possible, we will give you priority
for the sessions in which your relative or friend is competing.
Unfortunately, priority cannot be given for other events or sessions.

Team GB contribution
If you would like to support Team GB in Beijing, you can make a voluntary
contribution of £30 on your booking form or online. This donation will be
gratefully received and will go directly towards helping the development of
future British athletes. Please note that this donation cannot be claimed for
‘gift aid’ purposes due to UK tax law.

Do's and don't's
• Don't plan to watch an event on the day of arrival or
  departure. Remember, you only collect your tickets when
  you get to China, so you will need to allow plenty of time on
  your arrival day. This may make it difficult to get to an event

• Do leave plenty of time for travelling to and from the
  venues - refer to the map at the front of this guide to help
  you. Allow for queues entering and exiting the venues

• Don't try to attend more than two event sessions per day.
  You may feel tired and this could reduce your enjoyment of
  the Games

• Don't select any ‘second choice’ events when requesting your
  tickets. Remember that you are committed to any requested
  events that we confirm for you. If we can't confirm tickets to your
  first choice events, you will have the opportunity to request
  alternatives at a later date

• Do go online. The quickest and easiest way to search through the many
  options and request your tickets is through our online booking system at

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