Basic Computer Networking - PowerPoint by utg65734


									   Basic Computer Networking
    at the Toolik Field Station

                   Dr. Todd Valentic
              Center for Geospace Studies
                   SRI International

Dec 2, 2003                                 Veco Polar
    Basic Network Components

             Hosts– Computers, printers, servers
              NIC– Network interface card
      Interconnect– Cables or wireless
            Switch– Common connection point
            Router– Communicates with external networks

Dec 2, 2003                                               Veco Polar
          Wireless Networking
                   - Connect to wired LAN through
                     an access point.

                   - Hosts use a wireless network
                     interface card (NIC) to talk to
                     the access point.

                   - IEEE-802.11b - 11Mbps
                   - IEEE-802.11a - 54Mbps
                   - IEEE-802.11g - 11/54Mbps

                                 Toolik wireless network
                                 is IEEE-802.11b.

Dec 2, 2003                                       Veco Polar
                  Wireless Bridges

  Access points can also be used to connect two wired networks

  One central access point, several remote access points

  Each access point can also service local wireless hosts

Dec 2, 2003                                                      Veco Polar
   Toolik Field Station Network

Dec 2, 2003                Veco Polar
           Toolik Network Issues

  ●   Good news: key network infrastructure is holding
      up well and meeting demand.
  ●   T1 offsite fiber can handle current load.
  ●   Ability to add more voice-over-IP phones.
  ●   802.11b wireless migration to 802.11g
      (backwards compatible, 5 times faster)
  ●   As Station usage increases, consider installing
      fiber to select buildings

Dec 2, 2003                                       Veco Polar

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