Midwest Tier2 Networking Status and Plans

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					Midwest Tier2 Networking
Status and Plans
   Rob Gardner
   Computation and Enrico Fermi Institutes
   University of Chicago

   USATLAS Tier1 and Tier2 Networking Planning Meeting
   Brookhaven Lab
   December 14, 2005
MWT2 Personnel here today
   Fred Luehring: MWT2 co-PI @ IU
   Matt Davy: GlobalNOC @ IU
   Ron Rusnak: Network Services and Information
    Technologies (NSIT) @ UC

           12/14/05     R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   2
   Description of Midwest Tier2 (MWT2)
   Network Status and Plans

          12/14/05     R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   3
MWT2 Description
    Midwest Tier2 center is a joint project between UC and IU
        to provide a computing resource for Monte Carlo production
        facilitate physics analysis of AOD samples
    Project is building from iVDGL prototype Tier2 centers,
     which are now in place and have been active in DC2 and
     Rome production
    This winter we will begin procurement of resources for
     the MWT2, adding ~32 nodes at each site and a combined
     50 TB of storage, plus network upgrades
    Two dedicated project-funded FTEs in place now
        Marty Dippel @ UC; Kristy Kallback-Rose @ IU
        Dan Shroeder to arrive 1/06 @ IU.
        Continued contributions from Andrew Zhan (GriPhyN/iVDGL)

             12/14/05           R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan        4
The ATLAS Computing Model
J. Shank, NSF Review 7/05
    Worldwide, there are approximately 30 T2 of
     various sizes
         Approximate Overall CAPACITY in 2008:
              20 MSi2k CPU
              9 PB     Disk
         US to satisfy commitments to ATLAS:
              3.3 MSi2k CPU
              1.5 PB    Disk
         In addition, U.S. ATLAS physicists needs at our T2 will
          require more resources. Current estimate of our
          average T2 in 2008:
                                            • 1 MSi2k CPU
                                            • 500 TB Disk

               12/14/05         R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan      5
 Projected T2 Hardware Growth
 J. Shank, NSF Review 7/05

  Tier 2           2005           2006            2007            2008            2009
CPU (kSi2k)        210            350             730            1,090           1,600
 Disk (TB)         40             170             370             480             630
CPU (kSi2k)        600           1,000           1,600           1,700           2,100
 Disk (TB)          60            200             380             540             700
CPU (kSi2k)        100            240             465             700            1,050
 Disk (TB)         50             130             260             465             790
 •Assumes Moore’s law doubling of CPU and disk capacity every 3 years at constant cost
 •Assumes replacement of hardware every 3 years
                12/14/05                 R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan                  6
Current Scale - Chicago
   64 dual 3.0 GHz Xeon nodes, 2 GB memory
   Interconnected by Cisco Catalyst 3750G
   A storage system consists of four servers with dual 3Ware
    disk controllers, providing 16 TB of attached RAID
   Eight front-end nodes provide grid GRAM and GridFTP
    servers from VDT (OSG and OSG Integration testbed
   The facility also has interactive login nodes to support
    local batch analysis that we are providing on a best effort
    basis until official US ATLAS Tier2 policies are
   4 machine development cluster (Rocks and Condor
    configuration trials, OSG integration testbed)
            12/14/05         R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan       7
Current Scale - IU
   The prototype Tier-2 consists of dedicated use of 64 2.4
    GHz Xeon processors possible through an in-kind
    contribution by IU (AVIDD, NSF-MRI) to ATLAS.
   The site has 1.5 TB of dedicated fiber channel disk.
   Recently IU provided an additional 8.0 TB of Network
    Attached Storage (NAS) for ATLAS production use.
   Archival tape system
   New MWT2 equipment will be located at the ICTC
    machine room on the Indianapolis campus of IU (IUPUI)

            12/14/05        R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan     8
Network Status and Plans
   Overall MWT2 network architecture
   UC Connectivity status and plans
   IU Connectivity status and plans
   Starlight Configuration Issues
   IU and UC network support organizations,
    represented here today

           12/14/05     R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   9
                                            Dec 2005

12/14/05   R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan        10
UC Connectivity to Starlight - Status
   Prototype Tier2 Cisco 3750 connected via 1 Gbps
    path to campus border router (Cisco 6509)
       Once at the border, we share with the rest of UC
   Campus to 710 N. Lakeshore Drive via 2 x 1 Gbps
    fiber provided by I-WIRE
       State of Illinois project: http://www.iwire.org/
   At 710 NLSD
       DWDM output connected to MREN Force10, providing
        L2 Ethernet connectivity
       MREN Force10 provides L3 routing
       10 Gbps link between MREN and Starlight Force10,
              12/14/05         R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   11
UC-Starlight Connectivity Upgrade
   10 Gbps upgrade funded by UC Teraport project (NSF-
   Agreements with Starlight 9/8/05
       One time cost for 10 Gbps interface at Starlight: 10K
       First year of operation: 10K
   Components ordered from Qwest 9/15/05
       DWDM 10 Gbps Lambda transceivers for UC edge routers at
        Starlight and at campus border: 56.1K
   Delivery on these components delayed by Cisco-Qwest
       Current ETA: ~ month
   Service brought to Research Institutes building, RI-050,
    where new Tier2 equipment will be housed
   Tier2 to fund RI-050 connectivity w/ Cisco 6509

               12/14/05            R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   12
IU Connectivity to Starlight
   Currently there are 2x10 Gbps lambdas between IU
    GigaPoP and 710 NLSD
       On campus, 10 GigE connections from GigaPoP to
        ICTC, home of IU.MWT2
       Connected to Starlight Force10
   Current UC-IU connectivity thus goes via Abilene
   IU dedicated (shared with other IU projects) in
    place between IUPUI and 710 NLSD
       Expect by Feb 06

             12/14/05       R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   13
Viewed from the machine room
   Both UC and IU are still finalizing cluster & storage design
   At UC, will likely build cluster around Cisco 6509
       Cisco chassis plus supervisor engine
       4 port 10 Gbps interface card
       1 x 48 port 1 Gbps interface card
       Total switching costs: ~60K, negotiating with other projects in the
        UC Computation Institute for sharing the costs for 10 Gbps card
       Separate network for storage-compute node (backplane
   At IU
       MWT2 infrastructure costs cover basic network connectivity
       Currently, this goes via Force10, E600
       Considering upgrade to E1200
       Depends on final cluster and storage architecture

               12/14/05            R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan             14
Starlight Peering
   Goal is to setup VLAN peering to enable 10 Gbps virtual
    circuits between each of the major nodes on the network:
       Between UC and IU hosts
       For either UC or IU to BNL hosts
       For either UC or IU to CERN hosts
   For UC, setup rules on MREN router
   For IU, setup with dedicated IU router at Starlight
   All this should be straightforward to establish for UC-IU
   Not as clear the CERN or BNL links (why we’re here!)

              12/14/05          R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   15
MWT2 Network Support
                             NSIT – Data Networking
   Networking Services and Information Technologies
     – Academic Technologies, Administrative Systems, Data Center, General
       Services and Networking
     – ~340 individuals
   Data Networking
     – Director
              Installation and Repair – Assistant Director plus 5 technicians
              Engineering – Manager plus 6 engineers
     –     Equipment located in 406 closets in 128 buildings (1/4 with UPS)
     –     ~25 Miles of fiber between buildings
     –     ~26,000 hosts
     –     Approximately 1700 Cisco switches deployed (35xx, 2950, 2970)
     –     ~700 wireless APs in 97 buildings (90% of best places, 60% of full coverage)

12/14/05                          R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan                          17
                           NSIT – Data Networking
     – 18 remote sites serviced with 2 45Mpbs and 20 1.5Mbps circuits; 1
       OPT-E-MAN 20Mbps
     – 2 ISPs on OC3 circuits
     – Internet 2 = 3x1Gbps on I-Wire Ciena DWDM to MREN/Starlight
            Soon 10 Gbps
     – Campus Core = 14 Cisco 6500s with Sup 720 interconnected
       with 1Gbps
            Soon 10 Gbps
     – Multicast Support
            5 large access grid facilities

12/14/05                        R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan             18
12/14/05   R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   19
GlobalNOC functions
24x7x365 Network Operations and Engineering Services
  Real-Time Network Monitoring
  Documentation including and an extensive Network
  Information Database
 Problem Tracking & Resolution

 Historical Reporting (Traffic, Availability, etc)

 Change Management

 Security Incident Response

 Network Design and Planning

 Network Installation & Implementation

          12/14/05      R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   20
Open Questions
   Configuration of MWT2 connectivity with BNL via
   Same, for CERN - what are the rules/policy? (for
    access to AOD datasets located elsewhere in

           12/14/05     R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   21
Appendix: I-WIRE network
and MWT2 information
                                                  I-Wire DWDM Network

               Argonne National

   (Abilene, ESnet, MREN,                                        QWest      Level(3)
 TeraGrid, CERN, NASA…)
(CA*Net4, OmniNet, Surfnet,                                                 Illinois Century
          Europe, Japan…)
                                                              Starlight     Network (K-20)
                                                           University)      University of
                 Gleacher Center
                 (University of Chicago)                  University of     Illinois Institute
                                                      Illinois-Chicago      of Technology

2 DWDM Systems
(660 Gb/s capacity each)


       12/14/05                            R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan                        23
Tier2 Site Architecture
   Provision for hosting persistent “Guest” VO services &
                                  Private network              External

        Worker nodes       Worker nodes            Edge Nodes

                         VO Services,
     GRAM      GIP                         Guest VO
                         Proxy Caches,     Services, Agents,
    GRIDFTP    SRM                         Proxy Caches
     Grid Gateways       VO dedicated       Edge Services
                         boxes              managed
              12/14/05              R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan                  24
Software Environment
   ATLAS releases provided at both MWT2 sites
       Distribution kit releases for production
       Additional releases
   Local tools (UC site)
       Local batch submit scripts & monitors
   Backups of system configuration and important
    service installations, and user /home implemented
       Have ordered a 4 TB server to provide dedicated service

             12/14/05          R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan     25
Policy for CPU Usage
   Resource allocation at both UC and IU will be determined
    by US ATLAS policy
   UC (Condor) and IU (PBS) will have different
    implementations, but will effectively set usage for:
       for production managers
                                                             Many fine grained
       for software maintainers                           details on queue and
       for US ATLAS users                                  user behavior will
                                                            need to be worked
       for general ATLAS                                           out.
       for general OSG access
   Set by role based authorization system (VOMS, GUMS, and
    local Unix accounts)
       Have configured UC GUMS to support US ATLAS roles
       Will use UC GUMS for both MWT2 sites

              12/14/05             R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan                 26
Policy for Storage Usage
   User, Community and DDM (ATLAS) datasets need to be
    provisioned on the data servers
   Storage and quota of existing 16 TB @ UC
       Se1: grid and system use
       Se2: community (local data manager)
       Se3: community (local data manager)
       Se4: user w/ quota
   DDM, Panda storage at present 1 TB
   Expansion to 50 TB FY06
   IU storage (archival)

              12/14/05           R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan   27
Grid Environment
   VDT Grid clients
       Provided by tier2-u2.uchicago.edu
   DDM clients
       As part of DDM service install at UC
   Local specific guides
       http://pgl.uchicago.edu/twiki/bin/view/Tier2/WebHome
   Services deployed
       DDM managed agents and catalogs (still in a long period of debugging)
       dCache (first deployments successful, problems with compatibility with
        dCache version and FTS prevented larger scale testing)
       OSG production and ITB instances

                12/14/05             R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan              28
Service and Operations
   Points of contact
       tier2-users@listhost.uchicago.edu (General announcements)
       tier2-support@listhost.uchicago.edu (System problems)
   Systems administrator response: 9-5 M-F and best effort
   Non-local grid problems:
       US ATLAS support center @ BNL trouble ticket
   IU and UC will develop MWT2 specific trouble ticketing

              12/14/05           R. Gardner - MWT2 Network Plan     29