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PE 8.1000

                         City of Monroe


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SECTION I - Performance Expectations (Objectives and/or Major Responsibilities)
Employees and managers jointly establish objectives and/or major job responsibilities, and the expected results of those objectives
and/or responsibilities. Whether reviewing past objectives or establishing future objectives, include specific employee actions that
increase the overall effectiveness of accomplishing these objectives. Use space below or attach separate sheet.

Objectives should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, and Timebound.

                 Section I                                      Complete this column as part of Section IV
               OBJECTIVES                                                     RESULTS ACHIEVED                                              Rating
Objective #1

Objective #2

Objective #3

Objective #4

Attach separate sheets as necessary.
        Unacceptable                Development Needed                  Competent                     Commendable                   Exceptional
Employee demonstrates            Employee demonstrates          Employee demonstrates full    Employee demonstrates a       Employee demonstrates
insufficient knowledge of        incomplete knowledge of        knowledge of basic job        high level of knowledge of    mastery of all job elements,
basic job elements, and          basic job elements, and        elements, and consistently    all job elements, and         and consistently exceeds
consistently fails to meet job   occasionally fails to meet     meets job requirements.       frequently exceeds job        job requirements.
requirements. Results are        job requirements. Results      Consistently produces         requirements. Consistently    Consistently produces
often incomplete and             are occasionally incomplete    accurate and timely results   produces accurate and         accurate and timely results
inaccurate, in spite of very     and/or inaccurate, requiring   with regular supervision.     timely results with minimal   with minimal supervision,
close supervision. Imme-         close supervision.                                           supervision.                  and frequently develops
diate improvement is re-         Improvement is required to                                                                 and implements process
quired to avoid disciplinary     reach appropriate                                                                          improvements.
action, up to termination.       performance standards.
Employee Name:                                                       Department:
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SECTION II - Performance Factors (Job-Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)

Job Knowledge and Technical Skills
Understands the job requirements and customer needs. Demonstrates knowledge and skill by successfully completing assignments in
a timely manner. Able to diagnose problems, apply effective solutions, and determine follow-up actions with minimum direction. Keeps
current on regulations, procedures, safety, certifications, etc..

List other skills required for this position:

       Unacceptable             Development Needed                 Competent                  Commendable                   Exceptional
Lacks knowledge to perform   Has difficulty performing    Able to use job knowledge    Has knowledge to perform      Exceptionally astute.
duties. Does not grasp       duties or needs more         to perform required duties   duties well beyond job        Constantly expands
basic job concepts.          training.                    and resolve customer         requirements.                 knowledge and scope.
                                                          issues.                                                    Perceived as an expert.
Does not work in a safe      Sometimes may forget to                                   Cooperates with all aspects
manner. Puts other           follow safe working          Works in a safe manner and   of safety. Alert to unsafe    Wholehearted, genuine
employees in unsafe          practices. May not report    reports unsafe working       conditions and reports to     cooperation with all aspects
situations.                  unsafe working situations.   conditions.                  supervisor.                   of safety. Always alert to
                                                                                                                     unsafe conditions and
                                                                                                                     reports promptly to

Comments:                                                                                        Rating
Things Done Well:

Areas for Improvement:
Employee Name:                                                          Department:
Review Period:                                                            Job Title:

Leadership Skills
Develops and communicates a compelling and inspired vision and purpose. Articulates the possibilities, draws a map to achieve the
future, and rallies support behind the vision. Makes the vision owned by everyone. Inspires and motivates others to work and reach
established objectives. Serves as a model to others, and exemplifies city values. If a manager: Provides effective direction, maintains
high morale while getting results, follows up to ensure actions are completed. If a non-manager: Looks to take on additional
responsibilities within groups or teams, is viewed by co-workers as an accessible and dependable resource.

List other skills required for this position:

       Unacceptable              Development Needed                   Competent                   Commendable                    Exceptional
Manager: Lack of direction    Manager: Direction is          Manager: Provides             Manager: Sets new            Manager: Ideas and
damages group morale and      uninspired or ineffective.     direction and leadership to   courses and raises group     actions raise city
performance. Inspires         Has leadership qualities but   group. Demonstrates           performance. Demonstrates    performance or capability.
respect or confidence from    does not always display        qualities of leadership in    qualities of leadership in   Recognized as a leader.
others.                       them.                          performance of routine        performance of duties and    Commands confidence,
Non-manager:                  Non-manager: Unwilling or      duties; generally supported   is looked upon for support   respect and is able, when
Unconstructively critical,    incapable of assisting         by peers.                     as needed.                   necessary, to take charge.
does not help or support      others. Does not easily        Non- manager: Willing         Non-manager: Positively      Non-manager: Ideas and
others. Is unable to adapt;   adapt to basic changes in      participant in teams and in   influences peers with        actions raise group
resists change vigorously.    procedure or policy.           assisting others. Adapts to   knowledge, effort, and       performance or capability.
                                                             new and changing              judgment. Readily adapts     Readily adapts to changing
                                                             situations after a full and   to new and changing          situations and supports
                                                             complete explanation.         situations.                  management by proactively
                                                                                                                        supporting new policies and

Comments:                                                                                            Rating
Things Done Well:

Areas for Improvement:
Employee Name:                                                         Department:
Review Period:                                                           Job Title:

Communication Skills
Clearly communicates with internal and external customers, co-workers, and supervisors. Effectively transmits and receives information
across departments. Documents and distributes information appropriately. Practices attentive listening. Responds positively to
situations requiring cooperation, courtesy, and tact. Ability to follow directions and ask for assistance where appropriate.

List other skills required for this position:

        Unacceptable             Development Needed                 Competent                    Commendable                   Exceptional
Does not communicate with     Communication with others     Consistently and clearly      Communication skills        Exceptional communication
supervisors, co-workers, or   is sometimes inadequate       communicates instructions     sufficient to train and     skills. Provides an example
customers effectively.        and not timely. Does not      and resolutions. Listens to   motivate others. Can be     to others. Consistently
Unwilling to follow           consistently follow           others. Follows directions    depended on to follow       follows directions, ability to
directions. Does not listen   directions or ask for         and asks for assistance       directions, make            make constructive
attentively.                  assistance when needed.       when needed. Instructions     suggestions, and asks for   recommendations, rarely
                              Instructions may need to be   seldom must be repeated.      assistance if needed.       requires assistance, and
                              repeated.                                                   Listens attentively.        uses resources effectively.
                                                                                                                      Makes organized verbal
                                                                                                                      and written presentations.

Comments:                                                                                           Rating
Things Done Well:

Areas for Improvement:
Employee Name:                                                           Department:
Review Period:                                                             Job Title:

Independent Judgement
Ability to tackle new problems and situations and arrive at proper solutions with minimal guidance. Effective decisionmaking skills.

List other skills required for this position:

      Unacceptable               Development Needed                    Competent                Commendable                  Exceptional
Makes frequent errors in      Some errors in judgement,       Minimal errors in           Judgement is consistently   Exercises exceptional
judgement; even routine       requiring assistance from       judgement, sometime         sound and reflects          judgement ability.
problems necessitate          supervisor to resolve them.     requiring supervisor        application of logic and
frequent conferral with                                       assistance.                 systematic thought          Consistently applies sound
supervisor to resolve them.   Makes few decisions, some                                   tempered with common        decision making skills. Is
                              of which involve                Decisions are made within   sense.                      looked upon by others for
Unable to make a decision.    misperception of pertinent      procedural boundaries.                                  direction.
                              details or unfamiliarity with                               Ability to make sound
                              department guidelines.                                      decisions with minimal

Comments:                                                                                           Rating
Things Done Well:

Areas for Improvement:
Employee Name:                                                              Department:
Review Period:                                                                Job Title:

Resource Management
If a Manager: Appropriately determines and allocates resources effectively and efficiently to get things done (budget, manpower,
external vendors, etc.). Demonstrates excellent time management skills. Considers all alternatives before requesting additional
resources; backs up requests with thorough analysis. Demonstrated knowledge of department’s policies and procedures. Manages
projects, timelines, expenses, and expenditures to budgets. Ability to effectively delegate duties when appropriate.
If a Non-Manager: Manages work in an organized and timely fashion with consistent high quality. Demonstrates knowledge of proper
use and maintenance of equipment. Practices and promotes cost containment. Demonstrated knowledge of department’s policies and
procedures. Ensures efficient and effective delivery of services. Provides creative solutions to complete projects and meet deadlines.

List other skills required for this position:

         Unacceptable               Development Needed                    Competent                    Commendable                     Exceptional
Manager: Generally does          Manager: Sometimes does        Manager: Plans, budgets,        Manager: Plans, budgets,      Manager: Identifies
not plan, budget, or utilize     not plan, budget, or utilize   and utilizes resources          and utilizes resources        creative ways to save
resources satisfactorily.        resources satisfactorily.      appropriately. Budget           creatively yet effectively.   resources, manpower and
Overspends or disregards         May overspend due to poor      variances minimal and           Demonstrates cost             money. Always meets
budget guidelines/               planning. Has difficulty       justifiable. Can organize       containment. Manages          budgets. Demonstrates
constraints. Frequently has      organizing assigned tasks      work acceptably, quality of     work in an organized and      excellent time management
difficulty organizing            within time limits.            work seldom suffers during      timely fashion with           skills. Exceeds quality
assigned tasks within time       Sometimes does not             periods of high workload.       consistent high quality.      expectations even during
limits. Lacks ability to do or   delegate appropriately,        Produces quality work           Effectively delegates         periods of high workload.
delegate tasks without close     causing delays in              within time limits. Generally   ensuring completion of        Effectively delegates, is
supervision.                     completion of project.         delegates when needed.          projects.                     looked upon as a mentor,
                                                                                                                              projects are completed
Non-manager: Frequently          Non-manager:                   Non-manager: Rarely             Non-manager: Never            utilizing a team approach.
damages and/or neglects          Occasionally damages           damages or abuses               abuses equipment;
equipment. Lacks even            equipment due to misuse or     equipment; generally skillful   demonstrates excellent        Non-manager: Superior
basic knowledge of proper        neglect; has adequate          in use and maintenance of       knowledge of proper use       knowledge of use and
use or maintenance of            knowledge in these areas       equipment.                      and maintenance of            maintenance of equipment.
equipment.                       but doesn’t always properly                                    equipment.
                                 apply it.                      Both: Manages work in an                                      Both: Exceeds quality and
Both: Frequently has                                            organized and timely            Both: Demonstrates            time expectations even
difficulty organizing            Both: Can organize work        fashion with consistent high    excellent time management     during periods of high
assigned tasks within time       acceptably, quality of work    quality.                        skills.                       workload.
limits.                          seldom suffers during
                                 periods of high workload.

Comments:                                                                                                  Rating
Things Done Well:

Areas for Improvement:
Employee Name:                                                         Department:
Review Period:                                                           Job Title:

SECTION III - Manager's Summary
Manager summarizes conclusions about overall performance and methods used. Consider accomplishments, results, special
circumstances, and demonstrated use of skills and competencies. (To be completed by manager. Employee may add comments
by attaching a separate sheet if desired.)


Opportunities For Improvement

Major Accomplishments During This Review Period

Manager’s Final Comments

NOTE: The employee’s signature below serves only to verify that the employee has read this appraisal. The employee has three days from the
appraisal meeting to add or attach comments to this form. All such comments are included with this form in the employee’s Human Resources file.
Employee Name:                                                   Department:
Review Period:                                                     Job Title:

SECTION IV - Individual Development Plan
Employees and managers jointly agree upon actions for further development. These may include job-related assignments and
responsibilities, personal development such as training, study and outside activities, career objectives, and actions your manager can
take to support you.

1.   In what areas do you most need to develop or improve your skills in order to carry out current responsibilities? There
     may be several, so pick those that will have the biggest impact on your ability to perform your job.

2.   What are some specific ways you can think of to develop these skills? Here you might consider what kinds of challenging
     assignments or other work-related experiences would help you acquire the skills you need. Or, you may need some formal
     training to develop a particular skill.

3.   What is your long range Career Goals?

4.   What specialty credentials do you desire?

3.   In what ways can your manager or this organization help you develop these skills or meet your goals?
     Remember, developing your skills and reaching your goals is the joint responsibility of you and your manager. Don’t assume that
     your manager always knows what is best for you. Asking your manager for specifically what you need makes it more likely that
     you will get it.

4.   Do you have any questions about what’s expected of you on the job? What areas are unclear to you?

Signatures:         Employee:                                                                         Date

                     Manager:                                                                         Date:
Employee Name:                                                   Department:
Review Period:                                                     Job Title:

SECTION V - Forms/Certifications/Equipment Updated:
Update the following section as appropriate for the position being evaluated.

Washington State Driver’s License

         Expiration Date: __________________

         Request Abstract of Driving Record

         Check Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) if applicable

         Expiration Date: ___________________

         First Aid Certification    Yes/No                      CPR Certification

         If Yes, Expiration Date: ______________

         If No, Date Scheduled for Training: ______________

         Flagger Card

         Expiration Date: ____________________

         Physical, if applicable

         Professional/Technical Certification (____________________________)
                                                            Type of Certification

         Expiration Date: ____________________

         Special Awards or Recognition you have received since last evaluation

         Change of Status (“COS”) form completed

         Equipment Issued (list city supplied equipment issued, if applicable)

         Update personal data sheet (family, address, etc.)

         Update beneficiary information (retirement)

I understand that the City of Monroe does not tolerate harassment of any kind and I am familiar with the City
policy against such behavior. ________ initial

I understand the City of Monroe’s Communication Policy (Internet access, e-mail, etc.). This policy prohibits
abuse of communication technology and I am familiar with this policy.        initial