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N w f N bak’E t peer iE uaos                                                     VOLUME II, ISSUE 6—NOVEMBER, 2006

E nt re p re ne u r shi p f orum - 2 0 06
S h a rin g, ne t wo r kin g , and l e a rnin g !
The 24th annual Entrepreneurship Forum        proud of the innovative efforts that we are
provided yet another great opportunity to     involved in to enhance entrepreneurship.
share best practices, network with top                                                                  Inside this issue:
entrepreneurship educators, and learn         The full conference officially kicked off
what others are doing to increase             with the evening General session on              Southeast Community College to      3
                                                                                               Celebrate EntrepreneurshipWeek
entrepreneurial skills and knowledge          Saturday, November 4th in the Phoenix            USA
across the nation and the world. The          Ballroom of the Sheraton Crescent Hotel
Forum is an annual event hosted by the        in Phoenix Arizona.        Milt Ericksen,        First Annual Nebraska MarketPlace   3
Entrepreneurship Education Consortium.        Arizona State Director for Career and
Over 85 member organizations that             Technical Education, offered greetings on        Food Entrepreneur Assistance        4
                                                                                               Program 2007
advocate entrepreneurship education as a      behalf of the state of Arizona. That was
lifelong learning process are members of      immediately followed by a success story          Landmark Research Study to be       4
the Consortium. Members of the                related by Josh Belhuemer, an FBLA
Consortium include representatives of 22      member who was part of a winning team            Nebraska Building Entrepreneurial   5
                                                                                               Communities Act
                                              at the 2006 FBLA National Conference.
                                              And, Arizona DECA members presented              College Degree is One Way to        6
                                              a special Entrepreneurship Week                  Earning Power But Not the Only
                                              proclamation from Governor Janet
                                              Napolitano that paid tribute to the efforts      Targeted Teaching Topic             7
                                              of the Entrepreneurship Education
State Departments of Education, national
youth leadership organizations, colleges      A unique part of the evening was the
and universities, community colleges, local                   chance to hear about
school systems, and professional                              what top leaders across
development organizations supporting                          the nation are planning to
                                                                                                        ’ nh
                                                                                                        r       b
                                                                                                      We eo tewe !
entrepreneurship education.                                   celebrate the first annual
 h er ou a t h hei
   s     ’
T i yasF rm w sa teP on                 x                     USA February 24-March
Sheraton Crescent Hotel and started with                      3, 2007. Tim Mittan,
Consortium member meetings on                                 Director        of    the
November 3-4, followed by the Forum on        Entrepreneurship Center at Southeast
November 4-7. The Forum is a unique           Community College, shared information
opportunity to share innovative ideas and     about two events that his campus is
plans for the future growth of                planning. The first is a special full-day
entrepreneurship education in America.        seminar by national author, Steve
                                                                 9 i ht rH ln
                                              Chandler entitled, “ LeTaA e oi       dg
Nebraska educators were featured
prominently throughout the conference           o uns a …A dt Tu Ta
                                                  r is k n h rh ht
                                              Yu Bse Bc                      e t
as they received special scholarships,           l e t r”
                                                  lt          e
                                              Wi S IFe.That same week, Jump
hosted roundtable sessions, and presented     Start the Entrepreneur in You will be offered
workshops. Nebraskans can be justifiably                               (Continued on page 2)
PAGE 2                                                                             NEBRASKA E-NEWS MONTHLY

E nt re p re ne u r shi p f orum -2 0 06
(Continued from page 1)
in a three-session series designed to move women from       Mike Hahn is one of three founders and currently
wishful thinking into the implementation stages of          serves as the Chief Information Officer for Verdict
starting their dream business. And, Joy Marshall, a         Systems. Verdict Systems develops Sanction Legal
representative for Nebraska EDGE, provided details          Presentation Software. Sanction is used by legal
about the first annual MarketPlace Nebraska event           professionals to organize and present evidence in trial.
planned for February 24th in Kearney, Nebraska. More        Sanction is used by the United States Department of
information about all these events can be found on page     Justice and the United Nations. In addition, thousands
3 of this issue.                                            of attorneys in firms of all sizes rely on this product to
                                                            present their cases.
Several Nebraska educators were also presented with
plaques and Coleman Foundation scholarships to                 k s r r e os iy i e c y e s s
                                                                 e      m y s bi
                                                            Mi ’ pia r pnil wt V ri Ss m i t h dt t
support their attendance at the Forum. Recognized           organizing the trial services division of the company.
with scholarships were:                                     This division supplies technology consultants to assist
                                                            attorneys with computer-based presentations in trials
 Joni Hegge—Winnebago Public Schools                        and arbitrations.       Armed with Sanction, Verdict
 Anne Hovland—Winnebago Public Schools                        y e ssf r akg, k pn m so h i
                                                                t          w e
                                                            Ss m ’ota pcaeMi set ot f it e    e                sm
 Tim Mittan—Southeast Community College                     in trial during the early stages of the company. Ranging
 Kathleen Thornton—Southeast Community College              from designing PowerPoint presentations to helping
 Rachel Wilson—University of Nebraska-Omaha                 organize exhibits and operating Sanction in court, Mike
                                                            assisted in all aspects of evidence presentation. His trial
Featured keynote speaker on Sunday, November 5, was         experience spans every type of case you can try, working
Ken Kay, founder and president of the Partnership for       for both plaintiffs and defendants. Now most of his
21st Century Skills. The Partnership for 21st Century       time is spent traveling throughout the U.S. speaking
                       Skills has emerged as the leading    about technology and training firms how to implement
                       advocacy organization focused on     Sanction in their practice.
                       infusing 21st Century Skills into
                       education. The organization brings      k s akr n s o b ao f e n a ad
                                                                e          o
                                                            Mi ’ bcg udi acm i t no t hi l nni          c c
                       together the business community,     communications. He has a B.A. in mathematics from
                       education leaders, and               Baylor University and a degree in broadcast journalism
                       policymakers to define a powerful    from Arizona State University. Prior to entering the
                       vision for 21st Century education    world of hi-tech trials, Mike was a broadcaster working
                        o nue vr hd ucs s
                                      y ls
                       t esr ee ci’sce a             s      for radio stations in Phoenix and
                       citizens and workers in the 21st     Denver.      His radio work in
Century. The Partnership encourages schools, districts,     Denver consisted of sports
and states to advocate for the infusion of 21st century     reporting, covering professional
skills into education and provides tools and resources to   and collegiate teams in the
help facilitate and drive change. Entrepreneurship          Denver area. Needing a change
literacy is among the major content areas being             of pace, Mike began his trial
recommended by the Partnership as essential to be           services career in Denver
added in the curriculum.          assisting with animations and
                                                            video editing for the prosecution
With Ken setting the stage for how crucial teaching         and conviction of Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was
entrepreneurial skills is as a 21st Century content         convicted for his role in the bombing of the Murrah
component for our curricula, the conference allowed         Federal Building in Oklahoma City.
participants to learn from those who are actually
entrepreneurs. And, Nebraskans could be proud once          His session provided fascinating insights into how a
again that one of those entrepreneurs was Michael           business plan can develop from scribbled notes on
Hahn, former Nebraska DECA state officer and Central        napkins and lead to a highly successful, million dollar
Region DECA National Officer. Mike exemplifies what         enterprise.
a strong education, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and
hard work can accomplish.                                                                           (Continued on page 8)
                 S                                                                                                       PAGE 3

Southeast Community College leads the way
for first annual entrepreneurship week
                    Are you looking for                         ui s e l a f
                                                                   n s ay             . hnl’ e n s e ot
                                                               bs e r l pyof C ad r s i r sl u   es m a l
                    Entrepreneurship Week                      nationally and early registration is recommended. For
                    celebrations in Nebraska? During           additional information about this event, contact Terri
                    the months leading up to the first         Parson, 402-323-3389; 800-828-0072, Ext 3389;
                    annual Entrepreneurship Week to   via e-mail.
                    be celebrated February 24-March
                    3, 2007 we will spotlight events
                    and celebrations planned across
the state. This month we will focus on two events
planned for eastern Nebraska and one planned for
Central Nebraska.

The following events, focusing on the educational needs
of wanna-be entrepreneurs and business leaders, are part
 f ot a o m n y oee e gi n f h
        h t             t     l s c t
o Su es C m ui C lg’ r on i o t              o         e
First Annual National Entrepreneurship Week held at the                         e r e  n
                                                                               h ner er o…
                                                                               t etp nuiyu
SCC-Continuing Education Center, 301 S. 68th Street            is a three-session series designed to move women from
Place, Lincoln, NE.                                            wishful thinking into the implementation stages of
                                                               starting their dream business. Each session builds on the
 Le htr o i or ui s ak
   s   e dg        ns
9 i taa H ln yu B s e Bc…                                      other, beginning with an exploration of the
                                                               characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and an
Steve Chandler, best-selling author, business consultant       overview of the key planning, financing, and marketing
to Fortune 500 companies, and international speaker, will        s nis a ipn i ud hi w J ptt
                                                                  s a. ti s l l
                                                               e etl Prc at wlbi te o n“ m s r        r        u a
be in Lincoln for a one-day seminar on February 28,              i sh s n n h d e n s rv e oen
                                                                   ”           c           r m a
                                                               Kt a te eodadti s i r poi m r i              d          -
  07 hnl wl ius i ok te 9
               e ls               s
20. C ad r i d cs h bo,h “ Lies That                           depth information. During the third session, participants
  rH ln o uns a …A dt Tu Ta Wi
        d g r is k n h rh ht l
A e oi Yu Bse Bc                         e t               l   will have an opportunity to meet community resources
  e t r”
   t     e
S IFe. Throughout the day, the author will use a               that can provide support throughout their entrepreneurial
powerful blend of information, activities, and engaging        journey. The Tuesday evening sessions begin on
humor to unpack nine common business beliefs and help          February 27 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. For more
business leaders develop success strategies. This seminar       n r ao bu t
                                                                 f       i            e m n n er ui s i
                                                               i om t naot h Wo e’ E t peerl ee  s r n a rs
is designed for home-based business owners, mom-and-           contact Tim Mittan, 402-437-2524; 800-642-4075, Ext.
pop stores, consultants, as well as any business leader, in    2524; via e-mail.
any industry, who wants to learn how to make their

First Annual Nebraska MarketPlace
The first annual Nebraska MarketPlace will be hosted on        service providers will be in one location for p r o s p e c t i v e
Wednesday, February 28, 2007:                                  entrepreneurs to meet with for information gathering.

                               Location:                       Educational Tracks: 30-40 training opportunities will
                               Ramada Inn-Kearney, NE          include sessions on Small Business, Ag Entrepreneurship,
                               Registration:                   Community Development, Rural Issues and Policy,
                               7:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.             Entrepreneurs, and more.
                               9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.             Community Development: Entrepreneurial Environment:
                                                               Teach-ins will be offered specifically for communities to
The Nebraska MarketPlace promises to be a vehicle for          help them grow their capacity to become entrepreneurial.
entrepreneurial growth throughout Nebraska. It will consist
of three parts:                                                For more information contact: Kathie Starkweather, Policy
                                                               Organizer, Center for Rural Affairs, 402.687.2100, ext 1014,
Networks and Information: Successful entrepreneurs and         E-Mail:
PAGE 4                                                                           NEBRASKA E-NEWS MONTHLY

Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program 2007
Food manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturing      materials, food safety, and legal and business structure
segments in the country. Within this industry are many      issues. In one day entrepreneurs will gain valuable insight
small entrepreneurial companies and individuals that        on the basics of starting a food business that could take
would like to start a food company. It is often difficult   them months or even years to research on their own.
for entrepreneurs to find an accurate source for the        Following the seminar, participants may choose to enter
information necessary to successfully launch a new           h Fo rdc t rf” hs f h rg m
                                                            te“rm Pout oPoi pa o tepor .   t       e               a
business         in     the    food       industry.         During this phase entrepreneurs will receive
                                                            comprehensive, individualized and confidential assistance
The Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program, which was         from food scientists and business consultants with the
created in 1989, is widely utilized by entrepreneurs        development of their own business venture.
throughout the country. It is the only program in the
                                                                    January 8        Lincoln, Nebraska
nation to provide such comprehensive assistance to
                                                                    March 8          Lincoln, Nebraska
individuals wishing to develop a food manufacturing
                                                                    April 27         St. Paul, Minnesota
business. The program was designed specifically to assist
                                                                    June 1           Lincoln, Nebraska
food manufacturing entrepreneurs. It begins with a one-
                                                                    August 10        Lincoln, Nebraska
  a Fo ei o el ” e n ht rv e
                 p           iy m a
dy“rm R c et R at s i rta poi s                      d
                                                                    August 17        Chicago, Illinois
                      entrepreneurs with an
                                                                    October 29       Lincoln, Nebraska
                      understanding of the key factors
                      that need to be considered when
                      starting a food manufacturing         The Center welcomes entrepreneurs from throughout the
                      business.                                                     Fo e t ei”
                                                                                        m i o l
                                                                                             p         y
                                                            U.S. to any of the 2007 “r Rce Rat seminars.
                                                            For an information packet please contact: Jill Gifford,
                       Topics include market research,      Food Processing Center, University of Nebraska –
                       product development, packaging,      Lincoln, 143 Food Industry Building, Lincoln, NE
                       labeling, pricing, product           68583- 0928, phone 402- 472-2819, e-mail:
                       intr oduct ion, pr omot ional , web site:

Landmark research study to be unveiled
The Gallup Organization conducted a landmark research       More interesting, is the fact that 69% of those ages 18-29
study in late 2005, early 2006 on entrepreneurship in       surveyed said they would want to start their own
Nebraska. This research will be unveiled at a special       business – the age range most interested in
Entrepreneurship Summit to be hosted by the University      entrepreneurship.
               i l te oe r fc, n h
                cn              n s i
of Nebraska-Lno , h G vro’ O fe ad t                 e
Gallup Organization on November 30th.                       Even more telling: business owners polled said that 55%
                                                            of them first thought about starting or owning a business
The study was done in conjunction with the Krieger          between the ages of 18-29.
Family Foundation, whose goal has been to help move
toward a continuity of entrepreneurship education from                                As Mr. Henderson stated
high school through community college.                                                during his presentation at
                                                                                      Federal Reserve Economic
 o es e h t eD e h k ep e l ato
      t t e a             n e ay
S l’s t s g. ow ti polr l w n t                                                         ou s T e e o o e
                                                                                      F rm ,“ h lsn t bs
start their own business?                                                             learned –the time for thinking
                                                                                      about entrepreneurial ventures
     40% of Nebraskans polled wanted to start their                                 is highest and hottest right
       own business                                                                    fr i c o
                                                                                        t      g     h …ad h
                                                                                      ae h h s ol n te
                                                                                      time to strike in terms of
     9% already owned their own –leading to almost                                  fostering an entrepreneurial
       half   of    the population    interested  in                                   p i“
                                                                                      si . t
                  S                                                                                        PAGE 5

  b a kas uidi      nt e r ne i
Ne r s ’ B l ng E r p e ur alC       te
                                ommuni is
Act (BECA) Funding Awarded
October 30, 2006                                          •Butler County Development Initiative received
                                                           $12,500 for a business strategy for David City, Neb.
Governor Dave Heineman has awarded $134,968 in             and Butler County that incorporates the building
funding to 10 projects through the Building                blocks of leadership development, business
Entrepreneurial Communities Act (BECA).                    development, and youth and young adult
                                                           entrepreneurs and community leaders.
                          BECA provides grant
                          funding to help create          •Destination Knox County received $14,075 to
                          programs that generate and       increase business transition education and develop a
                          sustain     wealth      in       growing tourism base.
                          economically depressed
                          communities and regions         •Expansion of Southeast NebraskaEDGE Program
                          throughout Nebraska. The         received $6,000 to collaborate with existing programs
                          Nebraska Department of           and extend continuing education classes to small
                          Economic Development             business owners in Otoe, Nemaha, and Johnson
and Nebraska Rural        Development Commission           counties.
administer BECA.
                                                             i ot a er k cm ui sh cm reh
                                                              x h t             s
                                                          •S nr esN ba a o m n i t to pi t    e
                                                                                             t a          s e
The 10 projects that received funding during this round    Logan Valley Initiative received $15,100 for a
include:                                                   strategy creating a more entrepreneurial-friendly
                                                           climate, increasing leadership, empowering youth, and
•PK (Phelps and Kearney counties) Entrepreneurial          enhancing overall communications.
 Coalition received $8,135 to offer NebraskaEDGE
 (Enhancing, Developing, and Growing Entrepreneurs)        T ae C ut cnmc ee p et l c,h
                                                          • hyr onyE oo i D vl m n Alne t    o        ia      e
 classes and workshops to new and existing                 University of Nebraska-Lincoln County Extension
 entrepreneurs to spur new business ideas, business        Office in Thayer County, and Great Plains
 succession and retention, and youth entrepreneurship.     Communications received $2,500 to undertake Thayer
                                                           County Leadership that involves continuing a
•Holt County 2010 Initiative received $30,000 for a        Leadership Plenty Class, and starting up Home Town
 strategy that addresses business development issues,      Competitiveness with the goal of building enthusiasm
 and encourages more youth and young adults to             and vitality throughout the county.
 engage in entrepreneurship and community leadership.
                                                           T e r s n r hm e o C m e e t
                                                                    n l           a
                                                          • h G adIadA e C a br f o m r ,h              c e
•Wayne Area Economic Development, Inc., received           Juan Diego Center in Omaha, and the City of Omaha
  1, 8 o i ud g ye ii A vn g
     0          s ln
 $3 0 frt B ii Wan’ Dsnt dat e   s tc            a         received $23,800 to implement the Latino Business
 project that will combine innovative components of        Partnership. The project is designed to develop
 entrepreneurial development, and community planned        training sessions, and a business development series
 giving and education to achieve economic                  that addresses information and educational gaps in
 sustainability and long-term transfer of wealth for       the minority business community, primarily
 Wayne County.                                             composed of Hispanic businesses.

•Unlocking Our Potential received $9,850 for a plan                               Source: DEVNET-
 that includes establishing an annual leadership and                              Department of Economic
 development class, retaining area youth, providing                               Development News Release
 opportunities for business transfer education, and
 helping energize local business owners in Burwell.
PAGE 6                                                                                     NEBRASKA E-NEWS MONTHLY

College degree is one route to earning
power...but not the only way
College degrees have recently been noted as adding an            more important than where, or if, you went to school.”
 vr e f 2, 0 eyat a r utsa r T a
    a          0
ae g o $3 0 prero g da ’sa . ht  a e ly
fuei a ae g. A d a wt a ae gs i
 i r s n vr e n, s i l vr e t
 g                a                h l a ,’         s            Society is built by hardworking, innovative and
important to dig deeper.                                         passionate people. Many very successful entrepreneurs
                                                                 and businesspeople have risen to the top despite the
There are components to success that a college degree            lack of a college degree. Some of these highly
de ’ncs r cpue I a aie y a dJs
 os t ee al at . n n rc b J e ot
     n       si  y        r           tl        r    ,           successful people include:, the real keys to success are those old-
fashioned values and attitudes such as:                            Michael Dell          Chairman of Dell
   Hard work (work ethic)                                         Larry Elison          CEO of Oracle
   Passion (deeply felt emotional tie to work)                    Steve Jobs            CEO of Apple
   Strong desire to succeed                                       Micky Arison          CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines
                                                                   Ralph Lauren          Clothing Designer
         Top Paying Non Degree Jobs
                                                                   Wolfgang Puck         Restaurateur
        Jobs earning at least $100K
          not requiring a degree                                 People from all walks of life and backgrounds can
                                    Base Salary
  Chief Association Executive        $213,415                    create their own success stories.        That is the
                                                                 entrepreneurial spirit that has driven the American
  Top Gas Supply Executive           $164,976
                                                                 economy to its present status as the envy of the world.
  Divisional Merchandise Manager     $158,850
                                                                  t ui i t r ti, si o i pnec,n
                                                                   ’ n n e e it
                                                                 Is s gna c avyap i fneednead   r t d
  Aviation Manager                   $154,719                    the ability to leverage strengths and passions into a
  Top Channel Development Executive $144,891                     marketable product or service that has kept our
  Chief Helicopter Pilot             $133,229                    economy moving forward.
  Chief Pilot (Jet Fleet)            $129,399
  Telecommunications Director        $129,292                                          Local and state economic leaders
  Commercial Real Estate Manager     $129,133                                          just might be better served by
  Regional Administrative Manager    $122,016                                          focusing less on tax breaks for big
  Distribution Director              $118,068                                          business, cheap labor, or recruiting
  Sales Manager II                   $118,007                                          business/industry in another state
                                                                                       or country. Economic developers
  Source: September 1, 2006                                                 have even looked down on what
                                                                  hy a c fbs e e” o nw te i h
                                                                         l a           n s.
                                                                 te cl“r t ui s s Y uko ,h k dt t                  n a
According to Jost, “ m o i tswlea y wh
                           E b yghe ir r o i
                                 dn e l w d u t                  start small, usually from kitchen tables or garages, and
better jobs, greater fulfillment, and, one would hope, greater        t               a
                                                                  o’ aem eie edns hy o’ os e   i .
                                                                 dn m k im d t hale T e dn cni r                t       d
earning power.                                                        e n s lh
                                                                  hs ui s s fs ” nuh
                                                                 te bs e e “a y eog.Whthy ogti                 e
                                                                                                          at fr ,     e s
                                                                 that some of our best companies started out exactly
Below is a list of jobs with six-figure salaries that do not      ht a…ad ucee ds t bt l.
                                                                 taw y n scedd e i os c s       pe a e
necessarily require a college degree, but they do require
a long term commitment to excellence.                            Success in life, and in business, depends on creating
                                                                  n’ w n u n h. xet nl ep a ot
                                                                     s         q c
                                                                 oe o nui e i e E cpi apolcre u   o        e v
Jobs earning at least $100K not requiring a degree               exceptional niches. And, as we move inexorably to a
                                                                              a d l aeoo yi hto cn o
                                                                                e o
                                                                 knowledge-bs g blcnm ,’w ayu a d,  ts
Although a college grad himself, Bill Coleman, Senior            what you have to offer, and the passion you have that
Vice President of Compensation at points                 l ee          s
                                                                   ic a ucs o j t dg e
                                                                 wl r tsce …nt sa er .    u        e
 u ta “ e r o e e ucs u pol i
           he e
otht t r a sm vr sce fl ep wty         s           e h
very high level jobs who do not have college degrees.            Note: You can find jobs and average salaries for jobs not
This stresses the point that who you are, what you can do,       requiring a degree using Salary Wizard,
and what you know—with or without a college degree—can be
                     S                                                                                              PAGE 7

          Entrepreneurial depth and breadth
There is a wealth of resources for teaching about entrepreneurship. It is often overwhelming to try to find those that have
h m scr n i om tnt tou o w asm ot t d a ra o h l lo m n y
             e n         i h
te otur t fr ao, afcs n ht ipr n,n cn e tt teoacm ui.
                                                ’        a a           le           c          t

The Federal Reserve District-Omaha branch has created several unique resources that hit on topics that look at
entrepreneurship through the lens of a local and state perspective. Jason Henderson, branch executive in Omaha, conducted
research that has been translated into some wonderful lesson plans for use by entrepreneurship educators.

 h lsn w r ee pd s g er k’ cdmc t dr ,h e etle n g,s e s h N tnl ot
      s         e      o       n
T ee os e dvl e ui N ba a aae is na ste s nal ri sa w la te aoaC net
                                        s s a d s i a n l    i     n
Standards for Entrepreneurship Education.

Entrepreneurs are perceived to positively impact a community both economically and philanthropically. But how can you
really dig deeper into the number of entrepreneurs you have in an area and the value they provide?

The Center for the Study of Rural America at the Kansas City Federal Reserve has been looking at this issue for quite a while,
and have been using the terms entrepreneurial breadth and entrepreneurial depth to help assess this.

Entrepreneurial Breadth

With entrepreneurial breadth, you are looking at a measurement or gauge of the actual number or concentration of
 nr r usn r o
   e n               gn
et peer i a ei .We f nti o lg nm e o “f te et peer w om y pna atu so,
                                ot h k fa e u br f l s l n er us h a oe n ni e hp
                                   e n            r            s      e
                                                                     i y” r n                                   q
small-town café, or other unique small business that satisfies their need to provide income, give back to a community, etc.
Entrepreneurial breadth tends to be very high in rural regions.

Entrepreneurial Depth

On the other side of the coin, entrepreneurial depth is about measuring the economic value created by entrepreneurs in a
 e o I h a gr e f n h k f h h r t” nr r us h m l
  gn         i e ,               e n            g o
r i .ntsct oy w ot ti o “i g wh et peer w oe p yag a nm e o pol ule
                                                                e n                  o      e
                                                                                           r t u br f ep , tz   e i  i
technology to a greater extent and have a larger economic impact on a region –thus bringing up the entire economic
prosperity of an area. In rural areas, however, measures of entrepreneurial depth are generally much lower than in more
urban, metropolitan areas.

The point here is that both types of entrepreneurship are important for a region. Having a natural seedbed of entrepreneurs –
a high amount of breadth – help be a catalyst for spurring more depth. But capturing those high growth entrepreneurs
can be a challenge for more rural places, given their distance from larger areas, more capital, etc.

Entrepreneurial depth and breadth varies by county across the United States. Analysis done by the Center for the Study of
Rural America focuses on the regional factors that are related to entrepreneurial depth and breadth – starting point for
discussion in your classroom and in your communities about entrepreneurship. Those factors are:

   Human capital
   Financial capital
   Local economy
Entrepreneurship forum—2006
(Continued from page 2)
The Entrepreneur sessions on Sunday were followed by                                            60,000 copies, and his new book, Three Minutes to Success,
a luncheon featuring Jim Blasingame, President, Small                                           has already sold over 12,000 copies. His presentation
Business Network, Inc. Jim is a leading small business                                                                     p o . a’ ou o 1t
                                                                                                was the perfect follow-u t MrK y fcs n2s
expert and the creator and award-winning host of the                                            Century Skills and the insights provided by the
 m l ui s doa hw h ols n
     l     ns            e
S a B s e A vct So ,te w r ’ ol               d      y                                          entrepreneurs earlier in the day.
weekday talk show dedicated to small business.
                                                                                                Blending humor, interesting data, and information
                       Conducting over 1,000 live interviews                                     bu hw m ot tm l ui s so u ntn
                                                                                                                     a       l ns
                                                                                                aot o ipr n s a bs e it or ao’               i s
                       annually with his Brain Trust, the                                       economy, Mr. Blasingame had the audience laughing,
                         ols a e o m ny f m l
                            d r t
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                       business experts, Jim reaches a national
                       radio audience, plus Internet listeners                                  Watch the December issue of Nebraska E-News
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                       w r wd.i’sotet eA Small  ar                                              Monthly for more photos and articles about the 2006
                       Business Minute, airs daily on XM                                        Forum
                       Satellite radio.
                                                                                                    "Business opportunities are like buses, there's always
Jim is a syndicated columnist and the author of, Small                                                            another one coming."
Business Is Like A Bunch Of Bananas, which has sold over                                              Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Enterprises

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