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									                            New Yogis – Sahaja Yoga Techniques
                                                           Jai Shri Mataji !!!


'Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi' means 'Holy Mother Immaculate Goddess' (John 14:16, Revelation 12:1)
She is the Human Incarnation of the Spirit Who is the Powers of God, the Almighty Father, and is also God's Desire. God Desires that
there should be life, and so by separating a Spirit from Himself, without actually losing any Power in doing that, He now has a 'Holy
Spirit', a Feminine Spirit Who is His Powers. She actively Created all Universes on behalf of God and Manages them, and all the Joy
of the countless life-forms living inside that Universe is given up to God again through His Holy Spirit. God continuously feeds His
total Power to His Holy Spirit, and so the entire Creation of Creations exists.

There were some Angel Spirits that became proud and they had to be made into negative spirits, and these are demons. The Kingdom
of God always existed far beyond the physical realms, with no physical parts to It In order to capture the demons without destroying
this Universe, there is a Divine Plan to trap them on Earth, and then to make many Humans alive with Spirit in their attention to protect
this planet while total Destruction of the impure takes place. Creation was formed to provide this lower level trap, and Christ is the
Personification of God Who take Human birth with all these Universes in His Human body when Spirit is awake within Him. Humans
were actually altered and changed over a long period of time to arrive at those who now have souls capable of this job, of being the
collective carriers of Spirit in attention so that there can be Divine Love on Earth again, and also, there must be God's Anger here too
so that the demons can be captured and removed from this Universe and put in a type of prison for spirits. There are also demons in
bodies that appear Human. (“...ungodly men, crept in unawares among you...” Jude 4) It is unfortunate that there are many innocent
Spirits who will also be caught up in the demon trap, but compared to the life of the entire Kingdom of God, this relatively small
amount of Spirits must be sacrificed. God can be very serious and dangerous when it comes to dealing with demons. Of course, God
is the most Loving and Compassionate Spirit of all. He is the Original Spirit, and His Holy Spirit is also Loving and Compassionate,
although She does not have the abilities God has, like forcing spirits out of His Kingdom. So, in the Divine Plan, it was necessary that
God Himself take a Human form, and the first time that happened was 2000 years ago as Jesus Christ. He said He would be back to
finish the Destruction of evil, and He also said that He would send the Holy Spirit to prepare Humans so that He (the 2nd Christ) could
recognise those 'Chosen Humans' because they would have Spirit in their attention, they would be glowing Lights that He could utilise
for spread His Love across Earth. This is what Sahaja Yoga is... Welcome, dear family!!! I love you!!! By saying, “Jai Shri Mataji”
to each other, we are giving respect to God's Holy Spirit. “But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in
the Holy Ghost,” Jude 20. After 1000 years (Revelation 20) the Holy Spirit, the 'Son of God', all Deity Personification Spirits of God,
all of Creation consisting of billions of Universes, will all re-absorbing into the non-physical Kingdom of God.

                                                     Sahaja Yoga Techniques
In the Human Spiritual body (Primordial Being / Virata) there is a basic subtle ((high frequency) system in each Human that consists of
7 energy centres (wheels / chakras) with different functions, a Kundalini Mother Power (John 4:6), 3 different pathways that rise up
through different parts of the energy centres (Revelation 4:5, 5:6, 22:2), and a Spirit, which is the reflection of God, and is placed in
the left heart chakra. Everything is based in the physical body, and each chakra is where there is a twisting together of the sympathetic
nervous system, left and right, and the parasympathetic nervous system in the centre. As the top chakra has 1000 physical nerves in the
brain, so does the Power that results in the typical 'Moses fire' (Exodus 3:2) with the fire that does not destroy the 'tree'. This tree is the
Revelation 22:2 'Tree of Life' that is the Primordial Being. The whole systems can be very detailed, but in simple, you want to keep
Your mental attention up on the top chakra (Sahasrara / Heaven) so that over time, and with your hands held to Shri Mataji's photo as
often as possible, you can integrate Spirit into you Human consciousness, emotions and physical body. Your Kundalini Power should
eventually rise up the centre of your subtle system. The East Indians have always known about certain secrets of the Spiritual life
within a Human, and this was a part of the Divine Plan. So there are many different names for these subtle system parts, and the
different expressions of the Divine Powers that are only in Indian languages. If you have felt the Power of the Holy Spirit above your
head, and in your hands and fingertips, and if you trust that you have found the way out of the eventual destruction of the impure, then
you need to trust that these names are the names of different 'God-like' Spirits (Deities) Who were Created by the Holy Spirit to
Manage the more detailed parts of the Universe, and also the different parts of the Human subtle system. An example would be that
Jesus Christ is also called Shri Ganesha and Shri Mahavishnu. There are these 2 main Spirits in Christ, and one is the eternal Child of
Mother and Father, Shri Ganesha – God's Absolute Purity and Innocence made into a specific Spirit. In the pure Spirit form only, this
Spirit is the One through which all the Universe and other Deities are Created when the Holy Spirit begins to Create a Universe. Then
there is Shri Mahavishnu. He is a combination Spirit of the Human soul evolving Principle (Vishnu), and God Almighty Himself (the
'Maha' part, meaning 'Great'). Also, the is another Deity called Lord Kartikeya, Who gives Christ the ability to be an excellent warrior
in this separated Earth, separated from His original state as God Almighty. So all of these Spirits take form in this separated world as
Christ, and the 2nd Christ is a Human being also. (There is reference made to this in 1 John 4:2, 2 John 7 and in Revelation 1, there is a
description of Christ having 7 chakras and His right hand with the chakra links, a 'son of man'... The Muslims know that 'Isa' – Son of
Mary – will walk as a man and will have a wife and children, living in peace on Earth with the Humans who survive Destruction.)
Soon there will be a time when He will become active, and then He will be known to all of Sahaja Yoga. After a few years of intense
preparation, He will Destroy the impure and the Humans who successfully made Spirit manifested in their Human bodies will be
recognised as Pure and will be made completely free and Self-realised just before the Destruction occurs. By having millions of
Human in this condition, the Power of God's Destruction will not destroy the Earth and Universe.

Always ask your Kundalini Mother and to rise and heal you in all the ways that you don't understand. She is the Desire of God placed
inside you, and She is Divine Herself and only responds to Pure Desire for Self-realisation asked and desired through the heart, not the
mind, and in humility. You need to love your Kundalini Mother, because She is a living and conscious Power, and She is the Desire of
God born inside you to give you life and your Spirit into your Human attention. She needs you to ask Her to help you, otherwise She
sees that you don't want to have your Spirit, and you are actually your Spirit and the person you think you are is really just a
personality that exists in you because there is incorrect energy left and right giving the mind's personality life. That part will lose its
grip on you as your Kundalini Mother works to heal you. Your Kundalini is a reflection of the Universe's Kundalini, Shri Adi
Kundalini, and Shri Adi Kundalini is a Projection of the Holy Spirit / Shri Adi Shakti. Shri Mataji is the Human Incarnation of the
Holy Spirit of God, but She is formless, beyond the Universe and is everywhere at the same time. So if you speak to Shri Mataji, She
will hear you, and She is quietly watching over you, and can help you in many ways, but you need to use the system that was given to
you (your Kundalini Mother, the 7 energy centres / chakra wheels, and also the Deities that control each chakra.), and then Shri Mataji
can help you more as your entire Human body becomes alive with Spirit in your attention, more and more.

You need humility and Pure Desire for Spirit (not a desire to think always, and have things, dreaming about money, a better life, even
if you think it is a positive and happy thing, because only Spirit give true Joy, and only in a calmed and thoughtless consciousness can
Spirit become manifested in you). You need a naturally balanced nature, and attention on Spirit and Sahasrara. Shri Mataji is in each
person's Sahasrara as well as Christ, the Kalki (Indian name for the 2 nd Christ). If your attention is on Them, then They can actually
pull you up!! Always ask your Kundalini to give you strength, heal you, and such things. You can also ask Angels to gather around
you, but the main thing is that you make yourself a shining Light of Spirit by holding your hands to the photograph of Shri Mataji with
attention up, even while working during the day, even if you can't have your hands to Shri Mataji's photo, and you should watch out for
the sneaky mind that tries to steal away your attention, and make your Pure Desire for Spirit fall to the sides with a desire to think all
the time, and to wish for Earthly possessions, and everything but Spirit. Even family is not Spirit, and to really be able to love your
family, you need to become the Spirit first, so be in a witness state, be an observer rather than a planner of life, and not to drift into the
past or future. Allow yourself to be free and Kundalini will give you your Spirit. Always hand problems up to Shri Mataji and Shri
Kalki and let Them sort it out while you try to remain calm and balanced, forgiving, humble, simple, honest with yourself and Divinity,
and allow a soft love to develop in you, not a fancy love, neither a love that is not capable of self-love. Time, meditation with hands to
Mother's photo and your Kundalini will heal you...

To begin with, all you need to do is a short 10 minutes meditation session in the morning, and about 15 or 20 minutes at night.
Eventually You'll work up to being in 24 hour meditation...

              Chakra / Plexus / Energy Centre System (Revelation 1:4,20; 2:1; 4:5 & 5:6 & 22:1,2)
         (Fire - Exodus 3:2, Mt 3:11; Rev 3:18; 4:5, 4:5; Mt 25:1-13; In you - Acts 24:18; Rev 1:4; John 14:16,26; Holy Spirit - Jude 20, Matthew 4:14).

7. Sahasrara or Bramharandra (crown of head) – Joy, Silence, Integration (Isaiah 41:1, Exodus 3:2)
6. Agnya (centre of the forehead) – Forgiveness, Resurrection, Clear perspective, Repentance, Thoughtless awareness.
5. Vishuddhi (throat) – Playful detachment, Communication, Sweet voice, Self-esteem, Pure Relationships, Diplomacy
4. Anahat (heart) - (Atma/Spirit) – Love, Security, Responsibility, Courage, Confidence.
 - The Void Area (Darma) – Old habits go when bridged by Kundalini (Righteousness), Self
3. Nabhi (solar plexus) – Peace, Satisfaction, Self-mastery.
2. Swadisthan (below belly button) – Pure Knowledge, Creativity, Pure Attention (Pingala Nadi rises from here)
 - Kundalini (Your Mother Power of Pure Desire) Past lives info held here. (Kundalini seated above Mooladhara Chakra)
 - Kundalini in the Bible - John 4:14 “...well of water springing up into everlasting life.” (Baptism of Kundalini Holy 'Water'.)
 - The Ruh of Allah, Breath of God, Divine Desire for Life. Earth holds the Universe's Shri Adi Kundalini.
1. Mooladhara (base, root, support of Creation) – Innocence, Humility, Purity, Wisdom, Chastity, Virtue (Ida Nadi rises
from here) This is where the most Powerful Deity is found, Shri Ganesha. He decides who is humble and may rise up.

                           New Yogis – Sahaja Yoga Techniques -                                                2
3 Nadis / Columns of Light
                                                                                                 “There is another shoot of Vishuddhi
Left Channel – Ida Nadi:                                                                         between the eyebrows called the 'Hamsa
                                                                                                 chakra'. This chakra is for the power of
(Sympathetic nervous system)
                                                                                                 discrimination. When enlightened this
Crosses to the Super Ego (Identity)                                                              gives divine discretion. When overloaded
The past                                                                                         with decision-making without discretion,
Emotions                                                                                         one can develop sinus or a shooting
Collective Subconscious Realm (past)                                                             headache on one side. When this centre is
Yin / Female / Mother’s side (Emotional)                                                         caught up, one should understand that one
Moon Channel – Water                                                                             should not eat things that can spoil the
                                                                                                 throat, like sour things or things, which
                                                                                                 are very sharp on the tongue.” Shri Mataji
                                                                                                 Nirmala Devi.
Right Channel – Pingala Nadi
(Sympathetic nervous system)
Crosses to the Ego (Desired identity)
Future – Action – Desires - Plans
Collective Supra conscious Realm (future)
Yang / Male – Father’s side (Mental, Physical)
Sun Channel - Fire

Centre Channel – Shushumna Nadi – Parasympathetic nervous system – Revelation 22:1,2 “...a pure river of water of
life...either side of the river was a tree of life...”
Evolution and ascent - Present tense - Reality
Absence of ego and super-ego, and therefore Spirit is in attention.

                          The Chakras and each one's Deities Who control each chakra
 (Each Masculine Deity has a Feminie Power / Shakti Deity, except Shri Ganesha Who is the Power of Shri Adi Shakti)

1. For Mooladhara chakra - Shri Tatwa Ganesha                                By saying the names of the Deities (Expressed 'Selves' of
2. For Swadhisthan chakra - Shri Saraswati Brahmadeva                        Goddess) They will work to open your chakras and allow
3. For Nabhi chakra - Shri Nirayana Laksmi                                   your Kundalini Mother to rise and heal you. Also, to
4. For Anahat (heart) chakra - Shri Parvati Shakti                           worship Shri Adi Kundalini will make the Deities and
5. For Vishuddhi chakra - Shri Krishna Rada                                  your individual Kundalini fill with Joy and you will grow in
6. For Agnya chakra - Shri Jesus Mary                                        depth and strength very much. Shri Mataji will heal your
                                                                             heart if you ask Her to. Pure Desire is through your heart.
7. For Sahasrara chakra - Shri Kalki Nirmala

Don't worry that there are Indian names, that you may think it is bad stuff going on that You don't know what you are
saying. Because India has always had a knowledge to keep the Divine connection active on Earth, there are only the
Indian names to worship the various Forms in which Supreme Divinity manifests, as Deities and Goddess Powers.
“Certain people of Asia found Me purified in the temple” Acts 24:18

    A very important thing to emphasise is that if the palms of your hands are not receiving the Power from the
     photograph of Shri Mataji then the whole system does not wake up. Your freedom of choice is absolute!!!

To meditate, there is a protocol of respect around the photo of Shri Mataji. Please don't place Her photo directly on the ground, or
change clothes in front of it either. Place a small candle to the right of The Holy Mother’s photo. There is a short prayer (mantra is the
Indian word for prayer that is pre-constructed by Divine and by ancient saints). Take your shoes off so that negative energy can drain
out of you into Earth, and keep your feet apart to prevent a blockage of negative energy draining out, because your legs and feet are
extensions of your left and right channels (Nadis). Left leg is linked to left channel, while right arm is linked to left channel, and so for
the opposite side too. Left arm is linked to right channel, and through the corresponding hands you can also drain out negative energy.
Right hand to Earth first to clean the 1st chakra, and then left hand to the sky / roof to clean out the right channel. So, the mantra is
“Om twameva sakshat, Shri Ganesha sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, namoh namaha.” (This means honour
to Goddess (Devi) and Her Purity expressions of ‘Self’, Who are all acting on behalf of God in this Universe). You can say this before
and after a meditation session. Also, at the beginning and end of a meditation session there is the 'raising of Kundalini' and tying of the
3 channels together. Please see Sahaja Yoga Techniques -

                         New Yogis – Sahaja Yoga Techniques -                              3
                                               The footsoak with salt water
To increase your inner Power and get negative energy out, get a plastic tub and fill it with lukewarm water and add a
handful of salt. Just before going to sleep, sit in front of Mother's photograph, silent in mind with your attention to the
top of your head and ‘Being’, and soak your feet in that tub for 10 minutes. It will draw out enormous amounts of
negative energy into the salt. Pour some clean water over your feet and, avoiding eye or skin contact with the negative
water, pour it down the toilet only. Keep the bucket outside and away from food and pets and the living environment.
Only use the bucket for that purpose because it deals with a very strong and great amount of negative energy. Return for
normal meditation with right hand to Earth to drain more negative out while left hand is to Mother’s photo, and then left
hand towards the sky / roof with right hand to Mother’s photo, then after about 5 minutes of negative draining out on
each side then hold both hands to Mother’s photo for a while. A more effective way of footsoak is to use 2 tubs, the left
foot and ankle in quite hot water, and the right foot in ice water (with ice blocks). Place a cushion under your thighs so
your feet don’t touch the bottom of the tubs. You can add more salt once or twice if you like, moving your palm over the
water 21 times in a clock-wise motion (Bandhan) to cancel out a bit of negative energy. Maintain a good spinal posture.

                         Steps to Self-realisation, at least once a day, twice if you have the time.
Please begin with right hand on Earth to clean and activate Mooladhara and say, “Shri Tatwa Ganesha”. Then hold
both hands to Mother’s photo to clean out negative in your right hand, and then begin with the left side Anahat, as
shown below. After doing left side point 3 on the Swadhisthan, please move across to right side Swadhisthan and
then to left side Nabhi, then right side Nabhi, and so on. Thank you!!

                                                                                                 Left side

                                                                                1. Right hand on Anahat - 3 x “Mother, are
                                                                                we the spirit?”
                                                                                2. Right hand on Nabhi – 3 x “Mother, are
                                                                                we our own masters?”
                                                                                3. Right hand on Swadhisthan – 6x
                                                                                “Mother, please give us Pure Knowledge.”
                                                                                4. Right hand on Nabhi – 10x “Mother, we
                                                                                ARE our own masters!”
                  Right side                                                    5. Right hand on Anahat – 12x “Mother, we
                                                                                ARE the spirit!”
   1. Right hand on Swadhisthan – 6x                                            6. Right hand on Vishuddhi – 16x “Mother,
   “Mother, please give us Pure Attention .                                     we are NOT guilty at all!”
                                                                                7. Right hand on front Agnya “Mother, we
   2. Right hand on Nabhi – 10x “Mother, we                                     forgive everyone, we forgive ourselves.”
   are peaceful and satisfied.”                                                 8. Right hand on back Agnya “Great Divine,
                                                                                please forgive me and us for any mistakes
   3. Right hand on Anahat – 12x “Mother,                                       we have done.”
   we are loving.”                                                              9. Right hand palm with fingers pulled back
                                                                                placed on top of your head, press down hard
   4. Right hand on Vishuddhi – 16x                                             and slowly move the scalp 7x clockwise,
   “Mother, we are NOT arrogant and                                             saying, “Mother, please strengthen and
   domineering!”                                                                establish our awakening.”

                                      Twice a day, we should always do the:
    '4 Petals of Mooladhara Chakra Meditation Prayers' or 'Sahaja Yoga 1st 2nd & 3rd Chakra Meditations'

       This should be done after your chakras are clean, and with your right hand to / on Earth all the time.

                                                 Quotes by Shri Mataji

                      New Yogis – Sahaja Yoga Techniques -                        4
“No one, so far in the history of spirituality, has ever raised the Kundalini in such a short time, as you people are doing. It moves under
your fingers. It is absolutely Shri Ganesha's Power, which is given to you. The Ganesha Shakti is given to you by Shri Ganesha
Himself within you, to give you the confidence. To give you the confidence that you can raise the Kundalini, but not the feeling that
you are raising the Kundalini. If you go on without surrendering yourself to Sahaja Yoga, after some time you will lose this Power very
fast. At the time when you are moving your hand on Kundalini, it is the greatest Power you are using. I don't know how much,
shraddha’ (faith) you have for yourself and about the Power you have got. At that time there will be no obstruction on your hand by
anyone whatsoever. When you are raising the Kundalini, attention of the person who is taking the realisation from you, will not be
attracted by outside things. That means you can raise the Kundalini at any time, because, at that time you reside in the Lotus, which is
closed. At the time of Kundalini awakening, you will not have baser or impure feelings about the person to whom you are giving the
realisation. Maybe before and after, but not when you are giving the realisation. These dirty feelings will not come to you,
automatically. You do not have to stop your mind, automatically it will work. You will be absolutely satisfied. Even if you are hungry,
you will not feel the hunger or any physical need at the time you are giving the realisation. There will be no distraction of any kind.
You won't do anything that is undignified. At that time you are being blessed with dignity. At that time you will never joke, nor will
you make fun nor will you be frivolous. You talk to the person in such a manner, that the person becomes wise and you also talk only
that which is wisdom. These powers can be maintained if you try to follow Shri Ganesha. These are His Powers..

“When a realised soul says that he “should have more compassion, as my compassion, is not alright; my concern about others, my
generosity is not alright, I have exploited other’s love”, then this energy starts moving, giving you that greater dimension of love and
compassion. If you do not want to grow in your awareness then She does not supply the energy which is stored in you. The Kundalini
is there to nourish you, look after you and make you grow by giving you a higher, wider & deeper personality. All Her Power is
nothing but Love. She gives the Power to forgive. Even when you think, the energy for thinking comes from Kundalini because you are
asking Her help. The Power of Kundalini is absolute Purity, Auspiciousness, Holiness, Chastity, Self respect, Pure Love, detachment,
concern, Enlightened Attention to give you Joy. As a mother will try whatever is possible to give joy to her child, in the same way, this
Kundalini has only one Power, and that is how to give Joy to Her own Children. When we talk in the light of Kundalini, we have to
understand that this light spreads in your life, outside your life and expresses Itself in a very beautiful manner. When you worship Adi
Kundalini, the reflection in you, which is your Kundalini, is very happy. Also the Deities feel happy. The Power of Kundalini, which is
your own Mother, has to rise and manifest Itself, because of your Pure Desire. In your introspection, Pujas, and in your meditation, you
should see for yourself, why are you in meditation. It is for Pure Desire of compassion and love to be awakened within us.”

“This Kundalini is awakened within us all the time to help us. I have seen to My very great sorrow that we have really hurt our
Kundalini and mashed It. We have really tortured Her. I have seen big, big holes and wounds in Her Being. In our ego, in our useless
ideas we have really wounded our Kundalini. I have seen this poor Kundalini in a mess and I soothe Her. I soothe Her and tell Her that
You, the Mother of this child, be contented that this child has got Desire to know God. The path of Kundalini can be quite arrogant
and the Kundalini may refuse to come up. And even if She comes up, out of pain, She may drop off. The path of Kundalini may have
been ruined by so many things and these wounds we have caused in the path, in the central path, by not remaining in the centre, but
going to extremes. We have harmed ourselves. You have not harmed anybody else but you have harmed yourselves. You have harmed
your own chances.”

“Even when you get your realisation you are sometimes in a growing stage up to a point. Like you're nourished by the Mother Earth all
the time but you're not aware of it. In the same way the womb of Sahaja Yoga nourishes you to grow up into beautiful Beings. Still you
have to come up to a point when it has to click in such a way that you start feeling the awareness of that unbounding Love. In the small
children it clicks very fast because they're so innocent and uncomplicated and in some people also I've seen it click very fast as soon as
they get their realisation.”

“In the first place attention is disturbed because we are not in the centre. In the second place the attention gets into turmoil because we
have desires.”

“The best way to cleanse, for Sahaja Yogis, is to be pure in ones heart to lead a chaste life full of good thoughts and deeds. By
innocence one can make the attention very pure and unattached… The realized personalities have to ascend gradually in their surrender
to the innocence of Shri Ganesha. The people who are simple, chaste like small children, achieve very quickly spontaneous salvation…
Shri Ganesha is the eldest brother of all the Sahaja Yogis. In the university of Sahaja Yoga, one has to be registered through the
permission of Shri Ganesha… Shri Ganesha bestows a graduation degree upon the pupil, as chancellor of the university where He is in
Human form as Jesus Christ. This is the awakened stage of the sadhaka (student)… All the Sahaja Yogis must know how to worship
Shri Ganesha so that He is kept awakened, and the seeker remains in the eternal bliss of His innocence. Shri Ganesha looks after the
protocol of His Divine Mother. He enters into the Human intellect and imbibes the qualities of reverence. He gives the Light of
Wisdom to egoistical intellectuals when they bow to His Innocence. He enters into the superego when He is prayed to by people who
are conditioned and suppressed. He kills the demons or evil forces that are overpowering the seekers.” THE MOOLADHARA
CHAKRA - H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi -

                         New Yogis – Sahaja Yoga Techniques -                            5
Sahasrara Puja: May 5th, 2002: Italy - “...Firstly you must feel your depth. If you don’t feel your depth, and you are not one with
your personality, which is so deep, then you cannot enjoy the Self-realisation. First of all you should understand yourself. If you don’t
understand yourself, how can you understand other people. You cannot. So first this Sahasrara should be opened out fully. Fully means
complete oneness with the Divine. That is not difficult. Only you have to meditate a little bit and then it will work out. It has worked
out in many people I am very happy to see, and meet such people in Sahaja Yoga, who have achieved such a lot of collectivity and also
the awareness of a realised soul. So what is the awareness of a realised soul? That is what we have to understand today. It’s a very
important day, as I said. The awareness is such that you should now know what is happening in this world and how you can help it.
How can You help people to get to this awareness – unless you have this full, full knowledge about yourself, complete strength about
yourself, and the confidence, you cannot do it.”

“To be one with the Divine is the greatest blessing for human beings. So far, they were human beings at a lower level of existence.
They had all the problems of that level – is that jealousies, hatred; all kinds of problems that are today, of fighting, of troubling others,
destroying others and not loving others. All these problems existed because their Sahasrara was not opened. So our main problem is
to open the Sahasrara of the people all over the world, which is very simple, which you can all do it, and it will work better if you do it
collectively. If you are collective, you can work it out very well.“

Sahasrara Chakra – 1983 - “After all these lectures, most of your chakras might have opened. But all this is My job. Now You also
have to do some Homework after going to your houses. You have to exercise it and you have to see for yourself. Be alert and cautious.
Try to face yourself... You must see that how much honest you are. How much pure you have been, how much friendly and loving you
are in collectivity, It is very important. If you are not collective, if you are special and funny, if you cannot communicate with others
then you should know That something is wrong with you. Then you should face and introspect yourself and try to become all right. As
the Sari (Indian lady’s clothing) is removed from Body and washed… you should also remove this ‘Swa’ ‘self’ and wash it. Like this
only Sahaja Yogis will grow. When some of Sahaja Yogis will grow and ascend higher then others will also get impressed by them and
grow. In this way whole Sahaja Yoga can grow very fast. But you all who are growing in your ascent should grow without thinking
about Your progress. This is very important. Those people who think that they are above others and special are very wrong in their
thinking . Because it is not like this. The whole is growing together. No body should think himself insulted or lower and should not feel
that they are considered lower. Let others think like that, what effect it makes? God never thinks like this about you. So you have to be
alert from all these small small things.” SAHASTRARA CHAKRA NEW DELHI, 4-2-1983, TALK OF SHRI MATAJI ON SHRI

“Lastly, the seventh centre, the most important centre is the Sahasrara which has got, according to Sahaja Yoga, a thousand petals.
Actually there are a thousand nerves and if you cut the transverse section of the brain you can see that all these petal-like structures of
the brain are forming a lotus of the thousand petals. This centre of a thousand petals covers the limbic area of the brain before
Realization like the closed bud of a lotus. Above this covering is the balloon-like structure of ego and superego. As the brain is
covered completely when these two institutions join and calcification takes place on top of the head; that is how we become a closed
personality. At the time of our awakening, of our second birth, this egg-like personality breaks at the top of the head.

Now, actually what has happened in Realization? Your Kundalini has risen and has come up. Just like you can say a small, thin hair -
one hair, say - and that has broken your Sahasrara. And now the Grace is flowing into it. But it is a very small movement that has taken
place, of course, which is a very difficult movement no doubt, but it has taken place. Now you have not expanded like this. Your
Chakras are only pierced in the centre but the rest of the attention is still intact. Actually it is so intact that you do not even feel that it is
pierced. Now you have to expand that. Open it out so that more strands of the Kundalini can rise and your attention, which is in these
centres, expands. By expansion it drives out all that is mythical on the sides. On every centre we have our attention, which is being
enlightened in the centre through this Light passing through. But the Light is too small for the darkness that you have collected,
specially for people in the West I would say. You must get rid of them (darknesses).”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Attention - Chitta, U.K. - May 26, 1980

“This is the Last Judgment. Remember, God will not bow before you. You have to accomplish Him in your own freedom. If you have
not achieved Him it is not His fault nor is it of Sahaja Yoga. “God has created man with His Shakti (Power) and man has to know Him
and recognize Him through Kundalini awakening. Blossom Time has come and many ancient seekers are today getting their self-

“Today one of the problems of the times of the Modern Times is fanaticism. Now this fanaticism has been growing. The more people
try to get out of this fanaticism, it grows more. For example those people who have given up religion, who gave up God in the sense
that they never gave up - you cannot give Him up, He has to give you up - those who felt that they have been able to give up God have
done nothing good. They are equally useless. I mean they had by giving up God they have given up all ideas of any control by any
Divinity on anything. But what have they achieved - suicides, bad society, sick people. They have achieved nothing.

                                           Jai Shri Mataji!!! (Respect to the Holy Mother).

                          New Yogis – Sahaja Yoga Techniques -                                   6

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