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									Cast Of Characters:                                        ___________________ Fairy Godmother
___________________ Narrator                               ___________________ Queen
___________________ Evil Stepmother                        ___________________ King
___________________ Ugly Stepsister #1                     ___________________ Prince
___________________ Ugly Stepsister #2                     ___________________ 1st Herald
___________________ Cinderella                             ___________________ 2nd Herald

                                             Scene #1    (5 people)

Narrator: It’s 7 a.m. and Cinderella’s family has just woken up. They are in the sitting room.

Evil Stepmother: (pauses, looks around) CINDERELLA!!

Cinderella: Yes, Stepmother?

Evil Stepmother: Come here and make us breakfast! And bring me my makeup while you're at it!

Cinderella: Yes, Stepmother. (Cinderella leaves to get the breakfast)

Ugly Sister #2: Good morning, Mum. Where is my breakfast?        I’m hungry.

Ugly Sister #1 Have you heard about the big ball the King is throwing to find Prince Charming a wife?
Everyone will be there!

Ugly Sister #2 Can we go, Mum, please, can we?

Evil Stepmother: Of course we are going to the ball. My daughters are the most beautiful girls in the land.

Ugly Sister #1: I hope he picks me to be the princess.

Ugly Sister #2: No, I hope he picks me!

Cinderella: (To stepmother) Here’s your breakfast. (To sister #1) Here’s your breakfast.     (To sister #2) And
here is your breakfast. (Pauses, in a sheepish tone) May I go to the ball too?

Ugly Sister #1: You?

Evil Stepmother: (Laughing.) Of course you may go, Cinderella, IF you finish all your chores, and IF you help
your sisters get ready, and IF you can find some decent clothes to wear instead of those rags! (Cinderella sighs,
puts the tray down in front of the sisters and leaves.)

Ugly Sister #1: The prince will think I am beautiful!
Ugly Sister #2: No, he'll be amazed by my beautiful hair!

Evil Stepmother: Don't be silly; the prince is known for liking older women like me!

Ugly Sister #1 and #2: Mom!!!!

                                              Scene #2    (6 people)

Narrator: Cinderella’s evil stepmother and ugly stepsisters are getting dressed for the ball.

Evil Stepmother: Where is my dress?

Ugly Sister #1: And my shoes?

Ugly Sister #2: And my purse?

Evil Stepmother: (angry, to Cinderella) Why can’t you find anything when I ask?

Cinderella: Your dress is there, mother (points). Your dresses are here. (gives them the dresses)

Evil Stepmother: Be careful, dear.     Don’t spoil them with you dirty hands. But where are our fans?

Cinderella: Oh, I can give you the fans, too. (Turns, picks them up, and gives them to the sisters)

Ugly Sister #1: First, you must mend my socks.      (gives Cinderella her socks)

Cinderella: Oh, yes, right away.     (leaves the room)

Ugly Sister #1: Oh, mum, be quick!

Evil Stepmother: Ok, let’s go!! (happily) Bye, Cinderella!    Don't forget to sweep the kitchen!

Narrator: Cinderella picks up the broom, but begins crying to herself.

Cinderella: I wish I could go to the ball!

Fairy Godmother: Sh-! (Cinderella looks up.) What was that you just said?

Cinderella: (frightened and surprised) Who are you?!

Fairy Godmother: I'm your fairy godmother! Now, what was that I heard you say?
Cinderella: (still crying a little) Ju..Just that I wanted to go to the ball.

Fairy Godmother: Is that all? I can manage that.

Narrator: The Fairy Godmother waves her wand. Cinderella looks at herself and sees she is wearing a
beautiful dress.

Fairy Godmother: (smiling) Goodbye, have a good time.

Cinderella: But I can't go to the ball barefoot!

Fairy Godmother: That’s right! (waves her wand again) There you are, beautiful glass slippers!
Remember that you need to be home by midnight or the magic will stop working!

Narrator: Cinderella leaves for the ball in a beautiful car.     But she has to remember not to stay too late or the
car will turn back into a pumpkin.

                                                 Scene #3 (4 people)

Narrator: At the ball, the Queen and the King invite everyone to enjoy themselves. Everyone begins dancing
and having a good time.

Queen: The ball is on, please dance and play!
(Couples begin dancing)

Narrator: Suddenly, Cinderella appears and the music stops.

Queen (to the King): Who is that girl?

King: She is so nice and smart . . .

Prince: May I dance with you? Let’s start . . .

Narrator: The music begins again and everyone is dancing. Then they hear the clock strike 12.           (Dong,
dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong!

Cinderella: It’s midnight and I have to run. Good-bye, I really had a great fun!

Prince: I will miss you!     I hope we will meet again.

Narrator: As she is running, she loses one of her shoes. The prince goes, picks it up, and looks at it.    He
decides to keep it so that he can find this beautiful woman again later.
                                              Scene #4 (7 people)

Narrator: The next day, Cinderella’s ugly sisters and stepmother are talking. Cinderella is sitting to the side.

Ugly Sister #1: A beautiful lady was at the ball. We really don’t know her at all.

Ugly Sister #2: (in a dreamy, wishing voice) The Prince wants to marry her.

Evil Stepmother: Stop! (listens) Do you hear those men?        The king’s messengers?

Narrator: Two heralds (messengers) enter the room.

1st Herald: Please, try on this glass shoe.

2nd Herald: (looking through the long list): We know you were at the ball.

Ugly Sister #1: (trying the shoe on) It’s too small.

Ugly Sister #2: (trying the shoe on) It’s small for me, too.

1st Herald: What about you? (points to Cinderella)

Evil Stepmother: But she didn’t go to the ball. She is Cinderella and that is all!

Cinderella: I want to try it on, Mum.

Narrator: Cinderella tries on the shoe and everyone sees that it fits perfectly. They are very surprised.

Ugly Sister #1: How could you have been the beautiful woman at the ball?

Ugly Sister #2: How could you even have gone to the ball?

Stepmother: What has happened?        The king was supposed to choose one of you!       I am ruined!

1st Herald: The Prince is waiting for you, as you know.

2nd Herald: Be quick, let’s go!

Cinderella: I am so happy today. I forgive all of you. Good-bye!
(Cinderella leaves the room after the heralds, waving goodbye to her family.)

Narrator: Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after. She forgot about her ugly sisters and evil
stepmother and lived forever in the castle. The end.

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