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									  West Virginia Department of Transportation
           Division of Highways

            West Virginia
       2003 HPMS Data Profile

                Prepared July 2004
Planning Division - Roadway Records & Statistics
2003 Submittal Summanc.

 Total Record Count:                 58,157

      Universe Records:              55,215 (comma delimited file)
  Separately Maintained:              2,942 (HPMS format)

 Record Count after performing HPMS grouping function:                       12,439

 *Detailed instructions   for imports and edits can be found in 2003 submittal
 notes file.

    IRI updated (next update due 2005 submittal)

    Actual Traffic counts for Districts 7, 8, 9 and 10

    Future AADT Year: 2021

     2003 Public Road mileage was 36,993, certified by
 letter dated May 12, 2004

 -- 2003 Submittal sent to FHWA on June 18, 2004.

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                                                   2003 HPMS Data Profile - Page 2
Percentage of Total Miles By Ownership


                             o State Highway
                             • Municipal

                             o Other State Agency


  Percentage of Total Miles by Functional System

            2% 4%

                            • Other Prin Arterial
                            o Minor Arterial
                            • Minor Collector
                            • Local

                           2003 HPMS Data Profile - Page 3
Percentage of Total Miles bv Rural/Urban Classification


                                                           • Rural         DUrban


National Highway System Mileage                                  1,784

By Category

On NHS                           1,759.7
Airport                               4.5
Port Facility                        13.2
Amtrak Station                         .9
Bus Terminal                            1.2
P.T./M.P Terminal*                      4.5

*(PT=Public   Transit, M.P.= Multi-Modal   Passenger)

Average IRion NHS Routes:                     101.44

                                                        2003 HPMS Dala Profile - Page 4
   1,870 Standard Sample Sections - 1,525.40 Miles

   Percent Sample Mileage By Functional Class


                                                        Rural Interstate
                                                      • Rural O.P.A
                                                      • Rural Minor Arterial
      6.0"10                                          • Rural Major Collect
                                                      • Urban Interstate
                                                        Urban Free & Exp.
                                                      • Urban O.PA
                                                      • Urban Minor Arterial
                                                      • Urban Collector


Percent Sample Mileage By Pavement Type


                                                            Low Type

                                                         • High Type Flexi.

                                                         • High Type Rigid

                                                         • Intermediate Type

                                                         • High Type Co~.

                                               2003 HPMS Data Profile - Page 5
Percent Sample Mileage By Average Daily Traffic Volume


                                                • Less than 5,000
                                                .5001     -10,000
                                                • 10,001 - 25,000
                                                025,001 - 50,000
                                                o Greater than 50,001

33 Donut Sections: 19 miles

Percent Donut Mileage By Functional Classification


                                                        Rural Major Collector

  28.9%                                               • Rural Minor Collector

                                      61.6"/0         • Urban Minor Collector

                                                2003 HPMS Data Profile - Page 6
West Virginia Division of Highways
2003 HPMS Submittal Comments
June 18, 2004


This is the submission for the 2003 data year.

Public Road mileage certified by letter on May 12, 2004 was 36,993. Certified Public Road
miles in HPMS is also 36,993.

Due to recent retirements and the subsequent introduction of new personnel into the HPMS
program, we are currently making a thorough review of our HPMS practices and
procedures to improve our current system and quality of data.

Since this is a massive undertaking we will be moving forward with our improvements in
small steps with a goal of 2-3 years to have all our current data verified and a set procedure
in place that will assure the accuracy and efficiency of our HPMS process.

We have developed a utility database to produce some simple type reports to assist us in
verifying required data and we have also developed easier methods in which to perform
some of our data entry type tasks. We will refine these processes as time goes on.

We plan to make dual use of our existing field inventory crews to obtain as much HPMS
data as possible and we have requested laptops for field use to accomplish this task. It is
our plan to initially concentrate on verifying all 98 fields of our standard samples and then
develop better methods in which to update the data annually.

We have asked for additional personnel to assist us in analyzing and adjusting our sample
panel requirements and it is our hope that we can begin that process this year. We would
like to remove any unneeded samples, add to the volume groups that we may be deficient
and maintain an overall 5% cushion in all volume groups to accommodate future shifts due
to AADT changes.

Please note the following   comments     for this year's data:


All AADT information for this submittal has been verified to reflect what we currently have
on our 2003 factored Roadway Inventory Log. We plan to do further reviews that compare
the 2003 AADT information to our past HPMS submittals so that we can target any areas
that show a large increase/decrease that might be due to a section that was not properly
updated in the past. We will provide you the details of those results when we complete that

During our review of HPMS processes it has come to our attention that the worksheet
provided to Roadware has been generated from our mainframe Roadway Inventory Log.
data in our HPMS table. Therefore, some sections are not getting updated. We expect
this to be easily rectified upon the next IRI year because we plan to generate the worksheet
by Section 10 directly from our HPMS database table. So if it appears that some iri values
are not being updated this is the reason why.


We discovered in our review prior to this year's submittal that there is a problem in our
Universe data regarding too many records marked yes for Truck Route. We will need more
time to explore the mainframe program that produces the comma delimited file to determine
why the codes are being converted incorrectly. We will resubmit our data once the matter
is satisfactorily corrected. Please note the Truck Routes for all the standard sample
sections are coded correctly.


1) Item 35 (IRI): All 8 records flagged with "Extremely High IRI" were actually updated this
year and verified as correct.

2) Item 59 (Narrow Right Shoulder Width on Interstate):   This section is located in a tunnel
which has a narrow shoulder.

3) Item 69 (Inadequate Horizontal Alignment on Interstate): The geometrics for these
sections were reviewed and appear to be correct.

4) Item 71 (Inadequate Vertical Alignment on Interstate): The geometries for these
sections were reviewed and appear to be correct.

5) Item 79 (Low Weighted Design Speed on Interstate): Geometric and speed limits for
these routes have been reviewed and appear to be correct.

6) Item 80 (Speed Limit Exceeds Weighted Design Speed): These records are correct.

7) Item 96 (High VSF): The data was reviewed and appears to be correct.

Any questions regarding the HPMS 2003 submittal may be directed to:

             Jay Monnig       304-558-3134     jmonnig@dot.state.wv.us
             Janet Lemon      304-558-3113     jlemon@dot.state.wv.us

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