Student Employee Performance Evaluation by wyf14327


									                                          Student Employee Performance Evaluation
                                                 SUPERVISOR Evaluation

Name of Student Employee:                                                                             Date:
Supervisor Completing Evaluation:
This Evaluation is intended to serve as a reference for eligibility for future employment and assist in identifying areas of growth and
development for the Student Employee, as well as the Campus Center Student Employee Program.

Please answer the following questions:
Identifiable Areas in which the Student Employee excels:

Identifiable Areas of Improvement:

Please identify any warnings/offenses that have been given to the Student Employee:
□ Verbal Warning
□ Second Offense
□ Third Offense

At this time I would recommend this Student Employee for rehire.                           □ YES              □ NO

Additional Comments:

My signature below confirms that my supervisor and I have discussed this review. Specific areas of agreement
or disagreement are noted in the Comments sections above. I understand the process and results of this
evaluation and am entitled to receive a copy of this form and attachments.

Student Employee Signature:                                                                           Date:

Supervisor Signature:                                                                                 Date:

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