Gravitational Virtual Lab by ula13878


									Gravitational Virtual Lab

Purpose: To discover a relationship between the masses of two objects, the distance
between them and the gravitational force between them.

Click on
Select Run Now!

Create a table of values to record the data.

Select one variable (mass 1, mass 2 or distance) and record how the gravitational force
varies as that variable is changed. Make sure to record the constant values for the other
variables. Run at least 8 trials.

To show the trend of how the gravitational force changes with respect to the variable, plot
a graph. Using a log graph, find the relationship between the two variables. Plot a
straighten curve and analyze its slope (including units and a comparison to the constants
in the lab).

Repeat for all three variables.

Copy all data tables (neatly labeled) and all graphs (appropriately titled and labeled) into
a word document.

Write a conclusion summarizing the findings and trends.

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