Acord volunteer schedule for April 2008 by openforbusiness


									                         Acord volunteer schedule for April                            2008
                  Can’t make it as scheduled? Please first see phone list & try to swap dates.
                         If unable to arrange a swap, call a sub (see below). Thanks!

              WED. PICK-UPS               Wednesday                                       Saturday            SAT. PICK-UPS
Date           Please deliver to       On duty at the pantry            Date          On duty at the pantry    Please deliver to
              Acord by 9:45 am         9:45 am – noon                                 8:45 am – noon           Acord by 8:45 am
April 2       Shaw’s                 9:45 am – noon                  April 5       8:45 am - noon             Shaw’s/
Unload          Lisa Azeni           Facilitator: Susie              Shelve        Facilitator: Donna         Stop&Shop
food bank     Crosby’s               Rowland                         Food Bank     Brockenbrough                Tom Helming
delivery in    Len Broughton         Ellen McGuiness                 delivery      Sharon/Jim Robinson        Crosby’s
late AM          Or Julie Clay       Chris Whitehead                 rcvd. Wed.    Janet Merrill                Arthur Abbott
                                     Kate Page                                     Faith McCulloch
                                                                                   Heather Fontaine
                                                                                   Kate & Allison T Mills
                                                                                   Cody Frisch T
                                                                                   Caroline Croyle T
                                                                                   Keith Morency T

April 9       Shaw’s                 9:45 am – noon                  April 12      8:45 am - noon             Shaw’s/
               Fran & Eddie          Facilitator: Lauren Prior                     Facilitator: Karen         Stop&Shop
               Clark                 Lori Morency                                  Chadbourne                 Brent Keltner
                                     Kathie Sweeney                                Gretchen Ahearn
              Crosby’s               Sandra Torode                                 Eda Matchak                Crosby’s Dan Carlin
               Len Broughton         Jackie Girard (11-12)                         Bev Granz                   or Arthur Abbott
                 Or Julie Clay       Corinne Waite T                               Heather Fontaine
                                                                                   Ashley Kang T
                                                                                   Maybe Linnea Granz T

April 16      Shaw’s                 9:45 a m – noon                 April 19      8:45 am - noon             Shaw’s/
                Beth Loeper          Facilitator: Beth Loeper        Sort/shelve   Facilitator: Amanda Fox    Stop&Shop
              Crosby’s               Nancy Monaco                    FoodBbank     Kim Meader                   Daniel Matica
               Julie Clay or         Ann Clemenzi                    and food      Kristy Peavey
               Len Broughton         Alisa Greco                     drive         Diane Peters               Crosby’s Dan Carlin
                                                                     deliveries    Mike Sweeney                or Arthur Abbot
                                                                     rcvd this     Lauren Reid T
                                                                     week          Danny & Brian Rogers TT
                                                                                   Catherine Hoffman T
                                                                                   Caroline Croyle T

April 23      Shaw’s                 9:45 am – noon                  April 26      8:45 am - noon             Shaw’s/
               Christa Mente         Facilitator: Jennifer Brook                   Facilitator: Karen         Stop&Shop
              Crosby’s               Len & Claire Broughton                        Chadbourne                   Sandy Ahman
               Julie Clay or         Cathy Sampson                                 Tom Helming
               Len Broughton         Justin Guo (T) & mother                       Diane Scott                Crosby’s Dan Carlin
                                     Danny Heck (T) & mother                       Laurie, Madeline T &        or Arthur Abbot
                                                                                      Susie T Polese
                                                                                   Jane & Danny (T) Heck

April 30      Shaw’s                 9:45 am – noon
               t.b.a.                Facilitator: Ann Smith
              Crosby’s               Julie Clay
                Julie Clay or        Corinne Bird
                Len Broughton        Jean Ebb

Food bank delivery and pick-ups
1st Wed. April 2 Merrimack Valley.Food Bank delivers during AM (pantry volunteers unload)
3rd Thurs. April 17 Bob Cummings, Dugan McVaugh-- Salem pick up /Grtr Boston Food Bank
                  Wednesday Substitutes                                                  Saturday Substitutes
Jean Ebb sub          Lauren Prior bread sub                     Lisa Azeni bread sub          Diane Scott sub   Ann Weiner sub
Lori Lattanzi sub     Jennifer Brooke bread sub/4th Sat.         Sasha Nostrand bread sub      Cec Horn sub    Sandy Ahman sub
Betsy Duquette sub Shelly Shuka Crosby’s sub only                Susan Kalloch bread sub       Suzanne Soffa sub
              Volunteer coordinator Ann Smith: or (978) 468-7424

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