Bat finger puppet by PrivateLabelArticles


									                         Flying Bat

   This 'finger toy' is easy to make and fun to play with.

Materials needed:
Black or brown construction paper
Scissors, stapler and staples
Markers and white crayon or paint

Print out pattern and use as a template, or print directly
(remember to set print margins to zero)on construction
paper. If you want to print on black paper, use the green
pattern--it will show up on the black paper good enough to
see the cutting lines. Fold the paper on the dotted line and
then cut out the bat. Leave bat folded; measure and mark a
dotted line 1" from fold. Use markers to outline the wings,
draw feet, eyes, mouth, fangs, and ears on each side of the
bat. Or you can leave it plain. Staple front of bat two times
along marked line. Open wings and press flat. For body,
press center of bat flat. Place bat on first finger and move
hand up and down to flap wings.

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