Maple Software License Agreement by utg65734



                  Maple Software License Agreement
This Software is provided to you under an agreement between The Office of
Information Technology of The Ohio State University and Maplesoft, Inc.

Under the terms of this agreement, Maple is available to current faculty, staff and
graduate students who are employed as a teaching or research assistant/associate.
The software may be installed on OSU-owned or leased computers on the main
and regional campuses and at home. The software may also be used under the same
conditions by the above students on campus only. When you are no longer a
current employee or student of OSU, you must return this software to your
department or The Office of Information Technology.

The software may be used only for the OSU educational purposes of research,
teaching and administration. For each right-to-use copy distributed to you, the
software may be installed on a single computer.

The undersigned is authorized to install the number of copies of Maple indicated
on the back of this form for use on the following platform. For a network
installation, copies means the total number of network seats that will use the

Single user:
____Windows         ____Macintosh      ____Linux 32-bit       ____Linux 64-bit

Network user:
____Unix ____Windows ____Macintosh ____Linux32-bit ____Linux 64-bit

You agree to the use terms below, and if authorized to install multiple copies, you
must advise anyone who is using or receiving any of those copies that they are
prohibited from distributing, transferring, modifying, decompiling, reverse
engineering, creating a derivative work except for any content developed in Maple
Worksheets, or making copies of the software, and you must supply them with this
agreement. You must assure that their signed End User Agreement is returned to
IT Service Desk in 025 Central Classroom Building.

This software is protected by both United States copyright laws and international
treaty provisions. Each installed copy of the program is registered with The Office
of Information Technology as a function of your signing this form. Archival copies
of this software may be made for the sole purpose of backing up your software.

By signing and completing this agreement, I agree to honor the user license
agreement on the reverse side.

Platform* ___________________________
          * (windows/Mac/Linux/UNIX/etc)

Release ______
Version ______

Number of copies purchased/installed ______

Name _________________________________________________

Username (name.#)                              

Department ____________________________________________

Phone # (home) ____________________

        (work) _____________________

Address (computer location)


Please check one: _______        Faculty
                  _______        Staff
                  _______        GRA / GTA
                  _______        Student

Signature _____________________________________ Date

OIT staff use only

Ticket # ________________


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