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					 Note: The following poems are advanced for most Primary school students. Feel
          free to downgrade the language or just use a small passage.

Just for the Evening
Witches ride across the moon
And screech an eerie luny toon.
Goblins howl and monsters croon.
The costumes must be back by noon.

                                           Boo Hoo??

When you go out on Halloween
The ghosts will follow you.
Don't worry for they'll do no harm,
With just a boo or two.

Make sure you don't upset them,            The monsters won't attack you
Be careful what you say.                   When ghosts are by your side.
These friendly ghosts will walk with you   Don't think of it, you won't be hit,
To scare the beasts away.                  By broomsticks witches ride.

On Halloween the streets are filled        So you'll be safe to trick or treat,
With creepy crawly guys.                   Though danger dims the stars.
Slinky, slimy hairy dudes                  So, thank your ghosts, and here's a hint:
That come to terrorize.                    They all like chocolate bars.

                             Mollie, by Golly
                   There was an old witch named Mean Molly
                   Who thought swooping kids was real jolly.
                   Her broom broke. Kersplat!
                   And she lost her black hat.
                   Now Molly is riding the trolley.

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