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					                                                 College of the Redwoods
                                                      Transfer Center
        Calendar of Events - Spring Semester 2010
      T ransferring T o a U niversiTy i s a P rocess , n oT a n e venT !
  Feb. 12 — Lincoln’s Day (no classes)                                   Apr. 19-23 — UC Davis Asian Pacific Culture Week
                                                                              program will include food, dancing, and speakers.
  Feb. 15 — Presidents Holiday (all-college holiday)                          For more information, contact (530)752-4287.
  Mar. 5 — Last day to petition to Graduate or apply for
       Certificates                                                      Apr. 26 - May 1 — UC Davis “La Raza” Cultural Days
                                                                               program will include food, dancing and speakers.
  Mar. 15-20 — Spring Break (no classes)                                       For more information, contact (530)752-4287.
  Apr. 2 — Last day for Student Initiated Drop                           May 17-22 — UC Davis Black Family Week is an event
                                                                              which promotes awareness and understanding of
  Apr. 5-9 — UC Davis Native American Culture Days,                           African American achievements through speakers,
        A traditional program with drums, dancing and songs.                  music, ethnic food and dance. Call (530)752-4287
        For more information, contact (530)752-4287.                          for more information.
  Apr. 9-10 — Humboldt Spring Preview — Humboldt State
                                                                          May 8-14 — Final Examinations
        University’s annual Open House is a chance to
        meet with faculty, students and attend lectures.                       May 14 — Spring Semester Ends
        Contact Humboldt State, 826-4402, for more
  Apr. 17 — UC Davis Picnic Day — the annual
        Open House features a parade, exhibits,
                                                                                        Plan Ahead...visit the
        entertainment and tours. Call (530)752-2027                                       Transfer Center!
        for more information.

   Transfer Choices Flow From Knowing Your Career Direction
  Someone once said: “If you don’t know where you’re going,          that fit with the personal qualities you’ve identified. Finally,
  you’re liable to end up somewhere else.” This is especially        and here is where the Transfer Center comes in, make plans
  true in choosing the college or university to which you would      for obtaining the education and training you need to reach the
  like to transfer after completing your coursework at College       career you’ve chosen.
  of the Redwoods (CR). Your time and money might be wasted
  by transferring to a school that does not prepare you well for     The Career and Transfer Centers at CR have the resources
  the career you would like to pursue. Determine your career         and professional personnel to ensure you have all the tools
  first, and then select the schools that offer the best education   necessary to choose the careers and schools that best fit the
  in that field.                                                     person you are. Both Centers have recently moved to the
                                                                     same location, AD 205, at the back of the Counseling Office.
  The initial step in discovering your career path is to gain        Stop by and see us, we’re looking forward to assisting you in
  information about you (interests, personality, values, and         making the choices that lead to your career fulfillment.
  skills). Next, explore occupations and make career choices

CR Transfer Center, 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501-9300             Web:               Phone: 707.476.4146
                       FALL 2010
  HSU & Chico State “Instant Admissions”-                                         Dear Future HSU Students,
              a Big Success!                                                        It’s the start of a new semester and time to make
                                                                                    sure that you’re on track to transfer to Humboldt
Once again the CR Transfer Center staff organized the Humboldt      State University. My name is Rhonda Geldin and I am the liaison
State “Instant Admissions” program. The admission evaluators        from HSU’s Office of Admissions to the College of the Redwoods.
met with CR students and evaluated their transcripts and admis-     I am available year round to help you plan and secure your
sion applications to determine if the students were eligible for    future transfer admission to Humboldt State and look forward to
admission. This year forty-seven CR students participated in HSU    working with you.
“Instant Admissions” and were admitted. Two received “pend-
ing” admission status.                                              The more information you have and the earlier you have it will
                                                                    make all the difference. I visit C/R’s Eureka campus for individual
             Congratulations to all students                        admissions appointments each month. I am also available to
                admitted for Fall 2010.                             meet with students here at Humboldt State anytime or you are
                                                                    welcome to contact me directly at 707-826-6213 or by email at

 IS OREGON IN YOUR TRANSFER PLAN?                                   I want to encourage all prospective students to spend some time on
                  As you consider your transfer choices, don’t      the Humboldt campus before transferring. Our annual open house,
                  exclude Oregon just because you are not a         Spring Preview, is scheduled for April 9 & 10. You can also arrange
                  resident there. There are four public institu-    to visit us when it’s most convenient for you. While visiting you
                  tions in Oregon that offer you as a California    can take a campus tour, meet with department personnel and
                  resident an opportunity to attend without pay-    learn more about some of our unique campus facilities. You can
                  ing non-resident tuition.                         also visit with offices that support your educational goals such
                                                                    as the Financial Aid Office and the Educational Opportunity
Through the Oregon Exchange Agreement eligible CR students          Program. To make your arrangements, please contact our
may transfer to Rogue River Community College in Grants Pass,       receptionist in the Admissions Center at 826-6270.
Southern Oregon University in Ashland, or Oregon Institute of
Technology in Klamath Falls and not pay out-of-state tuition.       There is much to take advantage of as a Humboldt State
While on this exchange, however, you are precluded from             University student. Across a broad range of academic disciplines,
establishing Oregon residency. This preserves your California       Humboldt offers excellent opportunities and access in every
residency status should you decide to return for additional study   major program. Some examples include Art Gallery Management;
in California. This exchange results in substantial tuition cost    Broadcasting experience on our two radio stations; Lab courses
savings while providing additional transfer options.                on the Coral Sea Research Vessel or at the Marine Lab in Trinidad;
              For additional information about the Oregon           field work at the Child Development Lab and much more.
              Exchange Agreement, contact Peggy Gossi in the        At Humboldt, students are proud of continuing a tradition of
              Admissions Office (476-4274).                         supporting environmental and social values. We are fortunate
                                                                    to have many students who take a leadership role in nationally
              Eastern Oregon University in Le Grande provides       recognized programs such as YES, which encourages service
              another choice by charging in-state tuition rates     learning, and those who take advantage of the Peace Corps after
              to all students whose normal residence is outside
              of Oregon. Again, significant savings without es-
              tablishing Oregon residency. Visit their website:     Humboldt State is now closed for fall 2010 to all undergraduate
     or on-line catalog: http://www.           applicants.
                                                                    I look forward to meeting you and working with you throughout
                                                                    the academic year.
   The Transfer Center Resource Library
               The Transfer Center Resource Library assists
                College of the Redwoods’ students in making
                 educational decisions. We have several
                 reference books which can help you decide on       Rhonda Geldin
                a major and a four-year university to attend.       Assistant Director
   The Transfer Center has many four-year university                Office of Admissions
   catalogs and publications available for checkout.                Humboldt State University
   Please stop by the Transfer Center and use these                 707.826.6213
   valuable resources.                                    

   The Transfer Center is located in the back of the
   Counseling Office — AD205.                                               Transferring to a University Is a Process,
                                                                                          Not an Event!

 CR Transfer Center, 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501-9300         Web:               Phone: 707.476.4146
•	 UC gives priority admission to California Community
   College transfer students
•	 8 of every 10 California Community College applicants
   are qualified and admitted
•	 Nearly one third of all UC bachelor’s degrees go to transfer
•	 On average, junior transfer students graduate after
   2.4 years at UC
   (2008 The Regents of the University of California.
   UC website—

Seven UC campuses offer guaranteed admission to California
community college students who meet specific requirements.
By participating in a Transfer Admission Guarantee program,
you can receive early review of your academic record, early                                   visit the
admission notification, and specific guidance on major
preparation and general education coursework. For additional
information, checkout
                                                                           CR TRANSFER CENTER
   CHECK OUT                                                                     Application Filing Dates for
                                                                                State Colleges & Universities
   -Interested in transferring to a California
   State University? For more information
   about all of the California State University                           2010-2011 California State University (CSU)
   campuses log on to You                              applications first accepted:
   may take a virtual tour of any CSU campus by                              Summer Quarter 2010 ................February 1, 2010
   clicking on “Explore Campuses.” You may also apply online for             Fall Semester or Quarter 2010 ..... October 1, 2009
   admission to the CSU campuses using                    Winter Quarter 2011 ......................... June 1, 2010
   -Information about the University of California campuses can              Spring Semester or Quarter 2011 ...August 1, 2010
   be found at the UC’s Pathways website (at
   pathways). Pathways includes information for prospective UC            2010-2011 University of California (UC)
   students about undergraduate education, scholarships, financial        application filing periods:
   aid, etc. You may also apply online for admission to the UC               Fall Quarter 2010 ................Noember 1-30, 2009
   campuses using Pathways.                                                  Winter Quarter 2011 ...................July 1-31, 2010
                                                                             Spring Quarter 2011 ............ October 1-31, 2010
   -If you are interested in finding out about California’s
   independent colleges and universities, log on to www.                  UC Berkeley & UC Merced This website provides information about                  Fall Semester 2010 ............. November 1-30, 2009
   California’s independent colleges and universities with links to          UC Berkeley accepts applications for the fall only.
   member campuses.
                                                                             Spring Semester 2011 ...................July 1-31, 2010
   -If you are planning to transfer from a community college to a
   University of California or California State University campus,        2010-2011 California Independent/
   you might want to checkout ASSIST (at                 Private College filing periods:
   ASSIST is the statewide articulation system. ASSIST can help you           Contact the independent/private colleges you
   determine if the community college courses you have taken will             are interested in to find out their admission
   be accepted at the university for credit.                                  deadlines and application filing procedures.
                                                                              Each college has different admission deadlines
   -If you are planning to transfer to one of the University of
   California campuses, check out the                      and procedures.
   website. This website offers information about transfer eligibility,
   IGETC, general education and University requirements, and is
                                                                          2010-2011 Out-of-State Colleges/Universities
                                                                          Contact the out-of-state colleges you are interested in to
   arranged to guide transfer students from choosing a major to
   applying to the University.
                                                                          find out application filing periods and admission deadlines.

 CR Transfer Center, 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501-9300            Web:                   Phone: 707.476.4146
                                                                                                                SOmE FACTORS
                                                                                                                TO CONSIDER wHEN
     AN INDEPENDENT CHOICE                                                                                      SELECTING A COLLEGE
            There is no place on earth with more
                                                                                                                OR UNIvERSITY
            opportunities for higher education than
            California. In addition to some 144 institutions                          1. AVAILABILITY OF MAJOR — Do they have my major?
              of the public supported California Community                            2.       ACCEPTANCE/ADMISSIONS CRITERIA — Can I get in?
                 Colleges and the California State University
                    and University of California systems, there                       3.       COST — Can I afford it?
                     are 250 plus independent institutions.                           4.       ACCREDITATION/REPUTATION
These independent colleges and universities are located                               5.       FACULTY DISTINCTION
throughout the state in urban, suburban, and rural                                    6.       FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT
settings and provide fully accredited, degree granting
undergraduate, graduate, professional and technical career                            7.       HOUSING OPTIONS
programs. Without the regulatory restraints experienced in                            8.       FINANCIAL AID — Types and availability
the public systems, the independent institutions can more
                                                                                      9.       LOCATION: Urban, suburban, rural, in-state, out-of-state,
readily adapt to student and institutional needs and thus
                                                                                               or international
provide shorter completion time, flexible class scheduling,
greater teacher to student ratios, unique learning                                    10. GOVERNANCE: Public or independent/private
communities, and campus environments not available at the                             11. CLIMATE
“system” institutions.
                                                                                      12. CAMPUS CLIMATE — Friendly, helpful, student-oriented
The independent institutions have diverse student bodies,
issue in excess of 25 percent of all California baccalaureate                         13. SIZE: POPULATION — Small, medium or large
degrees, 50 percent of the master and doctorate degrees,                                  FACILITIES: — Small, medium or large
and 75 percent of professional degrees. Some of these                                 14. SERVICES AND SUPPORT SYSTEMS
institutions are for women only or have religious affiliations                        15. ACTIVITIES/RECREATION
or histories extending from the mid 1800’s. Some of them
provide unique philosophical foundations and perspectives                             16. CULTURAL AMENITIES
not available at other institutions.                                                  17. DEMOGRAPHICS
As independents their “sticker price” initially seems                                 18. COMPLETION RATE
high. As you consider that these institutions have high                               19. RESEARCH FACILITIES/OPPORTUNITIES
completion rates in shorter time, enjoy high graduate
placement rates, provide 80 percent of their students with                            20. GRADUATE PLACEMENT/RECRUITMENT
significant financial aid packages of federal, state, private,                        21. LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
and institutional monies and are interested in a “satisfied,
                                                                                      22. EXTRA AND/OR COCURRICULAR ACTIVITIES
successful customer,” they may be one of the best deals
going!                                                                                23. INTERNSHIPS/EXTERNSHIPS
Given their flexibility, responsiveness, success rates, number                        24. LEARNING STYLE ACCOMMODATIONS
of uniquely individual options, range of fields of study                              25. ACCESSIBILITY — Get in, get around, get help, etc.
and varied environments, these institutions may provide
the experiences, strengths, characteristics, and learning                             26. CALENDAR: Quarter, semester, or trimester, etc.
dynamics specifically suited to students with preparation                             27. SPECIAL AFFILIATIONS — Religious/Professional
and potential. Take a closer look? For a sample of the                                28. RELATIONSHIP TO GRADUATE PROGRAMS
independents, phone the Association of Independent
California Colleges and Universities at (916)446-7626 or                              29. PERSONAL SAFETY
visit their website:                                    30. TRANSPORTATION AVAILABILITY
                                                                                      31. HEALTH/WELLNESS PROGRAM

                    Public Notice-Nondiscrimination:                                  32. WORK AVAILABILITY— During and after attendance
  College of the Redwoods does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity,            33. GENDER — Single or coed
  religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, color or disability in any of its
                                                                                      34. GRADING SYSTEMS — Graded or narrative evaluations,
  programs or activities. College of the Redwoods is committed to providing
                                                                                          structured or independent study,
  reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. Upon request
  this publication will be made available in alternate formats.                       35. ATHLETICS — Intercollegiate or intermural

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