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					              B. J. SKELTON CAREER CENTER
The School District of Pickens County is providing a copy of Back 2 School 2008: A Handbook for Students &
Parents in the School District of Pickens County. Please refer to the district handbook for additional information
concerning the policies and practices of the School District of Pickens County.

         B. J. SKELTON MISSION                               We will develop and implement a program to
                STATEMENT                                    promote collaborative integration of careers,
                                                             technologies and academics.
B. J. Skelton Career Center, a leader in
career and technological education, will                     EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENTS
prepare students to reach their maximum
                                                             DISCIPLINE CODE
potential by providing a quality education
                                                             1. Students assigned to the career center are
emphasizing high achievement in a caring
                                                                considered to be and are treated like
and safe environment.
                                                                young adults and are expected to exhibit
GOALS                                                           the behavior of ladies and gentlemen.
                                                             2. Disregard or violation of the center's
100% of our students will be prepared for a                     procedures, rules, and regulations will
career and / or post-secondary education.                       result in disciplinary action.
                                                             3. Any behavior that endangers the student
100% of our students will achieve district-                     or surrounding personnel will not be
established standards for career and                            tolerated. Scuffling or horseplay in the
technology education.                                           shops, classrooms, or hall will result in
                                                                disciplinary action.
STRATEGIES                                                   4. Each student assigned to the career center

We will ensure a safe, caring well-maintained                   is expected and will participate fully
environment.                                                    every day in his/her assigned course.
                                                                Any student who willfully does not
We will develop and implement a student                         participate in course activities or does not
centered instructional program to ensure high                   follow directions of his or her instructor
academic and technological achievement to                       will be disciplined.
prepare students for careers and / or post-                  5. Students are expected to pay any debts
secondary education.                                            owed to the career center for materials
                                                                consumed or damaged or for debts owed
We will develop a public relations program                      the center's various clubs.
to improve and strengthen the perception of                  6. The following types of behavior are not
career and technology education and expand                      considered appropriate for the training of
business and community support.                                 future crafts persons and will be dealt
                                                                with as the director deems appropriate:

    a. Refusal to work in assigned area and /          center will not count the student absent from
       or on assigned project.                         class/school in such cases. It will be the
    b. Littering the shop area, classroom, or          student's responsibility to make sure that
       grounds.                                        someone in administration from the high
    c. Loitering in the restroom and/or                school contacts the career center so that he/
       hallways.                                       she can be counted present.
    d. Intentionally damaging center
       property and/or equipment.                                 TOBACCO PRODUCTS
    e. Wasting supplies and /or material.
    f. Abusing break period privileges.                The Pickens County School District Board
    g. Failure to report directly to assigned          Policy JCDAA-R prohibits the use or
       classes upon arrival to the center.             possession of tobacco products by all
    h. Cheating in any form.                           students. Violation of this policy will result
    i. Cutting class or shop periods.                  in the following disciplinary action:
    j. Leaving the center grounds or off                       1st offense----- Saturday School
       campus projects before regular                          2nd offense-----Out of school
       dismissal time without the permission                                    suspension for 2 days
       of the director.                                        3 offense------Out of school
    k. Unauthorized use of the center's                                          suspension for 4 days
       telephones, charging long distance                      4 offense------Out of school
       calls to the center's account, using the                                  suspension for 5 days
       center's telephone for extended and                                      and discipline contract
       /or personal calls.                                     5th offense------Recommendation for
    l. Any other violation cited in this                                         expulsion
       handbook or any other behavior
       deemed not in the best interest of the                       STUDENT BREAKS
       center or its students.                         Student breaks are at the discretion of the
    m. Parking lots are off limits during              instructor. Soft drinks and snacks will be
       school hours unless specific                    made available to each classroom/ shop once
       permission is granted to the student.           in the morning and once in the afternoon.
                                                       Time will be allowed to consume the
               DETENTION TIME                          refreshments purchased, such time not to
All students who must report for detention             exceed ten (10) minutes. The instructor may
time will have 24 hours to make                        permit a student to leave the classroom /shop
arrangements for transportation. Failure to            to visit the restroom, water fountain, or to use
report will result in referral to the assistant        the telephone. This permission to leave the
director for additional disciplinary action.           classroom / shop should normally occur
                                                       during regular break periods. The privilege
           SCHOOL - SPONSORED                          to have a break and / or leave the
               ACTIVITIES                              classroom / shop may be denied by the
                                                       instructor when in his /her judgment such
With approval from the home school                     privilege is not deserved or is being
administration, students may be absent for a           abused.
portion of the school day or the entire day for
school-sponsored activities such as field trips,
academic competitions, athletic events or
other extracurricular activities. The career

               TARDINESS                            1. 1st tardy---------Recorded
1.   Students arriving at the career center         2. 2nd tardy-------Verbal warning
     after 8:30 a.m. for the morning                3. 3rd tardy----Written warning/letter
     classes or after 12:10 p.m. for the               to parents
     afternoon classes are considered               4. 4th and additional tardies--Disciplinary
     tardy.                                            action taken may include loss of
2.   Students arriving tardy at the career             driving/riding privileges, Saturday
     center will sign in on the sign-in sheet          school, ISS, or other action as deemed
     in the main office and obtain an                  appropriate.
     admittance slip from the secretary
     before going to their classroom or                          EARLY DISMISSALS OR
     shop.                                                         LEAVING SCHOOL
3.   Tardies include but are not limited to:        1. A student may leave the career center prior to
     a. Student's own failure to properly              regular dismissal time because of personal
         prepare to come to school.                    illness, death in immediate family, religious
     b. Missing the bus from the home                  observances, medical or dental appointments,
                                                       and / or in the performance of school duties.
         high school to the career center
                                                    2. In the case of illness, the parent / guardian
         unless the student presents a note            will be notified and asked to come and get the
         from the home high school stating             student. In cases where the student drives his
         that the student missed the bus               / her automobile and the parent cannot be
         through no fault of his/her own.              contacted, the student, except in case of
     c. Going to get driver's license,                 emergency, will be placed in the office and
         running personal errands, or                  subsequently sent back to his / her home high
         similar circumstances.                        school or home at the end of his / her career
     d. For those students having                      center class.
         permission to drive a private              3. Students having a written statement, from a
         automobile or having permission               parent / guardian, requesting an early
         to ride in a private automobile,              dismissal will present the statement to the
                                                       instructor or the center's secretary and then
         tardiness caused by a malfunction             sign out on the form provided in the main
         of the automobile such as a flat              office. At the time of sign out, morning
         tire, out of gasoline, etc.                   students will receive a sign out slip from the
4.   Consequences of tardiness:                        secretary stating the time and the reason for
     a. Students who miss classroom                    signing out. This slip will be presented to the
          instruction due to tardiness will            home high school when the student returns.
          be responsible for making up                 The written statement from the parent /
          missed work.                                 guardian must be dated, must give the
     b. Any student tardy who                          student's full name, must state the time the
          consequently misses his / her                student is to sign out, must give a specific
          class's transportation to a live             reason for the student signing out, must
                                                       contain a telephone number where a parent /
          project work site will be charged            guardian may be contacted, and must be
          with an unlawful absence.                    signed by the parent / guardian.
     c. Any student tardy to the career             4. Students who are 18 years of age and still
          center during the school year will           living with a parent or guardian may NOT
          receive the following                        sign themselves out unless emancipation
          consequences per semester:                   papers are on file.
                                                    5. Students with excessive early sign-outs may
                                                       lose driving privileges.

    1st sign-out--------------recorded                  1. Student Permit for Parking - This is a
    2nd sign-out----------verbal warning                situation in which the student has followed
    3rd sign-out------written warning/letter to         the procedure for obtaining a permit. In
                       parents                          order to obtain a permit, the student must
    4th & additional sign-outs----loss of driving       come to the Career Center to pick up an
                                                        application. If permission has been granted
                                                        for driving, the parent or guardian, the
                                                        student, and the director or his designee will
1. Bus transportation from the home high
                                                        sign an agreement on the terms pertaining to
   school to the career center and return is
                                                        the driving of a private vehicle to the career
   provided by and is the responsibility of
                                                        center and the driving permit will be issued
   the home high school.
                                                        after the payment of ten dollars ($10). The
2. The parent/ guardian will be responsible
                                                        decal will be displayed on the inside of the
   for transportation for any student who is
                                                        vehicle on the rear view mirror.
   prohibited from riding the bus to and
   from the career center. Students absent
                                                        a. Students who accumulate excessive
   because they are prohibited from riding
                                                           tardies during each semester will have
   the bus to the career center will be given
                                                           their permit suspended and will be
   an unlawful absence for the day (s)
                                                           required to use bus transportation during
                                                           the time of suspension.
3. Upon arrival at the career center, students
                                                        b. School year driver permits are for the
   will go directly to their assigned
                                                           driver only and passengers are allowed
   classroom or shop.
                                                           to be transported to and from the career
4. Upon dismissal from the career center,
                                                           center only with the parent or guardian
   students will go directly to their assigned
                                                           specifically requesting in writing that the
   buses. All buses will load between
                                                           student be allowed to transport
   building one and building two.
                                                           passengers. The passenger must be
5. Students returning to their home high
                                                           identified by name and the passenger's
   school, particularly after third period, will
                                                           parents or guardian must submit a
   remain in the area designated by the
                                                           statement in writing to the director or his
   home high school until the next regularly
                                                           designee that their son or daughter has
   scheduled classroom change.
                                                           permission to ride to and from the career
                                                           center with a particular driver.
                                                        c. The speed limit for private vehicles is
               SCHOOL BUS
                                                           five (5) miles per hour while on the
Driving to the Career Center is considered a
                                                           career center grounds.
student privilege and not a student right;
                                                        d. Students driving private vehicles to the
therefore, students and parents will be
                                                           career center will park their vehicles in
expected to comply with all rules and
                                                           designated parking areas for students.
regulations concerning driving. All liability
                                                        e. A student, who receives any citation
for accidents or problems incurred while
                                                           from the State Highway Department as a
driving or riding in a privately owned vehicle
                                                           result of unsafe driving, will be subject
will be assumed by the parent and student
                                                           to having his/her driving privilege
(The School District of Pickens County
assumes no liability for students while
driving or riding to and from the career

f. Students who transport unauthorized                 a. All students who ride in privately owned
   riders to and from the career center will           vehicles will be expected to be on time to
   be subject to suspension or revocation of           their classes. Students who accumulate
   driving privileges.                                 excessive tardies in a semester will have their
g. When driving or riding privileges are               rider's permit suspended and will be required
   suspended, students are required to use             to ride the bus during time of suspension.
   bus transportation to and from the career
   center.                                             PURSUANT TO STATE LAW (ACT 373)
h. If the student fails to attend classes at the       Persons entering school property are deemed
   career center or high school, driving               to have consented to a search of their person
   privileges will be suspended or revoked.            and property.
i. Students must pass every course at the
   high school and career center.                                 USE OF TELEPHONE
j. Failure to follow any of the above rules            1. No telephone in the career center's
   will result in the suspension or revocation             buildings will be used by students for
   of driving privileges.                                  personal use.
                                                       Should an emergency exist, the student may
2. One Day Permit - The purpose of this                ask his / her instructor, the center's secretary,
permit is to allow those students who                  guidance counselor, or director to place a call
normally ride the bus an opportunity to drive          for the student. Long distance calls made for
when there is a need to transport items that           students on career center telephones will be
cannot be transported on the bus, arrive late          collect calls.
or leave early due to a doctor or dentist
appointment, or stay late to make up work.             2. The use of cell phones and/or pagers
This permit should be obtained in                         are not allowed during school hours.
advance.                                                  For additional information please refer
                                                          to the Back to School Handbook.
Students may obtain a permit to ride with                          PROPER ATTIRE
another student provided the student has a             1. Select clothes that are neither too loose
driver's permit for driving a private vehicle.            nor too tight. Loose fitting clothing can
All liability for accidents or problems                   become entangled in machinery and
incurred while riding in a privately owned                result in serious injury. Clothing that is
vehicle will be assumed by the parent or                  too tight can restrict proper full range
student (The School District of Pickens                   movement and hamper a person taking
County assumes no liability for students                  necessary action in normal work and
while driving or riding to and from the                   particularly    in    emergencies.    For
Career Center). Students wishing to ride                  additional information and guidelines,
with another student must obtain a Rider's                please refer to your Back 2 School 2007
Permit. The parent/guardian of the driver              2. handbook or School District of
must agree for a rider to be transported. The             Pickens County Board Policy AR
permit will be issued upon receiving a                    JCDB-R.
request form signed by the rider's
parent/guardian. All students who do not                               I. D. BADGES
have a driver's permit will be charged a               All students are to wear the I.D. badges
$5.00 fee for a Rider's Permit.                        issued by their home high schools. I.D. badge

violations will be referred to the home high
school for disciplinary action. In every                      ATTENDANCE APPEALS
situation, teachers will issue you a temporary         Attendance appeals for the career center
badge. This badge is good for one day only.            must be done at the career center, not at
                                                       the home school. The classroom teacher
          STUDENT SERVICES                             has the primary responsibility for
                                                       recording attendance accurately and
      GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING                          monitoring make-up work.
1.  The career center has a full-time school
counselor available to the students, faculty,                          FIELD TRIPS
and parents.                                           1. A great number of field trips are made by
2. Students may talk with the counselor by             some classes at the center. No student will
obtaining permission from their instructor to          be allowed to go on a field trip unless a
visit the guidance office. Although the                properly filled out parent/guardian signed
student is not required to tell the instructor         form for field trips is on file for the
what he or she wants to talk to the counselor          individual student.
about, it is usually most helpful if the               2. Field trips are a privilege and not a right.
instructor is aware of the student's purpose           A student may be refused permission to
in visiting the guidance office--example:              make a field trip if his/her instructor or the
personal problem, schedule problem,                    director is of the opinion that the student's
attendance, etc.                                       behavior indicates to him/her that the
3. Should the school counselor be unable to            student cannot be relied upon to conduct
see a student when he or she comes to                  himself or herself in the proper manner
his/her office, the counselor will give the            when away from the center.
student a definite time and date to return.            3. A student will be denied permission to
        STUDENT PLACEMENT                              attend a field trip when improperly dressed.
The career center works to assist students in
securing outside employment and to advise                          LOST AND FOUND
students and faculty on the job outlook.               Lost and found items will be reported or
                                                       turned into the main office.
After school starts in the fall, a limited                             INSURANCE
number of assignments can be changed, if it            Because of the nature of the subject matter
is in the best interest of the student, space is       taught at the career center, the possibility of
available, and the course losing the student           accident is always present. Each student
does not suffer because of low enrollment.             enrolled must have one of the following:
Except for unusual cases, no change in                 1. School insurance -- school day
assignment will be made after the first five                coverage or 24 hour coverage
(5) days of school.                                    2.   An insurance form signed by the
                                                             parent(s) or guardian(s) and
                                                             properly witnessed by an adult
 RESTRICTIVE ASSIGNMENTS                                     indicating that insurance is provided
Only 11th grade students will be assigned to                 by the parent(s) or guardian (s).
the first year of Cosmetology.

                   SAFETY                              AFFIRMATION OF COMPLIANCE
1. The observation and obeying of all Safety           WITH TITLE IX OF THE EDUCATION
Regulations and Procedures is an ever                  AMENDMENTS OF 1972
present requirement for all students, visitors,        The B. J. Skelton Career Center does not
faculty, and staff at this center.                     discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed,
2. Because of the very nature of the courses           or national origin in any educational
taught here there is the ever- present danger          program or activity.
of students hurting themselves or someone
else through carelessness, lack of                           STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS
knowledge, or lack of concern for others.              All students are offered the opportunity to
3. The procedures, rules, and regulations at           become involved in student organizations
the center have been instituted to assure              which offer opportunities for local, district,
maximum practical safety for all individuals.          state, and national competitions.        The
4. This includes but is not limited to:                following are organizations students may
  a. Strict following of instructor's directions       participate in:
 b. Being at the appointed place and time.             SkillsUSA--- Although membership is open
  c. The wearing of eye protectors.                    to all students not served by other clubs,
  d. Proper clothing.                                  paid membership is open to juniors and
 e. Automobile driving and parking rules.              seniors who want a chance to enter
  f. Shop clean up.                                    competitions or run for a state office.
All are designed to achieve maximum                    HOSA - Health Occupations Students of
safety.                                                America. Membership is open to Health
                                                       Science Technology students and students in
              CERTIFICATES                             other health related courses.
All completers will receive a competency               FFA - Future Farmers of America.
profile indicating areas of proficiency.               Membership is open to all students served in
These will be issued by your instructor at the         the various programs associated with the
end of your senior year. Since we do not               Agriculture Technology and Horticulture
keep copies of your profile, it is                     programs.
recommended that you put your profile in a
safe place for future reference.                       NTHS – National Technical Honor Society.
                                                       Membership based on academic
   TERMINATION OF A PROGRAM                            achievement and open to 11th and 12th grade.
The programs offered at the career center
are determined by two factors:                                   COURSE OFFERINGS
        a. Demand of business and industry                      TWO (2) YEAR PROGRAMS
        b. Student enrollment                          Computer Service Technology Electricity
A decline in either of these factors could             Automotive Technology          Masonry
result in a program being terminated.                  Cosmetology                    Culinary Arts
Whenever a program is terminated,                      Machine Technology             Carpentry
assistance and counseling will be provided             Mechanical Design
for students affected by this decision.                Mechatronics Integrated Technologies
                                                       Welding Technology
                                                       Graphic Communication
                                                       Health Science Technology
                                                       Law Enforcement Services
                                                       Horticulture for the Workplace

Agricultural Science & Technology for the
                                                    B. J. Skelton Career Center Faculty/Staff
         THREE YEAR PROGRAM                                  Mr. Leonard Williams, Director
                                                           Mr. Ronald Wearing, Asst. Director
Project Lead the Way is a pre-engineering
                                                       Dr. Pernice Adams, Guidance/Curriculum
program. The sequence of courses offered in                Mr. Danny Fahey, School-to-Work
this program are:                                      Mrs. Christie Martin, Transition Facilitator
                                                                        , Secretary
Introduction to Engineering Design & Digital           Mrs. Brenda Sheriff, Secretary/Bookkeeper
Electronics – offered in 10th Grade                      Mr. Brian Aiken, Machine Technology
                                                         Mr. Jesse Cannon, Welding Technology
                                                               Mr. Jim Garrison, Carpentry
Principles of Engineering & Computer
                                                           , Principles of Biomedical Sciences
Integrated Manufacturing Systems – offered in            Mr. Tim Hiott, Graphic Communication
11th grade                                              Mr. Hank Hutto, Mechatronics Integrated
Engineering Design and Development – offered                 Mrs. Kelly Holder, Culinary Arts
in the 12th grade                                             Mr. David Jensen, Horticulture
                                                      Mr. Steve McCannon, Agricultural Science &
       INTRODUCTORY COURSES                                   Technology for the Workplace
           (Semester Courses)                         Mr. Greg Newton, Law Enforcement Services
                                                     Mrs. Abbie Piotrowsky, Small Animal / Wildlife
Farm Animal Production                                     Mrs. Stacy Simmons, Cosmetology
Environmental & Natural Resources Management           Mr. Phillip Smith, Automotive Technology
Introduction to Graphic Communication                         Mr. Jeffrey Stephens, Masonry
Introduction to Culinary Arts                                 Mr. Brian Stewart, Electricity
Computer-Aided Design                                Mr. Iain Stewart, Computer Service Technology
Masonry                                                   Mr. Steen Stovall, Mechanical Design
Electricity                                          Mrs. Joyce Stover, Health Science Technology
Carpentry                                                     Mrs. Mary Goodale, SKILL 1
Automotive Fundamentals                                       Mrs. Deborah Shaw, SKILL 2
Machine Technology                                             Mr. Robert Boyer, SKILL 3
Welding                                                    Mrs. Elizabeth Grumbles, SKILL 4
Mechatronics                                                     Mrs. Nancy Bahs, STEP
Sports Medicine                                                 Mr. George McLeer, STEP
Introduction to Health Science                                Ms. Teresa Thompson, STEP
                                                           Mrs. Dee Dyches, SKILL Assistant
                                                          Mrs. Glenda Fowler, SKILL Assistant
           DAILY SCHEDULE                                  Mrs. Kathy Mills, SKILL Assistant
    7:30 a.m. ……………Teachers Sign -in                       Mrs. Joy Whitaker, SKILL Assistant
    7:30-8:20 ……Instructional Preparation                 Ms. Kayla McCollum, STEP Assistant
    8:20-8:30 ………Hall and Ground Duty                     Mrs. Karen Johnson, STEP Assistant
    8:30 ……………………..Classes Begin                            Mrs. Kay Segers, STEP Assistant
    11:10 …………………Classes Dismiss                               Our Custodial Engineers
    11:20 ……………………………Lunch                                       Mrs. Louise Watson
    12:00 …………..Hall and Ground Duty                             Mr. Gene Ragsdale
    12:10 ……………………Classes Begin                                   Mr. Leroy Adams
     2:50 …………………Classes Dismiss
     3:00 ………………Teachers Sign-out