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					                            Timberline College & Career CENTER
                            Lori Lodge, MA                          Career Counselor                                           (208) 854-6284

                                        S E N I O R     N E W S L E T T E R                                                       F A L L      2 0 0 8

• Finalize college list            Dear Parents and Seniors,
• Work on application                    The Timberline College and Career Center has              An additional resource available this year through the
essays and applications            been busy this fall. We welcome all of you to stop by     center is Family Connection from Naviance. Family
• Review transcript for            the center this year to check out the many new            Connection is a comprehensive website that you and your
accuracy                           resources and materials available. Be sure to check out   student can use to help in making decisions about courses,
• Request letters of               the Timberline College and Career Center website.         college, and careers. Students have been registered with
recommendation from                You can access the website at www.boiseschools.org/       their own personal Naviance accounts. Parents may also
teachers, counselor,               schools/timberline/career. You will find many great       create their own Naviance account by activating your
employers (don’t forget            resources and materials throughout this website.          personal Naviance Family Connection code. We will be
“thank you” notes)                                                                           mailing letters and codes to those families that still need to
                                         I am pleased to announce that we have two
• Meet with college reps           interns in the College and Career Center this year.       register. The Naviance web address is http://
visiting Timberline H.S.           First semester, we will have Katrina Bradbury from        connection.naviance.com/timberlinehs
• Continue work on                 Boise State University working Tuesday, Wednesday               Please mark your calendars for October 7th; Boise
applications                       and Friday in the center. Lori Manzanares also from       School District will be hosting the National College Fair
• Complete Early                   Boise State University will be working on Friday. I’m     at the Boise Centre on the Grove. Parents are
Decision/Early Action              delighted to have both of these talented ladies on        encouraged to attend this event to meet with college and
                                   board in the center. They will be a tremendous asset      university representatives. Seniors and juniors will be
• Submit “rolling”
admissions applications            to Timberline students and parents.                       attending this event during the school day. Parents are
ASAP                                     Seniors will start meeting with college             welcome to attend the evening session from 6:00 - 8:00
• Take ACT & SAT                   representatives at Timberline in the College & Career     p.m.
• Listen to                        Center as early as September 5th. Representatives               I look forward to a wonderful year at Timberline and
announcements                      come to meet in small groups with students during the     hope to visit with you in the near future.
• Attend Boise National            lunch and break times to share information about their
College Fair                                                                                                      Sincerely,
                                   schools. Encourage your student to check the college
                                   visitation schedule outside the College & Career                               Lori Lodge
November                           Center or on Naviance.                                                         College & Career Counselor
• File Early Decision/
Early Action applications
                                                                                                   MARK THESE DATES
• Work on remaining
college applications               Boise National College                                    Sept. 15 - Exploring College Options Students & Parents
                                                                                                     Session presented by Duke, Georgetown, Harvard,
• Take SAT
• Scholarship search                        Fair                                                     Penn and Stanford, 7:30 p.m., Doubletree
• Send one application by
                                                                                             Sept. 16 - Late Registration deadline for Oct. 4 SAT test
                                              Tuesday, October 7, 2008                               (late fee applicable)
• 30th – Usual deadline
for University of                                 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.                        Sept. 19 - Registration deadline for Oct. 25 ACT test
California colleges                                                                          Sept. 26 - Registration deadline for Nov. 1 SAT test
                                                  6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
                                                                                             Oct. 4 - SAT test
                                              Boise Center on the Grove
                                                                                             Oct. 7 - Boise National College Fair @ Boise Center on
• File additional college                                                                            the Grove
applications before                Meet face-to-face with representatives from:              Oct. 23 - Yale University Student & Parent Information
deadline                           •   Colleges and Universities
• Take ACT or SAT
                                                                                                     Night, 6:30 p.m., Borah HS Library
(Again if necessary)
                                   •    Community Colleges                                   Oct. 25 - ACT test
• Finish applications and          •    Technical Institutes                                 Nov. 1 - SAT test
essays                             •    ROTC and Service Academies                           Nov. 5 - Registration deadline for Dec. 6 SAT test
• Attend FAFSA evening                                                                       Nov. 7 - Registration deadline for Dec. 13 ACT test
• Scholarship Search               Informational Sessions                                    Dec. 6 - SAT test
                                   During the college fair, students and parents will        Dec. 4 - Financial Aid Night, FAFSA evening in Timberline
                                   have the opportunity to attend workshops covering                 Choir room, 7:00 - 8:15 p.m.
                                   a variety of topics.                                      Dec. 13 - ACT test
                                                                                             Dec. 26 - Registration deadline for Jan. 24 SAT test
         P AGE    2
                       What’s the Right Time to Apply to College?
                             Early decision, early          not allow you to compare                  Early notification provides
                       action, priority admission,          financial aid offers from other     earlier decisions for students
                       early notification, rolling          institutions, this application      who submit their complete
                       admission, regular decision—         plan may not be appropriate         application by a specific date.
                       so many alternatives as to           for families that need              Priority application deadlines
                       when and how to submit your          considerable financial aid. On      (such as that of USC) generally
                       college application simply           the plus side, however, is the      provide students with
                       muddy the waters and confuse         fact that early notification of     consideration for merit
                       the college application              acceptance can reduce senior        scholarships offered by that
                       process. In the interests of         year anxiety, along with the bit    institution.
                       clarity, here are some               of an edge that you’ll get in the         Rolling decision schools
                       guidelines as to when to apply       admissions process. Although        offer admission on a
                       for students graduating with         some highly selective schools       continuous basis through the
                       the class of 2009.                   like Harvard have done away         application cycle. Since more
                             Some colleges offer an         with early plans, others like       spaces are available early in
                       early decision option. This          Columbia and the University         the year, students who apply
                       application plan is appropriate      of Pennsylvania accept a large      earlier may have an advantage
American University                                         part of their freshman class
                       only for students who have                                               over later applicants. Many
                       thoroughly researched their          from the early decision pool.       students, however, apply all
                       college choices, have visited a            Early action provides         the way up to the final
                       number of campuses, and who          students with notification          application deadline.
                       have determined that their           about admissions decisions          Generally, our advice is to
                       early decision school is truly       early in the year. Since early      submit your applications as
                       their first choice for college.      action is not binding, there        early as you can; students
                       Early decision agreements            generally isn’t an admissions       who need to show a strong
   “Never doubt        carry with them the caveat           advantage other than the            academic senior year
     that a small      that students agree to enroll at     college’s knowledge that            performance, however, may
                       that institution if they are         you’re on the ball. Some            wish to wait a bit so that their
         group of      accepted. This is a binding          colleges such as Stanford have      first semester senior grades
       thoughtful,     agreement, and accepted              a restrictive form of early         can also be considered during
                       students must withdraw any           action, allowing applicants to      the application process.
      committed        other active applications that       apply to only one school under
     citizens can      they have submitted. Because         this plan.
                       early decision acceptances do
      change the
 world. Indeed, it
is the only thing
  that ever has.”
                                                          Get Involved!
                             Although colleges like prospective students       involved are clear– recent studies have shown
                       who are involved with school and community              that students engaged in activities forge
Margaret Mead          activities, padding your resume should not be           stronger bonds with caring adults and develop
                       your prime reason for getting involved. Instead,        closer relationships with peers. Participating
                       only select activities that truly matter to you—        students generally take more challenging high
                       it’s much more likely that you’ll want to stick         school classes and experience greater academic
                       with a club, sport, or community service project        success. For example, students taking part in
                       when you enjoy that activity and derive                 music programs scored on average about 20
                       satisfaction from being involved.                       points higher on the SAT than students who
                             Participation requires a time commitment,         were not involved in music.
                       the ability to balance school and extracurricular             When it comes to extracurricular
                       activities, and a willingness to share one’s talents.   activities, think depth of involvement rather
                       Rather than joining numerous clubs or trying to         than quantity of activities. Strike the best
                       play several sports, select only one or two             balance for you between academics and
                       activities and fully immerse yourself in those. By      extracurricular; the benefits you derive will be
                       staying involved over time, you’ll find yourself        much greater than merely impressing an
                       gradually taking on a leadership role as younger        admissions committee.
                       students join the group. The benefits of getting

             T IMBERLINE   COLLEGE           &   CA REER          CENT ER
SENIOR        NEWSLET T ER                                                                                                    P AGE   3

                                                                            College Entrance Test Prep
         Timberline Financial Aid
                                                                             PSAT-SAT-ACT-PLAN Tests
           Information Night                                         •      Language
                                                                     •      Writing
                 FAFSA                                               •      Critical Thinking

                    December 4, 2008                                          Raise your scores ~ No credit ~ No stress
                                                                         Meets once a week ~ 6 week cycle before each major
                    Choir Room, 7 p.m.
                                                                                            test ~ Cost $10.00

Topics will include:                                                      See Mr. Archibald-Seiffer in Room 225 or Mrs.
• Student eligibility requirements                                       Lodge in the College & Career Center for more
•   Sources of financial aid                                                   information and a registration form.
                                                                           Or email david.archibaldseiffer@boiseschools.org
•   Dependency Status
•   How to fill out the FAFSA                                        ------------------------------------
                                                                           Especially for Seniors College
If that night doesn’t work for you, feel free to attend another           Application Writing Workshop
FAFSA night at the following locations:                                           Presented by the College Board
• Borah H.S. – Dec. 2 @ 7 p.m.                                                               FREE!
•   Capital H.S. – Dec. 9 @ 7 p.m.                                                       September 20
•   Boise H.S. – Dec. 11 @ 7 p.m.                                                     Capital High School
                                                                                     9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
                                                                                Pre-register by calling 854-4170

                                                                              Writing the College Essay
                                                                                 for highly selective schools
                                                                                Presented by Daniel Grayson,
                                                                               Assistant Director of Admissions
                                                                                       Tufts University
                                                                                 To be held in late October
                                                                     Details coming soon to the College & Career Center

Financial Aid Forecaster                                                 ACT/SAT Test Registration
      The FAFSA4caster was developed to help students and            Students can register online for the ACT or
families assess their eligibility for college financial aid during   SAT at the following websites:
the student’s junior year in high school. Families enter             •      ACT: www.act.org
financial information into the 4caster, a simplified version of                  Cost: $31.00
the FAFSA form and receive an Estimated Family Contribution
                                                                     •      ACT plus Writing: www.act.org
(EFC) as well as information about paying for post-secondary
                                                                                 Cost: $46.00
education. Students and families interested in assessing their
eligibility for federal student aid can access FAFSA4caster by       •      SAT: www.collegeboard.com
visiting www.FederalStudentAid.ed.gov. The links for the                         Cost: $45.00
FAFSA4caster are located in the lower right corner of the
home page.                                                           Or pick up materials in the College & Career Center
           P AGE     4

                           Boise National College Fair
                                      Tuesday,                    STRATEGIES FOR A                         know about you? The interview and
                                  October 7, 2008                 SUCCESSFUL FRESHMAN                      essay are your opportunity to
                                                                  YEAR It’s a big step from high           distinguish yourself from other
                                9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.             school to college! Get prepared for      applicants. Learn how to express
                                   6:00 – 8:00 p.m.               the changes and challenges of being a    your ideas clearly and effectively.
                             Boise Center on the Grove            college student. This session will       Presenter: Julie Weinberger, University
                                                                  explore strategies for students and      of Puget Sound (Snake River Room)
Yale University          Timberline seniors and juniors will      parents to ensure a successful
                         be bussed to the Boise Center on         transition to college life. Presenter:NAVIGATING THE COLLEGE
                         the Grove at 9:30 a.m. Sophomores        Emily McCann, Pacific Lutheran        APPLICATION PROCESS
                         are encouraged to attend the             University (Snake River Room)         Where to start? What to do? Where
                         evening session with their parents.                                            to find information? The whole
                                                                  FINANCING YOUR                        college application process can feel
                         Meet face-to-face with                   EDUCATION: LEARNING THE overwhelming at times. Learn how to
                                                                  SMART WAY TO BORROW                   break it down into manageable steps.
                         representatives from:
                                                                  So you have plans for college. You    Presenter: Jim Wright, TRiO (Summit
                             Colleges and Universities            know it is a great investment in your Room)
                             Community Colleges                   future. Now you need to consider
                             Technical Institutes                 loan options to finance your
                             ROTC and the Service                 education. This session will focus on            SESSION THREE
                                  Academies                       the smart way to borrow. Presenter:         11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
                                                                  KeyBank (Summit Room)
                         Informational Sessions                                                            COLLEGE FOR THE
                         During the college fair, students and                                             BILINGUAL STUDENT You can
                                                                           SESSION TWO
                         parents will have the opportunity to                                              be a successful bilingual college
     "Education is                                                        10:45 – 11:15 a.m.               student! Hear from others. Bilingual
                         attend the following workshops.
        the key to                                                                                         college students will share their
                                                                  NCAA ELIGIBILITY AND                     experiences. Learn about resources
        unlock the                 SESSION ONE                    RECRUITMENT FOR THE                      and what you can do to be more
    golden door of                10:00 – 10:30 a.m.              COLLEGE-BOUND ATHLETE                    successful in college. Presenter: Julie
        freedom."                                                 Become familiar with the NCAA and        Bu, TRiO (Willows Room)
                         NCAA ELIGIBILITY AND                     NAIA eligibility requirements. Know
                         RECRUITMENT FOR THE                      how and when to register with the
          George                                                                                           STRATEGIES FOR A
                         COLLEGE-BOUND ATHLETE                    NCAA Clearinghouse. Learn
                                                                                                           SUCCESSFUL FRESHMAN
       Washington        Become familiar with the NCAA and        strategies and criteria the high
                                                                                                           YEAR It’s a big step from high
                         NAIA eligibility requirements. Know      school athlete should use to select a
           Carver                                                                                          school to college! Get prepared for
                         how and when to register with the        college or university. Presenter: Gabe
                                                                                                           the changes and challenges of being a
                         NCAA Clearinghouse. Learn                Rosenvall, Boise State University
                                                                                                           college student. This session with
                         strategies and criteria the high         (Willows Room)                           will explore strategies for students
                         school athlete should use to select a                                             and parents to ensure a successful
                         college or university. Presenter: Gabe  STRATEGIES FOR A                          transition to college life. Presenter:
                         Rosenvall, Boise State University       SUCCESSFUL FRESHMAN                       Andy Hanson, Lewis Clark State
                         (Willows Room)                          YEAR It’s a big step from high            University (Douglas Firs Room)
                                                                 school to college! Get prepared for
                         NAVIGATING THE COLLEGE                  the changes and challenges of being a
                                                                 college student. This session will        A COMMUNITY COLLEGE +
                         APPLICATION PROCESS                                                               YOU = SUCCESS Want to
                         Where to start? What to do? Where explore strategies for students and             continue your education after high
                         to find information? The whole          parents to ensure a successful
                                                                 transition to college life. Presenter:    school? Not sure where you might
                         college application process can feel                                              be successful? Maybe a community
                         overwhelming at times. Learn how to Claire Davis, Gonzaga University              college is the answer. Learn about
                         break it down into manageable steps. (Douglas Firs Room)                          admission requirements,
                         Presenter: Karli Bell, College of Idaho                                           coursework, and much more.
                         (Douglas Firs Room)                     THE COLLEGE ESSAY AND                     Presenter: Graydon Stanley, College of
                                                                 INTERVIEW – PUTTING
                                                                                                           Southern Idaho (Snake River Room)
                                                                 YOUR BEST FOOT
                                                                 FORWARD What does the
                                                                 Admissions office really want to                  Continued on page 5

                  T IMBERLINE         COLLEGE            &   CA REER         CENT ER
SENIOR         NEWSLET T ER                                                                                                            P AGE         5

Boise National College Fair
Informational Seminar Schedule continued from page 4
      SESSION THREE continued                    community college is the answer. Learn            at an early age. Learn how to make college-
                                                 about admission requirements, coursework,         bound choices in academics, extra-
        11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
                                                 and much more. Presenter: Graydon Stanley,        curricular activities, and community
                                                 College of Southern Idaho (Snake River            involvement while still in high school.
SEARCHING, APPLYING AND                                                                            Presenter: Silvana Stoll, Borah High School
                                                                                                   (Summit Room)
Needing money to help finance your college
education? Find out about financial aid          SEARCHING, APPLYING AND
where you can go for scholarship                 COMPETING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS                                        SESSION SIX
information. Learn some important tips           Needing money to help finance your college
                                                 education? Find out about financial aid                         7:15 - 7:45 p.m.
that will help you compete and complete
those scholarship applications. Presenters:      where you can go for scholarship
MiChele Stefanic, University of Idaho; Ross      information. Learn some important tips            STRATEGIES FOR A SUCCESSFUL
                                                 that will help you compete and complete           FRESHMAN YEAR It’s a big step from
Knudsen, Boise Bible College (Summit Room)                                                         high school to college! Get prepared for
                                                 those scholarship applications. Presenters:
                                                 MiChele Stefanic, University of Idaho; Ross       the changes and challenges of being a
             SESSION FOUR                        Knudsen, Boise Bible College (Summit Room)        college student. This session will explore
                                                                                                   strategies for students and parents to
              1:15 - 1:45 p.m.
                                                                                                   ensure a successful transition to college life.
                                                               SESSION FIVE                        Presenter: Andy Hanson, Lewis Clark State
                                                               6:30 - 7:00 p.m.                    University (Willows Room)
Become familiar with the NCAA and NAIA           COMPETITIVE COLLEGES – THE                        THE COLLEGE ESSAY AND
eligibility requirements. Know how and           APPLICATION AND SELECTION                         INTERVIEW – PUTTING YOUR
when to register with the NCAA                   PROCESS Learn what factors selective              BEST FOOT FORWARD What does
Clearinghouse. Learn strategies and              admission institutions use and how                the Admissions office really want to know
criteria the high school athlete should use      decisions are made. Students with strong          about you? The interview and the essay are
to select a college or university. Presenter:    academic records and ambitions of                 your opportunity to distinguish yourself
Gabe Rosenvall, Boise State University           attending a competitive school will find this     from other applicants. Learn how to
                                                 session most beneficial! Presenter: Cal           express your ideas clearly and effectively.
(Willows Room)                                                                                     Presenter: Tali Koerner, Southern Methodist
                                                 Mosley, The College of St. Catherine (Willows
                                                 Room)                                             University (Douglas Fir Room)
start? What to do? Where to find                 NAVIGATING THE COLLEGE                            SERVICE ACADEMIES AND ROTC
information? The whole college application       APPLICATION PROCESS Where to                      SCHOLARSHIPS Gain valuable
process can feel overwhelming at times.          start? What to do? Where to find the              information about Service Academy
Learn how to break it down into                  information? The whole college application        appointments and ROTC scholarships from
manageable steps. Presenter: Lara Thompson,      process can feel overwhelming at times.           representatives of West Point, the Naval
                                                 Learn how to break it down into                   Academy, and the Air Force Academy.
Whitworth (Douglas Firs Room)
                                                 manageable steps. Presenter: Jennifer Smith,      Learn why it is important to start early in
                                                 University of Oregon (Douglas Firs Room)          your high school career. Presenters: Service
A COMMUNITY COLLEGE + YOU =                                                                        Academy Representatives (Salmon River
SUCCESS Want to continue your                                                                      Room)
education after high school? Not sure            9TH AND 10TH GRADE PLANNING
where you might be successful? Maybe a           AHEAD Effective college planning begins

                       Writing Your Way to a College Scholarship
      With a year of college costs hovering     be tweaked to fit the requirements of several    ence right in the middle. Use specific exam-
around $50,000 at many private colleges, even contests.                                          ples and work on those descriptive phrases.
the most affluent families become grateful for     First accumulate a list of essay contests     Spend time writing and revising; winning an
any additional scholarship help. Although      and make note of the essay required for each.     essay contest will yield more money than a
some essay contest committees consider need Group those that address similar topics, and         minimum wage job. See Mrs. Lodge in the
in selecting winners, many others look only at spend your time crafting a really good essay.     College & Career Center for a list of essay
the merits of the essay. Writing a really dyna- Your opening sentence needs to grab your         contests to get you started—find more by
mite essay can pay off handsomely, and, unless reader—paint a scene and place your audi-         googling “essay contests”.
the topic is unusually specific, essays can often
         P AGE       6

                           WUE: Western Undergraduate Exchange
                           What is WUE?                                                Alaska                   New Mexico
                           WUE is the Western Undergraduate Exchange, a                Arizona                  North Dakota
                           program coordinated by the Western Interstate               California               Oregon
                           Commission for Higher Education (WICHE).
                           Through WUE, students in Western states may                 Colorado                 South Dakota
                           enroll in participating two-year and four-year              Hawaii                   Utah
                           public college programs at a reduced tuition                Idaho                    Washington
                           level: 150 percent of the institution’s regular
                           resident tuition. In all cases, WUE tuition is              Montana                  Wyoming
University of              considerably less than nonresident tuition.                 Nevada
                           Which states participate? For the academic           General questions may be addressed to
                           year 2008-2009, the 20th year of WUE’s               Student Exchange Programs, Western Interstate
                           operation, resident students from the following      Commission for Higher Education, 3035 Center
                           states may participate, if they meet eligibility     Green Drive, Suite 200 Boulder, Colorado
                           requirements:                                        80301-2204; or call (303) 541-0270 or visit their
                                                                                website at http://www.wiche.edu/sep/wue.

                                  Boise School District’s
                                      Career Focus                                  Explore the Web
                           •       7th Grade - The Career Game and Red              The internet is a great resource for scholarship
                                   Hot Jobs                                         information. Here are some World Wide Web
                                                                                    addresses you might find helpful:
                           •       8th Grade - IDEAS
                                                                                    -eCIS: http://idahocis.org (username:
                           •       9th Grade - Self-Directed Search
                                                                                    timberline; password: BSD)
   "A strong positive      •       10th grade - CIS (Idaho Career Information
     mental attitude                                                                http://scholarships.com
                                   System) IDEAS
    will create more       •       11th Grade - Boise Annual Career Fair and
                                                                                    http:// www.ncaa.org
   miracles than any               Resume Lesson                                    http://www.collegeboard.com
      wonder drug."        •       12th Grade - Strong Interest Inventory -         http://www.finaid.org
                                   High School edition                              http://fastweb.com
                              Self-Assessment Resources
                              •    eCIS - Idaho Career Information Systems:  •         O-Net Interest Profiler
                                   Connects assessment instrument results to           www.onecenter.org/IP.htpl
                                   CIS information. Twelve assessment tests •          Career Magazine - Personality Test
                                   are described and linked.                           www.careermag.com
                                        ο    IDEAS                              •      The Career Key - Professional Career
                                                                                       Test www.careerkey.org/english/
                                        ο    Armed Services Vocational
                                             Aptitude Battery 23/24             •      Keirsey Temperament –Take the
                                                                                       Keirsey Temperament Sorter II
                                        ο    Self-directed Search                      www.keirsey.com
                                        ο    Strong Interest Inventory          •      My Future.com –Work Interest Quiz
                                        ο    www.idahocis.org

                T IMBERLINE       COLLEGE         &    CA REER        CENT ER
SENIOR          NEWSLET T ER                                                                                                               P AGE       7

Helping Students with Learning Differences Succeed In College
     For students with ADHD and/or                 that require students to keep up with              tests.
learning disabilities, making a good college       assigned reading. Parents won’t be there to             Parents are sometimes afraid that
match means looking at more than a school’s        help students get to school on time and to         disclosing a learning disability will jeopardize
size, curriculum, or location. It’s important to   make sure they do their homework. There            their child’s chance of admission. But it
identify a student’s special needs, and to find    are also lots of distractions in college.          doesn’t make sense to hide a disability. It is
schools that provide the services that will        Learning time management, organization and         illegal for colleges to discriminate on the
enable that student to be successful in            planning, and prioritizing are essential; many     basis of disability, and if a school isn’t
college.                                           colleges offer workshops to help students          welcoming to students with a learning
     Learning disabilities don’t need to stop      develop these skills. Some schools have            disability or ADHD, would you really want
students from attending college. In fact, over     summer programs that enable LD and                 your child to be in that environment?
ten percent of college freshmen have               ADHD students to prepare for the more
                                                                                                           Acknowledging a disability is also helpful
identified learning disabilities. Most of these    rigorous college environment.
                                                                                                      in putting a student’s transcript in context.
students who thrive in college have taken               Students with ADHD or learning                Schools may waive a requirement, such as
college-prep courses and earned over a 2.0         disabilities need to be motivated to work          foreign language, or be more forgiving of a
GPA in high school. It is crucial that students    harder than other students. They must be           low grade, in the case of certain types of
understand their disability and how it affects     willing to ask for help, from the counseling       learning disabilities. Students may want to
their learning. Students need to be aware of       center as well as from the academic support        write an essay discussing not only how the
the accommodations they need to be                 services office. They may need more than           disability has impacted their high school
successful. Having the self-advocacy skills to     four years to complete a bachelor’s degree.        work, but what strategies they’ve developed
seek out those accommodations is also                   Before applying to most colleges,             to deal with the disability. Doing so allows
important.                                         students have to take either the SAT or            the college to see that student as someone
     Sometimes, students feel a stigma about       ACT. The College Board Service for                 who knows what he or she needs to do to
being diagnosed with ADHD or a learning            Students with Disabilities provides extended       be successful.
disability, and would rather find their own        time and other accommodations for SAT and               A student with ADHD and/or learning
way of coping than ask for help. While they        AP exams. Eligibility forms are available from     disabilities who has done well in high school,
may manage well in high school, a go-it-alone      school counselors. The ACT also offers             is motivated and wants to attend college, and
approach becomes more difficult in college,        accommodations for students who are                is able to ask for help, should have a good
where the environment is less-structured.          eligible. Apply for these services well ahead      college experience.
Teachers won’t always give regular quizzes         of the time you plan to take these admissions

Athletes & College Recruiting
     Thinking about playing your chosen            feel you can be competitive academically as        athlete forms on the athletics area of college
sport in college? Are you wondering how to         well as on the playing field. SAT and/or ACT       websites. E-mail appropriate coaches
make your involvement in athletics enhance         scores are also critical for these institutions.   expressing your interest in their program.
your chances of admission? Here are some           Required GPA and scores will be far above
                                                                                                      •    Market yourself. Don’t count on
guidelines for prospective college athletes.       the NCAA eligibility requirements.
                                                                                                      colleges finding you. Make yourself visible by
•    Choose a college by following the             •    Be realistic. Ask your coach for his/her      playing at regional events and showcases.
“broken leg” rule. It’s simple—if you were         honest assessment of your ability to play at       Make unofficial visits to campuses that
unable to compete there, would you still           Division I, II, or III.                            interest you. Contact the coaches ahead of
want to attend that college?                                                                          time and ask if you could meet with them
                                                   •    Be proactive. Start the process early.
                                                                                                      when you’re on campus.
•    Earn the best grades that you can.            Research colleges that meet your criteria
Although you may receive letters of interest       both for athletics and academics. Include          •    Register on the NCAA Clearinghouse
from very selective colleges, they will not        schools with sports teams from at least two        website by the end of junior year.
continue in the recruiting process unless they     different divisions. Complete prospective
Timberline High School    Non-Profit Org.
                          US POSTAGE
College & Career Center       PAID
701 E. Boise Ave.          Boise, Idaho
                          Permit No. 266
Boise, ID 83706