FEDERAL BUYING SITES IN WEST VIRGINIA

                 AGENCY BY CITY                            AMOUNT             CONTRACTED ITEMS

Bureau of Prisons, Federal Prison Camp               $3,000,000       Supplies, landscaping, plumbing, office,
Box A, Glen Ray Road                                                  electrical; meals subsistence, wearing
Alderson, WV 24901                                                    apparel, office machine repair services,
Kim Thomas, Charlotte Melton                                          construction, renovation.
Contract Specialists
Tel: (304) 445-3300, Fax: (304) 445-3325
E-mail: kthomas@bop.gov
E-mail: cmelton@bop.gov


Federal Bureau of Prisons                            $6,000,000       Construction/renovation, landscaping,
1600 Industrial Park Road                                             maintenance, plumbing, electrical, clothing,
Beaver, WV 25183                                                      major equipment, furniture, food products,
Dan Carroll, Supv. Contract Specialist                                electronics, recreation equipment,
Tel: (304) 252-9758 Ext. 4924, Fax: (304) 256-4958                    commissary items, medical- pharmaceutical
E-mail: djcarroll@bop.gov                                             supplies.

VA Medical Center Purchasing & Contracting           $4,000,000       General hospital and office supplies,
200 Veterans Avenue                                                   equipment, services, construction and
Beckley, WV 25801                                                     maintenance.
Kim Pauley
Tel: (304) 255-2121 Ext 4136
Fax (304) 256-5498
E-mail: kim.pauley@med.va.gov
Jim Young, Supply Agent, Ext. 4171

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U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service   $800,000     Research and laboratory supplies,
Appalachian Soil and Water Conservation, Appalachian                    equipment and services; office and safety
Farming Systems Research Center                                         supplies, animals for grazing research.
1224 Airport Rd
Beaver, WV 25813 - 9423
Iris Lilly, Contracting Officer
Tel: (304) 256-2905, Fax: (304) 256-2904
E-mail: iris.lilly@ars.usda.gov
Web: www.arserrc.gov/beckley/

U.S. Department of Labor, Mine and Safety Academy          $3,200,000   Supplies: office, pool, plumbing, hardware
1301 Airport Road                                                       and building. Services: pest control,
Beaver, WV 25813-9426                                                   carpentry, painting, plumbing, A/C,
Bill Och, Supervisor                                                    refrigeration, office machine repair, welding,
Tel: (304) 256-3388, Fax: (304) 256-3350                                maintenance of live foliage, laundry/dry
K. Ann Hampton, Contract Specialist                                     cleaning, registration desk, janitorial/maid,
E-mails och.william@dol.gov                                             security guard and recreation.
Tel: (304) 256-3367, Fax: (304) 256-3350

Bruceton Mills

Federal Bureau of Prisons                                  $4,800,000   Subsistence, equipment and supplies,
USP Hazelton                                                            clothing , food, office and cleaning supplies,
P. O. Box 450                                                           tools, commissary items, books,
Bruceton Mills, WV 26524                                                construction; medical, dental, psychiatry,
Brad Cunningham, Supv. Contract Specialist                              education and religious services..
Tel: (304) 379-5152
E-mail: jmcunningham@bop.gov
Cameron Newcome, Contract Specialist
Tel: (304) 379-5153
E-mail: cnewcome@bop.gov

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West Virginia National Guard                            $45,000,000   Architect & engineering services, military
U.S. Property and Fiscal Office for West Virginia                     construction, office automations,
50 Armory Road                                                        administrative supplies, meals &
Buckhannon, WV 26201                                                  subsistence, furniture, miscellaneous
Lt. Col. Terry Mills, Supv Contract Specialist                        services, miscellaneous equipment and
Patricia Karickhoff, Contract Specialist                              supplies.
(304) 473-5207 or (304) 473-5266, Fax: (304) 473-5008
E-Mail: terry.mills@wvngb.army.mil
E-Mail: pat.karickhoff@wvngb.army.mil

U. D. Department of Housing and Urban Development       $310,000      Office supplies, equipment, technical
405 Capitol St., Suite 708                                            services, appraisals and property
Charleston, WV 25301                                                  assessments
Peter Minter, Field Office Director
Tel: (304)347-7000 Ext. 104

U.S. Dept of Interior                                   $60,000       Printing, reproduction, rent,
Office of Surface Mining                                              communications, office equipment and
1027 Virginia Street, East                                            supplies, vehicle maintenance. No
Charleston, WV 25301                                                  contracts. Small purchasing.
Beth Guthrie, Program Assistant
Tel: (304) 347-7158, Fax: (304) 347-7170
E-mail: bguthrie@osmre.gov
Web: www.doi.gov
                                                        $500,000      Construction projects, janitorial services,
Federal Aviation Administration                                       office supplies and machines.
301 Eagle Mountain Road, Room 122
Charleston, WV 25311
Jim Tidd, Logistics Specialist
Tel: (304) 347-5195, ext. 540, Fax: (304) 347-5195
E-mail: jim.tidd@faa.gov

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Air National Guard                                    $1,500,000
The 130th Airlift Group, Unit 36
1679 Coonskin Drive
Charleston, WV 25311-5010
Tina Kubik, Base Contracting Officer
Tel: 304-341-6292, Fax: (304) 341-6019
E-mail: tina.kubik@wvchar.ang.af.mil

General Services Administration                       $2,500,000    Custodial, cleaning, trash disposal, painting,
Public Buildings Service                                            pest control, tree trimming, switch gear
300 Virginia St. East, room 1620                                    maintenance, asbestos removal.
Charleston, WV 25311
David Hatfield, Field Office Manager
David Nicholas, Contracting Officer
Aaron Blackshire, Acquisition Manager
Tel: (304) 347-5155
Fax: (304) 346-7079
E-Mails: david.hatfield@gsa.gov
david.nicholas@gsa.gov; aaron.blackshire@gsa.gov


Veteran’s Administration Medical Center               $65,000,000   General hospital supplies, equipment,
1 Med Center Drive                                                  services and construction.
Clarksburg, WV 26301
Regina Miller, Chief, Contracting Office
Tel: (304) 623-3461, Ext 3091, Fax: (304) 623-7627
E-mail: regina.miller@va.gov
Charles Loar, Contracting Officer
Tel: (304) 626-7859, Fax: (304) 623-7637
Jennifer Robinson, Contracting Officer
Tel: 304-623-3152; E-Mail jennifer.robinson2@va.gov
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Federal Bureau of Investigation                         $178,600,000   IT hardware, support services, automotive
Criminal Justice Information Services Division                         goods and services, training, office
1000 Custer Hollow Road                                                supplies, facility supplies and services.
Clarksburg, WV 26306
Mike Young, Team Leader
Tel: (304) 625-3910
E-mail: myoungjr@leo.gov
Susan Smith, Contracting Officer
Tel: (304) 625-2441, Fax: (304) 625-5391
E-mail: susmith@leo.gov
Peggy Yates, Small Business Advocate – FBI
(202) 324-8340


U.S.D.A. Forest Service                                 $2,800,000     Forest improvement – brush removal,
Department of Agriculture Monongahela National Forest                  seeding, mulching, trimming, road/trail and
Bldg. 200 Sycamore Street                                              campground maintenance; construction of
Elkins, WV 26241-3962                                                  building, roads, bridges, trails. Equipment
Sharon Helms, Purch.Agent                                              and Supplies – limestone, culvert, etc.
Tel: (304) 636-1800, Ext 345, Fax: (304) 636-1875                      Services: surveying, timber examination,
E-mail: shelms@fs.fed.us                                               well drilling and Painting.

Federal Correctional Institution Gilmer                 $2,300,000     Subsistence, equipment and supplies,
201 FCI Lane                                                           clothing , food, office and cleaning supplies,
Glenville, WV 26351                                                    tools, commissary items, books,
Michelle L. Davies, Supervisory Contract Specialist                    construction; medical, dental, psychiatry,
304-626-2500 ext. 1079                                                 education and religious services
FAX 304-626-2695; E-mail: mdavies@bop.gov

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Harpers Ferry

Department of Interior                            $14,000,000    Photographic and art supplies, art exhibits,
National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center                      metal fabrication, signage, publications,
P.O. Box 50 Taylor Street                                        graphics, exhibit and model design and
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425-0050                                     fabrication and historical rehabilitation.
JoAnne Grove, Deputy Assoc. Mgr.
Tel: (304) 535-6236
Bob Cody, C. O., Small Business Utilization
Tel: (304) 535-6484, Fax: (304) 535-6424
E-mails: joanne_grove@nps.gov; bob_cody@nps.gov


Department of the Army Corps Of Engineers         $100,000,000   Construction and maintenance of river lots,
502 8th Street                                                   dam and flood control projects, lake
Huntington, WV 25701-2070                                        maintenance and service, drilling,
Deborah Czewski, Deputy for Small Business                       surveying, ADP, signs, architect,
Tel: (304) 399-5632, Fax: (304) 399-5281                         engineering services.
E-mail: Deborah.W.Czewski@usace.army.mil

Veteran’s Administration Medical Center           $20,000,000    General hospital supplies, equipment,
1540 Spring Valley Drive                                         services, construction and renovations.
Huntington, WV 25704
Mike Hughey, Contract Specialist
Tel: (304) 429-6755, Ext 2919
Fax: (304) 429-0275

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U.S. Coast Guard, Operations Systems Center          $38,000,000    Miscellaneous IT Services
408 Coast Guard Dr.
Kearneysville, WV 25430
Kathy Klein, Director of Contract Administration
E-mail: kathy.p.klein@uscg.mil
Tel: (304) 264-2566
Fax: (304) 262-3817

Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center                     $2,000,000     General hospital supplies, equipment, food,
VISNS Contract Satellite Office                                     vending, general services and supplies,
510 Butler Avenue, Building 308-B                                   ADP equipment, supplies and services, and
Martinsburg, WV 25405                                               A-E and construction services
Joan VanMiddlesworth, Contracting Team Lead
(304)263-0811 Ext. 3222
E-mail: joan.vanmiddlesworth@va.gov
Germaine Talbot, Contract Specialist.
Tel: (304) 263-0811, Ext 3218, Fax: (304) 264-3997
E-mail: germaine.talbot@med.va.gov
Shari Kesecker, Contracting Officer
(304) 263-0811 Ext. 3233
E-mail: shari.kesecker@med.va.gov


Department of Energy                                 $144,000,000   Research and Development, environmental
National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)                        services, support services, security, ADP
Acquisitions & Assistance                                           equipment and services, office supplies,
P.O. Box 880                                                        fabrication, building maintenance,
Morgantown, WV 26507-0880                                           laboratory testing, supplies and services,
Larry Sullivan, Small Business Program Manager                      architect and engineering services and
Tel: (412) 386-6115, Fax: (412) 386-6137                            construction.
E-mail: Sullivan@netl.doe.gov

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U.S.D.A. Forest Service                                $25,000      Repair of machinery and scientific
180 Canfield St.                                                    equipment, office supplies and equipment,
Morgantown, WV 26505                                                forestry and biological supplies and
Mary Prout, Support Services Specialist                             equipment.
Tel: (304) 285-1500, Fax: (304)285-1505
E-mail: mcprout@fs.fed.us

Natural Resources Conservation Service                 $1,500,000   Vehicle Service and maintenance,
75 High St., Room 301                                               computer hardware and software, office
Morgantown, WV 26505                                                equipment and supplies, photo equipment
Amy Bolyard, Contracting Officer                                    and supplies, cultural resources.
(304) 284-7557                                         $6,600,000   Construction-related services
Jeff Lewis, Purchasing Agent
Tel: (304) 284-7557, Fax: (304) 284-4839
E-mail: amy.bolyard@wv.usda.gov

 HHS CDC NIOSH                                         $3,000,000   Program-related health studies,
1095 Willowdale Road                                                professional services, equipment,
Morgantown, WV 26505                                                commodities, construction and A-E
Tel: (304) 285-5885 - Kim Groves, Purchasing Agent                  services.
Tel: (304) 285-8137 Becky Mullenax, Purchasing Agent

Curtis Bryant, Small Business Specialist supporting
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
HHS, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business
2920 Brandywine Road
Atlanta, GA 30341
Phone: (770) 488-2806
Fax: (770) 488-2828
Email: cbryant1@cdc.gov

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U.S. Department of Labor - Mine, Safety & Health Admin.     $65,000        Office supplies, mine inspection supplies
604 Cheat Road                                                             and equipment, ADP software & hardware,
Morgantown, WV 26508                                                       and laboratory equipment.
Mary Harbaugh, Purchasing Agent
Tel: (304) 225-6808
E-mail: harbaugh.mary@dol.gov

U.S. Department of Justice - Federal Correction Institute   $4,700,000     Subsistence, equipment and supplies,
P.O. Box 1000                                                              clothing , food, office and cleaning supplies,
Morgantown, WV 26507-1000                                                  tools, commissary items, books,
Brad Cunningham, Contract Spec.                                            construction; medical, education and
Patty Ord, Contract Spec.                                                  religious services.
Tel: (304) 296-4416 Ext. 217
Fax: (304) 284-3619
E-mail: pord@bop.gov

Department of the Treasury                                  $700,000,000   General purpose FIP, software supplies and
Bureau of the Public, Division of Procurement Services                     support equipment; maintenance & repair of
200 3rd St.,Parkersburg, WV 26101-5312                                     office equipment; training; program
Doug Anderson, Director                                                    management support services; janitorial,
Tel: (304) 480-7137                                                        minor construction, health, filing & security
Tracy Packard, Small Business Specialist                                   services; general office support, firearms,
Tel: (304) 480-7291, Fax (304) 480-7203                                    audit services.
E-Mail: tracy.packard@bpd.treas.gov
Paul White, Small Business Specialist [Asst]
Tel: (304) 480-7141, Fax: (304) 480-7203
E-mail: paul.white@bpd.treas.gov

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General Services Administration            $100,000   Equipment and supplies for mechanical,
Public Buildings Service                              custodial, building maintenance, repairs and
425 Juliana St., room 3325                            alterations.
Parkersburg, WV 26101
Patricia Hensley, Services Specialist
David Nicholas, Contracting Officer
Tel: (304) 420-6034
Fax: (304) 420-6038

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency       $45,000    Scientific, laboratory, office equipment and
Wheeling Operations Section                           supplies; vehicle supplies and repair,
1060 Chapline St., Ste: 303                           software supplies, maintenance and repair
Wheeling, WV 26003                                    of equipment, photographic printing.
Ron Conaway, Contracting Officer
Tel: (304) 234-0231, Fax: (304) 234-0257
E-mail: conaway.ronald@epa.gov

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