Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy June, 2009 by wyf14327


									Comprehensive Economic
 Development Strategy

      June, 2009
          CEDS Committee:
   Nancy Warner, Initiative for Rural
    Innovation and Stewardship
   Gail Howe, Mayor of Pateros
   Allison Williams, City of Wenatchee
   John Chelminiak, The Wilderness
             Goals and Objectives
   To create a relevant and usable regional
    economic development strategy that can
    be shared among partners
   Create a strategy that was generated by
    members and partners
   Consider outcomes from past work and
    studies including the Economic Summit
   Update/add contextual information
    • Tourism
    • Agriculture
          Health care, Arts and Culture and Affordable housing added in
                   The process
   February 6: Process Started
    • Scoping:
          Municipalities, partners and organizations
           asked three questions:
      1.   From the perspective of your organization, in the
           past 12 months what went well?
      2.   From the perspective of your organization, what
           opportunities do you see on the horizon?
      3.   How can the NCWEDD best help your organization?
          Goals:
           • Identify strategic initiatives and opportunities
           • Revise multi-year action plan
           • Create annual action plan
         NOTE: Add’l scoping
   New information received from IRIS
    • Provided for membership review
    • Will be added to final document
   January-February:
    • Scoping efforts with partner organizations to coordinate
      strategic plans
           Looking for duplication, identifying opportunities
   March-May:
    • Review scoping information and identify strategic initiatives
           Meeting to discuss initiatives and formulate action plans March 23
    • Revise multi-year action plan
    • Update annual action plan
           Sent to committee for review/feedback on March 26
    • Update contextual information
    • Distribute for committee review (May 8)
   June:
    • Review/revisions
    • Adoption by membership
    • Submit to EDA and partner organizations
                                  Scope regional
                                 strategic plans,
  Work on identified
                                  identify issues
                                 and opportunities
                          for synergy, review past work

                            Revise CEDS, annual
   Gather additional        plan, multi-year plan
input and finalize CEDS
                                  as needed
                       Scoping efforts
   Municipalities:
   *     Douglas County
   *     Chelan County
   *     Okanogan County
   *     Colville Tribe
   *     City of Pateros
   *     Town of Winthrop
   *     City of Tonasket
   *     City of Omak
   *     City of Okanogan
   *     City of Wenatchee
   *     City of Entiat
   *     City of Chelan
   *     City of Leavenworth
   *     City of Cashmere
   *     City of East Wenatchee
   *     City of Rock Island
   *     Town of Bridgeport
   County economic development organizations:
   *     Port of Chelan County
   *     Port of Douglas County
   *     Economic Alliance
                            Scoping efforts
   Education:
   *      WVC
   *      SkillSource
   Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture
   *      Initiative for Rural Innovation and Stewardship
   *      TNC
   *      USFS
   *      RC&D
   *      TWS
   *      Chelan/Douglas Land Trust
   *      Methow Conservancy
   Private business:
   *      Rich Uhlhorn
   *      NCW Association of Realtors
   *      NCW Business Loan Fund
    *     Regional Chambers of Commerce
   Transportation:
   *      WSDOT
   *      WVTC/NCRTPO
   Colville Tribe
   Health Care:
   *      Columbia Valley Community Health
   Technology:
   *      GWATA
Some common themes emerged…
   Foster regional entrepreneurship
   Evolve the concept of an informal
    regional coalition
   Facilitate dialogue on a regional level
              Next steps:

   Revise multi-year action plan
   Update annual action plan
    Objectives in multi-year strategic
   Build capacity for O/M
   Outreach to public/agencies/organizations
    to promote organizational goals
   Facilitate communications to identify
    shared strategies and goals
   Identify projects for regional economic
   Strategic/collaborative planning
   Facilitate regional entrepreneurship
2009-2010 Annual Plan Objectives:
   Objective 1: Organizational
    • Strategy 1: Develop staff capacity
          Apply to EDA for capacity grant
          Membership fees
          Overhead charges
          On-going effort through new partnerships and appropriate grant
          Entrepreneurship training/resource program could serve to build
           EDD capacity
          Economic strategy consulting
    • Strategy 2: Continue to update and further develop the
      Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy on a regular
          Prepare for committee review by May 15
          Prepare for final submission to EDA by June 20
    • Strategy 3: Work with other organizations to develop and offer
      facilitation, leadership, economic development, and other
      training opportunities as needed to build capacity and
      strengthen partnerships.
2009-2010 Annual Plan Objectives:
   Objective 2: Continue to build general
    awareness of NCWEDD goals, strategies,
    and projects
    • Strategy 1: Promote regional economic development
      perspective among partner organizations and
      community leaders.
          Provide three presentations by June 30, 2010
    • Strategy 2: Continue an active outreach program to
      inform and explain the ongoing and developing
      Economic Development District to regional communities.
          Provide three presentations by June 30, 2010
    • Strategy 3: Continue to develop media and
      communications tools to meet objectives for priority
          Continue to update website as appropriate
          Create and distribute press releases as appropriate
          Create and distribute quarterly e-newsletter
2009-2010 Annual Plan Objectives:
   Objective 3: Facilitate
    communications to identify shared
    • Strategy 1: Coordinate appropriate
      presentations for EDD monthly membership
      meetings to facilitate regional dialogue and
    • Strategy 2: Evolve and promote the concept of
      an informal regional coalition
         Continue to identify and invite appropriate partners
          to regional economic development dialogue
         Gather information about existing and potential
          organizational models for sharing resources and
          strengthening collaboration
         Work to identify, establish and communicate roles
          within regional economic development
2009-2010 Annual Plan Objectives:
   Objective 4: Identify priority regional
    projects based on economic significance and
    alignment with EDD priorities
    • Strategy 1: Conduct outreach to identify missing or
      needed projects of regional significance
    • Strategy 2: Solicit regional priority projects
          Timeline to accommodate county schedules
          Project Prioritization committee members to select projects
           based on EDD objectives and forward priorities for regional
           prioritization process
          Identify three regional projects for NCWEDD involvement
    • Strategy 3: Promote projects of regional importance
          Adopt and publicize regional priority project list
          Hold regular member updates at monthly meetings to
           update on projects
          Provide support for appropriate regional priorities, as
           assigned by committee
    • Strategy 4: Adopt one project of regional economic
      significance for EDD-led facilitation
          Membership to consider regional cluster strategy
2009-2010 Annual Plan Objectives:
   Objective 5: Facilitate regional
    • Strategy 1: Assume a lead role in facilitating regional
          Convene group of identified and willing partners to further
           the initiative on a regional level
    • Strategy 2: Conduct a regional needs assessment to
      determine specific needs of regional entrepreneurs
          Identify gaps and opportunities on a regional level
          Draft regional action plan based on the conducted needs
           assessment and outlined gaps and opportunities
          Leverage identified and willing partners to address needs
           and opportunities
    • Strategy 3: Facilitate on-the-ground resources to
      enhance entrepreneurial efforts
    • Strategy 4: Continue and further partnership role with
      Wenatchee Valley College to continue development of a
      comprehensive entrepreneurial training program
    • Strategy 5: Identify opportunities to facilitate
      networking for regional entrepreneurs
         Other modifications:
   Additional photos
   Community quotes
   Addition of agriculture and tourism
   Appendices listed as separate
              Next Steps:
   Adoption of strategy
   Submission to the EDA for approval
   Submission to partner organizations
    and membership
   Get to work!

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