Senate, Assembly and Governor Continue to Negotiate New York by hzk12604


									 Senate, Assembly and Governor Continue                            Early Childhood Care and Education: The State Assembly
                                                                   proposed $100 million in new funding for Universal Pre-K to
   to Negotiate New York State Budget
                                                                   address the needs of tens of thousands children who are
                                                                   eligible but not able to access this critical program. The
This week, New York State’s Senate and Assembly submitted
                                                                   Assembly’s proposal is in stark contrast to the Governor and
their budget resolutions in response to the Governor’s
                                                                   Senate’s disappointing budget proposals that included no new
Executive Budget released on January 17, 2006. As expected,
                                                                   funding for Universal Pre-K. More positively, the Senate and
the Senate’s and Assembly’s positions on the Governor’s
                                                                   Assembly went against the Governor’s child care proposal and
budget proposals were very different from one another. They
                                                                   are advocating for child care funding to come from the Flexible
will now work toward reconciling their differences in order to
                                                                   Fund for Family Services.
reach an on-time budget before April 1, 2006. The following is
a summary of the State Legislature’s budget proposals that
                                                                   Public Assistance: While the Assembly’s budget opposed
would directly impact children and low-income families in New
                                                                   the Governor’s proposals for a full-family sanction, the Senate
York. CDF-NY will continue to follow the budget negotiation
                                                                   supported the proposal. This sanction withholds an entire
process and will keep you informed as the process moves
                                                                   family’s public assistance grant when one adult does not
                                                                   comply with work requirements. This proposal would not only
                                                                   further family instability it unfairly penalizes children for the
Child Health: The Assembly proposed very important
                                                                   actions of their parents.
simplification measures for Family Health Plus and Child
Health Plus B that would help ensure families maintain their
health insurance during recertification. The simplification                         CALL TO ACTION
proposals would eliminate documentation requirements and
                                                                   Help make sure our children get a head start! Call the
allow families to self-attest to their income and anything that
                                                                   following Senators and tell them to add $100 million for
has changed rather than submit documentation, as they do
                                                                   Universal Pre-K to the state budget: Senator Martin
currently. The Assembly also proposed that every two years, a
                                                                   Golden (518-455-2730); Senator Frank Padavan (518-
more simplified shorter mail-in renewal form be sent to
                                                                   455-3381); Senator Sephin Maltese (518-455-3281);
families. This short form would be even easier to complete         and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (518-455-
than the current mail-in renewal application. CDF applauds the     3191).
Assembly’s commitment to eliminating gaps in coverage by
making it easier for families to keep the coverage they need to    Then call the following Assembly Members and thank
stay healthy and working.                                          them for the new Pre-K funding: Speaker Sheldon
                                                                   Silver (518-455-3791) and Education Chair Cathy
The Senate’s public health insurance proposals, on the other       Nolan (518-455-4851).
hand, were unfortunately more aligned with the Governor’s
budget proposals and included the same eligibility and                   Parents Organize First-Ever Albany
coverage changes to the Family Health Plus program. These
                                                                                   Advocacy Day
proposed changes include an exclusion for workers whose
companies have 100 or more employees and a proposal that
would allow providers and pharmacists to deny services for         On March 14th, more than 2,000 New York City public school
patients who cannot afford co-payments. This will create new       students, their parents and their teachers joined in Albany to
barriers and make it more difficult for parents to access health   advocate for change in their school districts. They boarded
care.                                                              buses just after dawn, ready to remind their representatives
                                                                   that decisions made in Albany are critical to one million New
                                                                   York City schoolchildren. They went prepared to tell their
                                                                   stories of overcrowded schools, buildings in disrepair and
nonexistent textbooks — just some of the effects of the                       Program sponsors will cover travel, lodging, food and medical
disastrously inadequate education funding on the part of the                  insurance expenses. To download an application, go to
City and State.                                                     , or call the Embassy of
                                                                              Spain at (202) 452-0100 for more information.
Parents and students met with legislators and their staff to
argue their case for funding, at a time when the Assembly and                 Call for Applications: Young Global Leaders Summit
Senate are working to reconcile State budget packages for                     on the International Criminal Court
next year. Parents and teachers demanded that the Governor                    Where: Yale University, New Haven, CT
and the State Legislature provide schools with the court-                     When: April 15, 2006
ordered dollars won in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity decision.               What: Students and young professionals who wish to make a
This significant infusion of capital is necessary to ensure                   difference in the world are invited to apply for this one-day
students the basic education guaranteed by the New York                       conference. Participants will engage in workshops and
State Constitution.                                                           discussions aimed at equipping them with the tools to
                                                                              effectively educate and activate their peers to ensure an
Their strong showing in Albany reminded those at the Capital                  effective International Criminal Court. Thanks to generous
that New York City public school students, parents and                        support from the Planethood Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers
teachers need to be heard and respected. These parents and                    Fund, Open Society Institute, Hewlett Foundation and Ford
teachers will be monitoring how their legislators stand up for                Foundation, the conference (including tuition and meals) is free
students and will hold their representatives accountable.                     for selected students. Visit for
                                                                              more information.
               CDF Opportunity:
           Become an Emerging Leader                                                                SAVE THE DATE

The Children’s Defense Fund is seeking applications from                      10% for Youth Campaign: March and Rally
youth advocates from across the country to become Emerging                    When: Friday, March 24, 2006, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Leaders. The CDF Emerging Leaders Project fosters the                         Where: Harlem State Office Building, 125th Street & 7th Avenue
growth of a vibrant community of early care and education                     What: New York State has a $2.4 billion budget surplus. The
activists and depends on a commitment to peer-to-peer                         10% For Youth Campaign is marching to ensure that 10
learning and support . Each year, a new class of Emerging                     percent of these dollars go to youth for summer jobs,
Leaders is selected through a competitive process. Successful                 community centers, and youth programs! Join them. For more
applicants are dedicated to improving child care, early                       information, call Directions for Our Youth at (212) 362-4020.
education and school-age care policy; are involved in national,
                                                                              Vigil to Save the Children of Immigrants
state and/or local advocacy initiatives; and have support from
                                                                              When: Saturday, March 25, 2006, 11:45 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
local, state and/or national leaders.
                                                                              Where: 26 Federal Plaza (Subways: 6 to Brooklyn Bridge, N/R
                                                                              to City Hall, 2/3/A/C to Chambers Street)
Emerging Leaders attend two retreats throughout the year. The
                                                                              What: Just before new immigration bills go to the Senate floor
four-day Fall Institute, held at CDF’s Haley Farm in Clinton, TN,
                                                                              for a final vote, Families For Freedom is organizing a vigil for
supports personal reflection, team building and peer-to-peer
                                                                              citizen children affected by their parents’ detention or
learning. The Spring Institute offers an opportunity for the
                                                                              deportation to remind lawmakers who they hurt when they
whole fellowship network to come together, increase their
                                                                              pass bad laws. If you or your child want to participate, call
knowledge and skills and exchange best practices. CDF
                                                                              Prince Brown or Rafaela Lozano at (718) 858-9658 x204
covers the cost of travel, lodging and meals for all participants
in the Fall Institute, and scholarships are also available for the            Summit on Latino Families
Spring Institute. Application packets must be postmarked                      When: Tuesday, March 28, 2006, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
by April 17, 2006. Visit to                          Where: Baruch College, Bldg. H, 151 East 25th Street
download an application. For more information, contact Della                  What: Latino families are facing formidable challenges
Hoffman at (202) 662-3509 or                   including    disproportionately  high    rates   of    poverty,
                                                                              homelessness, and poor health. Latino children now account
                    OPPORTUNITIES                                             for 35 percent of substantiated child abuse and neglect cases
                                                                              in New York City and 38 percent of the children entering foster
Call for Applications: Young Hispanic Leaders Program                         care. The Summit on Latino Families will bring together a
Where: Santander and Madrid, Spain                                            group of Latino service providers, scholars, parents and
When: June 22-July 1, 2006                                                    advocates to provide recommendations for enhancing
What: The objective of this program is to allow future Hispanic               community-based family support services for Latinos
leaders from the United States to familiarize themselves                      throughout New York City. Please contact The Committee for
firsthand with Spain’s new political, economic, social and                    Hispanic Children and Families, Inc. at (212) 206-1090 or
cultural environment. All activities will be carried out in         , or visit for more
Spanish, so a good knowledge of Spanish is required.                          information.
      CDF-NY, 420 Lexington Ave., Suite 655, New York, NY 10170 • (212) 697-2323 • (212) 697-0566 • •
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