Character Education Word Resourcefulness by ula13878


									                                       Character Education Word: Resourcefulness                                                     April 2010

                                                                                                CRCT DATES
       Important Dates                                     The CRCT will be administered to all students in grades 1 – 5 between April 20th
                                                           and April 26th. Please note schedule below.
Mar. 30 – April 1 Kindergarten Regist.
                                                                                                Tues., April 20 – Reading
April 2 – Early Release Day (12:20)                                                     Wed. April 21 – Language Arts
          Report Cards                                                                       Thurs., April 22 – Math
                                                                                         Fri., April 23 – Science (grades 3, 4, 5)
April 5 – 9 Spring Break
                                                                                       Mon., April 26 – Social Studies (grades 3, 4, 5)
April 19 – Last day for extension
April 20 – 26 CRCT                                                                                                          Lost and Found
                                                                   How Parents Can Help Children
April 24 – Murrayville Parade &                                       Do Their Best on Tests
           Carnival                                                 The best thing you as a parent can do to             Please check our Lost and Found
                                                        help your child do his/her best on standardized        Box for coats and other items your child may
April 27 – Parent Meeting – 6:00pm                                                                             have lost! It is overflowing!!!!
           “Guarding Kids against                       tests is to provide support by expressing
                                                        confidence in your child’s ability to do their best.
            High Tech Trouble”                                                                                                 Lynette Scheman 
                                                        Let that be your expectation, as well. Children
May 3 – 7 Teacher Appreciation Week                     should know that test scores are important, but                       Teacher of the Month 
                                                        are not the measure of your love and acceptance        Mrs. Scheman says she is very honored and 
May 6 – 5th Grade Parent Night at                       of them. Also remember the OAS website is an           proud to be a teacher at Lanier Elementary. 
        Chestatee Middle School                         excellent way for students to practice for the         She has been in the field of education for 18 
May 7 – Field Day                                       CRCT and can be accessed at home.                      years and has taught pre‐K through 5th grade. 
                                                                                                               Mrs. Scheman has two children.   Her 
May 8 – PTO Fun Run                                     On test days, try to provide a calm, stress-free       husband teaches at Chestatee High School. 
                                                        environment each morning as your child gets
                                                                                                               She says. “I enjoy teaching fifth grade and I 
                                                        ready for school. Get up in plenty of time to
         Murrayville Day Parade and                                                                            love being apart of the Lanier/Chestatee 
                                                        avoid morning rush and anxiety. Curtail
         Carnival—Sat., April 24th!                     nighttime extra-curricular activities and outings      Community.” Mrs. Scheman’s hobbies 
                                                        that may interfere with their regular bedtime          include: Sports, movies, and reading!   
The Murrayville Day Parade begins at 11:00am and        routine.                                               Being apart of the “Wildcat” family here at 
will end Lanier Elem. School where the Carnival         Help teach and reinforce the following test-           Lanier brings joy to her life everyday. Go 
will take place from noon - 5:00 p.m. Admission         taking tips and strategies:                            Wildcats! 
price is $8, which gives you a bracelet to wear and                                                                                                                            
unlimited access to all games and activities:                     Get Plenty of Rest Each Night
moonwalks, jumps, petting zoo, pony rides, bean                   Eat a Good Breakfast
bag toss, duck pond hay ride, and MORE! We will
                                                                                                                                  News from the Nurse…
have a variety of food: hamburgers, hot dogs,                     Have a Positive Attitude
cotton candy, drinks, snow cones, etc. ALL food
                                                                  Relax...Don’t Fret                           Spring is almost here! We have all been looking
and drink items will be priced separately. There will
                                                                                                               forward to warmer weather and sunnier days.
also be a LIVE DJ providing entertainment.                        Try Hard...Do Your Best
Come out and join the fun!                                                                                     Unfortunately for school, along with that comes
                                                                  Listen Carefully and Follow                  the wearing of warmer weather shoes. Parents, I
                                                                  Directions                                   ask that you please monitor the shoes that your
                                                                  Think Before You Answer                      children are wearing to school. While flip-flops
            Book Fair Wrap Up                                                                                  and high heeled sandals seem harmless at home-
Thank you for everyone’s support of our March Book                Read Directions and Questions                they are a hazard at school. Both types of shoes
Fair. Our volunteers were great! We earned $2600.00               Carefully
                                                                                                               are very dangerous for children on the track and
and donated over $1000.00 in free books to students               Don’t Rush...Work at Middle Speed            playground. They lead to more falling injuries as
and teachers at Lanier!                                                                                        well as making it easier for wood chips to get
                                                                  Check Over Your Work When
              ~Mary Dunagan and Mary Hope                         Finished                                     stuck in children’s feet. Once again, please make
                                                                                                               sure your children are wearing appropriate shoes
                                                                                                               at school.
          Guarding Kids against                                                                                                          Thank you so much.
                                                        Overdue Books
          High Tech Trouble                                                                                                              Nurse Smith
                                                        Library book overdue notices are placed in
                                                        Tuesday folders. Many students have books that
This Program is for Parents Only                        are several months overdue. As we begin to wrap                  
Tuesday, April 27th at 6:00 p.m.                        up the school year, please help your child locate              Partner in Education Spotlight
Safety information on internet, cell phone and          his/her book(s). Any book that is lost or                        Lanier Village Estates
technology & Raising awareness to decrease              damaged must be paid for by May 6.                     Provides mentors for Lanier students.
risk                                                                                                           Holli Howard - Coordinator

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