Overview of the Video Conference by ihd49167


									Overview of the Video Conference
There are two video conferences:

        1. High Acers Studio (Library)

        2. Butler 203j (Butler)

There are two types of Video Bridge Conferences (video bridge means that more than one location is
joining a meeting):

        1. Ones that are initiated by University Park or another campus.

                Usually with these the other location has set everything up and all we have to do is book
                the room locally and dial into the bridge when it is time.

        2. Ones that we initiate.

                With these we need to contact the video bridge people at University Park and arrange
                the connection. (http://tns.its.psu.edu/Services/vidconf/videoBridge.html#Reserving)
                Then schedule the room locally.

You can also connect directly. This means that if you want to connect one-on-one with another location
you can do so by either using their locations IP address, or by using the directory on the video
conference. With this type of connection you are still responsible for scheduling the room locally.

Video Conference Procedure
1. If you are initiating the video conference:

        Initiating a video bridge conference

                Contact the Video Bridge Reserving Department:


        Initiating a direct one-on-one video conference

                Contact and make arrangements with the other location for the video conference. This
                way all parties involved know how the video conference meeting will proceed.
2. If you have been invited to a video conference and it has been set up by another group or location.

                You should receive a confirmation and email, and so will I. The email will give the date,
                time and room location of the video conference.

3. Whether you have initiated the video conference or invited, at this time in the procedure, you
should contact Room Reservations (3187), to reserve one of the video conference rooms. Usually, if you
have been invited to attend a video conference, room availability has already been checked, but you
should still confirm this.

4. If you want assistance for your video conference, you should contact the IT Helpdesk, in advance of
your date, requesting someone meet you at the scheduled video conference room.

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