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Concert Tour-Equipment Agreement

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Agreement between Concert Promoter and equipment provider for equipment and sound systems for concert tour

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									                     Agreement to Supply Equipment for Concert Tour
        This agreement is entered into this              day of                          , between
                        (“Contractor”), and                       (“Promoter”) to provide equipment
for the concert tour (the “Tour”) of                                     (the “Artist”);
       A. Contractor provides audio and related equipment for concerts, musical productions
and shows;
       B. Promoter is producing the Tour on behalf of Artist; and
       C. Promoter desires to arrange for equipment for the Tour to be provided by Contractor;

       NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants, warranties and
representations contained herein, the parties hereby agree as follows:

 1.   CONTRACTOR OBLIGATIONS: Contractor shall supply Promoter the personnel,
      services and equipment as set forth on Schedule “A”

 2.   TERMS: The services, personnel and/or equipment shall be provided by Contractor to
      Promoter from                           through                          (the “Term.”) The
      performance schedule, including rehearsals and travel is set forth on Schedule “B.” The
      personnel and equipment shall be returned to Contractor’s place of business on or before
               . Should there be a delay in returning the equipment due to conditions beyond
      Promoter’s control, Contractor will accept the equipment when the conditions permit and
      will charge for additional travel days prorated per the rates listed on Schedule “C” as

 3.   PAYMENT TO CONTRACTOR: Promoter shall pay $                                      to Contractor,
      payable as set forth on Schedule “C”.

 4.   ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Promoter shall pay additional expenses and costs as set forth
      on Schedule “D”.


                      as its designated representative.

 6.   GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All of the general terms and conditions
      attached to this Agreement are incorporated by reference herein as though set forth at
      length. All such terms and conditions have been read, understood and agreed to by the
      parties to this Agreement.
7.   AUTHORITY: Each party executing this Agreement warrants and represents to the other
     that they have the right and authority to enter into this Agreement on behalf of and legally
     bind the party for whom they are signing.


                                            By ________________________


                                            By ________________________
                      GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

A.   Equipment:

     (1) Contractor warrants and represents that during the Term, the equipment
furnished under this Agreement is and shall be maintained in good and efficient working
order. In the event of equipment failure through no fault of Promoter, its agents or
employees, Contractor shall repair or replace said equipment as quickly as possible so as
to minimize any delay or inconvenience to Promoter. If Contractor fails to repair or
replace said equipment to Promoter's satisfaction prior to Artist's next scheduled
performance, Promoter may rent substitute equipment and either deduct such rental costs
and expenses from any payments otherwise due and payable to Contractor, or collect
reimbursement of same from Contractor within five days of Promoter's request therein.

     (2) Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, Promoter shall be responsible
for all transportation of Contractor’s equipment, whether directly by Promoter or through
a trucking carrier. Promote
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