New Directions for Communication Policy Research by ihd49167


									2009 Workshop of the ECREA’s “Communication Law and Policy” Section

New Directions for Communication Policy Research


Friday, November 6, 2009

15:00         Registration & Coffee                                                          3.46

15:45-16:00   Address of Welcome & Introduction                                              5.29/5.31

16:00-18:00   Session 1: New Theories                                                        5.29/5.31


              Peter Humphreys (University of Manchester)

              Matthias Künzler (Universität Zürich):
              It’s the Idea, Stupid! How Ideas Challenge Broadcasting Liberalization

              Jan Loisen & Caroline Pauwels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel):
              Building a Theoretical and Analytical Framework Based on Douglass
              North’s New Institutionalism to Understand the Audiovisual Dossier in the

              Manuel Puppis (Universität Zürich) & Martino Maggetti (Université de
              The Accountability and Legitimacy of Regulatory Agencies in the
              Communication Sector

              Avshalom Ginosar (Emek Yezreel Academic College &
              University of Haifa):
              Change and Divergence in Regulatory Regimes: A Comparative Study of
              Product Placement Regulation

              Ulrike Klinger (Universität Zürich):
              Veto Players and the Regulation of Media Pluralism: A New Paradigm for
              Media Policy Research?

18:00-18:10   Short Break

18:10-18:45   ECREA-CLP Business Meeting                                                     5.29/5.31

18:45         Transfer to the City Center

19:30         Dinner

ECREA-CLP Workshop 2009 / Program                                                      06.-07.11.2009 / 1
Saturday, November 7, 2009
08:15         Coffee                                                                         3.02/3.06

08:45-10:30   Session 2: New Methods                                                         3.02/3.06


              Manuel Puppis (Universität Zürich)


              Peter Humphreys (University of Manchester):
              A Political Scientist’s Contribution to the Comparative Study of Media
              Systems in Europe: A Response to Hallin and Mancini

              Kari Karppinen (Helsingin Yliopisto) &
              Hallvard Moe (Universitetet i Bergen):
              What We Talk about When We Talk about Document Analysis

              Maria Löblich & Senta Pfaff-Rüdiger
              (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München):
              Network Analysis: A Qualitative Approach to Empirical Studies on
              Communication Policy

              Hilde Van den Bulck (Universiteit Antwerpen):
              Towards a Media Policy Process Analysis Model and its Methodological

10:30-11:00   Coffee Break                                                                   3.46

11:00-12:30   Session 3: New Subjects (Part 1)                                               3.02/3.06


              Caroline Pauwels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

              Michael Latzer, Andreas Braendle, Natascha Just & Florian Saurwein
              (Universität Zürich):
              Public-Service Broadcasting Online: Assessing Compliance with
              Regulatory Requirements – The Case of Switzerland

              Kate Coyer (Central European University):
              Community Media: Opportunities for New Policy Research and Methods;
              Challenges for Public Access in the Digital Era

              Jason Bosland (University of New South Wales), Andrew Kenyon
              (University of Melbourne) & Julian Thomas (Swinburne University of
              Audiovisual Property, Code and Policy: Content Management and Digital

12:30-13:45   Lunch & Coffee                                                                 3.46

ECREA-CLP Workshop 2009 / Program                                                      06.-07.11.2009 / 2
Saturday, November 7, 2009

13:45-15:15   Session 4: New Subjects (Part 2)                                              3.02/3.06


              Michael Latzer (Universität Zürich)

              Jo Bardoel (Universiteit van Amsterdam &
              Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen):
              Media Policy between Europe and the Nation-State: The Case of the EU
              Broadcast Communication 2009

              Lucia Bellucci (Università degli Studi di Milano):
              Film Support in the EU: New Challenges for the “Main Characters”

              Seamus Simpson (Manchester Metropolitan University):
              New Approaches to the Development of Telecommunications
              Infrastructures in Europe? The Evolution of European Union Policy for
              Next Generation Networks

15:15-15:45   Coffee Break                                                                  3.46

15:45-17:30   Session 5: New Regulatory Structures & Instruments                            3.02/3.06


              Natascha Just (Universität Zürich)


              Sandra Braman (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee):
              The Interpenetration of Technical and Legal Decision-Making

              Christian Katzenbach (Freie Universität Berlin):
              Technology as Institution: Rethinking the Role of Technology in Media
              Governance Constellations

              Pietro Rossi & Werner A. Meier (Universität Zürich):
              Civil Society and Media Governance: A Participatory Approach

              Yael de Haan & Jo Bardoel (Universiteit van Amsterdam):
              Between Government and Governance: Negotiating Media Performance
              in the Netherlands 1987-2007

17:30-17:45   Concluding Remarks                                                            3.02/3.06

ECREA-CLP Workshop 2009 / Program                                                     06.-07.11.2009 / 3

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