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                                                     Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland offers exceptional
                                                     educational opportunities for the area’s diverse community. Prince George’s
                                                     Community College enrolls roughly 37,000 students each year, with 103
                                                     countries represented. More than 100 credit and noncredit programs of
                                                     study are offered, preparing students to launch a new career, enhance
                                                     their existing skills, or transfer to a four-year institution. The college is
                                                     committed to helping students achieve their goals in education and beyond.

                                                    Prince George’s
                                                            Community College
                                                      offers students exceptional
                                                       exceptional education experience
                                               Prince George’s Community College realizes the importance of new
                                               technology on college campuses and its ability to draw in new students as well
   “Our goal was to build a                    as benefit its current ones. Acting on this idea, PGCC began construction
                                               on an interactive video facility in its new Technology Center. Spearheading
  room that was more than                      the project, Oliver Hansen, the college’s Dean of Learning Technologies &
 one-dimensional, and SKC                      Support Services, wanted to incorporate high definition (HD) A/V equipment
                                               into the facility and also outfit one unique room with innovative virtual
      has helped us achieve                    simulation technology. The virtual reality system, created by EON Reality,
                                               allows users to view, touch, hear, interact with and sense reactions to digital
    that. The functionality is                 objects in real-time, creating an enhanced virtual learning experience.
   what we anticipated and                     “The concept of the room was to be a classroom of the future for teachers and
                 expected.”                    students to try out new and emerging technologies,” Hansen said.
                       -Oliver Hansen
                                               When the time came to build this highly specialized learning environment,
           Dean of Learning Technologies
                                               PGCC recognized SKC as an experienced integrator capable of meeting the
                     & Support Services,       project’s high demands. Due to time constraints, scope and complexity of the
        Prince George Community College        integration, PGCC leaned on SKC to bring its vision to fruition. This would
                                               be a new experience for SKC as well, as SKC had never subcontracted before
                                               and would be required to do so during this project.

            SKC began collaborative meetings with PGCC in October 2007 to discuss how to proceed and accomplish the
            college’s goals, given the unusually short time frame. Being well-versed in the design-build process, SKC realized
            the immense scope of the venture and immediately began engineering a solution.
            SKC brought in its experts and thoroughly dissected every aspect of PGCC’s needs. Acting as the main integrator
            and contractor for the interactive lab, SKC used its design engineers and installation team for all the A/V integration,
            which involved solution design, project management, production specifications, CAD drawings and programming.
            SKC’s solution was to incorporate fully HD capable equipment into the room. From brains to processing to displays,
everything is HD. This included Polycom HDX 9000 codecs, Sony HD cameras,
Sharp and Mitsubishi HD LCD displays, and HD matrix switching.

SKC also oversaw the installation of EON Reality’s technology and served as the main
point-of-contact for several other subcontractors. Having SKC as the main source and
integrator was important to Hansen, who trusted SKC to make certain all aspects of
the project went smoothly.

An AMX touch screen control panel was installed to manage the entire system,
including EON Reality’s virtual technology. To ensure all elements were simplified
and easy to use, SKC designed the touch screen menu to be single-layered, instead of
two or more menu layers, as is usually standard. Post-installation support was also
provided by SKC.

Hansen saw value in SKC’s support, saying, “This room will keep on evolving. It’s one
reason why we have chosen SKC’s one-year contract. We saw value in doing that and
having the maintenance and care provided for us.”in doing that and having the maintenance and care provided for us.”

Living up to its role as an industry leader, SKC completed the        was to build a room that was more than
project on time and on budget. The timeframe for completing           one-dimensional, and SKC has helped us
                   an installation of this magnitude is usually       achieve that. The functionality is what we
                   one year; SKC completed it in less than five       anticipated and expected.”
                                                                      SKC’s solution also makes it possible
                   Many different classes will use the room,          to connect students and faculty at
                   especially because the simulation technology       multiple sites across the globe via HD
                   can be utilized across most of the college’s       videoconferencing, with participants able
                   programs and courses. Health sciences can          to see and hear in real-time with a higher
                   use the technology to simulate real body           quality experience. Students now have
organs and manipulate them, while engineering students                a revolutionary, comprehensive video
will be able to process AutoCAD files utilizing EON’s                 simulation center they can use to further
development software and simulate and manipulate the end              their education. No other community
results in 3-D.                                                       college in the state has the virtual
                                                                      simulation technology, setting Prince
“The faculty is buzzing about the room,” Hansen said. “They           George’s Community College apart as an
can see the possibilities and array of opportunities available to     innovative leader in higher education.
them. It’s really just endless what we can do in there. Our goal

                                                                          Another important aspect of the project was the fact that PGCC did not have to go
• Polycom HDX 9000 Videoconferencing System                               out to bid on the traditional A/V equipment it needed, due to its membership with
• Mitsubishi HD LCD Monitors                                              E&I, an educational buying consortium. E&I offers its members the best possible
• WolfVision HD Document Cameras                                          pricing and service, including A/V equipment. PGCC took advantage of the contract
• AMX Touch Panel                                                         SKC holds with E&I and benefited by having pre-negotiated design, product,
• Biamp Audio Conferencing                                                and installation fees. The E&I contract allowed SKC to be competitive and give
• Middle Atlantic Rack                                                    unparalleled price value.

                                             800–882–7779           SKC provides technology solutions that enable our clients to better
                                            collaborate, communicate and connect with their key stakeholders.