The Entrepreneur of the Year Assignment by yca71986


									The Entrepreneur of the Year Assignment
                       You and your best friend decide to go into business together. You create a
                       company called New Balloons that offers Hot Air Balloon rides to people. You
                       and your friend decide that you will need to create a spreadsheet to keep track
                       of your expenses, revenue (money brought in) and profit.

                       For each customer you will enter the length (duration) of their trip in hours.
                       Once that is complete your spreadsheet will calculate the price that will be
                       charged to the customer (this will be your Revenue). You and your friend
                       decide to charge $56 per hour for a flight. You will need to also calculate your
                       total revenue and your average revenue per trip.

As mentioned above, you need to also use this spreadsheet to calculate your expenses. This is the
amount of money your company pays in order to stay in business. You and your friend determine that
it costs $20.43 per hour to run the hot air balloon. Your spreadsheet will need to calculate the
expenses per trip, your total expenses, and your average expenses per trip.

Now, for the profit! This is the amount of money you and your friend make after all of the expenses
are paid from the revenue generated. You would like the spreadsheet to show the profit per trip, the
total profit and the average profit.

Use the information below for your customers:

Customer Name                  Duration of Trip (in hrs)
Grouch, Oscar                  5
Bird, Big                      3.5
Muppet, Elmo                   2.5
Clown, Nemo                    5.25
Mermaid, Ariel                 1.25
Trash, Wall-e                  3                             Thinking & Inquiry – 10 marks
Vegetation, Eve                4.25
Dwarf, Sneezy                  3.75                          Performing of Tasks
Mutt, Tramp                    4                             Application - 20 marks
Lion, Simba                    2
Lion, Mufasa                   3.5
                                                             Overall Design, Data Entry, etc.
Pan, Peter                     0.5
Darling, Wendy                 1.5
                                                             Communication – 10 marks
Happy-Feet, Mumble             4.75
Curious, George                7.5

       Use everything that has been shown to you in this unit. (sorting, graphs, both reference types,
       Format appropriate numbers to currency ($.00)
       Make it attractive, add colour, an image, word art … however, remember we only have a black
        and white printer (maintain professionalism and aesthetics).
       Try using the header and footer as well.
       Printouts must fit on one page (landscape, margins)

Due Date: Thursday, May 21st (end of day)
Submit three printouts – one regular, one with formulas, one full page of chart

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