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									Project                                                   Press Contact         Project Contact                                                                        Total ISB
          Department           Project Title                                                                              Project Description
  No.                                                                                                                                                                  Funding
440       DCMS         Mission, Models, Money:                                                        This project will address the challenges faced by individual      £500,000
                       New approaches to                                                              arts and cultural organisations and their funders in
                       developing sustainability in                                                   developing businesses that are both mission-led and
                                                                                  Clare Cooper
                       the arts and cultural sector                                                   financially sustainable. It will directly connect to at least
                                                       Toby Sargent 0207         020 7387 3218
                                                                                                      1000 existing organisations and create a campaign for
                                                       211 6276               Mob: 07914 375226
                                                                                                      change reaching many more. The two-year action
                                                                                                      research programme will create a „tipping point‟ for change
                                                                                                      in the way that not-for-profit arts and cultural organisations
                                                                                                      do business and how the sector is funded.

441       DCMS         A LIFETIME‟S HEALTH                                                            This project will use arts programmes to improve health           £874,600
                       DELIVERED CREATIVELY                                                           opportunities, focussing on three key health groups: obese
                                                                                                      and overweight children aged 5-7 years, adults aged 18-65
                                                                                                      with mild to moderate mental health needs, and stroke
                                                       Toby Sargent 0207   Guy Eades 01983 534253
                                                                                                      survivors and their carers aged over 55. It will compare the
                                                       211 6276                     E-mail:
                                                                                                      cost-benefits and effectiveness of arts treatments with
                                                                                                      drugs, sessions with medical practitioners and public health
                                                                                                      and social services, and develop new models for public
                                                                                                      service partnerships and health service referrals onto arts
442       DCMS         The Great & the Good – the                                                     This project will develop one of the UK‟s finest provincial       £998,505
                       English City in the Last                                                       sets of iconic urban heritage structures and institutions, in
                       Millennium                                                                     the city of Norwich, as a co-dependant family of cultural,
                                                                               Michael Loveday
                                                                                                      educational, leisure, business and tourism assets
                                                                                01603 305575
                                                       Toby Sargent 0207                              representing a significant collective destination (not unlike
                                                                              Fax: 01603 305498
                                                       211 6276                                       Philadelphia‟s Independence National Heritage Park) and
                                                                                                      an internationally important showcase of English urban and
                                                                                                      cultural development over the last 1000 years. It will
                                                                                                      develop a model of urban heritage management which can
                                                                                                      be replicated elsewhere.

443       DCMS         The Artsmad House                                                              A pilot action research project, which puts arts investment      £1,000,000
                                                                              Kirsty Carter 01285
                                                                                                      at the start of a new education facility, linked to the growth
                                                       Toby Sargent 0207             650658
                                                                                                      of a large urban housing development. The Arts are used
                                                       211 6276               Mob: 07949 486015
                                                                                                      proactively to address causes, not outcomes, of
                                                                                                      disaffection, disengagement and anti-social behaviour.
444       DCMS         Providing more efficient        Toby Sargent 0207         Tabitha Allum        This project will group local arts venues together in local       £724,802
                       access to the arts for people   211 6276                 020 8903 5566         and regional efficiency hubs, to enable them to provide
             with sensory impairments                                  E-mail:           captioning and audio description services for deaf, hard of
                                                          hearing, blind and partially sighted people more efficiently
                                                                                         and more effectively. It will aim to increase the number
                                                                                         and quality of assisted performances and make the arts
                                                                                         more accessible to disabled people, and to develop a
                                                                                         model, which can be rolled-out across the rest of the

445   DCMS   National Museums and                                                        This collaboration between ten national museums and               £1,750,000
             Galleries Online Learning                                                   galleries will aim to encourage better use of their websites,
             Project                                                                     especially by schools and lifelong learners, and to create
                                                                                         confident web users. By focusing on what is already
                                                                                         online, and by creating activities such as webquests and
                                                                     Gail Durbin         Creative Journeys, it will encourage people to engage with
                                          Toby Sargent 0207
                                                                   020 7942 2202         the extensive online content simply, effectively and
                                          211 6276
                                                                       E-mail:           creatively. It will also prompt more consistent provision
                                                             across national museum and gallery websites and develop
                                                                                         high quality teaching resources and new ways of using
                                                                                         websites to achieve personal objectives.

446   DCMS   An Eye on the Future                                                        This project will bring together a range of arts organisations    £1,800,000
                                                                                         of varying sizes, including both national cultural institutions
                                                                                         and local organisations, to work with the local authorities to
                                                               Donald Hyslop 020 7401    give every young person in the Boroughs of Lambeth and
                                                                         5084            Southwark from pre-school to 19 the opportunity to
                                          Toby Sargent 0207
                                                                Mobile: 07811 264364     experience and take part in cultural activity. It will
                                          211 6276
                                                                        E-mail:          demonstrate how cultural organisations can work together
                                                       and with public authorities and contribute to improved
                                                                           k             educational attainment, development of training, skills and
                                                                                         employment opportunities and increased confidence and
                                                                                         self-esteem among young people.

447   DCMS   Jumps (Joined-up music for                             Kathryn Deane        This project will improve the delivery of music education          £490,000
             people in Somerset)                                    01449 737342         services to young people in Somerset by improving
                                                                       E-mail:           collaboration between music support agencies and
                                                              Kathryn.Deane@soundsen     providers, including co-ordination of planning and
                                          Toby Sargent 0207
                                                                         strategies, and development of pooled and joint services.
                                          211 6276
                                                                                         It will aim to identify ways of improving efficiency and
                                                                                         effectiveness in the delivery of services, and to develop a
                                                                                         model of joint working which, if successful, might be
                                                                                         replicated elsewhere.

448   DCMS   Creative Alternatives        Toby Sargent 0207         John Taylor          This project will develop an arts on prescription referral         £210,000
                                              211 6276                   0151 934 2374           scheme for people suffering from stress and depression, as
                                                                             E-mail:             an alternative to the prescribed tranquiliser benzodiazepine
                                                                   john.taylor@leisure.sefton.   or to aid withdrawal for those who have been long-term
                                                                                 users. It will use a varied programme to test the
                                                                                                 effectiveness of arts programmes in reducing dependency
                                                                                                 on benzodiazepine and improving mental health. It will aim
                                                                                                 to develop an arts-on-prescription model which can be
                                                                                                 replicated elsewhere.

449   DCMS    South Bank Greywater                                                               This pilot project will utilise a very large volume of grey     £450,000
              Partnership                                                                        water from an existing borehole cooling system at the
                                                                          Ian Blackburn          Royal Festival Hall, for the benefit of the South Bank
                                              Toby Sargent 0207          020 7921 0909           Centre and its neighbours. It will examine and develop the
                                              211 6276                       E-mail:             technical and infrastructure requirements in order to
                                                                  maximise the benefits for the partners and develop a model
                                                                                                 for future partnership working between public and private
                                                                                                 sector bodies on environmental projects.

450   DCMS    Carbon Emissions Reduction                                                         This project will develop and implement a masterplan to        £2,895,000
              “Masterplan” for the South                                                         deliver near-term cost and carbon reductions across the
                                                                   Simon Tilleard 020 7942
              Kensington Cultural and         Toby Sargent 0207                                  institutions which constitute the South Kensington Cultural
              Academic Estate – Towards       211 6276                                           and Academic Estate, as well as identifying long-term
              Carbon Neutrality                                                                  opportunities for additional savings and options for
                                                                                                 migrating to a zero carbon operation in the future.

451   DCMS    Creating Cultural Opportunity                                                      This project will aim to will create and test a toolkit for     £550,500
                                                                         Sukhy Johal
              in Sustainable Communities                                                         cultural and spatial planning which can be used by local
                                                                        0115 988 8449
                                              Toby Sargent 0207                                  authorities and those responsible for the development of
                                              211 6276                                           new and sustainable communities to build cultural facilities
                                                                                                 and opportunities into community planning at an early

452   DEFRA   Need it, build it                                                                  This project will pilot a new way of working within the Lake    £360,000
                                                                                                 District National Park. It will develop a methodology for a
                                                                          Bob Sutcliffe
                                                                                                 rural needs survey; train community leaders to survey and
                                              Mick Casey 01539       Tel: 01539 792673
                                                                                                 demonstrate their community‟s needs; ensure community-
                                              724555               Email: Bob.Sutcliffe@lake-
                                                                                                 led surveys enable quicker planning decisions about where
                                                                                                 new development can happen; develop capacity in
                                                                                                 communities to implement decisions.

453   DEFRA   Mendip Partnership for                                        Jo Milling           This project aims to promote energy efficiency across a          £56,250
              Energy                            Jo Milling 01749          01749 341569           range of organisations, identifying practical measures,
                                                    341569       raising awareness and generating behavioural change. It
                                                                                                 will look at ways in which partners can work together to
                                                                                                  identify energy savings and work with the public to
                                                                                                  generate individual behavioural change.

454   DEFRA    Promoting and sustaining                                                           The project combines training and behavioural change with          £772,158
               energy efficiency across the                                                       the installation of targeted metering and monitoring
               Bath & North East Somerset                                  Martin Holley          equipment. The project will provide energy efficiency
               Local Strategic Partnership    Tim Weisselberg 0117        0117 934 0946           awareness training for staff across the LSP, with 4 levels of
                                                   934 0916     training for staff at different levels („Energy in the Office‟,
                                                                                                  „Energy Champions‟, Frontline Staff Awareness‟ &
                                                                                                  „Technical Energy Management‟).

455   DEFRA    Fleet Biodiesel Leadership                                 Richard Walker          A project to carry out a field trial, using operational            £135,650
               Scheme                         Richard Walker 0117         0117 914 2667           vehicles, to show the functional and financial viability of
                                              914 2667               walker.Bristol4.HO@enviro    running a meaningful sample on B22 biodiesel (22.22%)
                                                                     made from reclaimed waste vegetable oils.

456   DEFRA    Stockwell LED Through                                                              The Stockwell LED Through Recycling Programme is an                £377,780
               Recycling                                                                          innovative recycling and waste education programme,
                                                                        Alison McLaughlin
                                                                                                  aiming to create jobs through raising awareness about
                                              Edouard Guidon 0207         0207 324 4690
                                                                                                  environmental and healthy living issues while opening
                                                   324 4690   
                                                                                                  access to a range of services for disadvantaged

457   DEFRA    Innovative Financing for                                  Catherine McNab          The project will break down the barriers to & grow the             £197,619
                                              Catherine McNab
               Community Sector Energy                                    0208 683 6653           market for mini CHP & energy efficiency in the community,
                                              0208 683 6653
               Efficiency                                           social & student housing sectors.

458   DfES     Sustainable Energy for                                                             A project to break down the barriers to & grow the market          £216,000
               Environmental and Education                                                        for energy efficiency in the non local authority controlled
                                               Susan Gleeson 020     Susan Gleeson 020 8683
               Performance                                                                        school sector, affect behavioural change within schools
                                                   8683 6614         6614
                                                                                                  and embed sustainable energy within the syllabus.

459   DWP      Choices and well being                                      Jonathan Stott         A project to Tackle IB, depression and social exclusion            £240,000
                                              Karen Booth 0207 238
                                                                           023 8042 1001          together. It will deal with self esteem and depression,
                                                              motivate and create aspirations, tackle barriers, and move
                                                                                                  on to work and social inclusion
460   Health   London Street Rescue                                                               A pilot to test whether use of a telephone helpline by the         £768,871
                                                                                                  emergency services and the public, to directly task
                                              Mike Nicholas 0207     James Francis (020) 7702
                                                                                                  voluntary sector homelessness providers to respond to
                                              702 5646                 5629 or 07961 123811
                                                                                                  vulnerable people on the streets, is a better value
                                                                                                  alternative to dialing 999.

461   Health   Provision of Enhanced          Sue Dawkins 01483        Ray Rutherford 01483       A project to Improve provision of medical and care services       £1,406,602
               Medical and Care Services in   482307                  482026 Rutherford, Ray      in custody centres (static and mobile) for detainees and
               Custody Centres                                                9005              victims of crimes.
462   HO       Effective Bail Scheme Pilot                                                      The project will engage a partnership between voluntary         £2,750,000
                                             Tess Tinker or Lucy   Ruth Allan 0207 035 1762     agencies and NOMS to develop and test arrangements for
                                             Milmo 0207 035 3859   ruth.allan@homeoffice.gsi.   providing a range of effective bail solutions: support and
                                                                                contact arrangements, supervision and monitoring and low
                                                                                                risk bail accommodation in the community
463   HO       Support for the Changing                                                         A project that will develop frameworks, that can be utilised     £315,847
               Community in Crewe                                                               throughout a larger geographical area, to increase and
                                                                                                provide faster access to services and advice; support local
                                                                                                statutory, community and voluntary organisations in joint
                                                                      Claire Wilson 01270
                                             Tess Tinker or Lucy                                working to respond to needs; and empower the migrant
                                             Milmo 0207 035 3859                                worker community to improve their quality of life, help them
                                                                                                to achieve higher level of educational attainment and
                                                                                                improve their employment prospects.

464   ODPM     The Transitional Spaces                                                          The Transitional Spaces Project (TSP) will provide a            £2,125,767
               Project (TSP)                                                                    radical new model for; Tackling endemic worklessness and
                                                                                                inactivity in hostels and supported) by creating more
                                                                    Harmit Kambo, Policy &
                                                                                                effective pathways into employment, turning hostels into
                                             Harmit Kambo 0207     Communications Manager,
                                                                                                „transitional spaces‟. Reducing the cost of providing
                                             089 2732    ,
                                                                                                benefits to people who have the potential to work, but who
                                                                        020 7089 2732
                                                                                                need a way around the „benefits trap‟ that undermines the
                                                                                                financial incentive to work. Reducing the „silt up‟ crisis in
                                                                                                homelessness hostels by increasing the effective use of
                                                                                                private rented sector (PRS) accommodation for move-on
465   ODPM     RESPECT - Reducing                                                               RESPECT is aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour,             £1,001,547
               Exclusion Starting Positive                                                      arson and hoax calling by targeting young people who are
               Engagement with Children                                                         either disaffected or excluded from school. RESPECT will
                                                                       Geoff Shephard
               Together                                                                         develop a strategic partnership with key agencies to
                                             Sian Williams 0207    gshephard@cheshirefire.c
                                                                                                complement the Fire Service‟s credibility with supporting
                                             944 4627              
                                                                                                some of the most troublesome young people in society.
                                                                        01606 868725
                                                                                                The project will generate data and share research to help
                                                                                                effectively neutralise areas where tensions exist which
                                                                                                cause societal and institutional exclusion amongst young
466   ODPMLA   Increasing engagement and                                                        A project to increase BME peoples‟ engagement in Adult           £337,500
                                                                        Judy L Richards
               improving access to Adult     Peter Simmons 01273                                Social Care (ASC) and health services through increased
                                                                        (01273) 481922
               Social Care (ASC) services    481435                                             capacity for collaborative working between BME Third
               for BME people in East                                                           Sector organisations and the statutory health and social
               Sussex.                                                                          care sector.
467   ODPMLA   Third Sector Service Delivery                                 Claire Tunley      A project to demonstrate and realise social benefits and         £412,000
               in Camden                       Jason Grimsley 0207   efficiency savings through the use of third sector
                                                    974 5238                      .uk,          organisations and social enterprises in service delivery in
                                                                           020 7974 5872        Camden
468   ODPMLA   3D Procurement: Developing                                                       A project to create an increase in the number of third sector    £186,747
                                                                           Alannah Bolt,
               and Supporting Innovation in                                                     organisations in Dorset delivering public services,
                                                 Sarah Johnstone         tel 01305 216422
               Public Sector Procurement                                                        particularly in isolated rural areas, resulting in a more
                                                  01305 224725       alannah.bolt@dorsetcomm
               from the Third Sector in                                                         vibrant third sector marketplace and a greater choice of
               Dorset                                                                           responsive service delivery options.
469   ONS      More Effective and Less                                                          A project to establish methodologies and data collection        £2,454,000
                                                                          James Ebdon
               Onerous Performance              Bob Dececco 0207                                mechanisms that allow the different quality of service
                                                                         020 7533 5953
               Monitoring of Third Sector        533 5704 or Tom                                providers to be measured for the first time.
               Organisations in the Delivery   Lynch 0207 533 5161
               of Health and Social Care

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