Networking with Linkedin

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					Networking with Linkedin
What is Linkedin?
Linkedin (www. is an extremely popular social networking service for professionals. Most
of you reading this are already on Linkedin. Here are a few little tips for networking.

Why Should You Network on Linkedin?
By networking on Linkedin on behalf of the Federal KM you are also extending your personal network.
You will no doubt gain new connections and improve your own personal awareness and you’ll be
helping a good cause as well.

How to Network on Linkedin
One of the major stumbling blocks to networking on linked in is that they restrict the number of
“InMails” you have each month. However, you can send messages to anyone in one of your groups. So
Join some groups. Then, go to the group area and look at the members list. Find someone you think
might like to know about the Federal KM Initiative, and send them a message, like the one below.

What Kind of Message Should I Send?
Subject Line: Please take a look at the Federal KM Initiative

Please take a look at the Federal KM Initiative at

The Federal Knowledge Management Working Group, over 700 Federal employees, contractors,
academicians and interested members of the public, have mounted a campaign to enhance
collaboration, knowledge and learning in the Federal Government by implementing formal knowledge


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