Networking Essentials by ecj13059


									                           Networking Essentials

Share Folder. Anyone can take files out of it or put files into it. Anyone can
throw items in the folder away!

Home Folders. Anyone can put a file into you home folder, but only you can take a
file out of your folder or actually see what is in each file. Only you can throw away
files that are in your home folder.

Reading Email from Any Computer in the District. Use


This works on your computer at home also. Directions are in this packet.

Alternately, you may also use the GroupWise
client on another computer.

    •   Change the User ID to your login name.
    •   Enter your password for GroupWise.
    •   Change the IP Address to ElemPO
    •   Don’t worry about the Port. You can leave
        it blank.

Internet Email Address. Your Internet email address is


Your login name consists of the first six letters of your last name, and your first
initial or your last name and the letters of your first name up to seven characters.

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