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					A better Alternative to adsense?
I have recently purchased The FaceBook Ads Guide from Jonothan Volk, hoping to find
an better method of driving traffic. Here is a brief overview of what I have seen so far. I
will update this blog wih my impressions as I delve deeper into these methods.
With over 400 million members, Facebook gets more traffic than Google. Facebook's
database also breaks down its member base by location, age, sex, language, and a few
other filters. Clearly, Facebook delivers two of the main ingredients for a successful ad
campaign: a large base and targeted delivery.
It's easy to just jump into Facebook's ad interface, run a test campaign, and learn from
trial and error, but it also might be expensive and time consuming. Thankfully, marketers
can learn from experienced Facebook marketers and avoid wasting time and money. One
such marketer who thoroughly analyzed and mastered Facebook's ad system is veteran
affiliate marketer Jonathan Volk. He recently released Facebook Ads Guide, which
spells out how to effectively set up Facebook ad campaigns and hit profit targets.
Facebook Ads Guide is a step by step guide that covers the key stages in effective
Facebook ad campaigns
Selecting Offers to Promote
Besides a quick primer on how affiliate programs work, Jonathan identifies the types of
offers that work well on Facebook.
Selecting Demographic Targets
Jonathan teaches you how to analyze your offer and find the demographic groups in
Facebook that would respond well to your offer's online classifieds.
How to write effective Facebook Online Classifieds Ads
Ads that have low click through rates make less money. This section outlines Jonathan's
methods on writing ads that get clicked a lot.
Bidding Techniques
Jonathan breaks down the differing ad campaign types in this section and helps you
decide which goes best with your offer.
Campaign optimization
Jonathan steps you through his techniques on how to maximize your campaign's
effectiveness--tricks on how to increase landing page conversions, overcome banner ad
fatigue, and other ways to increase your offer's effectiveness. Since this section
highlights Jonathan's marketing analysis and expertise, this section is easily the most
important in the whole ebook.

The Verdict on Facebook Ads Guide
After reading this guide, I quickly realized that it doesn't just teach me how to market on
Facebook. It also breaks down WHY I should take certain steps and analyzes everything
from this key marketing question—how will this make my offer sell better? Not too
many affiliate marketing ebooks do this since most concern themselves primarily with
HOW to do something instead of going through the very important analysis experienced
marketers use.
There are two types of marketers—successful ones and those that fail. Those that merely
focus on HOW to do something and those who get WHY something works. Jonathan
Volk's Facebook Ads Guide goes beyond the usual “how to” format that, frankly, floods
the Internet. Jonathan goes several steps further and gives the reader the profit-centered
analytical perspective they need to benefit fully from Facebook's advertising potential.
Bonus Features
Jonathan has included a list of the top Facebook fan pages broken down into categories as
well as a Facebook keyword targeting list. These are indispensable tools for matching
your offers' categories with existing high membership Facebook fan pages and keywords.
Give the Facebook Ads Guide a try here.

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