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									Press Release
21 Sep 2006
 SONY from B.TECH Launches BRAVIA S46" LCD TV

Today, SONY from B.TECH has officially introduced Bravia S46" LCD TV
featuring advanced digital picture enhancement - the very latest screen
technology and sophisticated audio which makes the BRAVIA S-Series
stand out from the crowd. The launch of the BRAVIA S-Series represents
the next stage in the evolution of the LCD TV. The S-Series introduces a
landmark combination of Sony image processing and screen technologies
designed to set a new standard for the viewing experience. At the front,
the visible face of the S-Series is a 7th generation LCD panel offering key
advantages over standard screens. Behind the scenes, crucial image
processing carried out by the BRAVIA ENGINE high resolutions picture
processor refines and enhances input signals for a better picture. Bravia
stands for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture

"B.TECH has made it possible for quality-conscious consumers to enjoy
the unparalleled entertainment experience from BRAVIA at affordable
price levels which no one thought possible before." Says Dr Mahmoud
Khattab, Chairman and CEO of B.TECH, the Egyptian trading giant which
is determined to bring SONY LCD TVs to tens of thousands of Egyptian
homes every year. Ram Modak, Senior Regional Manager, Sony Gulf FZE,
assures SONY's fans in Egypt that "more Egyptian consumers will be able
to afford BRAVIA's superior quality at very reasonable prices, special
offers and convenient payment schemes from B.TECH and its dealers'
network." The launch event, held at Sheraton Heliopolis, was attended by
many businessmen, dealers and dedicated SONY fans.

The visibly superior wide-angle viewing offered by the S-Series is the
result of advanced S-PVA (Super Patterned Vertical Alignment)
technology. This extends the viewing angle to a full 178 degrees, and
ensures that colors stay rich and bright even when seen from the side. S-
PVA also delivers an exceptional 1300:1 contrast ratio, which yields true
black and brilliant white, and does full justice to everything in between.
The result is unprecedented clarity and lifelike colour.

Ahmed Kamel, Director of "SONY from B.TECH thinks that "With the
introduction of the S46" model and Home Theater sets, you truly bring the
Cinema home. Now it pays to stay in!" Sabry Zayed, Chief Commercial
Officer of B.TECH provides yet another perspective" B.TECH insures that
each customer receives reliable and efficient warranty and after sales
services from one of the best and largest service center networks in Egypt
and the Middle East.

The impression of watching life through glass gets a further boost from a
superfast 8ms response time. This means pin-sharp, smoothly moving
pictures, and ensures the S-Series is capable of keeping up with dynamic
sports and movie action. What makes the S-Series really work is the
combination of its screen and the unique BRAVIA ENGINE, developed by
Sony. This acts like a sophisticated digital studio, carrying out multiple
real-time processing operations that dramatically improve the quality of
the picture before it even reaches the screen.

The BRAVIA ENGINE produces vivid, high-contrast images by applying
complex noise reduction techniques, enhancing low contrast images until
they are crisp and realistic, and processing blues, greens and whites
within each frame to generate the richness and colour accuracy that set
BRAVIA TVs apart. There would be little point in this degree of visual
polish without audio quality to match. The BRAVIA S-Series uses fully
digital amplification for a low-noise, hissfree output. Every set is capable
of producing rich, immersive, surround sound audio from its integrated
stereo speakers thanks to SRS TruSurround XT(R) technology. This
effectively simulates multi-channel surround sound without the need for
an array of external speakers. Working alongside SRS TruSurround XT(R),
BBE Digital(R) audio enhancement ensures absolute clarity for dialogue
and ambient sound effects alike.

"Bravia makes you live your life in full color. Color as we say!
We are confident that people will believe the evidence of their own eyes,
and make their choices accordingly, especially when the price premium
which consumers have to pay to get a quantum leap in picture quality is
ever so diminished!" says Gina Kamel, "SONY from B.TECH" Brand
Manager. Wael Nawara, Chief marketing Officer of B.TECH thinks that
"With BRAVIA, you do not just watch TV, you experience life on the
screen. You become part of the action and not just a watcher. You live the
Wild West's Adventures, Meg Ryan's Sleepless Romance, and Beckam's
football madness!"

The S-Series is HD-Ready with support for both 1080i and 720p HD
signals. All models also feature a high-quality integrated Digital TV tuner
for receiving free to- air digital TV channels. Every S-Series has an HDMI
(High-Definition Multimedia Interface) input for accepting uncompressed
digital AV signals from an external source such as an HDTV set-top box.
An additional HD15 input provides full PC compatibility. The range already
includes 26-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch and 46-inch screen versions with larger
screen sizes to be introduced later this year by B.TECH as Ahmed Kamel,
"SONY FROM B.TECH" director confirms that "all new SONY models from
various product categories such as HandyCams, CyberShots, Hi Fi, Car
Audio, Home Theaters and TV will be presented to Egyptian consumers in
the same time they at which they are available in the Gulf."

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