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									Estate Planning for                                       Dear Aunt Margie cont’d from front cover
the Whole Family                                             You showed it in your caring for               When you passed away in January,
What your parents need to do…                             others. None of us were surprised              such a large part of us went with
What your children need to                                when we met those people whose                 you. But as always, your lessons on
know…                                                     lives you had touched. Nor were we             life and on trusting in Our Lord gave
                                                          surprised to learn that in your 93rd           us the support and the strength to
Our guest speaker, Mary Lou Dingle                        year, when you finally felt that               know that you are now reaping the
LL.B. – Partner with Martin, Martin,                      living on your own was getting a               rewards of a life so given to devo-
Evans, Husband, is a well-known                           little more difficult, that the only           tion, and to loving and caring for
Hamilton Estate Lawyer. She is an                         place that you would consider was              your students, family and friends.
active public speaker with a humorous                     St. Joseph’s Villa. Seemed to us that             That you would leave a bequest in
approach. She will discuss what can go                    with your long involvement with                your Will for St. Joseph’s Villa was a
wrong if you don’t plan your estate.                      the Sisters of St. Joseph, you were            crowning gesture of love to such a
Our panel of experts include:                             moving in with friends. We were                magnificent life.
                                                          not surprised when the love and                   Thank you Aunt Margie, for your
Michael Davies PFP – Financial
                                                          care that you always gave, was                 gift of example.
Planner, Investment Planning Canada
                                                          returned to you in your new home.
Ron Heinzman – Family Service                                                                                          Love,
Counsellor with Marlatt Funeral Homes
                                                                                                                       Your family
Richard (Rick) Howarth CFP, CLU,
CH.F – Retirement and Estate
Planning Specialist, Dan Lawrie
Insurance Brokers Ltd.                                    St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation Planned Giving Advisory Committee
They will cover topics such as:
• Structuring your retirement income                      Mary Lou Emmett,                              Jim Findlater
• Advantages of a pre-planned funeral                     Chair since November 2001                     Certified Management Accountant
• The ABC’s of planned giving                             Consultant                                    Rick Howarth
Saturday, October 23, 2004                                ProAct Consulting Inc.                        Estate and Financial Planner
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.                                   Mike Davies                                   Dan Lawrie Insurance Ltd.
St. Joseph’s Villa – Rose Garden                          Financial Planner                             Ralph Montesanto
2nd Floor of the Juravinski Wing                          Investment Planning Canada                    Retired Teacher, Author
A light lunch is to follow. Space is                      James DiCenzo                                 Sub-Committee Representative:
limited for this complimentary                            Investment Advisor                            Carl Fraser
seminar so please call 905-627-9011                       Canaccord Capital Corporation                 Fraser Financial Consultants
ext. 2293 to reserve your seat today.

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                                                                                                     detailed information from their financial and
                                                                                                                      legal advisors.
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                            “an indispensable part or basis”                                               Fall 2004

                Cornerstone The Estate and Financial Planning Newsletter for Friends of St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation

                            Dear Aunt Margie

                            W           hat wonderful gifts you                Your example of hard and honest
                                        gave us in the marvelous             work was exemplified in the 50
                                        years that we shared!                year teaching career to which you
                            We don’t mean the clothes and                    were dedicated. From those early
“We won’t always            toys that you gave to us on all                  years in Brantford, and certainly in
                                                                             the years of service at St. Patrick’s
                            those birthdays and Christmases.
  know whose lives          No, we mean the love for us that                 Elementary School, you showed us
                                                                             that teaching others is a gift to
                            seemed so unconditional, and
     we touched and         even more than that, the great gift              yourself. As we were growing up,
                                                                             we heard you speak lovingly and
                            of example.
     made better for          Your first example was that of                 supportively of your students.
                                                                             Your caring for them gave us a
                            faith. Your devotion to our Lord
  our having cared,         and his Blessed Mother, gave us a                respect for teachers that became
                                                                             second nature to us. As we grew
                            foundation of faith that has helped
     because actions        us every day of our lives. The faith             up, we would meet people in
                                                                             every walk of life, and in every
                            that you lived, lead us to know that
      can sometimes         we are never alone, and that if we               setting and situation, who would
                                                                             ask us, “Are you related to Miss
                            trust in God, listen with our hearts,
    have unforeseen         and walk as close to His path as we              Cox from St. Pat’s?” We cannot
                                                                             begin to tell you how proud we
                            can, then all will be well.
       ramifications.                                                        were to answer yes, and then listen
                                                                               to the most wonderful stories
What’s important                                                                  from these oft times strangers,
                                                                                     about how you went out of
 is that you do care                                                                  your way to help them or
                                                                                        their families. These
    and you do act.”                                                                     people were never
                                                                                         strangers for long.
                                                                                           What a wonderful
       Charlotte Lunsford                                                                example you gave us in
                                                                                         loving and caring for
                                                                                         our families. The care
                                                                                        and love that you
                                                                                       showed your mother,
                                                                                      brothers, sisters, nieces and
                                                                                    nephews, helped us to know
                                                                                   our families as strong units of
                                                                                    love and shelter. It was your
                                                                                       example that helped us
                                                                                         stay close to each other,
                                                                                           and to know the
                                                                                             strength of that unity.

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