University Housing Roommate Agreement Worksheet by ecj13059


									                                                         University Housing
                                                        Roommate Agreement

              Overview: An early conversation about living together and personal preferences is always very beneficial to roommates living to-
  gether. Especially for roommates who have been friends previously, agreeing on details like cleaning and guests can go a long way to allowing
                                                  that friendship to work well in a living situation.
            Purpose: This Roommate Agreement process will help roommates establish open communication about their preferences for their
 shared living space. This requires each roommate to openly share his/her personal preferences, listen to the other roommate’s preferences,
          and for each pair to come to respectful mutual understandings. The primary purpose of the room is for sleeping and studying.
             Instructions: Please take time to think about each area and take notes. Taking notes will help when you refer back to this
 agreement later. You should bring the filled out Worksheet to your next House Meeting. Then as a roommate pair, you will complete the
  Shared Agreement and sign at the bottom. Your House Fellow will then facilitate a conversation with each roommate pair about the Shared
             Agreement. The House Fellow may keep the bottom of the Shared Agreement for record-keeping and/or make a copy.
              For Future Use: It is normal for roommates to face conflicts over some personal preferences—this is a part of the experience of
living on campus. Out of respect for your relationship, communicate openly and frequently and solve common issues together. You can refer
    back to the Shared Agreement to help you to work through conflicts. If you would like the help of a third party, please speak with your
                                                                    House Fellow.
                                            *All agreements need to be in compliance with University regulations*

                                                  ROOMMATE BILL OF RIGHTS...
 right to sleep and study free from undue interference in one’s room. Unreasonable noise, guests, and other distractions inhibit the
     exercise of that right.
 right to expect that a roommate will respect one’s personal belongings.
 right to a clean environment in which to live.
 right of free access to one’s room and facilities without pressure from a roommate.
 right to privacy.
 right to be free from fear and intimidation, physical and/or emotional harm.
 right to expect cooperation in the use of “room-shared” items.
 right to be free from peer pressure and ridicule if one’s life choices differ from one’s roommate’s.
 right to be free from any discrimination, harassment, or undue emotional distress.
 right to host guests with the expectation that the guest will abide by agreed-upon roommate expectations, housing policies, and the
     rights of the roommate and other residents. Frequency of overnight visits should be agreed-upon by both roommates.

                                                               The Basics
My friends would describe me as:
I would describe my neighborhood/city/town and the people in it as:
Before coming here, I was involved in (high school, community activities, etc...):
Activities I’m interesting in trying here are:
My idea of relaxing is:
The kind of music I like best is:
The types of TV shows or movies I like:
The types of foods I enjoy the most are:
People who are important to me include:
What I will miss most about home is:
What I will miss least about home is:

You can tell when I’m in a good mood because:
You can tell when I’m in a bad mood because:
Something that will usually cheer me up when I’m “feeling down” is:
Things I like to laugh about include:
Things I find annoying are:
Things I prefer to do by myself include:
Things I prefer to do with others are:

                                                             University Housing
                                                            Roommate Agreement
                                        Daily Schedules, Studying, & Noise
I would describe my sleeping patterns as (light vs. heavy sleeper, sleep w/ guests in room etc…):
The approximate amount of hours of sleep I need is:
When I prefer to go to bed and wake up is:
My daily schedule looks like (classes, activities, etc…):
The grades I hope to earn and how important they are to me looks like:
The location I prefer to study and/or do homework is:
The type of environment I need in order to study/do homework is:
“Too loud” to me means:
How I prefer to be approached/addressed if I am being too loud:

                                         Hygiene & Cleanliness of Room
 I would describe my overall personal hygiene habits as (i.e. how often I do laundry, shower):
 I would describe my cleaning habits as (i.e. organizing space, cleaning dirty dishes):
 Who I prefer to clean the room (each person cleans own area, clean all or parts together, etc…):
 How often I want the room vacuumed and/or cleaned (as needed vs. create a schedule):
 How I want the trash & recycling in the room to be dealt with (take own or each other’s out, how often, etc…):

                                                      Sharing & Guests
Things that are okay for you to use and/or borrow:
Things that I do not want you to use:
How I feel about sharing food/drinks that I bought:
How I feel about guests visiting the room (during day, guests of opposite sex, how late into the night they stay, etc…):
How I feel about guests staying overnight:
   (Guest Policy: Discuss with your roommate your desire to host an overnight guest and work together to agree on expectations.
   Overnight guests may not stay more than 3 consecutive nights in any hall. Residents may not have any overnight guests or combination of
   overnight guests for more than 6 nights per month or more than 2 weekends a month).
How I want to be notified when guests are coming to visit for a short time:
How much advance-notice I want/I will give when guests are coming to sleep overnight:
How I feel about sexual activity occurring in our room (in general, and in specific areas in room):

                                                  Alcohol & Other Drugs
 How I feel about the use of alcohol and other drugs, including tobacco products is:
 The impact of tobacco-products smells on me is (i.e. cigarettes, cigars; i.e. smells in room, on clothing):
 Things that would probably make me uncomfortable related to alcohol and other drug-use include (i.e. in room, coming home intoxicated):
 If issues come up with alcohol or other drugs, what would be most helpful for me in communicating about this is:

 How I prefer to be approached/addressed if parts of this Roommate Agreement are not followed:

             Please remember that you will be held accountable for abiding by all University Housing policies. To read about these policies
                 in detail, please go to: AND


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