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									                                                                     HCCA To Launch Career Center on Web

                                                                  The Heavy Construction Contractors            Construction firms in the Metropolitan
 Volume 8, Issue 12                                               Association (HCCA) announces a new            Washington D.C. area can now bypass
  December, 2004                                                  online service:                               traditional on-line generic employment
                                                                                                                websites for one that focuses on their
                                                                  The HCCA Online                               industry in their area. In addition, the
                                                                  Construction Career Center                    service will target employers and
                                                                  The HCCA Online Construction Career           employees who seek firms and
                                                                  Center is a comprehensive                     employers specifically in the Northern

                                                                                                                Virginia, Washington D.C., and

                                                                  construction career “help wanted”
                                                                  service that will allow                       Metropolitan Maryland Area.
                                                                  construction firms to find                                      Advertising rates will be
                                                                  qualified construction                                          much cheaper then
                                                                  workers.                          For                           traditional newspaper

                                                                  In addition, the service will
                                                                                                                       Wanted     advertising, so
                                                                                                                                  employers can save on
                              THE NEWSLETTER OF THE

                                                                  allow workers to post
                                                                  resumes to help prospective                  Jobs               their advertising
                                                                  employers find valuable                                         budgets. Workers can
                                                                  and talented construction                                       economically post their
                                                                  employees.                                                      resumes knowing that
                                                                                                                                  motivated employers
                                                                  The new service will be                       who need their specific services will
                                                                  available to both HCCA                        review their qualifications.
                                                                  Member Firms and
                                                                  Non-Member Firms                                The HCCA will soon post a seminar
                                                                  and will officially                                 flyer to help member’s learn more
                                                                  open for business                                      about how to use this valuable
                                                                  on Monday, February 7, 2005.                           service. In addition, advertising
                                                                                                                rates will soon be posted on the website
                                                                  The HCCA has contracted with a                for both HCCA members as well as
                                                                  nationally known provider of over             non-members who wish to use the
                                                                  150 well known, national trade                service.
                                                                  association “bulletin-board” services.
                                                                  This proven software service will offer       We look forward to providing our
                                                                  construction firms in the                     members & potential members in the
                                                                  Metropolitan DC area a very                   Metropolitan Washington D.C. area with
                                                                  high-powered & specific tool for              a very productive tool to enhance their
                                                                  identifying qualified and talented new        operations and to provide the necessary
                                                                  employees.                                    manpower to achieve their HR needs.

                                                                Inside this issue:

                                                                HCCA To Launch Career Headquarters On Web Site            1

                                                                HCCA Announces Election of Officers for 2005-2006         2

                                                                HCCA Announces Election of New Board Members              3

                                                                Sidney R. Johnston Trust Honors Its Chairman              3
             HCCA Announces Election Of New Officers
                       for FY 2005-2006
The HCCA held officer elections at the November Meeting of the Board of Directors. The meeting was held
prior to the regular November membership dinner meeting on Wednesday, November 10, 2004.
The following officers were elected to serve a two year term starting on January 1, 2005:

           President                        Vice-President                        Treasurer

      Mr. Jim Mitchell                      Mr. David Hazel                   Mr. Kurt Rodgers
   Superior Paving Corporation             William A. Hazel, Inc.         The S.W. Rodgers Company

           Secretary                   Immediate-Past President                Past-President

        Mr. Doug Coleman                     Mr. David Speed                    Mr. Jeff Flippo
 Total Development Solutions. LLC          William A. Hazel, Inc.       Flippo Construction Company

Past-President Jeff Flippo will be rotating off of the HCCA Board of Directors after twelve years of service. He
will be honored along with the other officers at the January membership dinner meeting.

    HCCA Announces Election Of New Members of the
       HCCA Board of Directors for FY 2005-2006
The HCCA held elections to confirm four new                 Mr. Greg Ridge, Ridge Limited Company.
members of the Board of Directors. The elections
were held at the November Membership Dinner                 The following four individuals will be rotating off of the
meeting of the association. The November                    HCCA Board and have served the association for two
membership dinner meeting was designated as the             years beginning in 2003:
HCCA annual business meeting.                               Mr. Roy Beckner, The S.W. Rodgers Company
Per the HCCA bylaws, members of the HCCA Board              Mr. Fred Shuster, Alban Tactor Company
are elected to serve a two-year term. The new               Mr. John Underwood, Loudoun Tunneling Company
board members were elected by a majority vote of
the HCCA membership from ballots that were sent             Mr. Steve Vaughn, Luck Stone
to the primary members of each HCCA member
firm.                                                       The four departing members of the Board of Directors
                                                            will be honored for their service at the January
The following four individuals were elected to serve
                                                            Membership Dinner Meeting.
a two year term starting on January 1, 2005:

Mr. Jim Anderson, The Anderson Company                      The HCCA extends its thanks to the new members of
                                                            the Board of Directors and thanks the departing
Mr. Robert Hughes, R.G. Griffith, Inc.                      members of the Board for their past support and
Mr. Van Pence, Contractors Precast, and                     guidance.

        Trust Chairman Honored At HCCA Holiday Party
The Sidney R. Johnston Memorial Scholarship Trust              Trust has increased the number of annual
honored long-time Chairman Tom Aylestock,                      scholarships awarded (two scholarships per year
founder of HCCA member-                                                                 vs. the original one annual
firm Loudoun Tunneling                                                                  scholarship) as well as the
Company at the 2004 HCCA                                                                amount of the scholarship
Holiday Party. The event                                                                (4-year, $2,000.00 per year
was held at the Fairview                                                                award, $8,000.00 total
Marriott Hotel in Fairfax,                                                              scholarship vs. the original
Virginia on Friday,                                                                     4-year, $1,000.00 per year,
December 3rd.                                                                           $4,000.00 scholarship).
Chairman Aylestock has                                                                  Trustee Ron White,
informed the Trustees that                                                              President of Superior
he intends to step down as                                                              Paving presented a short
Chairman in 2005.                                                                       tribute to Chairman
The Trustees wanted to                                                                  Aylestock and HCCA
thank Tom for his loyal                                                                 President Dave Speed
                              Johnston Trust Members (from left) Gerry Buracker, Tom    presented Tom with an
service and his steadfast     Newman, Jim Stepahin, Dave Speed, Mike Holupka, Jeff
leadership in guiding the                                                               inscribed mantle clock
                              Flippo, Ron White, and Skippy Albrite pose with Trust
Trust to new heights.         Chairman Tom Aylestock (holding clock). The Trustees      recognizing his outstanding
Under Tom Aylestock’s         honored Tom Aylestock at the HCCA holiday party for his   accomplishments as Trust
leadership, the Johnston      12 years of service as chairman of the scholarship Trust. Chairman

                   HCCA Silent Auction A Huge Success
Attendees of the 2004 HCCA Holiday Party had 129              as well as preparing and staffing the auction during
chances to bid and receive a great Christmas gift at          the holiday party.
the HCCA silent auction.                                                         The committee’s hard work in
The auction was held in                                                          combination with the attendees
conjunction with the HCCA                                                        generosity produced a record
Holiday party. The party was                                                     tally for the event of fourteen
held at the Fairview Marriott                                                    thousand dollars.
Hotel in Fairfax, Virginia on                                                       Proceeds from this event are
Friday, December 3rd. The silent                                                    awarded to deserving charitable
auction is the primary                                                              organizations in the Metropolitan
fundraising project of the HCCA                                                     D.C. area.
Public Relations Committee.
                                                                                    The HCCA would like to thank the
Committee Chair Aurelia Hamel,                                                      many HCCA member firms who
President of HCCA member firm                                                       donated items for this very
Contractors Precast Corporation                                                     worthwhile event. Working
                                    Angela Anderson and HCCA Board Member
did an excellent job in guiding a   Jim Anderson pose with their prized purchase    together, the HCCA and its
very hard working group of          from the HCCA silent auction: An autographed    members will be able to help
“Santa’s elves” in soliciting the   helmet from NFL Hall of Fame coach              many people who are in need in
donated items prior to the event    Joe Gibbs of the Washington Redskins.           our area.

                           The 2004 HCCA Holiday Party
The HCCA held its annual Holiday Party at the
Fairview Marriott hotel in Fairfax, Virginia on Friday,
December 3rd. The party drew a record crowd of
425 members. The holiday party is a very active
event. In addition to the dinner and dance, the
Sidney R. Johnston Memorial Scholarship Trust
holds its annual raffle. The association also hosts its

                                                              Attendees at the 2004 HCCA Holiday party unwind on the
                                                              dance floor to the tunes of the TFC Band from Virginia
                                                              Beach. This year’s party drew a record attendance of 425
                                                              annual silent auction. HCCA members once again
                                                              showed their huge support of the association as the
                                                              Johnston Trust sold all of its 350 raffle tickets. In
                                                              addition, the HCCA silent auction collected a record
    Connie Stepahin (aka Vanna White) and assistant           one hundred and twenty nine items. Holiday party
    Marie Eszenyi pull raffle numbers while Steve
                                                              attendees also showed their generosity as a record
    Christie and Brenda Mutchler of HCCA member firm
    KB Contracting pay extra close attention.                 fourteen thousand dollars was raised from the event.

                Warner Maps Major Projects For 2005
                                                                    the rising cost of health care, and $120 million for
Budget Plans for Transit, Health Reflect Rising
                                                                    education, including teacher pay raises. The
                                                                    environment would get $35 million, and the police
By Michael D. Shear and Chris L. Jenkins
                                                                    and firefighters would get $15.5 million. State
Washington Post Staff Writers
                                                                    workers and college faculty would get raises
Saturday, December 18, 2004
                                                                    totaling $53 million. Other, smaller programs would
Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner (D) on Friday                          get increases. For example, Warner includes about
proposed spending the fruits of a growing state                     $2.8 million for more inspectors and higher
economy on new road and                                                                           Medicaid rates at assisted
transit projects, health care,                                                                       living facilities.
higher salaries for state                            Highlights of Proposal
workers and reduced taxes                   Gov. Mark R. Warner's proposed budget
                                                                                                         He said the budget will
on groceries.                               amendments include these spending plans:                      also include a $229
                                             $824 million to finance transportation                        million payment to the
In a speech to members of
                                            proposals, including $140 million for a fund to                state's rainy-day fund.
the legislature's                           encourage private partnerships, $80 million for
budget-writing committees, Warner           new rail cars and buses, $80 million to help                   "There's a lot of the
also pledged to put additional              local governments take over road building, $23                 lawmakers who share
                                            million for railroad improvements and $147
money away for a rainy day and              million for other projects across the state.                   the concern that we
warned lawmakers against                                                                                   have to be fiscally
becoming so giddy over Virginia's            $259 million to pay for the rising cost of health             conservative," Warner
                                            care, including a 9 percent increase in the
prosperity that they spend more             number of children, elderly and disabled
                                                                                                           said. "The challenge will
than the state can sustain in the           enrolled in Medicaid.                                          be as we get into a
long run.                                                                                                 session during an election
                                             $229 million for the state's rainy day fund,
                                                                                                         year, will they work with us
"The budget amendments I                    including a set-aside of $135 million required
                                            by law when the economy is growing rapidly.                 to hold the line on
outlined today are fiscally
                                                                                                       spending." All 100 seats in
responsible," Warner said in                 $120 million for education, including $54.8
                                                                                                      the House are up for
kicking off the budget debate               million for teacher salaries, $20 million to help
                                            local systems build schools, and $50.8 million           election in 2005.
that will begin in earnest                  to help colleges and universities meet
when the 2005 General                       enrollment growth.                                     Unlike a year ago, when
Assembly session convenes                    $53 million to give state employees and college
                                                                                                  Warner's proposal for a $1.2
Jan. 12. "They make smart                   faculty a 3 percent raise, effective in November      billion tax increase sparked a
investments in                              2005, and $32.6 million to offset health            long and bitter lawmaking
                                            insurance premium increases for state workers.
transportation, economic                                                                       session, the governor this year
development and better                                                                                  has sought to
schools."                                                                                                accommodate the
                                                                                                         opposition party. His
Warner's proposals,                                                                                      proposal to roll back the
which would amend the                                                                                    grocery tax matches bills
state's two-year budget at                                                                              submitted by Republicans.
its halfway mark, are
based in part on about $918 million in tax                          Senior legislators in both parties and both of the
collections that are higher than expected. If the                   major candidates for governor reacted warmly to
amendments are adopted by the Republican-led                        Warner's budget recommendations, saying they
assembly next year, the state's operating budget                    largely conform to their own priorities.
would be about $26.33 billion over two years.
                                                                    "I strongly support these ideas that will help create
The budget would add $824 million to finance                        opportunity for Virginians and improve the
transportation proposals, $259 million to pay for                   economy," said Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore,
                                                                    the likely Republican (continued on page 6)

              Warner Maps Major Projects For 2005
                                            continued from page 5

nominee for governor.                                      faithful to the goal of that effort.
Lt. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, his likely Democratic           "It provides some tax relief while preserving
opponent, said the governor's proposals take "a            needed cash for investment in infrastructure that
fiscally responsible approach to funding Virginia's        our changing economy and growing population
core obligations while protecting the long-term            needs," Bryant said.
stability of state finances."
                                                           Key lawmakers who opposed Warner's tax plan
Del. L. Preston Bryant Jr. (R-Lynchburg), who helped       this year said they had little major disagreement
lead a group of moderate Republicans in support of         with the governor's proposals.
tax increases, said the governor's budget remains

                  Motivational Corner: Ode To America

Editors Note: We rarely get a chance to see another        donate blood and to give a helping hand.
country's editorial about the USA. Read this excerpt
from a Romanian Newspaper. The article was                 After the first moments of panic, they raised their
written by Mr. Cornel Nistorescu and published             flag over the
under the title "C"ntarea Americii, meaning "Ode To        smoking ruins, putting on T-shirts, caps and ties
America" on September 24, 2002, in the Romanian            in the colors of the national flag. They placed
newspaper Evenimentulzilei ("The                                              flags on buildings and cars as
Daily Event" or "News of the Day"). I                                         if in every place and on every
think that regardless of our political                                        car a government official or the
tendencies we should all celebrate                                            president was passing.
the freedoms that we sometimes
take for granted. JMS                                                       On every occasion, they started
                                                                            singing their traditional song:
An Ode to America                                                           "God Bless America!" I watched
                                                                            the live broadcast and rerun
Why are Americans so united? They                                           after rerun for hours listening to
would not resemble one another                                              the story of the guy who went
even if you painted them all one                                            down one hundred floors with a
color! They speak all the languages                                         woman in a wheelchair without
of the world and form an                                                    knowing who she was, or of the
astonishing mixture of civilizations                                        Californian hockey player, who
and religious beliefs. Still, the                                           gave his life fighting with the
American tragedy turned three                                               terrorists and prevented the
hundred million people into a hand                                          plane from hitting a target that
put on the heart.                                                           could have killed other
                                                           hundreds or thousands of people.
Nobody rushed to accuse the White House, the
army, and the secret services that they are only a         How on earth were they able to respond united as
bunch of losers. Nobody rushed to empty their bank         one human being? Imperceptibly, with every word
accounts. Nobody rushed out onto the streets               and musical note, the memory of some turned
nearby to gape about. The Americans volunteered to         into a modern myth (continued on page 7)

Association Bulletin Board
Congratulations are extended         Kristy passed away on Monday,              attended Crescent Valley High
to Thomas and Martha                 December 20th. Memorial                    School and graduated from
DiLoreto of HCCA member              funeral services were held at the          Western Oregon State
firm ACF Environmental on the        Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home              University. An enthusiastic
birth of their fourth child,         on December 23rd. In lieu of               traveler, she moved to the East
Thomas LaPrade DiLoreto, Jr.         flowers, memorial contributions            Coast and met her husband of
Thomas was born on Friday,           may be made to the Ronald                  15 years, Tim M. Keilty of
November 19th in Richmond,           McDonald House, Fairfax County             Fredericksburg. She had a flair
Virginia and “weighed-in” at a       Pets On Wheels, or the Fisher              for fashion, a love for shopping,
very respectable 7pounds and         House.                                     a spirit of giving and an eternal
14 ounces. Both mother and           The HCCA extends its sincere               commitment to family.
baby are doing well. Thomas          condolences to Hank Nehilla,               A funeral Mass was celebrated
joins his sisters Suzanne 7,         sons Kenneth and Kevin, and the            at noon on Thursday, Dec. 23,
Grace 5, and Lucy 3 as the           entire Cardinal/Virginia Concrete          at St. Mary Catholic Church, with
“new baby brother.”                  organization.                              Father David Martin officiating.
                                                                                Burial followed in Oak Hill
HCCA member firm                     It is with deep regret that we             Cemetery.
Bridgetek, LLC will be moving        inform the association that Kerry          Memorials may be made in
their corporate office. The          Lynn Keilty, 44, beloved wife of           memory of Kerry Keilty to
firm’s new information is:           Tim Keilty (Bridgetek, LLC) died           Fredericksburg Academy,
Bridgetek, LLC                       Monday, Dec. 20, 2004, after a             Attention: Don Reed, 10800
635 West Seventh Street              courageous battle with brain               Academy Drive, Fredericksburg,
Suite 308                            cancer.                                    Va. 22408.
Cincnnati, OH 45203                  Kerry was the proud mother of              The HCCA extends its most
Phone: (513) 763-8210                three boys, Timothy Michael Keilty         sincere condolences to Tim, his
Fax: (513) 763-8213                  Jr., Christian John Keilty and Reilly      boys, and their families on the
Www,bridgetek.cc                     Patrick Keilty.                            loss of a great mother, wife,
                                     Kerry had a successful career at           sister, and friend.
Mr. Dave Snider of HCCA              Nordstrom's from 1982 to 1990              The HCCA would also like to
member firm Virginia                 as a buyer in men's sportswear.            thank the members of the
Concrete has informed the            She was treasurer of the U11 Hot           association who took time to be
association of the passing of        Spur travel soccer team and loved          with Tim and his family at the
Mrs. Kristy K. Nehilla, wife of      nothing more than watching her             wake as well as at the memorial
Cardinal/Virginia Concrete           boys play soccer.                          service.
President Hank Nehilla.              Kerry was born in Corvallis, Ore.,

                   Motivational Corner: Ode To America
                                            continued from page 6

of tragic heroes. And with every phone call, millions       an answer, humming songs and murmuring
and millions of dollars were put in a collection            phrases with the risk of sounding commonplace.
aimed at rewarding not a man or a family, but a
spirit, which no money can buy.                             I thought things over, but I reached only one
What on earth can unite the Americans in such a             Only freedom can work such miracles.
way? Their land? Their galloping history? Their
economic Power? Money? I tried for hours to find            Cornel Nistorescu

2005 Calendar of Events                (Dates, Locations, & Times Subject To Change)

  January 2005                     March 2005                         Saturday, April 23, 2005
                                                                      Shady Grove Farm
                                                                      Bealeton, Virginia
  Tuesday, January 18, 2005        Tuesday, March 8, 2005             HCCA PAC Clay Pigeon Shoot
  Country Club of Fairfax          Augustines Restaurant              8:00 AM—1:30 PM
  Fairfax, Virginia                Fredericksburg, Virginia
  HCCA Membership Dinner Meeting   HCCA Fredericksburg Quarterly
  6:00-8:30PM                      Membership Dinner Meeting
                                   6:00-8:30PM                        May 2005
                                   Tuesday, March 22, 2005            Tuesday, May 13, 2005
  February 2005                    Country Club of Fairfax
                                   Fairfax, Virginia
                                                                      Shenandoah Valley Golf Club
                                                                      Front Royal, Virginia
                                   HCCA Membership Dinner Meeting     HCCA Spring Golf Tournament
  Tuesday, February 22, 2005
  Country Club of Fairfax
                                                                      Tuesday, May 17, 2005
  Fairfax, Virginia
  HCCA Membership Dinner Meeting   April 2005                         Country Club of Fairfax
                                                                      Fairfax, Virginia
  6:00-8:30PM                      Tuesday, April 19, 2005            HCCA Membership Dinner
                                   Country Club of Fairfax            Meeting
                                   Fairfax, Virginia                  6:00-8:30PM
                                   HCCA Membership Dinner Meeting

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