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					Social Value ~ Environmental Activities Policy II                                                  Reducing Environmental Impacts of
                                                                                                   Our Products and Services

CO2 Emission Reduction at Customer Sites
   Achievements in CO2 Emissions Reduction

Osaka Gas strives to reduce CO 2                      equipment was around 1,600,000 t in                      CO2 Emission Reduction
                                                                                                                (compared with Business-as-usual emission based on FY1999)
emissions by our customers by                         FY2006, compared to the emission                    (1,000 t-CO2/year)                                   (Excluding residential use)
offering high effi ciency equipment                    where those preventive measures                      2,000
and systems such as cogeneration                      have not been implemented since
                                                                                                           1,500                                       1,317
systems, gas air conditionders and                    FY1999.
high-performance industrial furnaces.                 * The method of calculation was changed in a more
                                                                                                           1,000                      829
                                                        realistic manner using measured values.
The amount of CO2 emission reduced                                                                                             649

through the use of these systems and                                                                         500

                                                                                                                               02.3   03.3   04.3       05.3         06.3

Development of Energy-Saving Equipment and Systems
   Promoting Natural Gas Cogeneration Systems

The Osaka Gas Group puts great                           Gene-Light                                               High-efficiency Gas Engine (GE)
effort into spreading our natural gas
cogeneration systems, which provide

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Social Value – Environmental Activities
much greater energy savings and
reduce CO2 emission. We have re-
cently been pressing forward with the
                                                            Aisin 6 kW               Sanyo 8 kW
installation of high-efficiency, small-                                                                                  Jenbacher GE                    Mitsubishi Heavy
scale generators that are capable of                                                                                                                Industries Miller-cycle GE

generating power on a par with an
average large-scale power plant.
Note) Please see page 11 for details of natural gas
cogeneration systems.                                      Yanmar 5 kW              Yanmar 25 kW

Introduction of cogeneration to a water filtration plants
Cogeneration systems are being                        pability of supplying electricity to the
installed at water filtration plants for               plant, making efficient use of waste
the purpose of a precaution against                   heat for heating the slurry (thin mud
natural disasters, the environmental                  sediments), drying the mud, and
preservation, the economy of the                      cooling the ozone generator. These
plant operation, and to meet the                      systems are now in use at two of
greater power demand for ad-                          the Osaka prefectural water filtration
vanced purifi cation process. The                      plants and one of the Hanshin water
introduction of this system makes the                 supply authority's water fi ltration
filtration plant economically efficient                 plants.
                                                                                                            Murano Osaka prefectural water filtration plant
and environment-friendly with the ca-

   High Performance Industrial Furnaces

We are making advances in our                         rial within the burner to preheat the
development of the “Regenerative                      combustion air. This system provides
Burner” industrial furnace, which has                 a maximum 50% energy savings. The
realized tremendous energy savings.                   government also provides incentives
“Regenerative Burner” effectively uti-                for installation of high performance
lizes the exhaust heat recovered and                  furnaces at small and medium busi-
contained in the heat storage mate-                   nesses.

                                                                                                            Regenerative Burner

 Social Value ~ Environmental Activities Policy II                   Reducing Environmental Impacts of Our Products and Services

       Gas Air Conditioning Systems

     Gas absorption-type chiller/heater

     Gas absorption-type chiller/heaters         as Green Models that meet the crite-
     are air conditioners that do not use        ria for Absorption-Type Green System
     CFCs or CFC substitutes. Currently,         jointly established by Osaka Gas,
     the development of this system is           Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd and Toho Gas
     accelerated and successfully advanc-        Co., Ltd, and we are making efforts to
     ing. This system has been selected          popularize them.

                                                                                                          Sanyo gas absorption-type chiller/
                                                                                                          heater F-WE Series

     Gas Engine Heat Pumps (GHPs)

     GHPs are highly effi cient air con-
     ditioners, in which a compressor is
     driven by a gas engine. We launched
     an ultra-high effi ciency unit with a
     coefficient of performance (COP) of
     1.5 in April 2005. In April 2006, we
     launched the High Power Excel GHP
     unit, which consumes no electric-
     ity itself, but has a generator function
     that supplies power to the building in
     which it is installed. Electricity gener-
     ated on the air conditioning is able
     to meet all the power required by the
     outdoor unit and also to supply power
                                                     High Power Excel GHP unit                  High Power Excel unit
     required in the building. This feature
     makes the High Power Excel even
     more energy-saving than older mod-
     els of GHP.

       Energy Saving Consulting Services

     Energy-Saving Diagnostics                   Upgrading Technology

     Osaka Gas provides energy-saving            Osaka Gas has developed pipe drag-
     diagnostics consulting services to          reducing additive, Eco Micelles to
     reduce the energy consumption in            reduce friction in the water pipes
     offices, plants and elsewhere. These         in central air conditioning units.
     services include a suggestion of ener-      Surfactants consisting of rod-like
     gy saving systems and an installation       aggregates of molecules (micelles)
     of those systems. We also provide           reduce friction. In the thin pipes in a
     new services for owners of cogen-           heat exchanger, they dissolve and              Energy saving diagnostics
     eration systems and air conditioners        improve heat exchange effi ciency,
     such as remote diagnostics which is         which leads to greater reduction of
     additional remote monitoring systems        the transport (pumping) energy re-
     using wireless data transmission net-       quired for the flow of cooling/heating
     works and the Internet.                     water through the pipes.

   Residential Equipment and Systems


ECOWILL is a residential gas en-                              Primary Energy                                   CO2 Emissions                                             ECOWILL Use in Osaka Gas Area
gine cogeneration system capable of                           Consumption                                 (Compared to energy consumption by ECOWILL 1 kWh)      (cumulative total)
                                                      (Compared to energy consumption by ECOWILL 1 kWh)
generating 1kW. It was developed by
                                                       (MJ)                       about 20%                (g-CO2)                                                      (unit)
Osaka Gas for single-family homes,                      25          24.6           reduction                1,500          1,430          about 30%                  40,000
which consume comparatively large                                                     20.0
amounts of energy and also has                                                                                                               1,010                   30,000

space for the housing of a cogenera-                    15
                                                                                                              900                                                                                         21,338
tion system. While ECOWILL itself is                                                                          600
small, it achieves an impressive en-                    10

ergy utilization rate of 85%, about the                                                                                                                                               3,187
                                                         0                                                       0                                                           0
same rate as large gas cogeneration                         Conventional system ECOWILL                             Conventional system ECOWILL                                        04.3      05.3      06.3      07.3
                                                                     +                                                       +                                                        Results   Results   Results    Plan
systems. This is because it employs                       thermal power generation                                thermal power generation

exhaust heat transfer equipment with                     Primary energy equivalent:                         * CO2 emissions factor: Electricity 0.69kg-CO2/kWh
                                                         Electricity 9.97MJ/kWh                               (Source: Interim Report by the sub committee of
a high heat recovery rate, in addition                   Gas 45MJ/m3                                          the Central Environment Council, July 2001)
                                                         Hot water heating efficiency:80%                     Gas 2.29kg-CO2/m3(our company data)
to recovering heat from the engine
itself. ECOWILL can provide approxi-
mately 30% of the power use and                               Household Gas Cogeneration System (ECOWILL)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Social Value – Environmental Activities
most of the hot water and air condi-
tioning demand (including an under
floor heating system) of a typical fam-
ily of four in a single-family home.

Receiving the FY2006 Environmental Minister’s Award
for activities to prevent global warming (technical
development and commercialization division)

Space/Water Heaters                                    Gas Cookers

The world’s first latent heat recovery-                 Due to the development on ingenuity
type hot water heater for residential                  of the burner design, optimization of
use, the “Prior Eco”, went on sale in                  the height of the pan supports and
June 2000. It has been widely praised                  other technology, sales ratios for
for its environmental contributions,                   cookers meeting the FY2007 Energy
such as CO2 reduction through high                     Conservation Law standards were
thermal effi ciency, and garnered                       91.8% for tabletop cookers and
the “Energy Conservation Grand                         88.6% for built-in cookers. Through
Prix Award (Award of the Minister of                   our further development on opti-
Economy, Trade and Industry)” in                       mization of in-cooker design, the
FY2001. Model 2 in the series, with                    percentages sold of cookers meeting
improved thermal efficiency of 95%                      the 2008 Energy Conservation Law
for water heating and 89% for space                    standards were 43.5% for tabletop
heating, went on sale in October                       cookers and 30.9% for built-in cook-
2002. In addition, beginning in April                  ers.
2005 we renamed it as “Eco-Jozu”,
in order to promote better nationwide
distribution.                                                                                                                                                 Glass-top built-in gas cooker
   Buyers of Eco-Jozu systems re-
ceive the government subsidies as
part of the activities to encourage
the installation of high efficiency en-
ergy systems in homes and other

 Social Value ~ Environmental Activities Policy II                                                           Reducing Environmental Impacts of Our Products and Services

     Promoting Natural Gas Vehicles
       Promoting the Use of NGVs both Inside and Outside the Company
     Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) are                                  NGV Use in the Kansai Region (cumulative total)                                                      Introduction of NGVs at Osaka Gas
     clean vehicles that run on natural gas,            (Number of NGVs )
                                                                                                                                          (Number of stations)
                                                                                                                                                                          (Number of vehicles)
     and Osaka Gas has been promoting                                                                                         6,445
                                                                                                                                                                                        2,600      2,500
                                                                                                                                                                                                             2,282                  2,065
     the spread of their use. At the end                            6,000
                                                                                                                                                                           2,000                                                       46.3         40
     of March 2006, the number of NGVs                              4,000
                                                                                                                                                          100                               34.0
                                                                                                                                                                                                      37.6       37.5

     in the Kansai Region had reached                                                                                                       75
                                                                                                                                                                           1,000                                                                    20
                                                                    2,000                                              67       69                        50                                885       939        863        878        956
     a cumulative total of 7,390 (27,605                                                  44

     nationwide), with 75 natural gas filling                           0
                                                                                        02.3          03.3       04.3         05.3        06.3
                                                                                                                                                          0                   0
                                                                                                                                                                                         02.3      03.3      04.3         05.3      06.3

     stations (311,nationwide). We have                                            NGVs             Filling stations                                                                  Total number of vehicles         Total number of NGVs
                                                                                                                                                                                      Ratio of NGVs
     gradually been switching over to
     NGVs for our company vehicles as                                 Regulations on exhaust emissions from natural gas trucks and performances
                                                                                        (Short-term diesel limits (D13) October 2003-)                          The new long-term limits are among the strictest standards in the world.
     well.                                                                      0.18
                                                                                                                                                                They require reductions of 85% in particulate matter (PM) and 40% in ni-
        Osaka Gas has assisted with                                                       New long-term NGV guidelines
                                                                                                                                                                trogen oxides (NOx) over the then new short-term limits. The new limits
                                               PM limits (g/k Wh)

                                                                                                (JE05) (October 2005-)
     the “Urban Eco-Car Movement Top                                 0.05                                                                                       were applied from October 1, 2005 and NGV easily meet the new require-
                                                                                                New long-term diesel vehicle limits                             ments. They have the performance to meet the post-new long-term lim-
     Runner Declaration by Kyoto City”,                                         0.027
                                                                                                           (JE05) (October 2005-)
                                                                                                                                                                its due to come into force in 2009.
     and has declared that all its com-                                                     New NGVs*
                                                                                                                                                                • Zero black smoke emissions
     mercial vehicles in the Kyoto area                              0.00
                                                                                                                        2.0                   3.38              • Zero sulphur dioxides (SOx) emissions
                                                                            0                   1                  2                  3               4         • NOx emissions are 1/4 of new long-term limits for diesel vehicles
     are being switched to run on natural                                                       Limit on NOx emissions (g/kWh)                                  • Meet the requirements of the post-new long-term limits
     gas. Within the Osaka Gas group, we                                    * NGV trucks built to meet the new long-term limits since FY2006

     have gradually been switching over to
     NGVs for our company vehicles.

     Promotion of Resource Recycling
       Used Gas Appliance and Industrial Waste Collection/Recycle Management System
     Following a review by Osaka Gas                                  Mechanism of e-cycle
     of our used gas appliance recovery
     and recycling system which has been
     running since 1977, we developed a
     recycle management system, which
     commenced in February 2004. This
     system uses the Internet to promptly
     contract out industrial wastes and
     then check that they have been dis-
     posed of properly. The system will
     also be consistently used to ensure
     the proper disposal of the wastes
     generated along with the sale and in-
     stallation of gas appliances.

       Activities of Household Electrical Appliance Recycling Law
     Under the Household Electrical                  dispose of residential gas air condi-                                                                                  Number of unit recycled                                         6,035
     Appliance Recycling Law (Specified               tioners properly as well. In FY2006,                                                                                   Weight disposed of through recycling
                                                                                                                                                                            (gross weight recovered)
     Household Electrical Appliance                  we recycled 82% of the gross weight                                                                                    Weight recycled                                                  223t
     Reuse Law) that came into force in              of recoveries (while the Law requires                                                                                  Recycling rate                                                  82%
     April 2001, we also make efforts to             only 60%).

     Efforts on Eco-Design
       Compliance with Chemical Substances Control Laws
     Regulations on the sale of electri-             lations on the labelling for contained                                                                             Association to encourage gas appli-
     cal appliances that contain chemical            chemicals (J-Moss) will come into                                                                                  ance manufacturers to reduce their
     substances (RoHS) came into force               force in Japan for seven types of                                                                                  use of harmful substances in the
     in Europe in July 2006, to prevent              household electrical appliance, in-                                                                                same way as for electrical appliances.
     pollution from the spread of toxic              cluding refrigerators. Osaka Gas
     substances. At the same time, regu-             is working through the Japan Gas

Efforts at Affiliated Companies II
        Gas and Power Investment Co., Ltd.: Promotion            of ESCO Business

Gas and Power Investment Co.,             such as the Osaka Prefectural Office
Ltd. (GPI) has been engaged in the        and the Kishiwada Racetrack, contrib-
ESCO business *1 since 1998. In that      utes to raise its profile.
time, it has handled twelve Shared
ESCO *2 contracts, eight Guaranteed
ESCO *3 contracts and 40 energy
saving surveys. GPI has saved             *1 ESCO (Energy Service Company) business involves
                                             the provision of comprehensive energy-saving
around 8,000kl (crude oil equivalent)        services to clients, with GPI receiving a portion of the
of energy, and reduce CO2 emissions          energy savings as its payment.

by around 24,000t-CO 2, making a          *2 Equipment remains the property of the ESCO, with
                                             the ESCO procuring the equipment without the client        Osaka Prefectural Office
great contribution to energy saving          making any initial investment
and preventing global warming.
                                          *3 Equipment is the property of the client, with the client           See the company’s website for further information
   In FY2006, The employment of              procuring it, and the initial fee being a bundled charge 
ESCO business at often-visited sites,        including the energy saving

        Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd.: Environmental             Conservation through Carbon Fiber

                                                                                                                                                                         Social Value – Environmental Activities
Osaka Gas Chemicals has long              for a broad range of applications, as
been involved in the protection and       sound-proofing, construction materi-
improvement of the environment            als and additive for compounding
through the manufacture and sale          resins. Asbestos is still used in the
of activated carbon fiber and related      gaskets (packing) for joints in pipes
products for domestic water and air       in industrial plants. Osaka Gas
purifi ers and for pollutant fi lters       Chemicals contributes to improve the
for industry. Recently, Osaka Gas         environment through replacing those
Chemicals' all-purpose carbon fibers       with harmless all-purpose carbon
have attracted a great deal of atten-     fiber. Demand for the fiber as an as-
                                                                                                        Applications for all-purpose carbon fi bre (asbestos
tion as substitutes for asbestos, which   bestos substitute will grow in future.                        substitute)
is to be phased out entirely in 2008.
                                                                                                                See the company’s website for further information
All-purpose carbon fi bers are high-                                                                   
performance materials developed

        Osaka Gas Engineering Co., Ltd.: Contributing          to preventing air pollution through emission treatment

Osaka Gas Engineering (OGE) is            substances. The system is a radical
involved in many areas of environ-        departure which render pre-treatment
mental technology. One of these           unnecessary and delivers greater
is regenerative emission treatment        energy saving. Eighteen units are al-
equipment, which eliminates odor          ready in use around Japan. Through
and volatile organic compounds            making efforts for further introduction
(VOCs) found in the emission from         of this unit, OGE aims to contribute to
printing and coating lines. This equip-   the 30% reduction in VOC emissions
ment employs combustion and heat          targeted by the amended Air Pollution
transfer processes developed by           Control Law (came into force on 1st of
                                                                                                        VOC treatment equipment
OGE for treatment of emission that        April, 2006).
contain silicone resins and other
                                                                                                                See the company’s website for further information

 Social Value ~ Environmental Activities Policy II                                      Reducing Environmental Impacts of Our Products and Services

                 Osaka Gas Information System Research Institute Co., Ltd. (OGIS-RI): Promoting                            the PC Recycling Services

     A wide range of legal measures                               the iNETVASS-R* OGIS Recycling
     related to the environment have been                         Service, which has been designed to
     introduced in recent years. The en-                          operate the reuse business buying
     forcement of the Fundamental Law for                         redundant IT equipment from Osaka
     Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle                          Gas and other business clients,
     Society amended Personal Computer                            deleting the data and cleaning the
     Recycling Law in 2003 encouraged                             equipment and then shipping it to
     business to make effort for the                              secondhand markets.
     environment. The waste reduction,                               This business recycles PCs and
     the effi cient use of resources, and                          other IT equipment that once would
                                                                                                                    Recycling PCs
     the tight management of information                          have been treated as waste to mar-
     security are very important issues for                       kets for used equipment and so                             See the company’s website for further information
     businesses since the Privacy Law                             contributes to encouraging recycling
     came into force in 2005.                                     activities by the Osaka Gas Group                * iNETVASS-R is the collective term for the e-infrastruc-
        This prompted the PCR                                     and other businesses.                               ture management solutions (recycling) business of
     Department of OGIS-RI to set up

                 Apriti Sesamo Co., Ltd.: Holding                Eco-Cooking® classes

     Apriti Sesamo holds Eco-Cooking classes for housewives and children.

     [Eco-Cooking for housewives]                                 [Eco-Cooking for kids]
     At the Eco-Cooking classes, partici-                         At one of the three courses in the
     pants (mainly housewives) can learn                          Kids’ Chef Club cooking classes,
     the tips for shopping, efficient use of                       the children learn that understand-
     food, and environment-friendly cook-                         ing food is part of the environment
     ing and cleaning up while enjoying                           conservation. This class provides the
     cooking.                                                     children with an opportunity to think
     (FY2006: 19 classes held, attendance 474)                    the environmental issues that they
                                                                  feel in their everyday lives and things           Kids’ Chef Club cooking class

     * “Eco-Cooking” is a registered trademark of Tokyo Gas       they can act.
       Co., Ltd.                                                                                                             See the company’s website for further information
                                                                  (FY2006: 40 classes held, attendance 1,073)

                 Japan EnviroChemicals, Ltd.:                 Contributing to building a better environment for living through Activated
                                                              Carbon Business and Preservatives Business

     Japan EnviroChemicals supplies products that serve to solve environmental problems and build a better environment. The
     theme of the company’s business is “Dedicate ourselves to create more comfortable living environment”.

     [Activated Carbon Business]                                  the garbage incineration industry in                Xyladecor contributes to prevent-
     Japan EnviroChemicals has estab-                             Japan for its superior performance in            ing global warming by continuing to
     lished its leadership in the domestic                        absorbing dioxins. Shirasagi PRAC is             prevent the release into the atmos-
     activated carbon businesses, with                            a safety net against the dispersal of            phere of CO2 that has been fixed by
     the largest share of the Japanese                            PCBs: it is used extensively by busi-            photosynthesis, and also by reducing
     market. Shirasagi, the activated                             nesses throughout Japan to prevent               consumption and waste of new timber
     carbon, has established itself as                            the pollution of the environment.                and limiting unnecessary deforesta-
     a trusted brand over the last 70                                                                              tion.
     years. Activated carbon from Japan                           [Preservatives Business]
     EnviroChemicals finds an enormous                             The preservatives business has de-
     range of applications: for bleaching                         veloped a suite of products to protect
     and refi ning in the foodstuffs and                           wooden building and products against
     pharmaceuticals industries, for re-                          microorganisms such as mould and
     fi ning and separating gases in the                           bacteria, and also against termites.
     chemical industry, and for recovering                        Xyladecor high-performance timber
     solvents, treating emissions, clean-                         preservative paint offers long-term
     ing effluent, and eliminating harmful                         protection for timber structures. It
     substances at water and sewage                               has been in use for over 35 years in
     treatment plants. In the area of pro-                        important cultural assets, shrines and
     tecting the atmospheric environment,                         temples through to ordinary homes,                JR Izumo Station building – preservative used

     the Shirasagi DO series of activated                         and is Japan’s top-selling brand, with                     See the company’s website for further information
     carbon products is used throughout                           a 50% market share.