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					Introduction to

    Helene M. Horwitz, PhD
    Associate Dean, Student Affairs

      Year One                        1
CiM Website

n   CiM password:
    u   11STU146

             Year One                 2
Careers in Medicine
Program (CiM)
n   Career Development Model
    u Self Assessment
    u Career Exploration

    u Decision-making

    u Implementation

n   Corresponds to four years of
    medical school

            Year One               3
Why bother?
Why bother now?

          Year One   4
Your decisions are based on your view of the
You may think you know, but new information
may change your mind.
You will be busy, so do a little at a time.
You need time to reflect, and time to explore.
               Year One                       5
Self Assessment
n   Understanding your Values,
    Interests, and Skills is important
    to making a sound career decision
n   To help you with this assessment
    u Complete the self-assessment
    u Talk with peers

    u Consult a Careers in Medicine
      advisor to help you clarify and
      evaluate your individual profile
             Year One                    6
Activities to help you get to know yourself

   u   Personal Review
   u   Interests
   u   Values
   u   Environmental Factors and Practice
   u   Personality Type and Learning Styles
   u   Skills
   u   Financial Situation
   u   Educational Experiences

              Year One                        7
Personal Review
n   What were the events in your life that
    had an impact on your career choice?
n   What were your most important reasons
    for choosing medicine as a career?
n   Have these reasons changed since you
    wrote your personal statement?
n   What personal influences might affect
    your choice of specialty and your future
    medical practice?

              Year One                         8
Personality Assessment
 u Personality involves how we see
   ourselves and relate to others
 u Physicians with certain personality
   types may gravitate toward certain
 u Understanding your personality
   type can help you to make a
   better-informed specialty choice

         Year One                        9
Self Assessment Tools
n   Personal Career Assessment Tools
    u   Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
         «   Available at the Counseling Center
    u   Keirsey Temperment Sorter
         « Free preliminary Test

    u   Self-Directed Search (Holland)
         Cost $8.95
    u   ‘The Party’, based on Holland Codes
        available in your manual
                 Year One                         10
n   Every decision you make is a reflection of
    your values.
n   There are no right or wrong answers in
    assessing values.
n   Values are reflective of your life experiences
    up to now.
n   Your values may change over time.
n   A Career Values Checklist and Exercise is in
    your manual.
n   Values Card Sort available by appointment.

               Year One                              11
Environmental Factors
and Practice Needs
n   Practice Size
n   Community/ Practice Location
n   Practice Setting
n   Work Style and Needs
n   Compensation
n   Amount of Supervision
n   Lifestyle/Value Factors
n   Environment
            Year One               12
Environmental Factors
and Practice Needs
n   Review the Check List in your
n   Select those that will contribute
    most to your job satisfaction
n   Make note of the top three in each
    category on your personal profile

            Year One                 13
Glaxo Critical Factors
n   Pathway program has developed
    nineteen significant aspects of
    physicians’ experiences in practice
n   These critical factors are available in
    your manual and will help you to assess
    your goals, values, and strengths
n   The Pathway computer program is
    based upon these critical factors and is
    available in the Computer Lab

              Year One                     14
Glaxo Critical Factors
n   Pathway program has developed
    nineteen significant aspects of
    physicians’ experiences in practice

            Year One                  15
Critical Factors
n   Autonomy               n   Manual/Mechanical
n   Caring for Patients        activities
                           n   Pressure
n   Continuity of Care
                           n   Responsibility
n   Diversity
                           n   Schedule
n   Family/Leisure Time
                           n   Security
n   Focus of Expertise     n   Sense of
n   Income                     Accomplishment
n   Innovative Thinking    n   Status among
n   Intellectual Content       colleagues
                           n   Patient
n   Interacting with
    other physicians

               Year One                        16
Skills Assessment
n   In choosing a medical specialty it is
    important to determine what you
    do best
n   Think of activities you enjoy and
    are good at and accomplishments
    that you are most proud of
n   Review the skill list in your manual
    and identify the skills you used in
    the activities
             Year One                  17
Career Exploration
n   Specialty Information Preview & Search
    u   Summer Reflection
    u   Presearch Activities
         «   Careers in Medicine Specialty Pages
         «   Other Web Resources
         «   Specialty Interest Groups
         «   Local Medical Societies
         «   Alumni Mentor Program

                  Year One                         18
Web Resources
    u   Access to physician workforce data
    u   Post residency employment data
n   Careers in Medicine Web Site:
    u   Access to Specialty Society Web Sites

n   (MD)2 Monetary Decisions for Medical
    Doctors :
    u   Financial planning information

                Year One                        19
Monetary Decisions for
Medical Doctors (MD)2
n   Balancing financial resources and
    lifestyle needs will impact your choice of
n   (MD)2 materials are available on the web
n   Major Sections:
    u   Financial Advising
    u   Funding sources
    u   Medical School Expenses
    u   Critical Financial Issues (e.g. budget,
        debt management, credit, car purchase)

               Year One                           20
      Careers in Medicine
             at the
    University of Minnesota
n   Careers in Medicine (CiM) is a Career
    Counseling Program developed by
    the AAMC
n   Careers in Medicine Student Manual
    Contains a variety of resources
n   Careers in Medicine Advisors:
    Helene Horwitz, Phd., Program Coordinator
    Gregory Vercellotti, MD
    Ted Thompson, MD
    Robert McCollister, MD
    Charles Moldow, MD
    Paul Quie, MD
               Year One                         21
Role of the
Careers in Medicine
 u Discuss the results of your self-
   assessment with you
 u Provide additional information and
 u Answer questions about the

         Year One                   22
Our Four Year Program
n   Year One: Introductory Session
    u   Tools to begin your exploration
    u   Career in Medicine Advisors
n   Year Two: Specialty Series
    u   Specialty Information Manual
    u   Clinical Program Advisors
n   Years Three/Four: Clinical Rotations
    u   Specialty Advisors
    u   MSPE Interview
    u   Residency Meeting
    u   Interview Workshop

                Year One                   23
Careers in Medicine
n   The Careers in Medicine career
    counseling program has been developed
    by the AAMC
n   Our program has been designed for you:
    we welcome your suggestions
n   Utilize the Careers in Medicine Advisors
    to assist you with your specialty choice
    decision-making process
n   Complete each phase of the decision-
    making process systematically.

              Year One                    24