Summer Roommate Agreement

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                                                                       Volume 16 ● Issue 3 ● Spring
                                Summer Roommate Agreement
                                Camilla Jones
                                Residence Life Coordinator
                                Strong Complex
                                  A roommate agreement for the sum- might stay up late and sleep later in the
                                mer? Yes! Similar to when your stu- mornings.
 Inside this issue...           dent first came to college, he/she met       Household Duties: Students have not
                                with their roommate to discuss living had anyone to hold them accountable
 University Connections    2    arrangements. To your student, com- for keeping a clean room for their year
 Planning for the Future   3    ing back home for the summer is a new in the residence halls; this does not
 What’s Going on in the         living arrangement. Below are some mean they cannot help with household
    Halls at K-State?      4    topics to discuss with your student to duties while living at home. Try to
 New Opportunities              develop your own roommate agree- determine a rotation for trash, laundry,
    for Growth             6    ment to make the transition back home cleaning, etc., with all siblings involved
 Student Leadership        7    a smooth one.                             to make it equitable for everyone.
 An FYI for Home           8      Curfew: Your student has been liv-        Finances: How much are you willing
                                ing for a year without a curfew in the to give your student? What will you pay
                                residence halls. You and your student for and what will you not? This topic
                                must decide an appropriate time for of conversation might be very similar
                                you to expect him/her home or whether to the conversations you had when they
                                a curfew should                                               first came to college
                                exist at all.          Is what the residence halls about who would
                                  Visitors: Your deem appropriate fine pay for gas, insur-
                                student will most in your home as well? ance, food, etc.
                                likely be excited to                                            Alcohol Use:
                                see old high school friends or might have While at college, your student might
                                friends from neighboring towns come to have turned 21 and might be consuming
                                visit. Do you want prior notice of visi- alcohol on occasion. Are you comfort-
                                tors? What are your thoughts on visitors able with having it in the house? Are
                                of the opposite gender? Your student you comfortable with your student’s
                                has not had many restrictions on guests friends being over and having alco-
                                and visitors except for the restrictions hol? Your student needs to know your
                                they set up with his/her roommate and thoughts before any compromise can
                                housing’s overnight policy.               take place.
                                  Early Morning/Late Night: Students        Communication is key to this process
                                in the residence halls are used to quiet as you share your thoughts and you all
                                hours, but is what the residence halls work together for a compromise that
                                deem appropriate fine in your home as works for everyone involved. Having
                                well? Discuss with your student what your student home for the summer will
                                time you will typically be winding be a great way to see first hand how
                                down for the evening so they might your student has matured through the
                                be able to quiet down as to not disturb year. It is an exciting time in their lives
                                you or other family members. As a and you can be a big part of it during
                                compromise, remember that students the summer months.
University connections
Connecting K-State Families to Campus Activities
Emily Lehning
Assistant Dean of Student Life &
Coordinator of New Student Services
  The K-State Parents and Family           the K-State family!                         has successfully experienced the tran-
Association is looking forward to a          We also roll out the purple carpet for    sition can be a solid source of comfort
busy spring and summer. A primary          new students and their families during      to those who are unsure about what
focus of our volunteer efforts is to       orientation and enrollment. This mega-      these changes may mean for their fam-
welcome new families to the K-State        event is a combination of twelve single     ily. Volunteers are needed to fill this
community. You will see us this spring     day programs where new students             important role.
at K-State Open House on Saturday,         enroll in courses for the fall semester       If you are interested in volunteering
April 8, 2006, where the association       and they, along with their family mem-      to assist with our upcoming events or
hosts an informational booth at the K-     bers, are oriented to the many services     would like more information about
State Student Union. At the booth, you     and programs K-State has to offer. This     other opportunities for involvement,
can visit with us to gather information    event is a great way to show your purple    please contact the PFA at pfa@k-state.
about opportunities for getting involved   pride and really make a difference for      edu or 785-532-2222.
at K-State. Drop by to check out our re-   parents. We know the transition to col-
sources or volunteer to help greet those   lege can be challenging for students        K-State Parents & Family Association
who could be the newest members of         and families. A friendly person who

Community Based on Common Ground
Kevin Cook
Coordinator for Enrollment
Management and Academic Affairs
  In the residence halls at Kansas State   ter their time at K-State. The hall staff   involved with community service to a
University, students have the unique       will work closely with the pre-health       higher level than the previous genera-
opportunity to collaborate with fac-       advisors in the College of Arts and         tion. The floor hopes to partner with
ulty and staff across campus in our        Sciences. The advisors have agreed to       one of our local elementary schools
cluster communities. During the room       present a program each semester             as an on-going project. The staff also
selection process or contract process,     regarding pre-health related topics.        hopes to provide short-term projects
students can select one of our theme       We will also work with the pre-health       once a month around the community.
communities. Currently we partner          student organizations. Local profes-        It is likely this cluster will also col-
with staff and faculty in the areas of     sionals in health-related fields will be     laborate with the leadership cluster in
agriculture, architecture, business ad-    asked to visit the floor throughout the      Moore Hall.
ministration, engineering and leader-      year. The goal of the floor is to provide      As a department, we are very excited
ship studies.                              additional support and information for      about these opportunities for further
  For the fall of 2006 we will add two     the students in the cluster.                collaborations with K-State and our
exciting cluster options. In Haymaker        West Hall will be the site of the new     community.
Hall there will be a new cluster fo-       community service cluster. This clus-
cused on pre-health studies. This is for   ter will focus on serving K-State and
students who are considering going         the greater Manhattan community.
on to health professional schools af-      We know today’s students have been

                                                     planning for the future
Dining Services Built on a Strong Foundation
John Pence                                                                                History in the Making
Associate Director                                                                        Deborah Kohl
Housing and Dining Services                                                               Coordinator for
  This year marks the 80th year of din-     by Dining Center was ahead of its time        Community Development
ing services providing meals away from      with an open kitchen concept. It was          Jardine Apartment Complex
home for our residents. It all began in     impressive: the largest dining facility in
                                                                                            Spring 2006 is a time for making his-
1926 when Van Zile Hall opened for          the state of Kansas.
                                                                                          tory at the Jardine Apartment Complex.
women. The dining room at Van Zile            The dining services have continued to
was a laboratory for students in the Col-   be a model operation for teaching and         In addition to new program offerings,
lege of Home Economics and the Van          food prepared from scratch. Meals went        the community will hear and feel the
Zile dietitian was a professor in the De-   from family service and sit-down din-         first rumblings of construction this
partment of Institution Management.         ners to cafeteria service. However, more      semester. The complex, which is the
During this time, Bessie Brooks West        than two entree choices are available for     on-campus apartment housing option at
and Lovell Woods were professors in In-     residents now. The classic service line       K-State, is quickly nearing the construc-
stitutional Management and in charge of     resembles the menu choices of years           tion phase of a ten-year, $102 million
dining services. These two women were       past with Mexican, Deli, Italian, stir        redevelopment project. Groundbreak-
pioneers in food service management         fry, and grab ‘n’ go becoming standard        ing is scheduled for this summer, and
for noncommercial (institutional) food      fares.                                        we are thrilled to be moving ahead in
service in the country. The tradition of      Under the professional leadership of        serving students—from single graduate
meals prepared from scratch were the        these two women, a coordinated under-         and undergraduates, to families of all
backbone of their teaching and opera-       graduate dietetics program was institut-      sorts—in a more excellent manner. The
tional focus.                               ed at K-State (second one in the country      first buildings will become available the
  When Bessie Brooks West retired,          to be established). Approximately twen-       fall semester of 2007 and preference for
Mrs. Grace Shugart was hired to run the     ty students graduate per year eligible        those spaces will be given to students
residence hall kitchens and be depart-      to be registered dietitian. The dietitians    who have lived in the residence halls.
ment head of Institutional Management.      in the dining operations are on a joint         We will commemorate the history of
As enrollment grew and the need for         appointment in food service operations        the Jardine Complex and celebrate the
more housing was needed, Marlatt and        and teaching in the Coordinated Dietet-
                                                                                          new development on April 20th with a
Goodnow halls were built in addition to     ics Program.
                                                                                          dedication of a time capsule just outside
the Kramer dining center in the 1960’s.       During the past eighty years there are
                                                                                          of the Jardine Welcome Center. We
  Because of increasing enrollment,         numerous ties to our beginning. The
                                                                                          have also posted a short video about
running the food service facilities and     facilities are teaching laboratories for
being in charge of an academic depart-      students in Dietetics and Hotel and Res-      the redevelopment project on the Hous-
ment were overwhelming. Jean Riggs          taurant Management. Much of the food          ing and Dining Services website. The
was hired to run Kramer Dining Center,      is still prepared from scratch and this is    website contains the latest information
Boyd, Putnam and Van Zile kitchens.         particularly true in our bakery. Our retail   about the redevelopment project and
She was responsible for the teaching        outlet, “THE Bakery,” in Derby Dining         will have a live web cam as soon as
of quantity foods and the residence hall    Center is a favorite with students, fac-      construction begins. We hope that as
kitchens were the laboratories. Riggs’      ulty, and staff. The professional dining      you and your student consider future
strength was in food production, physi-     faculty strive daily to ensure that your      housing plans you keep the Jardine
cal layout, and planning. As enrollment     son or daughter is getting a whole-           Complex in mind, and we look forward
continued to grow, more residence halls     some, safe meal that is tasty, nutritious     to the opportunity to welcome you to
were needed. In the 1960’s, the Derby       and served by a cheerful employee in          our unique community.
Complex came into being and Riggs           a pleasant environment. Many of our
planned the building layout and devel-      cheerful employees are your children
oped the operation plan for Derby. Der-     and we’re glad they’re here!                    Jardine Redevelopment Website

BOYD ● FORD ● GOODNOW ● HAYMAKER ● MARLATT ● MOORE ● PUTNAM ● SMURTHWAITE ● VAN ZILE ● WEST                                    3
                                                                                                    Boyd really going places this semester! The re
                                                                                                    Boyd Hall is

                         lex                                                                        see the campus and especially our own building bein

                                                                                                    internet. The ladies were excited to use the $275 priz
                                                                                                    from turning in the most bags for our December campu

                     co                                                                             Community Service in a bag. They bought new exe

                                                                                                    workout videos. Programming is going well too. Bo
                                                                                                    a “Valentine’s for Vets” program to make cards for v

              Stro                                                                                  Pajama Party/Game Night.

                                      Putnam to welcome new residents this spring. Over
                                      Putnam Hall was excited
                                      90% of the residents successfully completed their RESPECT points
                                      last fall, and residents are already planning programs for their spring
                                      requirements. Putnam has many exciting events planned for the
                                      semester, including a Valentine’s Day flower/candy-gram sale, Animal
                                      Week, and RESPECT Week in honor of Women’s History Month.
                                      Putnam is also seeing some changes with decorative painting in the
                                      basement, first, and second floors. Happy spring semester to residents
                                      old and new! Feel free to stop by and have our tour team show you
                                      the place “where everybody knows your name.”

Van Hall is enjoying this spring semester. We welcomed several
Van Zile
new residents into the hall and many have already taken some leadership
roles in the hall. Van Zile is looking forward to several programs through
the semester such as a Super Bowl party, weekly get-togethers, and a
spring carnival in April. As the weather gets better through the spring,
                                                                                                                      What’s go
                                                                                                                     the halls a
the basketball court outside of Van Zile will become the gathering place
for many to relax and socialize.

        The start of the second semester in Haymaker Hall has been
        one of excitement and sadness. The students are getting back
        into the swing of things with academics and intramural sports
        while also enjoying the winter weather, or lack thereof, in          Ford with “Soup for the Soul,” a program that
        Manhattan! The staff of Haymaker is pleased to welcome
        David Small as the new Multicultural Assistant to the hall. We
                                                                             provided free, homemade soup for residents, the women
        also saw the departure of our beloved RLC, Tanya Massey,                                                                        The spring
                                                                             have been eating healthy foods and staying conscious       West Hall. In add
        as she took a job at Oklahoma State University. The hall has         about their bodies. During “Baby Got Back,” Victoria’s
        had a successful Super Bowl party and several successful                                                                        ing busy in the h
                                                                             Secret representatives fitted women for bras and talked
        programs with Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras!                                                                                   and Valentine’s D
                                                                             about choices in undergarments. Representatives from       House Points Co
                                                                             The Buckle also came and discussed jeans and body type.    ter. The Hall Gov
                                                                             For the Ford Olympics residents competed against one an-   Awareness/Perso
                                                                             other in “Ford Fear Factor,” “Dance, Dance Revolution,”    are hoping to col
                                                                             and “The Roommate Game.” And with second place in          for this event. Th
                                                                             the campus scrapbook contest, the women of Ford are        the campus Rela
                                                                             having a great semester!                                   excited for what
                                 Derb                                                                                                   semester in West
                                     y com
 sidents are excited to        GoodnowGoodnow. Semester time brought                                                 Kr
ng wired for wireless
 ze money Boyd won
                               Things are going great in
                               some changes to our Hall Governing Board and we had sev-                            co am
us wide philanthropy,          eral students step up and take on new leadership roles within                         m er
ercise equipment and           the hall. Their first event was a watch party for the Super
 oyd has already had
veterans, as well as a
                               Bowl. The RAMA staff coordinated our annual “Goodnow
                               Hall Date Auction” which raised money for the Manhattan
                               Women’s Crisis Center. This event is always a great way to
                               build community within Goodnow, see some wacky theme
                               dates, and raise money for a great cause. We’re all looking
                               forward to ending the year on a positive note.                  Marlatt is always a big day in Marlatt Hall.
                                                                                               Super Bowl Sunday
                                                                                               We brought in sandwiches and a projection TV to follow
                                                                                               the action. Marlatt Hall’s 21st annual Casino Night was
                                                                                               held in March, with play money bearing the portraits of
                                                                                               various Marlatt Hall housekeepers. Some nice prizes are
                                                                                               auctioned off to winners throughout the evening. There
                                                                                               is growing excitement about the spring football game
                                                                                               on April 22, marking the end of spring practice and the
                                                                                               beginning of the Ron Prince era.

oing on in                                                                    Leadership/Scholarship
at K-State?                                                                    Smurthwaiteplace this semester with Shadow H
                                                                               Smurthwaite has been a busy
                                                                               Weekend, Scholarship Day recruitment events, various big sis/little
                                                                               sis activities and getting ready for our Spring Formal. The women
                                                                               are continuing to work diligently to complete the requirements
                                                                               of their leadership contract, including community service hours,
                                                                               fundraising hours and cultural events. The women of Smurthwaite
                                                                               have also been interviewing applicants for entrance to the house
                                                                               for the 2006-2007 academic year. The pool of candidates has been
                                                                               excellent and we are very excited to see what they can bring to the
                                                                               house next year!
                                            Moore student leaders are very active this semester! We
                                            The Moore Hall
 ster is in full swing for the women of     kicked off the semester with floor meetings and pizza. The arrival
dition to classes, the women are stay-      of President Bush sparked a program centered on positive discus-
 hall. Residents enjoyed Super Bowl         sions about situations in the world. Students made Valentine’s Day
 Day parties and are excited that the       cards for individuals living at a Manhattan Senior Center. Many
ompetition has begun for this semes-        students also attended a wedding program! It was designed to test
 verning Board is planning a “Crime         their knowledge on wedding trivia. The Drag Queen Contest, St.
onal Safety” program for March and          Patrick’s Day Cookie decorating, Adopt a Grandparent, and the
 llaborate with the other female halls      Moore Hall Karaoke Luau are some of the activities that have been
his group is also organizing a team for     or will be going on this semester!
ay for Life in April. The women are

  will, no doubt, be another amazing
t Hall!

                                                                                       D erby                                                        5
new opportunities for growth
The New Wi-Fi Zone
Rob Satterlee
Manager of Information Technology
  K-State’s Housing and Dining             academic facilities, including Hale         fall. By the fall of 2007, the wireless
Services is excited to announce the        Library,      Cardwell,     Eisenhower,     deployment will be installed in the
implementation of a new wireless           Seaton, Umberger, Justin, Durland/          following locations:
network this coming fall. This enhanced    Rathbone/Fielder Halls; a majority of         • Newly constructed apartment
network will provide Internet access       the K-State Student Union and many               buildings
for wireless-enabled desktops, laptops,    other locations are wireless enabled.         • Renovated apartment buildings
and PDAs throughout the residence          Additionally, the outdoor commons             • Academic, retail, community
halls.                                     area north of the K-State Student Union          locations
  When the residence halls were            is also part of the wireless network.         Dr. Chuck Werring, Ed.D., Assistant
initially wired for Internet use, one        In the fall of 2005, Phase 1 of the       Vice President, Director of Housing
ethernet port was installed in each        Housing and Dining Services wireless        and Dining Services, says, “Adding
standard residence hall room, requiring    deployment was completed in the             wireless capabilities to the Housing
roommates either to take turns using       following locations:                        and Dining Services facilities will al-
the network or check out a hub for           • Kramer Dining Center                    low our residents to utilize technology
splitting network access. Today, with        • Kramer Technology Classroom and         in ways that are convenient for them.
the majority of students owning their          Academic Resource Center                Creating flexible solutions is critical
own computers, Housing and Dining            • Derby Dining Center                     to meeting the varied demands of our
Services has decided to explore new          • Derby Technology Classroom and          customers.“
ways to accommodate each and every             Academic Resource Center                  Kansas State University continues to
student desiring Internet access. The        Phase 2 will incorporate wireless         strive to lead the Big 12 in technology
result: a new wireless network which       technology in all of our residence halls    and to be highly ranked nationally for
does not replace the wired network         ,as well as Van Zile Dining Center, for     wireless computing. Housing and Din-
on campus, but rather extends its          the fall of 2006.                           ing Services, partnering with K-State’s
capabilities.                                Lastly, Phase 3 of the wireless           Vice Provost of Academic Services and
  Wireless access points are currently     project will enhance the Jardine            Technology, will continue to enhance IT
installed within many locations on         Apartments community, starting with         solutions offered to its students, faculty
the Manhattan campus. Numerous             the redevelopment project this coming       and staff long into the future.

Summer Learning
Matthew Vanden Boogart                                                                   Students interested in summer
                                           Hall while enrolled with the university,
Assistant Coordinator for                                                              internships can look online at the Career
                                           but your student may be looking to find
Departmental Initiatives                                                               and Employment Services website for
                                           a new experience: an internship.
  Whether your student is heading            An internship allows students to get      information on locations and how to
home this summer or staying around         “in-the-field” experience while in the       apply. Encourage your student to try
campus, it’s time to consider what your    context of a learning environment.          something new this summer and expand
student will be doing during their po-     Many students in engineering and            their learning (and maybe earn a few
tential free time. Returning home may      architecture take on internships over the   bucks while doing it).
mean returning to a job at a local store   summer months or during a semester
or family business, while staying on       to supplement their classroom learn-
campus may mean a different approach       ing. Not only these students can apply
                                           for internships though. All majors can      Career and Employment Services
to the summer. Students choosing to
stay on campus can reside in Moore         benefit from a summer “in-the-field.”

                                                              Student leadership
Practicing Leadership                                                              National Residence
Sarah Decke
Coordinator for                                                                    Hall Honorary
Leadership Development                                                              Shea Olsen
  Not everyone agrees on who should here on campus – and if they say they           National Residence Hall Honorary
be considered a leader. There are those were bored this year, you can give them
who believe leaders are born, while ideas for the future.                             The last couple months have been
others believe leaders are made from       Again this semester we have our          busy for the National Residence Hall
their experiences. Being a leader that LEAD Program, which consists of an Honorary! NRHH once again joined
is out in front of a group is not some- 8-week seminar series. There is also with the Union Program Council to
thing for which everyone strives. The a Leadership Book Club, where we sponsor an Afterhours event, includ-
skills considered essential for great are reading the book Leading with ing Grocery Bingo. In honor of Dr.
leaders are also                                                   Soul. Addition- Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, members
those skills that Have conversations about ex- ally, mid to late of NRHH raked leaves at the Manhat-
are necessary for periences that are available for spring will be tan Housing Authority as a way to
simply living in them to practice their leadership. the time for give back to our community. NRHH
the world. Com-                                                    students      to also sponsored a Karaoke Night in
panies now often look to hire graduates consider running for positions on their the Kramer Dining Center for all resi-
who have a leadership background.        Hall Governing Board or the Asso- dents.
  Take time with your student to visit ciation of Residence Halls. These are          In addition to all these events, NRHH
with them about the leadership oppor- both great ways they can impact their efforts have been geared towards our
tunities they have experienced dur- community for the future.                       upcoming induction and Leadership
ing their time here at K-State. Often      There are amazing student leaders Banquet. Recruitment has begun to
this can be part of the struggle when here in the residence halls. Together elect new members into NRHH and an
they come home over the summer. we can make sure everyone has the induction ceremony will be held April
They are so used to being involved opportunity to develop to their full po- 11th for those considered to be in the
for almost every hour of the day, tential as a student leader.                      top 1% of leaders in our halls!
and being home without those expe-
riences can sometimes be tough. If
your student seems bored over the Association of Residence Halls
                                          Logan Benteman
summer, have conversations about
experiences available for them to
                                          Association of Residence Halls
practice their leadership in their home-
town.There may be volunteer opportu-       It is hard to believe the year is almost ing. Also when you and your student
nities or community organizations that over! Now is the time when classes discuss living arrangements for next
need some new ideas.                     start to assign projects and finals are year, keep in mind that the residence
  During their time here in the resi- just around the corner, so when your halls offer amazing leadership oppor-
dence halls, we have done our best to students are home over spring break re- tunities for students returning to the
provide them every opportunity to be mind them that while they’re at school halls. From being a floor president or
involved. Not everyone has chosen to they need to take some time out to relax a hall officer to being a member of the
take advantage of those experiences. and have a little bit of fun too. Remind Association of Residence Halls; there
Some have been involved on campus them to take advantage of the many are great opportunities to get involved.
in other organizations, while others programs the residence halls sponsor. If you or your student have questions
may not want to be involved. I would Whether it’s a program on their floor about how to get involved for the next
just challenge you to ask questions in or in the complex, programs are a great year, feel free to contact me at loganb@
order to learn about what they are doing way to take a relaxing break from study-

An fyi for home
March                                         May                                          Questions, Comments, or Suggestions?
15: The second spring housing payment is      13: All residence halls close at 1:00        Contact Kevin Cook
due by 4:30 p.m. for students paying on the   p.m. Residents who need to remain on         Coordinator for Enrollment
installment plan option.*                     campus must make prior arrangements          Management and Academic Affairs
18: All halls close at 10:00 a.m. The eve-    with their residence life coordinator.       785.532.2644
ning meal on Friday, March 17, is the last    Breakfast on Saturday, May 13, is the        Toll Free: 1.888.568.5027
meal served.                                  last meal served. Check at your hall or
                                              dining center for Saturday breakfast
26: Halls reopen for occupancy at 1:00
p.m. Breakfast on Monday, March 27, is        meal hours.                             * The Housing and Dining Services cashiers
the first meal served.                                                                         office in the Pittman Building is open to transact
                                              August                                          business from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday
April                                         19: All residence halls open for oc-            through Friday (except official university holi-
                                                                                              days). Payments received after 4:30 p.m. or
15: The final spring housing payment is        cupancy for the fall semester at 10:00          on weekends and official university holidays
due by 4:30 p.m. for students paying on       a.m. Breakfast on Monday, August 21,            are credited to housing accounts the next
the installment plan option.*                 is the first meal served. Check at your          business day.
                                              hall of dining center for scheduled meal     Printed by Kansas State University
15: All residence halls remain open. Only                                                  Notice of Nondiscrimination

Derby Dining Center serves meals on Sat-      times.                                       Kansas State University is committed to nondiscrimination on the basis
                                                                                           of race, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or
                                                                                           other nonmerit reasons, in admissions, educational programs or activities and
urday and Sunday. Check at your hall or                                                    employment (including employment of disabled veterans and veterans of the
                                                                                           Vietnam Era), as required by applicable laws and regulations. Responsibility
dining center for scheduled meal times.                                                    for coordination of compliance efforts and receipt of inquiries concerning Title
                                                                                           VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of
                                                                                           1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act
                                                                                           of 1975, and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, has been delegated
                                                                                           to Clyde Howard, Director of Affirmative Action, Kansas State University,
                                                                                           214 Anderson Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-0124, (Phone) 785-532-6220;
                                                                                           (TTY) 785-532-4807.

    Manhattan, Kan. 66502
        Permit #525
      U.S. POSTAGE
    Nonprofit Organization