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									Full-Time Employment Contract for
Research Project of National Central University
National Central University (Party A) employs _____ (Party B) as the full-time
assistant/ Post-Dr.researcher of the research project , and both parties agree to the
following items and pledge to conscientiously hold all the obligations stipulated in it:
2.Monthly salary:
3.Title of the research project:
4.Project execution unit and PI:
5.Contract term:from ______(mm/dd/yy) to ________(mm/dd/yy)
6.The employment defined by this contract is temporarily, one whose employment
  will be terminated once the contract term has been fulfilled or the project completed.
  Party B may leave the job before the contract term is fulfilled following written
  notification, complete with reasons for termination, sent for approval of Party A one
  month prior to the leaving date.
7. During the contract term, Party B is wholly willing to execute job assigned by Party
  A and abide by all regulations dictated by Party A, and is fully informed that Party
  A may terminate the contract anytime when Party B cannot take full responsibilities
  for his/her jobs or break relevant regulations.
8. Party B who is qualified to insure Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance,
   both of which insurances are required .
9. Without prior approval of Party A, Party B is not allowed to work at other jobs
10. During the contract term, Party B is permitted leaves of absence equivalent to staff
  in special projects of Party A, but shall be approved by party A for leaving Taiwan
  under special occasions (including meetings, field trips, or executing projects and
  collecting information overseas) with limits up to 21 days per year (or calculated by
  the ratio of 1 year for a contract term less than 1 year). The salary during the leave
  periods shall be reduced except for some special occasions appoved by Party A in
11. Party A shall refer to relevant regulations of patents, copyrights, and other
    technology rights for entitlement to the fruitage of the project Party B is involved
    in to verify if they are subject to patents, copyrights, or other intellectual property
12. Other aspects not included in the Contract shall be in accordance with related
    regulations of Party Aand laws of Republic of China.
13. The Contract includes 4 original copies, among which 2 copies is reserved by both
    parties respectively, and others are transferred for reservation by Party A.

                                 Party A:National Central University

                                 President: Wei Ling Chiang                   Stamp/Sign

                                 Subject director:   (請寫英文名字)                 Stamp/Sign

                                 Party B:                                     Stamp/Sign


                                 Personal ID number(passport number)


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