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					                   FAYETTE COUNTY CONTINUUM OF CARE

Tina Dahmer – CAC Self-Help Housing
Stacey Johnson – CAC YouthBuild/Summer Youth
Bambi Baughn – CAC
Jim Kennally – Chillicothe VA
Stephen Wilson – SRO
Melissa Johnson – Fayette County Board of MRDD
Sue Turner - Fayette County Board of MRDD
Christina Blair – CAC Homeless Shelter
Gaye Huffman – Homeless Shelter
Kristy Dunlop – CAC Homeless Shelter
Sue Raypole – Goodwill South Central Ohio
Joan Leach – L.I.F.E. Pregnancy Center
Marma Harper - L.I.F.E. Pregnancy Center
Joseph T. Duvall – Heritage Church

Meeting called to order

Introductions – Sue Raypole invited Rev. Joseph Duvall from Heritage Memorial Church
Stephen Wilson has replaced Carol at the SRO

Approval of minutes of last meeting – Christina made a motion to approve the minutes of
the last meeting and Joan Leach seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Jim Kennally – assessment form to conduct a survey for this community to gather
information on the needs of this area. This will identify special needs such as dental care
to veterans. It’s not just veteran’s issues, also consider homelessness. It was discussed
that our community could benefit from an additional 8-10 beds under homeless
supportive. The SRO currently has 17 permanent supportive housing units and they are
always full and has a waiting list of 10-20 (meet high definition for homeless).
We really need another SRO for single people. Bambi reported that HUD SRO Section 8
Moderate Rehab has to be used for Acquisition with Rehab bldg and it’s difficult to
locate a building.

Fayette County’s Continuum qualifies for $50,000 Osteopathic Heritage Foundation
Homeless Prevention Data Collection. Implementation activities have to address
affordable housing, homeless prevention, coordination and data collection. We will
apply for a single point of contact for homeless prevention, for pilot work-related
transportation program for persons who are working out of county or who do not qualify
for the TANF transportation program. We will also have some joint meetings with
Pickaway and Ross County CoC.

Bambi, Patty, Christina and Gaye are attending Corporation for Supportive Housing
Institute sponsored by the Corporation for Supportive Housing.
Pastor Duvall described some of the programs operated by the Heritage Church. It has a
Food Bank and last year they did 100 Christmas Baskets for the community. The
currently serve about 10 families per week with food needs. They also do a blanket drive
at Christmas of about 500 and distribute to the homeless (shelters, etc.) They provided
about $1,000 last year for shut-off notices for needy families. They also gave $600 to
LIFE pregnancy center, and $300 to the homeless program. They have other programs
serving our community. They have a wonderful clothing center that is open 2 times per
month and at other times on an as need basis. They have other food drives and food
giving events from the community throughout the year to supply their food bank. Their
elders give $200 to various needy families every month. They have a process in place to
try to eliminate duplication of services. They are connected to inner city shelter in
Columbus and they have had a lot of positive success with this connection.

Agency Updates:

Stacey – YouthBuild/Summer Youth, completion of YouthBuild nearing and the
completion event is July 5th for graduates. Summer Youth has begun with 15 youth and
13 sites. She is recruiting for the next cycle. YouthBuild application moving from HUD
to DOL and there will be no rural set aside. Will partner with Pickaway County and
submit one application for both counties and coordinate with SSCC to provide the GED
and Construction piece. 20 pages of narrative and 15 pages of attachments limitations.
Due July 3rd.

Tina - Self-Help – special event June 26th to celebrate the completion of the last house in
this phase and the start of Phase V.

Steven Wilson – SRO full

Christina – Sherwin Williams donated paint for the shelter (5 gallons) Movie gallery
donated “The pursuit of Happiness”.

Gaye – Homeless Shelter and Transitional Housing both full. Painted ceilings and entry

Sue Raypole – Ross Co Homeless Shelter Closing, Pilot proposal for 3 month for the
same location as the Home between Home. CAC of Ross County will be the fiscal
partner. Goodwill will provide staffing so this could be a solution for the time being.
Workshop up and running and renting out office space. They are getting a baler. They
have a new manager in WCH store; her name is Karen Amey. Sue is also involved in a
project of the Lioness club that provides blankets to needy little ones. If you crochet or
knit and want to donate give her a call. This covers Highland, Fayette and Ross County.

Joan and Marma – LIFE is having fund raiser August 11th. South Side Church VBS has
included them in their mission during summer VBS.
Melissa and Sue – MRDD reports that they are busy for the summer with trips and
activities and they also have High School Volunteers. They do have some group homes in
conjunction with Fayette Metro Housing.

Bambi – CAC will apply for all 5 areas for the Homeless RFP. Changes are that there
has to be a county HMIS Administrator to report for all so Christina will do that for now.
Sue Raypole made a motion to submit and include all 5 areas as Bambi mentioned and
Gaye seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Salvation Army Camp July 6-12th ages 6-12.

Dental Clinic will be taken over by Southern Ohio Health Services Network after 1st of
the year. Our dentist is leaving end of June and our part time dentist is leaving at the end
of July. Dr. Oldacre is willing to continue to come on Fridays, but he does not have a
Medicaid provider number. Without a dentist who can work on Medicaid patients, the
clinic will probably close after July 31.

Kids camp at SSCC and they have grants available for summer programs. It is a

Meeting Adjourned.