What Do You See by dmdamore


									                                 What Do You See?
                                Photographic Analysis

Objective                Subjective               Knowledge           Deduction
Observation              Observation
Describe what you        Describe your            Describe prior       What can you
see in the               personal feelings,       knowledge that you conclude about this
photograph- the          associations, and        can associate with   photograph?
forms and structures,    judgments about the      this image including
the arrangement of       image. Always            prior experience,
various elements.        anchor your subjective   study, assumptions,
Avoid personal           response in something    and intuitions.
feeling or               that is seen. For
interpretations.         example, “I see . . .
Your descriptions        and it makes me
should help someone      think of . . . “
who has not seen the
image to visualize it.

Questions: What questions does this photograph raise? What else would you need to know?

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