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SAS License Agreement by utg65734


									                                             SAS License Agreement
Subject to the provisions contained herein, the Associate (Department) may use the SAS Inst. copyrighted computer
software products which Oregon Health Sciences University has provided in accordance with its agreement with SAS

 acknowledges that these products are copyrighted and the SAS, Inst. retains all title and ownership rights to the
products. The Associate agrees not to copy or permit others to copy the products, in whole or in part
 agrees to use the products under this agreement only on a computer which is 1) owned or leased by Oregon Health
Sciences University or 2) owned by the Associate and further agrees that the products must remain under the
Associate’s control, and that resale or other transfer is explicitly prohibited
 agrees to use the products only for the Associate’s or Oregon Health Sciences University own data processing
requirements, and not for commercial time—sharing, rental or service bureau use
 agrees not to create, or attempt to create, or permit or help others to create, the source code from the products furnished
under this agreement. The Associate agrees that it will not reverse engineer or decompile the products
 agrees to return to Oregon Health Sciences University or destroy at once any and all copies in the Associate’s
possession, and to forward written notice to Oregon Health Sciences University that all programs and materials
containing the products have been destroyed or deleted from all computer libraries and storage devices, are no longer in
use or usable by Oregon Health Sciences University should the Associate no longer be associated with Oregon Health
Sciences University or if advised by Oregon Health Sciences University that the site license with SAS, Inst. has been

Cost: $225 per new license, $150 per license renewal, $60 per media (CD)

Payment methods accepted are VISA, MasterCard or cash.

Contact Name: __________________________________                 Date: _____________

Mail Code: ___________         Department: __________________          E-mail: ____________________

Phone # _________________ New lics [ ] Renewal [ ] Version ___________

Media (install CD) [ ]     Quantity of licenses _____________

Alias account number: ________________________ FAID# _______________

Signature: __________________________

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