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                               PUBLIC LANDS DIVISION
                               RESOURCE DATA BRANCH
                               14TH FLOOR OXBRIDGE PLACE
                               9820 106 ST NW
                               EDMONTON AB T5K 2J6

                                              LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR DIGITAL DATA

I,          (hereinafter called the “licensee”)
hereby order from Her Majesty the Queen in right of Alberta as represented by the Minister of Sustainable Resource Development ( hereinafter called the
“Minister” ) the following products which contain digital data ( the “data” ):

                   QUANTITY                                                           DESCRIPTION

1.        The licensee shall only use the data for the licensee’s own use and in accordance with this Agreement.

2.        Redistribution of the data in whole or in part, whether alone or as part of a value added product, is not permitted without the prior written consent of
          the Minister.

3.        A credit line will be shown on any product(s) identified in condition 1 above which contain any of the data. The credit line will clearly identify what
          data was supplied by the Resource Data and the date it was supplied.

4.        In view of the dated nature of the data, it is the responsibility of the licensee of the data: (1) to confirm with the Resource Data Branch whether later
          versions are available before making use of the data; and (2) if the Minister permits the licensee to provide the data to other users, to advise users of
          the age and status of the data.

5.        The licensee agrees that the data and each part thereof, any formatting or presentation thereof, any storage media on which it is provided, and any
          communication of any kind, incidental or in relation thereto, is provided to the licensee by the Minister and the Crown without warranty or
          representation as to any matter including but not limited to whether the data and storage media is correct, accurate or free from error, defect,
          danger, or hazard, and whether it is otherwise useful or suitable for any use the licensee may make of it.

6.        The Crown in right of Alberta, the Minister and her employees and agents, shall not be liable for any claims, costs, losses, or damages, including any
          special, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage, which the licensee may incur or experience as a result of the use or possession of the data
          or associated storage media.

7.        (1)        The licensee further covenants and agrees that the Minister has, and shall continue to have, the absolute right, privilege and entitlement
                     to make any such other use, disclosure to any person, application or retention, or any other handling of or dealing with the data as the
                     Minister sees fit and in any format and storage media as the Minister sees fit, and nothing in or arising from this Agreement shall in any
                     way limit, restrict or impinge upon the aforesaid right, privilege and entitlement of the Minister.

          (2)        Nothing in this Agreement shall reduce or diminish the Minister's ownership of or copyright in the data or its compilation or arrangement.
                     Any analyses, programs, systems, software and formatting in the data or the storage media shall be the property of the Minister.

8.        The parties agree that a facsimile signature shall be as effective as an original signature.

MINISTER OF SUSTAINABLE RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT                                                       LICENSEE

Per: ________________________________________________________                                      Licensee:
          Resource Data Branch
                                                                                                   Signed: ____________________________________

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                                                                                                   of signatory: ________________________________

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Date: 09 January 2003                                                                              Date Signed: _______________________________________

RDB 12/2002